This Company Just Made A 3D-Printed Home In 24 Hours For $10K

By Amanda Froelich, True Activist

There’s no doubt about it, this technology is a game-changer.

The housing industry is about to be revolutionized. This is because the company Apis Cor recently made a 400 square ft. (or 37 square meter) 3D-printed home in just 24 hours. And, believe it or not, the structure cost less than $11,000 to build.

The company, which has specialists based in Russia and San Francisco, claims to have completed the entire home in just one day – including the painting, as a mobile printer was on site in Russia. Continue reading This Company Just Made A 3D-Printed Home In 24 Hours For $10K


The Top 40 Disease-Fighting Fruits & Vegetables Revealed

By Melissa Breyer,Tree Hugger, Thanks to Conscious Life News

This nifty list ranks popular plant foods by the 17 nutrients thought to lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.

At this point the advice to eat fruit and vegetables for optimal health has been roundly hammered into our heads – but where do we go from there? Once we’ve embraced the idea of plants on the plate, is their further room for improvement? To take it to the next level, Jennifer Di Noia, associate professor of sociology at William Paterson University, took an in-depth look at the nutrient profiles of 47 fruits and vegetables. Continue reading The Top 40 Disease-Fighting Fruits & Vegetables Revealed

5 Recent Good News Stories, Because It’s Important!

By Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

Turn on the TV or scroll through your social media, and I bet you’ll find yourself wrapped up in angering, saddening, confusing, and depressing news stories.Yes, they exist, and yes, we need to know what’s going on in our communities and in the world, but with so much bad in the world, it’s important to put all the good news right up there with all the bad.

Constant exposure to negative news can have detrimental and long-lasting psychological effects. British psychologist Dr. Graham Davey, who specializes in the psychological effects of media violence, notes that violent media exposure can trigger or worsen the development of stress, anxiety, depression, and  post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Continue reading 5 Recent Good News Stories, Because It’s Important!

The Conscious Business Declaration

Thanks to Sitara

The Conscious Business Declaration

A New Standard for Business in the 21st Century

As a global community of business leaders we are committed to developing the awareness and skills needed to consciously evolve our organizations in alignment with these principles:

(1) We Are One with humanity and all of life. Business and all institutions of the human community are integral parts of a single reality — interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. Continue reading The Conscious Business Declaration

21st Century House Slaves

By Sylvain Lamoureux, Waking Times

For thousands of years, the ‘house slave’ has been one which was treated better than the other slaves; allowed to live in the master’s house or at least apart from the others which were usually beaten into submission to carry out the toil of the day.

The house slave was also something to aspire to, for it offered a hope of relief from the worst of their existence. The house slave was loyal to his master and was often used as a spy and as someone to ‘negotiate’ with the others and coax them into accepting their fate with a smile. Continue reading 21st Century House Slaves

Wake Up Call: 2 Studies Show 347 Native Bee Species “Spiraling Toward Extinction”

By Claire Bernish, Natural Blaze

Having taken a backseat to any number of controversies surrounding the nascent Trump administration, pollinators should be back in the headlines — again painting a tragic portent for the future of the planet’s food supply — as an analysis found 347 bee species native to North America and Hawai`i “are spiraling toward extinction.”

In total, 700 bee species have been pushed to precarious footing by a web of threats, including increased pesticide use and severe habitat loss. Continue reading Wake Up Call: 2 Studies Show 347 Native Bee Species “Spiraling Toward Extinction”