The Spirit World Chronicles: The Borderlands – Channeled Descriptions – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The Spirit World Chronicles is an ongoing series based on channeled accounts of what the afterlife is like. Some of the material examined in this series dates back to nearly a century ago, and the referenced sources discuss a wide range of topics that have to do with life after death and the conditions of the realms beyond.

Previously, we examined a fictional account of an arrival in the Borderlands, and we learned that they’re the first realm most people experience when they pass on. It’s in this place that they work through unresolved karma or trauma (some of which can be caused by their death) before greeting the higher fourth-dimensional realms.

One can stay in the Borderlands for as long as they see fit, and only when they’re ready will they leave this plane and embark on the next phase of their evolutionary journey. Depending on their actions in life, they’re provided a setting to grow and learn lessons in, and after their karma is cleared, they can join their family, friends, etc. in the higher realms.

I’m sure some people stay in the Borderlands for a lot longer than others, and entire families might convene there before collectively moving up to the next state of fourth-dimensional consciousness. Others might breeze through the Borderlands quickly and easily, and our rate of progress depends entirely on our choices.

Here, we’re going to examine real quotes from our fourth-dimensional sources (as opposed to a fictional story) that describe the Borderlands and what it’s like to arrive there, meet with departed friends and family, etc.

Like the other fourth-dimensional planes we have yet to examine, a lot’s been said about the Borderlands and the assistance one receives from their departed family and their transition guides when they first arrive.

In our first quote, the spirit leader Imperator tells his channel, Stainton Moses, about the condition of a woman who recently arrived in the Borderlands.

“She is being gradually roused from the torpor into which she fell. She will continue long in a state of weakness and development, and gradually gain spiritual strength before being removed from her present state. She is tended by spirits in the place set apart for those who need fostering care.

“Many who are withdrawn prematurely or roughly, are tended by those spirits who devote themselves to the work in a special sphere set apart for them near the earth on which they have been incarnated.” (1)

The ‘place set apart for those who need fostering care’ is the Borderlands, and as we continue with Imperator’s report of the woman’s condition, we’ll learn more about these realms and the assistance she received.

Imperator continues, telling us that disparaged souls are gathered in the Borderlands for assistance with rediscovering their spiritual faculties and adjusting to fourth-dimensional life.

“This is the intermediate sphere of rest, in which spiritual functions are developed, and that which is lacking is supplied. Such a sphere there is near to each world, and into it the weary and suffering, the spiritually famished, the prematurely cut off, are gathered, that they may be nourished and tended by ministering angels.

“There they must … remain till they are fit to progress. Then they go to their sphere, take up their progress, and are developed by degrees. A harbour of rest after a stormy passage.” (2)

One can’t move on from the Borderlands until they’ve completed a sufficient amount of inner work, and only when their guides can see that they’re truly ready for the life beyond this plane will they be able to advance. From the description we were given last week, this seems like a pretty great plane to exist on, so one doesn’t have to be in a hurry to move on from it.

It’s basically pointless for people on earth (i.e. mediums) to try to connect with people who are in the Borderlands, because they’re in the midst of a very personal and powerful journey with Source, Imperator tells us.

“None from that sphere can be permitted to manifest on your earth. They are housed in the garden of the Lord, and may not be exposed to the rude blasts of your air. Cease to wish. The effect of your wish is but to disturb. Pray, rather, that your friend may fare well in the charge of her guardians.” (3)

Eventually, everyone in the Borderlands will move on and maybe even communicate with their loved ones on earth, but it’s best to let those who are there now complete the work ahead of them without interruption. They have a lot of learning to experience, and by the time we ‘see’ them again, they could be totally different people.

This doesn’t mean we won’t still be close with them, though, and when we finally meet with them again, we might find that they’d long excelled from the first plane and waited for us from a pure state of consciousness.

Silver Birch tells us that the Borderlands are basically a replica of the third-dimensional earth.

“The next stage of life to earth is a replica of your world of matter. Were it not so, the shock for the many who are uninstructed and ignorant would be more than they could stand. And so it has to be accomplished by very easy stages. The next stage of life resembles your world.

“That is why so many do not know that they have passed beyond the physical.” (4)

Mike Swain, who passed away in a car accident, tells us that he ‘flipped a switch’ and arrived in a different state of consciousness.

“I decided that Heather and I couldn’t do better than go along with [Uncle Mark] so we did. It was simply a question of ascending gradually into the sky until all of a sudden we were in this beautiful pasture. I can’t say how long it took us to leave the earth plane. It was rather much like flipping a radio dial from one station to another.

“When you turn the knob you take for granted that another station will be awaiting your pleasure; you don’t think there’s anything unusual about it. That was how we moved from your world to our new one.” (5)

The etheric body switches over to a new realm when the physical body ceases to live, and some people might actually feel the effects of this dimensional change. Some might wonder why they seem to be in a lighter and freer place than they were a moment ago, but the ones who arrive in the Borderlands will notice that that this plane’s a lot like earth.


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Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.


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