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10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

By Roya R. Rad, MA, PsyD, Body Mind Soul Spirit

Spiritual awakening can happen when one has climbed up the mountain of self-growth and has reached what Maslow calls ‘self-actualization,’ Carl Jung calls ‘individuation,’ and other psychologists call ‘a fully functioning human being’ or ‘a complete self.’

This is an internal sense of transformation that happens, making the experience a personal and unique one to the individual. The purpose of this article is to focus on some of the symptoms that people experiencing this state of transformation report having. Continue reading 10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening


Removing the Mask

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

Longtime readers might notice I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been writing for the Weekly Awareness Guide but silent on the blog and social media.

Truth be told, I’m looking for inspiration. I’m unsatisfied with the way I’ve been writing and trying to figure out what I really want to do. This snippet from an astrological report by Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone explains it well: Continue reading Removing the Mask

The Secret To An Accelerated Conscious Awakening

By Andrea Schulman,

Are you in the midst of a conscious awakening?

Contrary to often popular opinion, although many people can reference the “start” of their awakening, an awakening is an ongoing process. Being consciously “awake” isn’t an ending. Rather awakening is a never-ending process of becoming more consciously awake as we go along.

The more we awaken, the more we understand, and the more compassion we hold for others. The more we consciously awaken, the better we become at consciously creating our lives in the image we prefer. Continue reading The Secret To An Accelerated Conscious Awakening

System Failure – Waking Up in the Matrix

By Morag O’Brien, Wake Up World

The matrix. It signifies seeing beyond the invisible prison walls of our reality, and recognising and questioning its existence is one of the first signs of awakening — of truly waking up.

At first, the beginning of our transition and re-calibration to higher frequencies beyond the construct of the matrix is a blissful, beautiful experience. Being connected to the multiverse, to the cosmic love energy, is life-changing. We begin to understand the energies behind love and gratitude, the power our thoughts have in manifesting our realities, and how non-attachment and sovereignty can improve our experience of the present. Continue reading System Failure – Waking Up in the Matrix

The Non-Conformity Guide: How to Stop Following the Herd, Create Your Own Path, and Reclaim Your Life

By Sofo Archon, Wake Up World

“No shepherd, and one herd! Everyone wants the same, everyone is the same: whoever feels different goes willingly into the madhouse.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Everyone is unique, without exception. Sadly, most of us don’t realize this fact – we don’t accept ourselves for who we are and wish we were different. Naturally, this is causing enormous sadness and discomfort to us, because, how can we be happy and at ease, unless we accept and love ourselves? Continue reading The Non-Conformity Guide: How to Stop Following the Herd, Create Your Own Path, and Reclaim Your Life

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Shining Light On a Darkened World

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone, Wake Up World

The first Lunar Eclipse of 2017 will take place overnight this Friday and Saturday, Feb. 10 and 11, as the Full Moon in Leo passes through the shadow of the Earth. This powerful alignment marks our entry into a new pattern of awareness that will heavily influence humanity’s new direction through 2017 and beyond.

Reflected by several key astrological alignments, we are entering a new stage of personal and collective development — a time in which we will truly begin to know ourselves, learning to free ourselves of past conditioning and patterns, and bringing new light to a dark and seemingly broken world. Continue reading The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Shining Light On a Darkened World

Christ Consciousness: Why You Have The Same Capabilities As Jesus

By Kalee Brown, Collective Evolution

Religion tends to encourage hierarchy and praise. Christians, for example, look up to priests and they pray to Jesus Christ and God. Now, don’t get me wrong — prayer can be a wonderful tool for further connecting with ourselves, and it can provide us with comfort and guidance. However, seeking answers outside the Self and from an external God is not necessarily empowering yourself.

What if I told you that you have the exact same ‘powers’ within you as the character in the Bible Jesus Christ once did? If you look at his teachings carefully, you’ll see that Jesus was in fact a Son of ‘God’ and channelled ‘God’ through himself. However, many Christians believe Jesus was the only son of God, which isn’t true.

God is simply all that is, consciousness, source, oneness etc. It’s what everything is made up of. It’s not a higher power, it IS us. Thus, you too possess the same “God-like” capabilities as Jesus, and everyone else. Continue reading Christ Consciousness: Why You Have The Same Capabilities As Jesus

Beliefs, Ridicule, and Conditioning

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

Right now I’m observing the power, the energetic attachment, that my beliefs have.

I felt bliss arise on my inbreath and I heard me say to myself that I can have bliss arise any time I want by simply breathing into it.

Immediately a second voice arose and said “No, you can’t. I don’t believe it.”

“I don’t believe it”: There’s such a negative energy attachment to that statement. In the face of it, the one who believes often submits.

And this is how I live my life – in obedience to a belief system which I know darn well is insufficient to explain the situation accurately. Continue reading Beliefs, Ridicule, and Conditioning

4 Real Tips to Spiritual Awakening from Awakened Teachers

By Frank M. Wanderer, The Mind Unleashed

I have heard the following story:

“Three blind men are sitting around a table in a house where they were guests. They are discussing whether the fruit the host offered to them was grape, pear or peach. None of them has ever eaten or touched any of the three kinds of fruit. They have, however, read a lot about different fruit, and from that they knew what experience other people had about them. Each of them had a definite opinion about the issue. One of them said the fruit was grape, the other insisted that it was pear, whereas the third one argued that it had to be peach, and each of them believed that he and only he could be right. The fourth person present, the host who was not blind, said that none of them was right; the fruit they tasted was apple.  The three blind men, who were unaware that their host was not blind, wanted to convince their host that they were right, they read a lot about it, and they were real experts of the issue. They argued that one cannot just declare about something, in that case, a fruit, that it can only be apple, since every real opinion that promotes scientific progress, may only be based upon a real debate. Their host told them–to no avail–that he could actually see that the fruit they consumed for dinner was apple, and he could not and did not wish to open a debate about it, the three blind men elevated the debate to a spiritual level, and they questioned whether seeing existed at all, or just some high and mighty characters, like their host, invented the idea in order to polish their own. The host was quietly watching them for a while, and he SAW that he was going to be unable to convince them with any argument whatsoever, so he left the room.”

Continue reading 4 Real Tips to Spiritual Awakening from Awakened Teachers

How To Make It Your Best Year Ever!

By Kute Blackson, Conscious Life News

Each year brings new lessons and opportunities for growth.

Each year you are given is a precious gift from the universe.

Each year is a new canvas that you get to create a work of art that is your life.

It’s not the change of year that makes the difference but who you are being and what you bring to it.

So what will you bring to 2017 that was different than the year before? Continue reading How To Make It Your Best Year Ever!