Violence Against Eco-Activists In Honduras Reaches Epidemic Proportions

With over 120 Activists murdered since 2010, Honduras has become the world’s most dangerous country to defend the environment.

By Whitney Webb, True Activist


Honduras, a small Central American country covered by lush rainforest, has now become notorious for the many brutal murders of environmental activists in recent years. Hondurans are increasingly facing persecution in the form of violence, threats, evictions, and imprisonment, simply for protesting the desecration and exploitation of natural resources by major corporations and local business elites— practices which are largely condoned by its government. This systematic violation of human rights for capitalist purposes has taken the lives of over 100 activists since 2015. Honduras has been named the deadliest country in the world for environmental activists. Continue reading Violence Against Eco-Activists In Honduras Reaches Epidemic Proportions


What Our Favourite Foods Looked Like In Their Natural Habitat

By Samantha Keene, Collective Evolution

Could you recognize a cashew tree in the wild, or a black pepper vine? How about a mango tree?

We all know what an apple tree looks like, and can recognize a cabbage patch when we see one, but many of our favourite foods appear vastly different in their natural forms, as they go through a remarkable transformation to get from field to table. Continue reading What Our Favourite Foods Looked Like In Their Natural Habitat

The Call of Stillness

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Steve is safely moved in and will report in in a couple of days

I’m magnetically being drawn inward, into the stillness these days.

In my meditation, I tell myself to go into the stillness and everything I’m attached to drops like a rock.

I’m not surprised. I asked last night for the maximum dose of Porlana C and photon light available and allowable to those wearing a human body. This may be the result of it. Continue reading The Call of Stillness

Terence McKenna’s Explanation of Why Our Culture is Killing Itself

By Dylan Charles, Waking Times

What would it look like if our culture died out, as it was dying out, somewhere between coherency and harmony and the end point of chaos and dissolution? Would it perhaps resemble the divisive, vitriolic, excessively controlling, self-destructive world we live in today?

Often pondering the future, contemporary sage Terence McKenna spoke on this matter in many of his talks and writings, frequently chastising culture as a supplanted psychic operating system which dooms us by failing to incorporate the novel and chaotic elements of the human experience. Continue reading Terence McKenna’s Explanation of Why Our Culture is Killing Itself

Fast Food Packaging Now Found to Have Fluorinated Chemicals

By Heather Callaghan, Natural Blaze

For all the attention paid to damaging fast food ingredients – it is only recently that a spotlight illuminated its packaging to be among the worst ingredients to which consumers could expose themselves.

A comprehensive analysis on the prevalence of highly fluorinated chemicals detected this chemical in more places than originally known. These damaging chemicals were found in the waxy cups, wrappers, paperboard (boxes for fries, pizza, etc.), and cupholders of the most typical American eateries. Continue reading Fast Food Packaging Now Found to Have Fluorinated Chemicals

Cedella Marley: Manifest Your Destiny

e93f3c_4d73dd57690040e5a08ceb72e3082e5fmv22Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

Manifest your destiny today by imagining the goals you wish to accomplish. By visualizing your dreams, you can bring them to life.

When we get in touch with our inner self and our authentic passions, we find our intended path in life. Make an effort today to focus on what truly makes you happy and you will move your life in the direction that you wish it to go.

One love…Cedella

Exploring The Mystery Of Intuition

By Anna LeMind, Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit

Intuition is full of temptations. How can we keep from trying to explain something that came out of nowhere to solve a problem as something that was “sent down from above”?

Intuition is often referred to as “readily available knowledge“, which has the property to “suddenly” appear in the head of an individual. But we often fail to take into account the fact that we have long been preoccupied with solving this problem. Continue reading Exploring The Mystery Of Intuition

Carnegie Wants to Spray Our Skies: “Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative” Launched

By Cassius Kamarampi, Era of Wisdom

(Image credit: CC, Carnegie Council)

(Era of Wisdom) Since we’ve been sprayed in this decade, and since we’ve been unwilling subjects of other chemical and biological warfare experiments as Americans and other people from the 1950’s until now, it has become relevant to understand the exact individuals and entities responsible for geoengineering.

Recently, the US government, Carnegie Institutions, Harvard scientists and other prestigious groups and figures have been voraciously calling for the skies to be sprayed to block out the sun and combat an overly hyped climate change. Continue reading Carnegie Wants to Spray Our Skies: “Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative” Launched

Black Seed Oil Puts Deadly Asthma Medications to Shame

By Sayer Ji, Wake Up World

According to latest research, the black cumin seed, nigella sativa (known simply as ‘black seed’) is a powerful alternative to dangerous pharmaceutical asthma medications.

A new study published in the journal Phytotherapeutic Research reveals that a powerful little black seed known as nigella sativa — once referred to as ‘the remedy for everything but death’ — may provide a powerful alternative to pharmaceutical medicine in the treatment of asthma. This is extremely promising for the millions of chronic asthma sufferers who are still taking medications like long-acting beta agonist which the FDA warned back in 2006 actually increased the risk of dying from asthma. Continue reading Black Seed Oil Puts Deadly Asthma Medications to Shame

474 Arrested In California Child-Trafficking Sting

By Lance Schuttler, The Mind Unleashed

474 people have been arrested in California in a 3 day sting operation called “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild.” Over 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces participated in the operation, which saved 28 children and 27 adults.


“You are worthy of more. And we will work tirelessly with our partners…to provide you services and help you rebuild your life,” Sheriff Jim McDonald said, addressing the victims during a news conference on Tuesday.

While this is a massive success for the movement to end human and child trafficking, there remains much work to be done. This huge operation will once again bring more conversation around this topic and the need for this issue to be taken even more seriously by the public. Child and human trafficking is extremely real and is prevalent, even in higher levels of governance, politics and finance. Continue reading 474 Arrested In California Child-Trafficking Sting