Cedella Marley: Jump In

e93f3c_4d73dd57690040e5a08ceb72e3082e5fmv21Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

Are your doubts holding you back? The way to conquer your doubts is with action. Wondering about whether you can do it will not get it done. The only way to know for sure is to jump right in and get started.

Avoiding the challenges will only make those challenges grow bigger. Instead, walk right up to each challenge, and the closer you get, the more ways you’ll discover to get beyond it. If you wait until conditions are perfect, all you’ll ever do is wait. Great accomplishments are given birth by starting from where you are with what you have.

One love…Cedella



Neuroscientist Shares How Your Brain Hallucinates To Create Reality

By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

“Right now, billions of neurons in your brain are working together to generate a conscious experience — and not just any conscious experience, your experience of the world around you and of yourself within it. How does this happen? According to neuroscientist Anil Seth, we’re all hallucinating all the time; when we agree about our hallucinations, we call it ‘reality.’ ”

Neuroscientist and Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex Anil Seth recently gave a TedTalk discussing the origins of consciousness. He begins his lecture by asking the audience, how does consciousness happen? He refers to it as “the greatest remaining mysteries in science and philosophy,” and he’s not the only one to view it this way. Theoretical physicist Max Planck, who originated quantum theory, regarded “consciousness as fundamental,” stating that “we cannot get behind consciousness,” and that “everything we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” Continue reading Neuroscientist Shares How Your Brain Hallucinates To Create Reality

Recipes for Dealing with a Vasana – Part 2/2

Taking a stand: Protestor Ieshia Evans is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police. Credit: VOA News

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

(Concluded from yesterday.)

In processing the same vasana, I discovered that I could take a stand and, if the stand came from an authentic and commited place, that cut right through the vasana. It also landed me again in the space of mastery.

Keep in mind that what I went through was a major vasana, a number-one upset. I’d never have thought a few years ago that taking a stand would handle it. Continue reading Recipes for Dealing with a Vasana – Part 2/2

Why Rebels Are So Important to Society

By Phillip Schneider, Waking Times

The human mind is incredibly complex. It’s been approximated that the human brain contains around 100 billion neurons, which is a testament to just how little we know about the uniqueness of the human experience. With as much as there is to understand, psychologists have spent years building conceptual frameworks of personality which serve as a way to break down the complexity into more easily digestible parts. One of the most common of these concepts is the “Big Five” dimensions of personality, however many more exist including work done by Carl Jung, as well as Dr. Carol Pearson’s “Six Archetypes We Live By,” as popularized by her book “The Hero Within.” Continue reading Why Rebels Are So Important to Society

Think Your Fish is Safe – Scientists Just Had a Disturbing Revelation

By Jason Erickson, Natural Blaze

New Chemical Pollution Study Highlights Importance of Where Fish is Sourced

While there have been various advisories over the years against eating tuna – from moral to health related – a new study might be zeroing in on an even greater problem than what has been addressed so far.

The consumption of fish in general is gaining increased attention due primarily to its mercury content, as well as for potentially accumulating microplastics that have entered the ecosystem. Combined with the new possibility of unknowingly consuming genetically engineered salmon, and the once-perceived no-brainer of eating fish to improve one’s health is now in doubt. Continue reading Think Your Fish is Safe – Scientists Just Had a Disturbing Revelation