Healing With Your Hands – A Forgotten Art

By Nick Polizzi, SacredScience, Thanks to Conscious Life News

There is a feeling that comes over us when we’re being cared for. A warmth that floods our senses when someone is devoting their complete attention to our health. A vibration that courses through the body. An inner sigh of relief.

The phenomenon of human touch is at the heart of the healing traditions we work with, yet many take it for granted.  We sometimes construe the word “touch” to be something overtly sexual, but what about the helping and healing kind? Continue reading Healing With Your Hands – A Forgotten Art


Intuition: Helpful… Sometimes

By Jack Adam Weber, Wake Up World

Intuition: from the Latin “intuir”, meaning ‘knowledge from within’.

Intuition can be a helpful resource. It can offer direction, especially when the way is unclear, or when the path forward and towards healing proves circuitous. However, intuition is often glorified, often to our peril, if we rely on it exclusively and hold it too preciously. Intuition has its place, but — just like our thoughts and feelings — we might consider being more careful about the “truth status” we attribute to our intimations and gut feelings. Continue reading Intuition: Helpful… Sometimes

8 Fantastic Health Facts About Terpenes

By Mary Biles, Collective Evolution

Nature is a wonderful thing. Not only does she bless us with an endless array of floral beauty that is a feast for our eyes, but then she gives us the double whammy of divine aromas and fragrances as well.

All flowers, herbs, and plants get their unique scent from organic compounds called terpenes. So when you dowse your pillow with lavender essential oil to help you sleep, or inhale eucalyptus oil to clear your bronchial tubes, it’s the terpenes that are the aromatic, active ingredients.
So, let’s get better acquainted with the aromatic world of plants in this homage to their secret smelly agents, terpenes.  

Continue reading 8 Fantastic Health Facts About Terpenes

Heavenletters: Thank You for Inspiring the World

via Golden Age of Gaia

Heavenletter #5996 Published on: April 25, 2017


How about an assignment for you today? You will like it. It is this:

Be of good cheer. So simple. Whatever occurs, your assignment is to be of good cheer. No ifs ands or buts. Just be uplifting. Continue reading Heavenletters: Thank You for Inspiring the World

What Would Carl G. Jung Say about Donald Trump?

By Paul Levy, Waking Times 

The great doctor of the soul and modern day alchemist C. G. Jung was so far ahead of his time that, more than half a century after his death,[1] he is still barely appreciated. Jung was a genius who had incredibly deep insight into the nature of the psyche, particularly how it informs and gives shape to what plays out in our world. I find myself wondering, what would Jung say about the madness currently playing out in our world if he were alive today? I can only imagine.

Jung was of the opinion that “Active Imagination,” a process in which we actively dialogue and have it out with the figures of our unconscious, was the most powerful practice he had ever come across for working with—and integrating—the unconscious. I find myself wondering, what if I were to do active imagination with Jung himself? Continue reading What Would Carl G. Jung Say about Donald Trump?

African Country Ditches GE Cotton, Non-GMO Cotton Output Rises 20 Percent

By Heather Callaghan, Natural Blaze

Burkina Faso is a Western African country located under Mali.

It also happens to be Africa’s biggest cotton grower, so a gamble on GMOs is a risk for the whole nation.

Although Burkina Faso (BF) did in fact make that gamble already with Monsanto’s genetically engineered cotton variety, but reverting back to non-GMO cotton has garnered greater yields. Continue reading African Country Ditches GE Cotton, Non-GMO Cotton Output Rises 20 Percent