How You Can Develop Profound Intuition (3)

By Marcus T. Anthony, Conscious Life News

This is the third part of a series of posts I am writing here on CLN about how to develop powerful intuitive skills (integrated intelligence). Integrated intelligence is closely related to the classical idea of intuition, connecting us with a stream of consciousness which transcends the limits of immediate space and time. Each of these posts is an extract from my upcoming book “How to Develop Profound Intuition.” So stay tuned for further insights (Part 4). (Here’s Part 1, and Part 2).

The third thing you are going to need if you want to develop profound intuition is commitment. And this means dedication, persistence and patience.

The intuitive mind is an alien beast to most of us in the modern world. We all use intuition, of course. But few of us employ it regularly, nor trust it emphatically. Our cultures have left us living “in the head”, deferring to the yabbering voice in the skull, and existing primarily dissociated from the body and the spirit in a state of chronic abstract conceptualization. We live in the mind, in imagined futures and remembered pasts, and miss the present moment – where intuition is most powerfully sensed and activated. Continue reading How You Can Develop Profound Intuition (3)


6 Things That Happened When 19 Nurses Did A “21-Day Vegan Challenge”

By Kalee Brown, Collective Evolution

So many people brush off a vegan diet for various reasons, saying “I love meat and cheese too much,” or “I won’t get enough iron and protein.” The term “vegan” in and of itself can even deter people from trying it, as it’s often seen as a New Age term that only die-hard animal lovers would choose to identify with. Although veganism is a lifestyle choice, it’s not this radical club filled with judgemental hippies, which so many people seem to think.

In reality, there are many other reasons to eat a plant-based diet other than just feeling compassion for animals, and anyone can do it! For example, it’s better for the environment, it can be seen as a spiritual practice, it’s often more affordable, and it’s far healthier for the body. In fact, after a group of 19 nurses learned the health benefits of consuming a vegan diet, they decided to eat vegan for 21 days and document the side effects. Continue reading 6 Things That Happened When 19 Nurses Did A “21-Day Vegan Challenge”

One Plus One is One

Credit: Gipsy

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I used to be able to separate awareness from love years ago, but nowadays, when I tune into my awareness, love arises with it.

Noticing this came about in the course of looking more deeply into my core issue of self-importance/entitlement, so as not to be swept away by the Reval.

When I went to expand my awareness, I experienced the flow of love. But I hadn’t called upon love. I’d called upon awareness.

I then realized that love and awareness travel together – provided we can vibrationally recognize and welcome them to begin with. Continue reading One Plus One is One

2017 – The Year of New World Order Anniversaries

Makia Freeman, Contributor
Waking Times

New World Order Anniversaries abound in this year of 2017. If you go back in time exactly 50 or exactly 100 years, there are key events that occurred that still shape our world today – events orchestrated by the same network of Secret Societies and Illuminati bloodlines that have been manipulating the world for hundreds if not thousands of years.

The following article highlights 5 New World Order anniversaries about which it is important to inform yourself, since the official version of these events is shallow at best and deceptive at worst. In all cases, the events were not what they seemed at the time, nor were we ever told the full truth afterwards by governments or the mainstream media. Continue reading 2017 – The Year of New World Order Anniversaries

DEA Approves Synthetic Marijuana for Company That Spent $500K to Keep Weed Illegal

By , Thanks to Natural Blaze

Lobbying in the nation’s capitol is a billion dollar industry, but sometimes, companies dip their toes into state and local politics, as well. When giant corporations want to influence bills and national elections, they generally spread their money around, cozying up to a number of politicians and shaking hands with numerous government officials. However, at the local level, high-dollar financing is a bit more transparent.

Insys Therapeutics is a small player on the national scale. The Center for Responsive Politics reported that they spent only $120,000 lobbying in D.C. in 2016. But in Arizona, where the company is based, they forked over $500,000 — and they did it to keep marijuana illegal in the traditionally Republican state. Continue reading DEA Approves Synthetic Marijuana for Company That Spent $500K to Keep Weed Illegal

How Sacred Science Addresses What Modern Physics Ignores

In a recent attempt to understand how conventional physics “explains” reality, I began to read Lawrence Krauss’ A Universe from Nothing

Krauss is one of those famous scientists like Richard Dawkins who doesn’t find anything strange about the fact that existence IS.

