Full Moon In Libra – The Invisible Made Visible

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone, Wake Up World

Recent astrological alignments have created a deep sense of desire to break free, and to act and live with passion and purpose. This energy has simultaneously supported steps toward the new directions we want to create in our lives, and also highlighted the areas in our lives that are in conflict with those new directions, as the relationship between our internal voice and our outward reality has been brought into focus. In essence, we have become more whole within ourselves while also creating a discord with our outer reality, which has not changed.

Now, with 4 planets in retrograde motion during this lunar cycle, the invisible and unconscious aspects of our being are becoming visible. The current astrological alignments are making us acutely aware of the emotional wounds we carry, and providing us with the emotional triggers we need to help bring awareness to — and heal — those wounded aspects of ourselves. Continue reading Full Moon In Libra – The Invisible Made Visible


I Thought I Was “Awake” Until This Happened To Me

via Collective Evolution

By Elina St-Onge, UpliftedLife.com

I was about 17 years old when I first heard about the December 2012 phenomenon. Although skeptical of doomsday theories and esoteric predictions, it was the trigger that led me down the internet rabbit hole, where I spent hours upon hours researching subjects ranging from alien beings communicating with planet Earth to our debt-based monetary system calling for a mass revolution.

I was never the same since. I knew these ideas seemed far-fetched to most people, yet within this maze of alternative information, I still was able to find gems of truth reminding me that there is more to life than what I’d been told. That I wasn’t “broken” just because I didn’t fit in this world or had talents that weren’t valued in school. That maybe it is society that is broken… and that my mission was to help transform it. Continue reading I Thought I Was “Awake” Until This Happened To Me

Reunited with Long-Lost Self

image49-166x300By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’ve waited a day before writing this.

Firstly because it’s intensely personal (Big Steve, Little Steve) and I feel vulnerable.

Secondly because I wanted to see if what had happened was real and had lasting effects.

A wall inside me fell yesterday morning. A wall I didn’t know I had. Continue reading Reunited with Long-Lost Self

The World Chips in Over $500k to Save Ron Finley’s Gangsta Garden

By Dylan Charles, Waking Times 

In January of this year we reported on the effort to help save Ron Finley’s Gangsta Garden in South Central Los Angeles, a project which has inspired a global resurgence of interest in gardening, self-sufficiency and good health by growing your own organic food.

Faced with eviction after the project’s headquarters and urban farm was sold to a real estate company, a GoFundMe campaign was setup to help raise the $500,000 needed to buy the property and keep their hard work and vision alive. Continue reading The World Chips in Over $500k to Save Ron Finley’s Gangsta Garden

Key Report: Hundreds of Native Bee Species Buzzing Toward Extinction

By Julie Fidler, Natural Society

The Center for Biological Diversity has published a first-of-its-kind comprehensive review of more than 4,000 native bee species in North America. The report indicates that more than half the species with sufficient data are declining. Nearly 1 in 4 is racing towards extinction due to increased pesticide and other factors. [1]

Of the 1,437 species with sufficient data, the nonprofit found that 749 were declining. An additional 347 (24%) of the species are imperiled and at risk of extinction. The center presumes that the species lacking sufficient data are presumed to be at risk of extinction as well. Continue reading Key Report: Hundreds of Native Bee Species Buzzing Toward Extinction