The Spirit World Chronicles: The Coordinated Nature of Death – Part 2/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Continued from Part 1

According to Sigwart, his role in composing these symphonies and influencing earthly musicians is responsible for his early departure, which he chose for himself.

“This was waiting for me and was the reason for my early death.” (1)

I couldn’t say why Sigwart was on the earth in the first place if he intended to leave so soon, but no two lower-dimensional paths are alike. Some people choose to stay here for nearly a century, learning and growing as much as they can, while others simply pop in and back out to the liberated realms of the fourth dimension.

Maybe Sigwart, and others who’ve been in his shoes, briefly came to the earth so they could gain certain, essential experiences before heading back. Maybe Sigwart needed to learn something that was essential to his creation of one of the heavenly symphonies, but I couldn’t say for sure.

For all we know, his vibration could’ve been so high that his existence on the earth, however brief, influenced mankind in a positive way. He and everyone else like him are influencing us positively now, and if physical death was the price he had to pay to play the role he’s playing, then I’m sure it was more than worth it.

Apparently, Mike Swain intuitively ‘knew’ he was going to cross over a few days before it happened.

“Although my conscious mind didn’t know I was about to return here, my soul did. Three days before the accident, I knew somehow, subconsciously, that my earth life was coming to a close.” (2)

I wonder how Mike knew he was going to pass on. I wonder if it was a nudge; a hint from a deeper part of himself, or if he just had a feeling of some sort. His soul; his essence, certainly knew what was going to happen beforehand, and I wonder what it’s like to receive intuitive nudges that your time’s about to come.

Personally, I’d probably shake the nudges off, but I’m sure at a certain point, they’d become too strong to ignore. Especially when physical death actually takes place, it could be pretty hard to deny what happened. I’m sure there are people who try to deny that they’ve passed on, but they can only do it for so long before the inevitable realization kicks in.

Everyone eventually realizes when they cross over, and Mike was one of the ‘lucky’ few to actually receive hints about it before it happened.

Joy Snell, the nurse we heard from last time who had all of the amazing experiences watching departed ‘angels’ be there for their departing friends and family, tells us about an intense message she received from one of her friends shortly before she (the friend) passed away.

“I woke one night out of a sound sleep to find the room filled with light, although there was no light burning in it, and standing by my bedside was my dearest girl friend, Maggie. Addressing me by name, she said: ‘I have a secret to tell you. I know that I am going over to the other world before long and I want you to be with me at the last and [to] help … comfort my mother when I am gone.’

“Before I had recovered from my fear and amazement to make any response she vanished and the light slowly faded from the room. …” (3)

Joy’s friend was able to give her this important message shortly before she went, and the message was for Joy to be there for her and her mother. I mentioned in our previous installment that Joy was apparently endowed with a greater psychic ability than most people, and this is what enabled her to have such an amazing and mystical experience.

I thought it was kind of funny that her friend didn’t let her respond before she vanished, but these kinds of experiences seem to be like that. I’m sure there’s some reason for it, but it’s interesting that experiences like this seem to go by so quickly.

Joy continues, telling us that her friend, who remembered nothing of the dreamtime visit she paid Joy, quickly became very ill.

“A week later I was summoned to my friend’s home. I found her suffering from a feverish cold, but there was nothing in her condition to cause alarm. She had no presentiment of impending death. And it was obvious to me that she had no remembrance of the visit she paid me in her spirit form. Therein lies a mystery of which I can suggest no explanation.” (4)

It’s pretty mysterious that her friend had no recollection of the visit, but then again, it was clearly something that happened while the friend was making her dreamtime travels; while her physical body slept. It’d be unreasonable to expect someone to remember a deep spiritual experience when they’re still in a body, but I’m sure Joy’s friend did remember her visit once she passed on.

Joy then tells us that none of the incarnate people who ever visited her in spirit remembered the visits.

“In the course of my life, I have seen several apparitions of people who were still living on the earth-plane of existence. To some of them I have spoken, and some of them have spoken to me; but subsequently I have always found that they themselves, in the body, had no knowledge or remembrance of such communications with me.” (5)

Again, it’d be hard to expect these people to remember their dreamtime visits, because we’re limited in what we can perceive and remember when we’re in a physical body. The fun really begins when we’re out of our bodies, because we’re able to remember all of the amazing, paradigm shattering things we do while we aren’t in them.

While we are in them, though, our knowledge and memory are more or less limited to what our physical brain and body can perceive. This’ll change in due time, because humanity’s physically and spiritually evolving into a much more liberated and infinite state of consciousness than our current.

We won’t find true infinity for a while, but we’ll glimpse it in greater and purer ways as we continue evolving, clearing the way for the rest of creation to do the same. Our perception will rise drastically, enabling us to perceive things we can’t wrap our physical brains around, but our understanding’s still limited while we’re in these heavy meat suits we call bodies.

Apparently, it was a good thing that Joy’s friend asked her to be there, because her mother had to go out of town to tend to another sick family member at the time of her death.

“Maggie’s mother was called away to see a sister living at some distance who was seriously ill, and she asked me to stay with her daughter while she was absent. I had been with Maggie only about three or four days when, one night, she was suddenly taken very ill. She expired in my arms before the doctor, who had been summoned, could reach her.” (6)

It’s good that Joy was able to be there for Maggie (her friend) when this happened, but I can’t imagine how disconcerting it must have been for Joy and for Maggie’s mother. Even though Joy clearly had an understanding of life after death by this point, to actually have someone die in your arms is potentially traumatic.

Luckily for Maggie, though, consciousness is eternal and she was able to wake up from her awful illness with unprecedented joy and exuberance. Her mother probably wasn’t so fortunate, and if I could, I’d travel back in time just to offer her condolences.

I’d imagine it isn’t easy to lose one’s daughter after traveling out of town to tend to another ill family member. Such is the nature of this illusion we call physical life, and hopefully, Joy was able to be there for Maggie’s mother.


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Concluded in Part 3 tomorrow.



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