2018’s Energies: Ready, Set, Slow Down

By Shannon Hugman, The Master Shift

Ready, Set, Slow Down

January is traditionally a month where we eagerly set goals, carve out intentions and resolve to be better versions of ourselves.

It’s easy to get pulled into the hustle of achieving and accomplishing. January 2018 is a different story and 2018 is a year like no other.

There’s an invitation to shift from urgency to certainty. From chasing things down to inviting them in. Continue reading 2018’s Energies: Ready, Set, Slow Down


Ghost in the Machine: How Big Pharma Controls Our Perception of Drug Safety and Effectiveness

By Dr. Joseph Mercola, Wake Up World

Drug Safety and Media Shaped by Big Pharma

In this article, we look at the “Ghost in the Machine” – the murderous forces in our health care system that harm patients instead of help them. This article will expose the deceptions that occur in almost all facets of health care today for no reason other than money. It will also expose the identities of the ghost’s “puppet masters” who perpetrate health misinformation and unethical drug marketing for profit, whether it’s Big Pharma or its helpers in academia, government and nongovernment agencies.

It should surprise no one that, in most cases, promotion of dangerous drugs and misleading health information is a direct result of conflicts of interest. For example, with the exception of CBS, every major U.S. media outlet keeps at least one person from the drug industry on its board, which clearly explains the dearth of reporting on Pharma dangers and corruption.1 Continue reading Ghost in the Machine: How Big Pharma Controls Our Perception of Drug Safety and Effectiveness

Ibuprofen Can Stop Your Heart (31% Increase In Cardiac Arrest Risk)

via Collective Evolution

This article was written By Sayer Ji, Founder of Greenmedinfo.com. For more news from them, you can sign up for their newsletter here

According to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death among adults over 40 in the United States and other countries, with about 326,200 people experiencing an out-of-hospital SCA each year in the US alone; nine of 10 victims of SCA will die.1

Surprisingly, however, the causes of SCA are still widely considered unknown. Instead, the medical profession opts for pointing the finger at vague risk factors, such as family history, previous heart problems, or elevated LDL cholesterol (a long debunked surrogate marker for heart disease]. Continue reading Ibuprofen Can Stop Your Heart (31% Increase In Cardiac Arrest Risk)

I Can Take the Wheel

Credit: Arum

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Sometimes we can only see things in retrospect. Let’s assume that we’re looking back on our Third-Dimensional minds and wanting to understand them. What was that? How did I do that? And why?

Werner Erhard gives one of the best discussions of the Third-Dimensional mind and how it operates that I’ve seen. A little complex but comprehensive. Here it is.

“The mind is a linear arrangement of multisensory, total records of successive moments of now. Its purpose, its design function is survival: the survival of the being and anything which it considers itself to be. Continue reading I Can Take the Wheel

7 Amazing New Brain Hacks Backed by Science

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Waking Times

“I cannot live without brain-work. What else is there to live for?”~Sherlock Holmes

This should go without saying, but it needs to be said: don’t take anything for granted. Not even science. Science changes every day. Research changes all the time. Don’t make the same mistake that theists make. Don’t believe in the research. Research it. Think about it. Tear it apart. Re-imagine it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover something that puts the research in this article out to pasture. Continue reading 7 Amazing New Brain Hacks Backed by Science

The Truth On What Energy Drinks Are Doing To Kids

By April McCarthy, Thanks to Natural Blaze

Teens who consume too many energy drinks are also known to suffer from dehydration, tremors, heat stroke and heart attacks. Now the focus is on behavior. Are energy drinks turning teens into hyperactive, unhealthy, disobedient delinquents? Public perceptions seem to be shifting towards believing that.

In January, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver launched a campaign calling for a ban on sales of these drinks to children, and UK supermarkets wasted no time taking action. Waitrose was first, announcing plans to ban sales of the strongest drinks to under-16s. Others swiftly followed, vowing to introduce bans in March. Continue reading The Truth On What Energy Drinks Are Doing To Kids