Blame Russia? Fake News? What About CIA’s Involvement In Other Countries’ Elections? Ron Paul Speaks Out

By Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

The 2016 U.S. presidential election was bound by controversy, with powerful people, sick of the secrets and lies, blowing the whistle on elitist corruption. The aftermath has proven just as hairy, with more questions presenting themselves daily, and more answers, which go against the grain of a tight-knit country based on morality, have created a mudslide.

Dr. Ron Paul has been actively speaking out against the American electoral system for quite some time, claiming it is rigged in order to keep “independent thinkers” from succeeding. The former Texas congressman called the elections a mere “charade” that’s steeped in deceit. Paul ran for the highest office as a Libertarian in 1988, and in 2008 and 2012 as a Republican. Continue reading Blame Russia? Fake News? What About CIA’s Involvement In Other Countries’ Elections? Ron Paul Speaks Out


Christmas in the Trenches

xmas-trenchesJudicial Watch Christmas Message 2016

Christmas 2016 finds us in many ways a divided nation.

We have just come through an unusually contentious election. And, in fact, many consider the past eight years to have been some of the most divisive in American history.

So, at a time like this, it may be best to step back from the events and issues that divide us and focus our hearts and minds on the uncommon bonds that unite us. Continue reading Christmas in the Trenches

Large-Scale Study Shows Traffic Fatalities Significantly Lower in States with Legal Weed

By Justin Gardner, The Free Thought Project

The November 8 elections were a huge victory for freedom, and it had nothing to do with presidential candidates. Seven states voted to legalize the recreational or medicinal use of cannabis, bringing the total number of U.S. states with some form of legal weed to 36.

Arizona, where pharmaceutical companies donated heavily to anti-cannabis efforts, was the only state that rejected legalization.

One facet of the anti-cannabis propaganda campaign was the claim that roadways will become more dangerous as “drugged driving” becomes more prevalent. However, just as the ‘teen pot use will increase’ claim has been debunked, the ‘dangerous roadways’ myth is also unraveling. Continue reading Large-Scale Study Shows Traffic Fatalities Significantly Lower in States with Legal Weed

Supplement Recently Discovered to Help PTSD Better Than SSRIs

By Brandon Turbeville, Natural Blaze

A new study coming out of the University of South Carolina shows extremely promising results for a new treatment for PTSD and substance abuse.

Although the new treatment is being misbranded as a pharmaceutical intervention – the substance being used is actually quite natural and has been known to many in the natural health world as a very beneficial supplement for quite some time.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) when combined with group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) was demonstrated in the study to be more effective than CBT alone as well as more effective than FDA-approved SSRIs at treated PTSD cravings and depression. Continue reading Supplement Recently Discovered to Help PTSD Better Than SSRIs

Healing Your Chakras with Herbs

By Dr. Linda Kingsbury, Body Mind Soul Spirit

The vibrational qualities of plants can assist in balancing, relaxing, and energizing your aura and chakras. Each member of the plant kingdom has a unique gift to offer and can support you on your journey of manifesting your highest path on earth. Allowing herbal energies to assist your personal growth can help you connect to the beauty of nature within and around you.

Drinking herbal teas and elixirs, using herbal-based body care products, and acknowledging the plants growing around you as you move through the day are some simple ways of including gifts from the plant kingdom in your life. As you explore your personal connection to all creation, you enhance your ability to live comfortably and safely in a physical body on earth. In this article, I will share common herbs associated with the main seven chakras and a few combinations that can assist in recovering your divine child within. Continue reading Healing Your Chakras with Herbs

Heal Your Heart Chakra With This Beautiful Music Meditation (Video)

Video Source: chakraboosters

Source: Chakra Boosters (Thanks to Conscious Life News)

This week, I’m excited to share another healing, music video with you. This one is for the heart chakra, and since none of us can ever have too much love, I suggest you listen to it over and over until the words and images naturally flow through you and open your heart.

If you haven’t yet seen the Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Video, you can get the get up and go you need to start the new year right when you watch it here regularly.

Here are the lyrics to the Heart Chakra Healing Song (so you can sing along to the video):

Anahata (11x)

The heart is the bridge between body and soul (3x)

It makes us one

It makes us whole

It makes us one soul 

The heart is the bridge between body and soul (4x) 

Anahata (11x)

Anahata is the Sanskrit name of the heart chakra. It means “unstruck sound” as this is the vibratory place in our body where there is balance and peace.

It’s the chakra of love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and healing. So it’s the perfect song for the holidays. Listen to it often (especially before spending extended time with family) and feel your heart open and expand.

Happy Holidays, (firstname)!




Vicki Howie is an Empath, Life Coach, and Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She’s a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and Registered Yoga Teacher too. Vicki can help you tap into your personal roadmap for success – the chakras that resides within you. Grab your FREE copy of her Chakra Empowerment Course or a FREE copy of her Heart Chakra Healing Song or find out more about her Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ here. Love and blessings.

Cedella Marley: What Defines Peace?

e93f3c_4d73dd57690040e5a08ceb72e3082e5fmv29Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

What defines Peace? It is is a feeling, a powerful, wonderful and desirable feeling that does not depend on any particular set of conditions. It can be present at any place, at any time. Remember how peace feels.

And by so remembering, make yourself open to peace. Peace is what remains when you’ve surrendered your ego and your fears. Peace is always there, patiently waiting for you to turn your awareness toward it. Let go and let peace win.

One love…Cedella

How To Recognize And Resist Manipulative People

By Morag,

2016 has been the year the veils lifted. The political and economic manipulations of the cabal have been exposed. Jedi Knights like Bernie Sanders in the US and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, whistleblowers, activists, artists, writers and musicians have shone a light into the depths of darkness the elite inhabit.

With rational rhetoric, honesty and compassion we have been shown the cold, hard truth that the power elite are manipulators, people who have an agenda. They are darkworkers, energy vampires who use other people as resources for their personal gain.

Following the 2008 ‘crash’ people, in shock and fear, listened and obeyed the directives from the elite. Eight years later the world has been waking up to the food weapon agenda, the pharmaceutical industries assault on our freedoms and the horrific attacks of basic human rights. Continue reading How To Recognize And Resist Manipulative People

The Black Musician Who Convinced Countless Klansmen to Quit the KKK

By Carey Wedler, Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA) As race proves to be an ongoing, paramount issue in American society, one black man is building bridges with the Ku Klux Klan.

Daryl Davis is a veteran musician who has played with legends like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. But over the last several decades, he has made a name for himself for his willingness to initiate dialogue with some of the most characteristically racist people in U.S. history.

He recounts a show he played in 1983, after which a KKK member approached him to compliment his skills, adding that he had “never heard a black pianist play like Jerry Lee Lewis.” To his disbelief, Davis informed him he was a friend of Lewis’. Continue reading The Black Musician Who Convinced Countless Klansmen to Quit the KKK

Who Do You Think You Are?

By Hilde Larsen, Wake Up World

Have you ever looked at someone and thought they might have lost their marbles for not making the same decision you would have? We love to stick our noses in other people’s business. We love to validate, condemn, correct and compare.

When someone steps outside the norm, breaks the rules of the horde, there will invariably be reactions from others. How can someone willingly quit their job without having a new one lined up? What would we do? How could they do that? This is crazy. I could never do that. How dare they! Who do they think they are? It does not make sense to anyone following the ‘common sense rule-book’, which has several chapters on security and how to play it safe. It teaches us everything about using our brain to think everything through, and to make calculated decisions, based on our highly respected intellect. Continue reading Who Do You Think You Are?