The Creator Writings: Back to School

dreamingvia Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

There will be days where everything will feel challenging. Moving, working, eating…even breathing. Do not be dismayed at this, dear one. Even if you do not believe it now, this is a definitive sign of growth.

Being in a space where everyday life feels difficult gives you the opportunity to examine the why/when/where/what/how of it, ask for and co-create solutions…essentially a ‘school’ of thought and action. It may not feel like it in this moment but, my oh my, you are expanding! ~ Creator


The Illusion Of Time And Space

By Jeff Street,

One of the perennial ideas of metaphysical and spiritual philosophies throughout the ages is the assertion that in the non-physical realms, where our higher selves exist, time as we know it does not exist — that our experience of linear time here in our physical reality is an ILLUSION. Unfortunately, the ancients never quite explained how this was possible. Thankfully, in recent times, quite a few channeled higher dimensional beings have shared information about how this works, and in this article, I present a synthesis of their explanations. Continue reading The Illusion Of Time And Space

Need Motivation? 10 Genius Ways To Kickstart Your Creativity

By Amanda Froelich, Truth Theory

Life is a mixture of “highs” and “lows”. To know the grandest of experiences, you must be willing to “do the work” and push through the toughest challenges. For many people, this can be incredibly hard to do. That’s why Deni Waitley, the author of The Psychology of Winning, outlined 10 ways winners approach self-motivation.

Becoming motivated can take a lot of work, or none at all. It depends on your resistance to the idea of you achieving your goals. As you scroll through the list below, consider the blockages which might be preventing you from accepting the health and love you deserve. Then, do the work so your best life can be realized. Continue reading Need Motivation? 10 Genius Ways To Kickstart Your Creativity

How Walking Mindfully Can Improve Your Health

By Dr. Michelle KmiecWake Up World

What Is Your Body Telling You?

Walking, like breathing is something we do every day — so it’s easy to take it for granted. That is until something happens that hinders this ability. And that is what happened to me.

When I became sick with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, walking indeed became a challenge. Going from a person who could easily jog up a mountain to one who could barely walk 50 feet was not only physically draining, but mentally as well. Continue reading How Walking Mindfully Can Improve Your Health

24-Year-Old Yemeni Engineer Develops Micro-Biogas Plant That Converts Trash Into Fuel

By Amanda Froelich, The Mind Unleashed

It has been more than two years since the Yemeni crisis began and in that time, an alarming 17 million people (60 percent of the population) have become food insecure. Many people do not know where their next meal will come from and in some villages, electricity hasn’t even been restored. To survive, over 3 million citizens have abandoned their homes and found refuge elsewhere. Those who stay behind face many challenges, including broken down public services, scarce medical care, a cholera epidemic, and a lack of electricity. Continue reading 24-Year-Old Yemeni Engineer Develops Micro-Biogas Plant That Converts Trash Into Fuel