The Middle

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

This is a busy time for all the openhearted rebels out there, as plenty of issues in the world are demanding our attention and action.

Many of them can be traced to the corrupt elite and the institutions they use to reinforce control over the masses. For example: the elite uses the media to create division by inflaming people over unimportant issues they know we’ll take sides on.

The public then bickers and is successfully distracted from important things happening in the world.

By focusing on violence, rioting, and other sensational or emotionally charged issues, the media conditions us to accept ideological extremism. When we hear about the latest corruption scandal, racially charged police shooting, or equal rights issue in the public eye, we instinctively pick a side and defend our views. Continue reading The Middle


Quantum Vacuum & Zero Point Energy Access: Is “Free Energy” For All Actually Possible?

By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

“Free energy” is a term being tossed around these days, and not one that many within the new energy movement like to use. That’s because it’s not really “free,” or what we perceive “free” to be. It’s not like the power source for generating the energy to run these machines (discussed below in this article) is coming from nowhere.

It’s coming from the quantum vacuum, which would seem to be available for our use in unlimited quantities, given the fact that it’s the invisible “stuff” that makes up our known entire universe, in which could be a sea of universes and dimensions. There is enough to go around. Continue reading Quantum Vacuum & Zero Point Energy Access: Is “Free Energy” For All Actually Possible?

HBO: UFO Casebook

ufos-over-washington-1952Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

HBO goes over the history of UFO Disclosure. With Disclosure seeming to approach, it seems appropriate to begin reviewing the history of sightings and cover-ups.

As a side note, engineers at the company I worked for back in the mid-1990s, Hughes Aircraft, acknowledged to me that Hughes had received from the military the silicon chip, taken from the Roswell spacecraft, which served as the back-engineered heart of what became our computer.

The Internet also derives from galactic technologies, as do Kevlar, Teflon, fiberoptics, stealth technology, etc. Continue reading HBO: UFO Casebook

Pesticides are NOT Needed to Feed the World, Says New UN Report

By Alex Pietrowski, Waking Times

The argument for the extreme overuse of agrichemicals in global industrial farming is that supposedly without the advances made by Monsanto and other chemical giants, the world would starve. We need products like glyphosate, terminator seeds and genetically modified foods to feed so many people, they say, but this is really nothing more than a popular myth, pushed on the public as part of a marketing effort to convince people who thousands of years of organic agricultural history is outdated and inadequate for the times we live in today. Continue reading Pesticides are NOT Needed to Feed the World, Says New UN Report

Dozens of Advocacy Groups Challenge EPA on Factory Farm Pollution

Thanks to Natural Blaze

Rural Communities Demand Clean Water, Not Environmental Rollbacks

WASHINGTON – While the Trump administration orders the EPA do less to protect Americans from dirty air and water, and Congress threatens to dismantle the agency altogether, Food & Water Watch and 34 advocacy organizations are demanding that the agency do more to protect communities from factory farms. Today, the groups filed a legal petition with Scott Pruitt’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), citing its duty under the law to hold concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs or factory farms) accountable for their water pollution, which threatens public health and the environment. The petition asks EPA to overhaul its regulations for how CAFOs are regulated under the federal Clean Water Act and its permitting program, noting that current rules fail to prevent pollution and protect communities.


Continue reading Dozens of Advocacy Groups Challenge EPA on Factory Farm Pollution

Synchronicities and You

By John Holland, Body Mind Soul Spirit

Is your soul trying to get your attention?

Synchronicities and so-called coincidences are clear signs that the Divine Source is knocking on your door. Sometimes it could be a soft tap or for those times when you’re not paying attention, it could be a loud bang!

When source works through synchronicities, it can manifest itself in some pretty unique ways. I have my own definition and refer to them as my divine nudges. For example, it’s when I hear the same phrase or saying from more than one person in a day? It’s when the same numbers keep showing up in your life? Has someone mentioned the same person you were just thinking of? Have you met someone out of the blue who seemed to answer a question that you were just pondering? Continue reading Synchronicities and You

Poachers Break Into Zoo In Paris And Kill A Rhino For Its Horn

By Jess Murray, Truth Theory

Following the devastating news of the recent poaching attack on the orphaned rhinos at Thula Thula in South Africa, a similar tragedy has just occurred, only this time in a place that perhaps most would not expect. Reports have just come in claiming that a rhino has been murdered at a zoo in France, with poachers using a chainsaw to remove the four year old rhino’s horn before fleeing the facility.

The white rhinoceros, named Vince, was found dead this morning by the keepers at Thoiry Zoo near Paris. The poachers broke into the zoo in the middle of the night and shot Vince in the head three times before cutting off his horn. Local publication, Le Parisien, reported that one or more poachers are believed to have broken in to the zoo, and forced their way into the enclosure where three rhinos lived. Continue reading Poachers Break Into Zoo In Paris And Kill A Rhino For Its Horn

3 Reasons Why You Manifest the Same Problem Again and Again

By Andrea Schulman

This article was originally published on Raise Your Vibration Today.

Have you had the experience of dealing with the same problem again and again?  Because the Law of Attraction governs our lives, our thoughts and feelings are what create our reality, and this includes our problems!  Sometimes we have a negative focus that has become so strong it causes us to attract the same problem repeatedly. Continue reading 3 Reasons Why You Manifest the Same Problem Again and Again

347 Bee Species Dangerously Close to Extinction

By Christina Sarich, The Mind Unleashed

Albert Einstein stated that if bees disappeared from the surface of the earth, the human race would follow in 4 short years.

Of 4,337 native bee species in North American and Hawaii just researched, 347 are precariously close to full-stop extinction. No bees, no food, people. No morning coffee. No roses. No arugula for your salad. Bees pollinate 30 to 80 percent of our food crops, and 90 percent of wild plants and flowers. If you haven’t been concerned about the bees’ fight against herbicides, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals used in the industrial agricultural model it’s definitely time to take notice.

In a report just released by the Center for Biological Diversity, scientists found that nearly one in four bee species is imperiled and at increasing risk of extinction. 347 bees species are close to extinction, but 700 species are in trouble. Continue reading 347 Bee Species Dangerously Close to Extinction