Instead he takes EVERYTHING for granted and attacks, like Dawkins and Bill Maher, the low hanging fruit of organized religion and its dogmatic, unproven Gods created in our image.

When I tried reading his book I got a bit frustrated and then checked the index for the word “consciousness,” and when I did not find it, I put the book aside.

The question really is — “what” exactly is “nothing”? Continue reading How Sacred Science Addresses What Modern Physics Ignores

A Second Lightworker Pitfall

Me and Len Satov keeping each other in touch with reality. Len, a workshop leader, introduced me to Ascension and to Linda Dillon. Credit: Sara

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Another fear I have besides a fear of self-importance and entitlement (1) is a fear of ridicule.

I fear that I’ll be deemed out of touch with reality because I tell a business associate that I work for the Divine Mother. (Ooops!) Or blurt out to another what Archangel Michael said. (Uhhhhh…..) (2)

I’ve always wanted to be on the frontiers of knowledge so being rebuked for having left the fold has always been an occupational hazard for me. (3)

Many of us older lightworkers chose to avoid being ridiculed and hurt by taking to the cave and becoming introverts. Or by living in foreign countries. Not a few of my friends are satisfied singles, not seeking relationship but preferring their missions instead. Continue reading A Second Lightworker Pitfall

4 Ways to Throw a Monkey Wrench into the War Machine

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Waking Times

“When a public is stressed and confused, a big lie told repeatedly and unchallenged can become accepted truth.” ~George Orwell

One of the biggest lies told is the false notion that in order to maintain peace, we must have war. Orwellian logic.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the majority of naïve statists believe this notion to be true. This is due, in no small part, to statist conditioning and state-driven propaganda that capitalizes on a blind, patriotic whimsy. And so the war machine continues to rage on, destroying lives, while fattening the pockets of the fat cats at Lockheed Martin and Boeing, not to mention all the other companies which directly and indirectly profit from war. It’s an all-too-common tragedy. But what can you expect when living within an oligarchic plutocracy disguised as a democratic republic? Rhetorical questions aside, there must be ways in which we can, as courageous individuals, throw a monkey wrench into the war machine and thus stop it in its violent tracks. Continue reading 4 Ways to Throw a Monkey Wrench into the War Machine

You Have a Morphine-Like Painkiller Growing In Your Backyard

By Heather Callaghan, Natural Blaze

Whenever I hear the sarcastic term “first world problems” I cringe inside. The Western world is steeped in pain. All kinds of pain – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. While some things like bacterial infections and vitamin deficiencies were muzzled back in the 20th century, this world has never seen so much chronic pain, chronic immune issues and chronic mystery illness.

Big Pharma – the “legal” drug lords that they are – claim the entire Western world as their territory. This cartel has got the “good stuff” – the stuff that quiets the desperate pain – possibly forever. Their carefully executed algorithms have determined that even if they kill off their customers, they make billions. We don’t have an “opioid epidemic” – as though it’s the fault of patients – no! we have an “addiction and death by pill” epidemic. How these deaths are not considered “assisted but unwillful suicide,” I’ll never know…It’s not just these deaths, but the heroin overdoses that happen when people get turned away from the medical system. How it’s legal to hook someone and remove their free will, I’ll never know either. Continue reading You Have a Morphine-Like Painkiller Growing In Your Backyard

Cedella Marley: No Excuses

e93f3c_4d73dd57690040e5a08ceb72e3082e5fmv23Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

Everyday you have plenty of chances to make excuses for your mistakes or shortcomings. But in the end, making an excuse brings no value to your life. They hold you back from taking responsibility for your  actions and finding solutions that will resolve problems.

Do not worry about upsetting people if you do not have the answer. In fact, most people will admire you for saying you are wrong or did not yet put in the work. Rather focus on what steps you can take to avoid failure. With determination, you can do anything.

One love…Cedella