Ascension Toolkit #7 – Faith

By Michael H Hallett,

Previous articles in this series have looked at a variety of emotional tools that are available to you, 24/7 and entirely free, to help you through Ascension. As I have already mentioned, the Ascension process is very much like a stock market graph with lots of falls and rises, with the long-term trend taking you ever higher.

When you’re on the rising part of the Ascension stock market graph you don’t need tools. You can feel yourself coming together. Burdens fall away. You have the strange feeling of somehow being glued together a little better than before, like some wound you didn’t even know existed has just healed.


Where the tools come in is when you’re in the dips, falls and outright crashes of the stock market graph. They can be sudden, sharp and deep. When you hit such a fall you get a severe emotional jolt. Your emotional toolbox goes flying across the room and all those shiny tools I’ve talked about in previous articles—like intent, neutrality and discernment—tumble out and land just out of reach.

You’re lying on the floor crying. Even breathing seems almost too much. Your chest feels crushed, like the air can hardly enter and escape. You don’t have the togetherness to apply any of the principles I’ve discussed. This whole Ascension Toolkit series is just so many useless words. It’s time for another tool: faith.

I’m not talking about religious faith here. I’m talking about faith in yourself and the faith that you are in the grip of a sentient healing process. In other words, no matter how much it looks like your life has just disintegrated, you are actually on track for wherever your unique Ascension process is taking you.

A quick word about god… Everyone has a framework for viewing existence. For some people that includes god, for others it doesn’t. If you believe in god, then by all means have faith in them. But you must include yourself in the picture. Have faith that god is working through you and with you. The Ascension process leads from separation to unity. Every separatist belief in your psyche will ultimately be squeezed out of you. You must see yourself as a whole, integral part of the entire physical and non-physical cosmos.


So when nothing else works, have faith. Evolution travels in spirals and your path will spiral too. It will spin you around, make no sense one moment and deliver profound illumination the next. Faith gives you something to cling to during the most challenging times. And remember, if you’ve hit a low point on the Ascension stock market graph it’s because you’ve broken through some kind of barrier. So congratulate yourself and have faith. You will rise again.

Michael H Hallett provides Ascension guidance. He writes on emotional intelligence and the mechanics of Ascension.

Published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) licence. Can be freely shared for non-commercial purposes.


3 thoughts on “Ascension Toolkit #7 – Faith”

  1. Faith, Hope and Charity or Compassion for the little self. Been there in the darkest realm, temporarily. Go for a walk and see the beauty that exists to be seen no matter how you feel. Feel the wind. Smell the coffee. Faith… will lead you around the spiral and upwards, once again… towards the Light.


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