The U.S. Just Bombed Syria. Here’s What to Do Next If You Want to Stop It

By Alice Salles, Anti-Media

The war drums appeared to have been put down for a brief moment when Trump administration announced in late March it would not seek to oust President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. But then a suspected chemical attack took place in the war-torn country, and the United States — lacking an in-depth investigation — blamed it on Assad.

Regardless of who’s to blame for the attack that killed dozens of people, the president promptly said on Thursday that “something should happen,” urging Defense Secretary James Mattis to put a plan together that would include military strikes against Syria.

On the same day, U.S. forces fired dozens of tomahawk missiles on Syrian soil, directly targeting military bases reportedly occupied by both Russian and Syrian forces.

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Why This Matters

By bombing Russia’s closest ally in the Middle East, Trump is pitting the U.S. directly against Russia, the only nation with more single active nuclear warheads than America.

It’s time to act.

Instead of simply sitting at home and watching this war unfold right before your eyes, this is the time to pick up the phone and call — not email — the White House and your congressional representative to demand they stand with you in opposition to the president’s unilateral and immoral war against a country that has never attacked the United States.

The people of Syria have suffered enough. They do not need any more misery.

What To Do

1. Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 and politely state that you want to go on record opposing the military actions against Syria. Ask the message to be given to the president so he knows you do not agree with escalating any military intervention that may put us on the path to war with Syria and Russia.

2. Call the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and the Senate switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to follow up and politely ask that your message of opposition toward Trump’s military actions be delivered to the congressperson or senator that represents your district. Tell the person on the other line that every day you do not receive a follow-up that includes your representative’s confirmation he or she opposes further war, you will call back.

3. Join No War with Syria marches that are being planned across the U.S. ANSWER coalition has began compiling a list of events which you can find here.

4. Change your social media profile picture to the official no war with Syria image. This is the easiest thing you can do right now to show that you are against this war.


Share this message with as many people as you possibly can. Let’s make our voices heard like never before — this is the opportunity you truly have to #Resist. If you have any other ideas for people to get involved, please post your comments below!

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