The Spirit World Chronicles: A Fourth-Dimensional Perspective on Source and Jeshua – Part 3/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 2

As Judge Hatch tells us, Jeshua represents ‘the paradigm of the spiritual man’.

“Jesus of Nazareth is a reality. As a spiritual body, as Jesus who dwelt in Galilee, He exists in space and time; as the Christ, the paradigm of the spiritual man, He exists in the hearts of all men and women who awaken that idea in themselves. He is a light which is reflected in many pools.

“I wrote the other day about Adepts and Masters. Jesus is a type of the greatest Master. He is revered in all the heavens. He grasped the Law and dared to live it, to exemplify it. And when He said, ‘The Father and I are one,’ He pointed the way by which other men may realise mastership in themselves.” (1)

According to Mary Bosworth, Christ exists on a much higher and less fathomable sphere than the fourth dimension, but he’s still there as a guiding, brotherly presence.

“Christ is exalted to the heavens above, but he is as the elder brother and the guide of us all on this plane.” (2)

I’ve always had this feeling about Christ too – that he’s a brother or a spiritual mentor we can turn to at any time for love and assistance. Even though he has a greater link with Source than almost anyone throughout creation, he’s one with us and he’s willing to assist us in our journey back home.

Even though Jeshua incarnated on earth with an overflowing well of inner love, Mary Bosworth tells us, the evil that’s common here held its ground and eventually (and temporarily) prevailed.

“The hope for the future lies in the philosophy that Christ brought to earth and which here is our rule of life. Christ was the apostle of love and patience, and he desired to deliver the world from evil through the power of love.

“But evil held sway by reason of its long continuance and growth, and was too strong, as it has many times since been too strong, to be overcome by spiritual power. But the time is coming when the Christ love will prevail, and wisdom and love together shall rule the world.” (3)

If we can follow the basic philosophy of loving one another instead of fighting and bickering, Christ’s purpose for being on this earth will have been attained.

All it takes is for everyone to open up to the necessity to live in love and cease feeding our former ways of division and war, but even though this seems simple, it could be much more difficult to manifest on the world stage.

Most people seem very stuck on their preconceived notions of reality, and if they could just see how much pure love exists beyond our conscious understanding, I’m sure they’d quickly align with this love and cease everything that continues to keep them from perceiving it.

Helping us mend our ways was one of the reasons Jeshua came to earth to help enlighten us, and whether he’s here or not, we can act on his teachings and love one another.

In our final quote, Mary Bosworth tells Charlotte Dresser that Christ isn’t necessarily one with Source – he’s more of an instrument for Source’s expression.

“”We believe in the Christ, in his mission to earth. We look to Him for guidance and inspiration. But we do not worship Him in the same way he is worshipped on earth.

“He wishes his example of peace and loving service to be followed, and it is our joy to follow his example here. But he is not afar off on some throne of glory. He is more like an elder brother, more like a bright and shining example for us to follow.”

Question: “’Do not some place Christ as one with God?’

“Yes, we have many such, and they are confused and disappointed at first. But they finally come into the true appreciation of the purity and loveliness of his life and character, and are contented and happy.”

Question: “’I wonder if Christ would approve of all the Easter worship of him?’

“No, we think not. To follow his example, to make each one’s own life a blessing to others; this is the religion he tried to establish, and which [he] hopes will at last become the religion of the world.” (4)

If we can follow this basic ideal, we’ll have little difficulty bringing ourselves, each other and the planet around us into the light. We’re given a lot of assistance from various facets of the Company of Heaven, but Christ works especially hard to spread the light on earth.

So hard, in fact, that he incarnated here a few different times to spread the simple philosophy of loving and respecting one another.

His most famous life was when he came here as Jesus, and I personally think he might’ve come back as Haile Selassie (former Ethiopian emperor), but I’d imagine he’s taken even more incarnations on earth that might not have been as famous as his life as Jesus.

Jesus is the name most people know him by, and we might be very surprised to discover the various other roles he’s played here on earth.

Again, he’s been famous for some of them and not so famous for others, but he’s always strived to help us see the importance of love, respect and unity. I’m sure he’s also told us a lot about the importance of knowledge – both physical and spiritual – and we can follow all of his teachings without needlessly worshiping him.

Instead of worshipping the messenger, let’s listen to the message.

From what we’ve learned here, it seems like most fourth-dimensional souls have a very clear understanding of Source and Jeshua, and it makes sense that they would.

They’re closer with Source and Jeshua than we are, but they still have a lot of work to do and a lot of dimensions to traverse before they can convene with either one of them purely. They can apparently communicate with Christ, as Judge Hatch mentioned, but I’m sure they won’t purely perceive him until they reach a much higher state of consciousness.

As usual, the more open and receptive we are, the easier it’ll be to open up to Jeshua or any higher-dimensional soul who’s helping us evolve, and in the end, we’ll be very glad we opened up and requested their assistance. Self-empowerment’s always important, but it helps to have a brotherly guide by our side.


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