The Purpose of Life Applies not Only to Humans

Life follows a sacred arc, spiraling back to the same karmic lessons, as it goes

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I said last article that there was no more important knowledge than the knowledge of the purpose of life.

I feel the need to say a few more comments on this most important subject.

But there are things more important than intellectual knowledge. More important than that kind of knowledge is experiential knowlede. And more important than experiential knowledge is the realized knowledge that transcends experience, that leaves the sensory world behind.

When most enlightened sages use the word “knowledge” without a modifier, they’re usually referring to realized knowledge or realization.

Moreover, the purpose of life is the same for every soul and we all know that even rocks have souls. Each blade of grass has a soul.

Therefore the purpose of life is not what it is just for human beings. It’s so for every soul-incarnated form, no matter what shape it inhabits – grass, worm, butterfly, human.

The purpose of life remains the same for every one: Realization of its true identity; realization of itself as the Creator, Prime Source, the One.

I could be burned at the stake for saying that in the Fifteenth Century. I think the Cathars were persecuted for saying similar things, were they not? But today I can freely say it on the Internet: I am God. You are God. All of us and every living thing (and non-living thing, if such there be) is God, the One.

There is nothing outside of God, no one to take God’s picture, no camera to take it with. God meets God in a moment of our enlightenment and to do so gives God pleasure.

Transformative love shows us our divine connection. There are no strangers in that kind of love, that depth of love, much deeper than anything romantic. Two people simultaneously in a state of transformative love (and I haven’t experienced that union, myself) would know, I think, how the energies of both commingle while in that state. There would be recognition of union or identity, I feel sure.

Dimension, depth seems everything. The love we feel on the Third Dimension is affected by the density of that medium. The love we experience on the Fifth is much deeper and transforming. The love we experience on the Seventh is probably more refined still. At the end of the road, the absolute love that the Mother and Father are is said to be indescribable.

By the same token, we not only deepen in love. We deepen into the knowledge of our oneness. We deepen into the balance we achieve within ourselves, including balancing the masculine ad feminine. We can choose any divine quality or state to deepen into and it’ll lead to the very same place: Home. To the One.

As a global society, I think we’ll all reach a point, under the influence of the energies caressing us, where we’ll experience a love so deep – collectively – that we’ll all just nod in silent knowledge of what then, I think, will become immediately obvious: Not only that we’re one, but also that the demonstration, the evidence, the declaration of that oneness is love.

It is love that has become everything, Sri Ramakrishna might say.

To realize that we ourselves are God is a level of enlightenment called Brahmajnana.  To realize that God has become everything is a level of enlightenment called vijnana (or perfect knowledge), which I believe is the same as Sahaja Samadhi. Sahaja is the endpoint of our ascension.

Many rumors suggest a collective experience of some sort, loosely called “ignition,” is in our near future. That would be timely, nicely positioning and equipping us for building Nova Earth.


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