Art, Creativity, and Your Manifesting Prowess

By Stacy Vajta, Wake Up World

A while back I started hearing this inner voice asking me to draw… to create more art. It was something that as a kid I did all the time. But somewhere along the way, I stopped creating art. It seemed like if it didn’t have a particular purpose, then what was the point?!

did create process art to work through my emotional ups and downs, but art for the sake of just making art wasn’t really happening anymore. I got pencils and pens, but I still didn’t create much. I kept getting into this place of perfectionism. I would get frustrated because what I was making wouldn’t look exactly right or I didn’t know quite how to do it anymore. Continue reading Art, Creativity, and Your Manifesting Prowess


Is There Life After Death? 50 Years of Scientific Research Summarized In One Lecture (Video)

By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

Nikola Tesla once said that, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Fast forward to today, and we now have hundreds of notable world-renowned scientists studying “non-material” science. Science the birth of quantum mechanics, the mysteries of consciousness have been at the forefront of scientific study, and we now know today that consciousness plays a crucial part, in several different ways, when it comes to perceiving what we call our physical material world. Continue reading Is There Life After Death? 50 Years of Scientific Research Summarized In One Lecture (Video)

Heavenletters: The Miracle of Healing

heavenletters-version-21via Gloria Wendroff, Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

God said:

Within Healing lies a relationship through which confidence is imparted. Without effort, something passes through the doctor who imparts healing and the patient who absorbs healing. It is also possible that it is the patient who creates the healing the doctor brings. Something happens that is beyond calculation. Which one is the healer or the healed isn’t so easy to say. Continue reading Heavenletters: The Miracle of Healing

A Vasana of Fear of Catastrophic Loss


Fear of catastrophic loss Credit: Smithsonian Magazine

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


I continue answering a reader’s request that I publicly process my vasana … not so much of financial stress any more as of a fear of catastrophic loss. (1) The specific fear that was raised was of homelessness.


So much is arising for me as I do the deep surgery that tackling a root vasana or core issue can sometimes involve. And this one goes very deep with me – into hatred of the elder-male side of my family.

I’m not going to take the thread up today but issues of trust are very evident.  I should be able to trust AA Michael’s promises to see to the team’s needs but my vasanas around money issues are all but overwhelming. Continue reading A Vasana of Fear of Catastrophic Loss

Family Says Tamiflu Caused Teen’s Suicide

By Heather CallaghanEditor, Natural Blaze

Should you ever take Tamiflu? Check out the evidence below…

An Indiana family is grieving after discovering the body of 16-year-old Charlie Harp, who had never previously shown signs of suicidal behavior. He was taking Tamiflu for his flu symptoms and the family says they believe his suicide was a side effect of the drug. Continue reading Family Says Tamiflu Caused Teen’s Suicide