Renowned Clinical Pharmacologist Talks Magic Mushrooms & Their Therapeutic Value

By Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

Psilocybin — or magic mushrooms — have been used in traditional healing rituals for hundreds, even thousands, of years; for more than 40 years, the drug has been illegal in the U.S..

But recent findings could tear down the taboo surrounding the drug, as they found it has the ability to ease depression and soothe anxiety in patients dealing with serious illness and the thought of an impending death.

Two separate studies discovered that a single moderate-to-large dose of psilocybin was able to help trial subjects combat their profound distress. Continue reading Renowned Clinical Pharmacologist Talks Magic Mushrooms & Their Therapeutic Value


The ’21st Century Cures Act’ Just Created the Ministry of Cancer

By Dylan Charles, Waking Times

It appears the U.S. government is officially declaring war on cancer by launching a major bureaucratic initiative aimed at sending cancer research to the moon.

In a moment of suspiciously bi-partisan cooperation, both sides of the political aisle of the 114th United States Congress came together to pass House Resolution (H.R.) 34, the 21st Century Cures Act, which pledges a ton of taxpayer money to a broad range of disease and public health research programs, drug maker incentives, deregulation, and more. Continue reading The ’21st Century Cures Act’ Just Created the Ministry of Cancer

Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Choose Miracles, Not Worries


Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

God said:

All of Life is a Miracle. Of course, it is. Therefore, it is clear that I am a Miracle-Worker. It may not be so clear to you that you are also a Miracle-Worker.

You may have no idea of how commonplace Miracles are. Miracles are rife, right and left. You are tripping over Miracles like sand on the beach. You may be oblivious. Likely, you carry heavy thoughts of troubles more than you carry Enlightened Thoughts of Miracles.

Somewhere along the line you put aside thoughts of Miracles and planted thoughts of worries instead. Thoughts of woe grew like weeds. You worked the soil. You overturned dandelions in good soil like you can’t believe. Continue reading Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Choose Miracles, Not Worries

Obama on Marijuana Legalization: Presidents Don’t Change Drug Classifications

By Julie Fidler, Natural Society

In an interview with Rolling Stone published November 29, Barack Obama said that he doesn’t think legalizing marijuana would end America’s drug problem, but he believes it should be regulated like cigarettes and alcohol. The outgoing President added that regulating marijuana is a wiser way of handling the issue than continuing to treat it as a Schedule I drug. [1] Continue reading Obama on Marijuana Legalization: Presidents Don’t Change Drug Classifications

Stay Strong

By Wes Annac, Editor, Culture of Awareness & Openhearted Rebel

“The people who [are] trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?” – Bob Marley

To say life is hard is an understatement. We’re often hit with unexpected challenges or circumstances that make us want to hide away from the world. But we can’t, and in my opinion, we shouldn’t.

If you pursue a life of purpose, there will come a point when you feel exhausted, discouraged, and ready to give up. The hard work won’t be worth what you seem to get out of it, and you’ll want more than anything to relax, take a big long break, and forget about all the stress. This is understandable, and downtime is necessary if you don’t want to burn out.

However, in a time when the ruling elite rely more than ever on the masses’ apathy and reluctance to take a stand for what’s right, we can’t give in, back down, or let the world stop us from pursuing work that can help mankind.

Somehow, we must tap into a transcendent sense of strength that helps us through our challenges and inspires us to push forward to matter how much the world pushes us back. Continue reading Stay Strong

This Is How Cannabis Affects Your Body – Depending On How It’s Ingested [Infographic]

By Amanda Froelich, True Activist, Thanks to Conscious Life News

Photo: Huffington Post

Have you heard? The U.S. Cancer Institute now lists cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a potential cure for cancer. Additionally, it is well validated that the oil – comprised of compounds found in the cannabis plant – can help alleviate seizures in kids in adults.

Related Article: The Miracle of Cannabis Gives a Young Girl Her Life Back

However, one won’t experience these benefits when they smoke cannabis. As Collective Evolution points out, smoking alters the plant molecules. When cannabis is heated and burns, its chemical structure and the acidity of the THC both change. In result, the plant’s therapeutic value decreases.

Similar to smoking cigarettes, inhaling smoke from marijuana can be toxic to the body. It’s worth pointing out, however, that marijuana does help decrease levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. In fact, marijuana has proven to be a beneficial aid for veterans (as well as individuals who have suffered trauma) to combat PTSD. Continue reading This Is How Cannabis Affects Your Body – Depending On How It’s Ingested [Infographic]

Man Uses Nature To Create Wondrous Works Of Arts – And They’re Stunning

90913By Amanda Froelich, True Activist, Thanks to the Galactic Free Press

The ephemeral beauty of nature is evident in these masterpieces.

One doesn’t need expensive tools to create works of art; it’s actually possible to materialize stunning designs with nothing more than gifts offered by nature.

British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy has proven this truth numerous times. Renowned in his field, the artist creates temporary installations out of sticks, stones, leaves, and pretty much anything else he finds outside. As the photos below convey, he can transform ordinary objects into beautiful masterpieces. The best part? They’re free to create and to enjoy.

Before Goldsworthy received his BA from what is now the University of Central Lancashire, he grew up working on farms. His father was a mathematician, and this likely inspired Andy to perceive the beauty that is present in nature. Continue reading Man Uses Nature To Create Wondrous Works Of Arts – And They’re Stunning

Cedella Marley: Let Go and Take Action

Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

If you are feeling discouraged about a certain situation or something you need to accomplish, let go and take action. Your thoughts are very powerful and can hold you back in life.

Change your mindset and get rid of the worry so that you may remind yourself of the meaning and purpose for your goals. Focus on how amazing you will feel once you get to the finish line!

One love…Cedella

Detach and Free Yourself

By Adeana M. Slater,

As part of the illusions and struggles through duality, we have been conditioned with the belief system that what we hold onto as a way of attachment, strengthens the bond. In these false patterns, we have learned to place conditions and expectations in our relationships with others. When things do not go our way or in the way of our perceived beliefs, we often tailspin into the dysfunctional emotional attributes and act out our frustrations to the undesired outcome.

With this will bring unnecessary blame to yourself or others. These negative energies are then sent into the universe and you continue to manifest this very disappointment, over and over again. This pattern of attachment will hold you back from moving forward in your specific soul growth and expansion. Continue reading Detach and Free Yourself

75 Years After Pearl Harbor, We Now Know the Govt Knew the Attack Was Coming

via The Free Thought Project

The next day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt denounced this “day of infamy” before Congress, from whom he secured an avid declaration of war.

Up until then, however, Americans had overwhelmingly opposed involvement in World War II. They had been thoroughly disillusioned by the First World War:

  • although they had been told they would be fighting for “democracy” in that previous war, taxpayers learned from the postwar Graham Committee of Congress that they’d been defrauded out of some $6 billion in armaments that were never manufactured or delivered1;
  • atrocity tales about German soldiers (such as cutting the hands off thousands of Belgian children) had turned out to be fabrications;
  • the sinking of the Lusitania – the central provocation that ultimately led to the U.S. declaration of war – had been committed by Germany not to kill women and children (as propaganda claimed), but to prevent tens of tons of war munitions from reaching the European front. (Click here for a debunking of the Lusitania myth.)

Continue reading 75 Years After Pearl Harbor, We Now Know the Govt Knew the Attack Was Coming