An Effective Addiction Treatment? Canada Legalizes Heroin for Medicinal Use

By Wes Annac, Editor-in-Chief, Culture of Awareness & Openhearted Rebel

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Heroin is evil, and its users deserve compassion, not ridicule or punishment. It’s best not to get hooked on any hard drug, especially if you’re repeatedly told that it’s dangerous and it will kill you, if not make your life hell.

However, not everyone is properly informed about heroin and other dangerous opiates. As we’ll learn, some are led to a heroin addiction after getting hooked on opiates prescribed by a doctor and having nowhere to turn when their prescription runs out.

Whether it’s the rebellious youth or the “ordinary” members of society who discover the drug through dependence on prescription opiates, heroin addiction is affecting an alarming number of people in the U.S. and Canada.

But why? What makes this illicit substance so valuable to people of all ages, races and social classes?

Heroin’s initial euphoric effect and the withdrawal symptoms that occur a few hours after use combine to form a habit that, for many, quickly escalates into an addiction. Continue reading An Effective Addiction Treatment? Canada Legalizes Heroin for Medicinal Use


Popular Tea Brands Found To Contain Illegal Amounts Of Harmful Toxins (Avoid These Brands)

By Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

Tea is often touted as being among the healthiest sources of caffeine, with less heath risks than coffee, soda, and energy drinks. But it’s important to remember that not all tea brands are created equal. In fact, conventional brands are ridden with high levels of toxic substances like fluoride and pesticides.

So while you scour the tea section at your local market looking for a good deal, it’s important to remember quality over quantity, since the levels of these toxins found in many of the cheaper brands are believed to be dangerously high. Continue reading Popular Tea Brands Found To Contain Illegal Amounts Of Harmful Toxins (Avoid These Brands)

The Connection Between The Pyramids And Orion’s Belt

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.,

Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, and Nassim Haramein present extensive evidence against the history we have been taught and what those in power don’t want you to know about.

At some point in the very near future, our school textbooks will need to be rewritten in truth and honesty and not filled with propaganda and agendas. Researchers such as Hancock, Haramein, Robert Bauval, Michael Cremo and others have exposed the truths that academia fails to explain. Continue reading The Connection Between The Pyramids And Orion’s Belt

5 Reasons Why Belief in Authority is the Most Dangerous Superstition

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Waking Times

“Question authority, including the authority that told you to question authority.” ~Sixth grade girl

Let’s get something straight, here at the outset. There’s nothing wrong with authority itself. It’s the belief part that messes everything up. Anyone can claim authority. But such authority only matters if others believe in it.

I can claim that I’m an authority on unicorns, but I better have the credentials to prove it. And it would also help if unicorns existed. But the point is this: If enough people “believe” that I’m an authority on unicorns, and they “believe” that I have dissected a unicorn and revealed the magical quality of its insides that causes it to shit rainbows, then I’ll not only have violated truth, I’ll have violated the minds of others and taken advantage of their ignorance. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Belief in Authority is the Most Dangerous Superstition

The FDA is Offering a Cash Prize for an App to Fight Opioid Overdoses

By Julie Fidler, Natural Society

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced earlier this month that the agency is launching a contest to create the best app designed to reduce the number of people who die every year from overdosing on opioid painkillers.

This is the same government agency that approved OxyContin for children in August 2015, as well as a drug called Movantik that treats opioid-induced constipation.

The smartphone app would be used to connect people overdosing on heroin with people nearby carrying the opioid antidote drug, naloxone. The individual or team who creates the most suitable app will win $40,000 from the federal government. [1] Continue reading The FDA is Offering a Cash Prize for an App to Fight Opioid Overdoses

Cedella Marley: Be You

Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

Your most important job is to be you. Because that’s something nobody else can do. Through your perspective, life is able to know and experience itself in a unique and valuable way.

From your efforts, the world receives goodness that can come from nowhere else. You owe it to yourself to fulfill your best possibilities. And you owe it to all of life to express the beauty and the abundance in your own unique way.

One Love…Cedella

The Earth’s Magnetic Field and Consciousness

via  fourwinds10, Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit

 The magnetic field of earth is involved in a perturbation or morphing. This is taking place interdimensionally, and the net effect is incremental surges in amplitude or strength of the magnetic field. This morphing of earth’s magnetic field is like a wave that rises and falls very quickly, and the oscillations are minute, but distinct.

This is having a very strange effect upon human consciousness, specifically your biological experience. Many people are experiencing an increase of exhaustion and weariness. (these symptoms are also caused by movements of energies from deep space as they pass through your galaxy and your solar system.) Continue reading The Earth’s Magnetic Field and Consciousness

5 Times the United States Helped ISIS

By Darius Shahtahmasebi, Anti Media

(ANTIMEDIA) Just last week, the U.S. and its allies — who are currently conducting military operations within Syrian territory without a U.N. mandate or permission of the Syrian regime — bombed Syrian troops, killing over 60 fighters and wounding over 100 more. This attack, according to the Assad regime, lasted for over an hour. It also involved a number of warplanes belonging to American, British, and even Australian air forces.

This aerial bombardment coincided with an offensive launched by ISIS militants, who then sought to take back government-held facilities. In the eyes of Russia and Syria, the aerial offensive was working in tandem with ISIS’s ground offensive, confirming their concerns the American-led coalition has been providing air cover to ISIS militants. Continue reading 5 Times the United States Helped ISIS

The Lonely Road of the Free Thinker

By Tim Bryant, Wake Up World

A Free-Thinker – someone who’s mind is not bound by any chain, free to explore the great abyss unhindered by fear, emotion, or ideology.

In reality, it is outside the box free-thinkers, who are the engines of social change and ingenuity, often leading society into new directions not yet seen before. They represent a voice of authenticity and uniqueness in a world that is all to filled with conformity and linear thinking. While the achievements are applauded by future generations, in the present they are often looked down upon, feared, laughed at, and even seen as crazy for their unique perspectives on life. It is often a lonely road for the truly unleashed free-thinker. Continue reading The Lonely Road of the Free Thinker

Transform Your Life with the Power of Acceptance

By Frank M. Wanderer, The Mind Unleashed

As spiritual seekers we sooner or later need to face an expectation–almost a commonplace now–to accept what is actually happening to us, surrender to the circumstances, since this surrender will be the foundation of our spiritual development. The question may, however, arise in us, whether that surrender and acceptance may really constitute the foundation of our spiritual development?

The acceptance of what is happening to us in a specific moment means that we are able to say yes to the things and circumstances that actually appear in our life. Acceptance, saying yes may, however, have two different backgrounds.

One of these backgrounds is that when we internally say no to what is happening to us, but our behaviour and reactions suggest that we in fact say yes and accept what is happening to us or around us. There may be several reasons for that: we are compelled to do that, a sense of impotence, or cold calculation, a belief that acceptance and surrender will help us in our spiritual quest. But the pretended acceptance and surrender will only lead to further suffering and unhappiness. Continue reading Transform Your Life with the Power of Acceptance