Healing the Divine Masculine

By Richard West, Wake Up World

There’s been much talk and publicity recently over the plight of women subjected to all kinds of domineering, humiliating and abusive behaviour from men. This situation needs healing for sure, for both women and men, and to do this we need to inquire deep within the problem.

In the big picture, it’s also great to see more attention being brought to empowering the divine feminine. In this article I’d like to bring attention to how the masculine aspect can also be healed. I’m not talking specifically about men, though this does need to happen. I’m talking about the masculine aspect of the energy that makes up the universe — the yang. This energy lives within all of us, men and women, and so we can all contribute by healing it within ourselves. Continue reading Healing the Divine Masculine


Cedella Marley: Quiet and Peaceful Awareness

e93f3c_781934a070004a608f77c0b220bd7289mv2_d_1354_1392_s_2Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

Over thinking things can interfere with your awareness and judgement. There is a time for thinking and analyzing, and there is a time to be open to experience your surroundings.

You have to think, listen, feel and observe to get the most from any situation. Wisdom and understanding can be found with a quiet and peaceful awareness of what is.

One Love… Cedella


7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Lost City Of Atlantis

By Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

Atlantis, the intriguing mystery that leaves many of us curious to learn more, and some of us skeptical and dismissive. What is it about this lost city that leaves so many of us questioning much of what we have been taught to believe? Is there some truth to the story of Atlantis that we inherently know, deep down inside that is true? Are we connected in some way to this mythical place from, perhaps our past lives?

These questions are fun to ponder, but we are unlikely to get any definite answers, at least not yet. Continue reading 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Lost City Of Atlantis

An Abundance of Love


Credit: Kathleen Mary Willis

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

The penny dropped for me today on something I’ve never been able to get.

I’ve always thought of “abundance” as lying at one end of the spectrum and “love” lying at another. Who knows why I think that way. But the pattern is there.

Tonight I saw that that separation didn’t necessarily have to be. I found myself asking the Divine Mother for “an abundance of love.”

And the penny dropped. Continue reading An Abundance of Love

Redesigning Reality Podcast #016 – Death as an Advisor

via Waking Times

What scares you more, the thought of your death, or the possibility of living a life unfulfilled?

Pondering the recent loss of a friend and others who’ve moved on, Dylan and Jeff look at different shamanic and spiritual perspectives on death, and what the way we die says about the way we live. Continue reading Redesigning Reality Podcast #016 – Death as an Advisor

5 Cannabis Research Findings that Should’ve Been on the Front Page

By Anna Hunt, Thanks to Natural Blaze

Scientists are continuously discovering new ways that cannabis can benefit human health. Typically, researchers publish these discoveries in peer-reviewed journals. Yet, most cannabis research never makes its way into mainstream news. In the public eye, these studies go unnoticed.

Here are five examples of cannabis research that warrant our attention. Continue reading 5 Cannabis Research Findings that Should’ve Been on the Front Page