The Future Depends on Our Upliftment


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Upliftment is a necessity in this time of heightened consciousness, and we can’t expect to uplift the rest of the planet if we aren’t in an uplifted state of mind ourselves. How can we help the rest of humanity if we can’t feel the good vibration that helps us thrive on such a difficult and painful world?

Despite all of the awful things that happen on this planet every day, it’s important to allow ourselves to be as positive and uplifted as we can, because we’re here to raise the planetary vibration and we can’t do this if we’re too down in the dumps.

We can’t do anything helpful or significant if we’re too busy feeling low all the time, so let’s look lowness in the face and boldly proclaim that it can’t stay. We won’t let it continue to stop us from doing everything we’re on the earth to do, and instead, we’re going to soar with the understanding that it can’t and won’t bring us down.

In order to do this, we’ll have to see importance of strength to the new world we want to create.

We have to be strong enough not to let any lower emotions or circumstances stop us from completing our respective missions here on earth, and we have to use discipline to refrain from falling into the low frame of mind we’re here to help humanity out of.

If you look around, it becomes clear that a lot of things about this planet are in need of changing. The passionate inspiration we’re all meant to feel seems to have run dry in most people, but we can fix this if we let ourselves feel as uplifted as possible without denying or suppressing any low emotions that rise to the surface.

We can change the broken manner in which this planet functions, but we have to be willing to make whatever inner changes are required before we can transform our once lost world. We have to look within and see what it is about ourselves that feeds the old world, and we have to be willing to make changes instead of remaining idle.

We have the potential to do so many miraculous things, so why should we give in to any lower emotions that present themselves? Why should we let lowness replace the upliftment every person deserves to feel, especially if we want to change the planet?

We have no more reason to hold ourselves (and, subsequently, the rest of the planet) back, and I’d like to make a call for everyone who’s ready to change this planet to first work on changing themselves; aligning with the higher qualities that help us thrive instead of continuing to give in to the lower ones that we know won’t help our cause.

I mentioned elsewhere that I’ve experienced a back-and-forth between uplifted and downtrodden feelings, and personally, I strive to feel as uplifted as I can and integrate this upliftment into my work. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m ready to cease feeling downtrodden, because honestly, it doesn’t provide anything positive or helpful to this journey.

It only stops me from making real and significant progress, and I’m sure most of you can say the same. The ego strives to do everything it can to bring us back into its sadness and depression, but our missions are far too important to continue to give in to it.

I can say from experience that giving in to it is very easy, but it’s also very destructive and finding our way back out can be difficult once we’ve allowed it to influence us. We’re meant to find our way out, however, so the next time you’re down in the dumps, you’re encouraged to do everything you can to pull yourself out.

The planetary restoration depends on it, because again, we can’t heal this planet if we don’t heal everything negative or destructive that still lives within.

We’ll find that life’s difficult and unenjoyable when we continuously let the ego influence us, and we’ll eventually see that we profit much more from letting our hearts influence every decision we make and every feeling we have.

The heart space will lead us home, whereas the ego will keep us trapped in the very illusion we’ve come to lift the rest of humanity out of. Even for the common conscious seeker, it’s almost too easy to get lost in the mucky unawareness the ego feeds.

It’s very important to release our grip on the ego (or rather, make sure it releases its grip on us) and allow the heart to guide us in anything and everything we do, because we have far too many wonderful things to do to continue letting ourselves feel low when we could otherwise use our upliftment to bring this planet into the light.

Anchoring the light is the very reason we’re here, so let’s focus on the work we have left to do and go out of our way to refuse any low feelings that attempt to influence us.

We’ve always been meant to share the good vibration we can now access with as many people who’ll open up to it as possible, and to keep ourselves from acting on our greater potential is to bring our earthly missions to a screeching halt and keep the rest of humanity in a state of physical, mental and spiritual servitude.

The upliftment we seek can’t be found anywhere but within, and we have to be the ones to pull it up from under the surface and express it in our evolving physical reality.

We’ll drastically raise the collective vibration when we do, and when we can release our ego-driven perception of ourselves and the reality around us, our intuition and various other higher aspects of our minds and hearts will take the wheel and steer us from there.

We’ll be very glad we made the perceptual adjustments that were necessary for us to finally start enjoying ourselves and our existence, and the overflowing love we’ll feel in our hearts will spread to everyone around us who’s in need of the sacred upliftment we’ve come to the earth to provide.

I’m excited for what the future has in store, because I can already tell that I’m not the only one heeding the call to substitute lowness and dullness with the joyful, brimming emotions that are helping us find our way back home.

It’s time to heal whatever pain or fear still exist within and go with any flow that presents itself, because we’re on this planet to reintroduce the light to a collective of souls who’ve pretty much forgotten all about it.

The rest of humanity will remember the importance and prevalence of the light we’ve come here to offer in due time, but for now, those of us who are aware of it are tasked with putting ourselves in as loving and uplifted of a space as we can in preparation for all of the wonderful events that are to come, which, as we’ve learned, we’ll be the ones to create.

We’re the ones who’ll change this planet into the glimmering utopia we’ve heard so much about, and we can only do it with love in our hearts and the willingness to transcend everything that holds us back.

In transcending them, we’ll clear the way for the rest of humanity to do the same, and we’ll eventually see that we pioneered the practice of enlightening ourselves and each other – a practice that’ll become very common in the time ahead.

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