Video: 7 Krishnamurti Quotes On… Nothing

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

Jiddu Krishnamurti was a sage, philosopher, and free thinker who encouraged people to look within for solutions to their problems and the problems in the world. He was born to a middle class family in South India on May 11, 1895, and left this earth on February 17, 1986. (1)

As followers of his work might know, Krishnamurti was “discovered” as a child by Theosophical Society leaders Annie Besant and Bishop Leadbeater. They claimed he was the “world teacher” the society had been waiting for. He would go on to have “mystical experiences” as a young man that provided him with a new, unique vision on life. (1)

This would lead him to disconnect from all religions, organizations, and philosophy-driven movements, including the Theosophical Society, and set out on a lone mission to enlighten the people with his unique philosophy. (1) Continue reading Video: 7 Krishnamurti Quotes On… Nothing


7 Examples Where Science Meets Spirituality

By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

Things have drastically changed since Galileo was placed under house arrest for his scientifically accurate views, simply because they threatened the beliefs put out by the Catholic Church at the time.

Today, things have changed, to an extent. We still have information that is heavily controlled by the global elite. This small group of people and the corporations they run practically control all aspects of our lives, from media and finance to healthcare, education, and more. Most importantly, they control all of the information we see and read, whilst labelling everything else as ‘fake news.’ Continue reading 7 Examples Where Science Meets Spirituality

First of Its Kind Study Finds Cannabis May Be a “Miracle” Treatment for Autistic Kids

By Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project, Waking Times

Autism could now be added to the lengthy and perpetually-expanding list of afflictions and symptoms treatable with the one product of nature shamefully prohibited by the federal government — the “miracle” palliative, cannabis.

One in every 68 children in the United States is now affected by autism, and the number of kids coping with the developmental disorder has been increasing at an explosive rate in recent years. With onset most common during infancy and early childhood, autism can impact social and communication skills and may cause repetitive or compulsive behaviors, among other manifestations. Continue reading First of Its Kind Study Finds Cannabis May Be a “Miracle” Treatment for Autistic Kids

Thousands of Experimental Bacteria-Ridden Mosquitoes Were Just Released in Florida

By Heather Callaghan, Natural Blaze

But don’t worry…….they don’t bite?

The biggest trend for mad scientists now is the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes – the same mosquitoes that are noted for carrying tropical diseases and for getting genetically engineered under the guise of fighting the Zika. Zika is one of the latest banners of scare porn that the mainstream media has foisted on the public in a seeming attempt to pave the way for biotech companies to operate unhindered. Continue reading Thousands of Experimental Bacteria-Ridden Mosquitoes Were Just Released in Florida

Cedella Marley: You Are Here to Do Great Things

e93f3c_4d73dd57690040e5a08ceb72e3082e5fmv2Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

Make time today to try and understand the power you have to make meaningful and loving use of your good fortune.

You are here right now to do great and wonderful things. With a thankful heart, make the richness even richer by your joyous living in the moment.

One love…Cedella

Psychologist Carl Jung – The 11:11 Synchronicity

Compiled by Gregg Prescott, M.S.,

Have you ever experienced an 11:11 synchronicity? Psychologist Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity, which many of us use on a daily or weekly basis.

Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.
~ Carl Jung Continue reading Psychologist Carl Jung – The 11:11 Synchronicity

9 Best F*ck the System Songs from the Past 20 Years

By Alex Thomas, Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA— Protest songs are an important part of our culture. Unfortunately, music has moved away from the days when artists like Bob Dylan and Neil Young were cranking out incredible tunes railing against the government and establishment.

However, we seem to be experiencing a resurgence of that trend. While pop musicians like the Chainsmokers are singing about living in Paris and Bieber is apologizing and calling everybody baby, hip-hop has taken the torch that was passed from folk music to punk. Here are a few of the best “fuck the system” songs from the past two decades. Continue reading 9 Best F*ck the System Songs from the Past 20 Years

13 Mind-Body Techniques That Can Help Ease Pain and Depression

By Dr. Joseph Mercola, Wake Up World

Many aches and pains are rooted in brain processes that can be affected by your mental attitude and emotions. While the mechanics of these mind-body links are still being unraveled, what is known is that your brain, and consequently your thoughts and emotions, do play a role in your experience of physical pain.

For instance, meditation appears to work for pain relief because it reduces brain activity in your primary somatosensory cortex, an area that helps create the feeling of where and how intense a painful stimulus is. Laughter is also known to relieve pain because it releases endorphins that activate brain receptors that produce pain-killing and euphoria-producing effects. Continue reading 13 Mind-Body Techniques That Can Help Ease Pain and Depression

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

By Jessica Max, The Mind Unleashed

Prenatal yoga does a whole lot more for your body than just relaxing and keeping it fit. Doing yoga while pregnant also promotes a whole range of benefit for your baby and it is a multi-faceted childbirth preparation approach.

Research suggests that prenatal yoga encourages stretching, mental centering, and focused breathing that does wonders for expectant mothers and their babies.

Yoga can work on specific areas that pregnant women need, and below is a list of benefits that yoga can bring: Continue reading Benefits of Prenatal Yoga