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5 Kids Who Recall Having A Past Life

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

Reincarnation is a fascinating topic. It gets even better when we hear about children who not only claim to have had a past life, but who remember intimate details about it that make you wonder how they could have such knowledge. Often, when a child claims to have been someone in a past life, research confirms that the person once existed.

It would make sense if these children only claimed to be someone famous whose existence we can easily prove, but it gets strange when they can accurately recall details of a life of some obscure person nobody knows anything about.

The stories we’ll read in this article give us hope that consciousness survives after death, but despite this, they’re a little unsettling. They’ll certainly make you think: is reincarnation possible, and did these children live as other people before dying and returning? Continue reading 5 Kids Who Recall Having A Past Life