Farm Aid 2016: A Revolution in Food and Farming is Brewing

By Brandon Turbeville, Natural Blaze

The 31st Farm Aid benefit concert opened with a press conference made up of individuals from a number of different areas. Notably, the performers – Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, Lukas Nelson, Jamey Johnson, John Mellencamp – joined farmers, activists, and Farm Aid representatives on stage to tell their stories and announce why the concert was being held and the types of projects and results the organization has seen in the past and hopes to see in the future.

The press conference began with words from Dorothy McAuliffe, the first lady of Virginia. When Willie Nelson was asked about the 31st hallmark of what should never have been necessary in the first place, Nelson characteristically responded with a short and chill line: “We’re glad to be anywhere thirty one times.” Continue reading Farm Aid 2016: A Revolution in Food and Farming is Brewing


4 Ways to Detox the Neurotoxin Fluoride From Your Body

By Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

Used as a rat poison for decades, sodium fluoride has been being added into the U.S. public water supply since 1961 as a means for improving dental health. Now, more than 60% of Americans consume it. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

A plethora of studies have shown that the negative health implications of fluoride in the water far outweigh the benefits of decreasing tooth decay. For instance, prestigious medical journal The Lancet noted that the additive is actually a neurotoxin and is classified in the same category as arsenic, lead, and mercury.

Researchers believe that, as a result of fluoride most commonly being ingested through water consumption, certain foods, and toothpastes, it is contributing to a worldwide “pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity” that is leading to disabilities like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, and other cognitive impairments. Continue reading 4 Ways to Detox the Neurotoxin Fluoride From Your Body


By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I was contemplating how I could possibly supervise four large organizations and continue to write, after the Reval.

And I was building org charts in my mind, playing with this concept and that, and talking to my assistant.

And I suddenly saw us carrying the same vision and playing with it. Teasing something out of it here and adding something to it there. Fleshing this part out and recalibrating that part. Continue reading Imagineering

The World’s Food Seeds are Going Extinct, but You Can Help

By Alex Pietrowski, Waking Times

Most of the truly important news of our times goes unnoticed, under-reported or ignored by the corporate media, and as they focus on the ever-evolving narrative of human political drama, we are missing opportunities to participate in the most important struggles of our time.

Seven generations from now, the destruction of the world’s seed diversity by corporate greed will have a much greater impact on the human condition than as much as anything else we can fathom.

Seeds are absolutely vital to life on earth, but once a crop has gone extinct there is no way to revive it. In the last century alone, the world has lost at least 93% of all seed types, which had been cultivated by individual farmers around the globe for millennia providing a robust array of nutrition and sustenance. Continue reading The World’s Food Seeds are Going Extinct, but You Can Help

Extreme Couponer Plans to Feed 30,000 People by Her 30th Birthday

By Julie Fidler, Natural Society

Lauren Puryear, 29, has fed more than 5,000 on a shoestring budget through her knack of “extreme couponing.” But that’s not enough for her; her goal is to feed 30,000 meals to the hungry and homeless by the time she turns 30 next September 14. [1]

Source: ABC News

It’s a lofty, if not impossible-sounding, goal, but Puryear claims she can feed 150 people for as little as $20, depending on what she buys. She’s so good at couponing, she often gets money back. [2]

Said Puryear of helping others: Continue reading Extreme Couponer Plans to Feed 30,000 People by Her 30th Birthday

Cedella Marley: One Little Success

Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

You may not be able to fix the world but you can always make one thing better. One little success in life is empowering and will create momentum in other areas of your life.

Change your perspective today and begin to look at each problem as an opportunity for the future. You already have the tools to bring value to any situation so use them wisely.

One love…Cedella

True Freedom – Letting It All Go

by Kara Schallock,

Life is as simple or as complicated as we want it to be. If we choose simple, we let go of all we are attached to; all we think we know and become an empty vessel. In this Emptiness, we get to the core of us and that is Love. There is so much that can distract us…whether it’s the outer world or the inner.

We can be distracted by our loved ones, by friends, by day-to-day living and yet, when we let it all go and focus only on our Hearts; only on our Selves; we access the simple Truth and we are guided.

There is nothing of consequence except the merging with our Souls. The only way we can do this is to let go of all the thoughts and all the words and meditate. Meditation is how we strengthen our Souls. Continue reading True Freedom – Letting It All Go

The DEA’s Own Website Proves the War on Drugs Is an Epic Failure

By Carey Wedler, Anti Media

(ANTIMEDIA Op-Ed) This summer, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) demonstrated its incompetence and exposed its archaic ideology on more than one occasion.

First, in defiance of public opinion, the agency announced it would continue to classify cannabis as a Schedule I drug, meaning the plant will continue to be categorized as one of the most “dangerous” drugs in America. Then, the DEA announced it would schedule kratom’s active ingredients in the same Schedule I category, even though the increasingly popular Asian herb, like cannabis, could potentially help curb the nation’s current opiate addiction epidemic. Continue reading The DEA’s Own Website Proves the War on Drugs Is an Epic Failure

Why The Law Forbids The Medicinal Use of Natural Substances

By Sayer Ji, Wake Up World

According to the FDA’s legal definition, a drug is anything that “diagnoses, cures, mitigates, treats, or prevents a disease.” The problem with this definition is that there are numerous substances, as readily available and benign as found on our spice racks, which have been proven by countless millennia of human experience to mitigate, prevent and in some cases cure disease, and which cannot be called drugs according to the FDA.

How can this be? Well, the FDA has assumed for itself Godlike power, requiring that its official approval be obtained before any substance can legally be used in the prevention and treatment of disease. The FDA’s legal-regulatory control therefore is totalitarian and Napoleonic in construct; what it does not explicitly permit as a medicine is implicitly forbidden. Continue reading Why The Law Forbids The Medicinal Use of Natural Substances

Breaking the Karmic Loop

By Frank M. Wanderer, The Mind Unleashed

We, who strive to achieve spiritual development, often have the feeling that certain people or situations impede that development. There is a number of things that may hamper us in our progress along our spiritual way.

Sometime people find bad karma as the gravest obstacle in their spiritual progress. We were born in the wrong place, under the wrong circumstances; we should deal with those circumstances first, and start our spiritual development only afterwards. Is that really so?

If we want to answer that question, we must examine one of the most effective defensive mechanisms of our Mind, that is, finding a scapegoat. It means that whenever we encounter difficulties in our life, we tend to look for the reason of the problem outside ourselves. We blame the responsibility on external factors or persons which or who may cause our difficulties. Continue reading Breaking the Karmic Loop