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Are Ghosts “Earthbound Spirits”?

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

This is an excerpt from my ebook Enlightened Afterlife: A Study of Spiritualist Philosophy of Life After Death.

The book is a compilation and study of channeled messages from departed spirits regarding the conditions of the afterlife and what we can expect when we die.

I wrote this for fun; I’m not a Spiritualist trying to preach afterlife gospel. You can take this information, leave it, or have a good laugh at it. As long as you enjoy it.

You can purchase a copy of the ebook for Amazon Kindle by clicking the book cover below or a PDF copy by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. Continue reading Are Ghosts “Earthbound Spirits”?


Enlightenment After Death

By Wes Annac, Editor, Culture of Awareness & Openhearted Rebel

This is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of Enlightened Afterlife, my new ebook centered on Spiritualist philosophy on life after death. In this section, we learn about enlightenment after death (a rare experience) from the “spirit communicators” who’ve experienced it.

You can purchase a PDF file of the book at the bottom of this post, or you can check out the Kindle version by clicking on the book cover below.

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Death isn’t usually described as enlightening. Even in spiritual circles centered on enlightenment, there doesn’t seem to be much of a link between it and death.

As I mentioned previously, enlightenment is the ultimate higher state of consciousness achievable through love, meditation, service to mankind and other means. Some philosophies state that we’re all inching closer to it whether or not we know it.

Enlightenment is believed to be the purpose of life. It can be attained more quickly depending on the choices made in life and the level of devotion given to it, but it’s believed to be our destination no matter where we are right now.

This means even the most hateful or spiritually starved people are inching toward it. They might be pretty far from it now, but like the rest of us, they’ll get there when they’re ready. Continue reading Enlightenment After Death

Scientific Proof That Your Consciousness Exists After Death

By Justin Faerman, Wake Up World

Does life, or rather consciousness, continue after death? Are we more than just our bodies and brain? If you listen to Western materialist/reductionist science, the answer is a disheartening no. Consciousness, it is believed, arises from physical processes within the brain and when we die, consciousness dies with it, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what happens next.

However, the great spiritual traditions have been telling us just the opposite for millennia: “We are spiritual beings, having a human experience,” to quote Teilhard de Chardin. But you’ll have to take that promise on faith, mainstream science tells us, as there is no reliable evidence to back it up. Continue reading Scientific Proof That Your Consciousness Exists After Death

Man Loses Pulse for 45 Minutes, Wakes Up With Incredible Vision of Afterlife

via (Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit)

A trucker in Ohio shocked hospital staff after coming back to life nearly an hour after he lost his pulse following a massive heart attack — but it’s what he claims to have seen during those tense moments that has him sure there’s an afterlife.

Brian Miller, 41, was opening the lid of a container when he knew something felt wrong — he immediately called 911 and told the operator, “I’m a truck driver and I think I’m having a heart attack.” Continue reading Man Loses Pulse for 45 Minutes, Wakes Up With Incredible Vision of Afterlife

All About The Afterlife

via Woo Woo Media

The following is a fascinating excerpt of what to expect in the afterlife.

• Generally, once a spirit has crossed over into heaven, it is met by loved ones, goes through a life review, and then moves to its spirit home.

• Your spirit home is where you are as a form of spirit energy, living with other spirit energies of the same consciousness, the same level of energy, and of the same like mind and thought that you carry as a spirit. You are a form of energy that interacts with other energies within your spirit home, but not all the time, and often you are in your spirit home with your own spirit guides. Continue reading All About The Afterlife

Are You Being Visited by a Ghost, a Loved One From the Other Side or an Angel?

by Melissa Van Rossum,

Everyone receives visits from ghosts, loved ones from the Other Side and angels. Even though many of these visits are meant to be comforting, sometimes the presence of an otherworldly visitor can be unnerving and even frightening. Knowing who these guests are, however, and why they’re visiting you can make their visit easier and often, even comforting.

Here are three ways you can tell these visits from one another: Continue reading Are You Being Visited by a Ghost, a Loved One From the Other Side or an Angel?

It’s Time to Free Ourselves from the Fear of Death!

By Claudia Ayaz, Wake Up World

Look at us. From the moment we manage to form one coherent thought, we are indoctrinated with fear. Fear of strangers, fear of poison, fear of the dark, fear of doctors, fear of disease, fear of accidents, fear of bullies, fear of natural disasters, fear of school, fear of punishment, fear of failure, fear of heights, fear of elevators, and the all-present fear of death.

Someone dies? Oh, my. We read and hear about it ad nauseum. About their life, about their youth, about their last hours, about their loves, about their obsessions, about their secrets. We do not let them go. We keep them prisoner in our reality by constantly pouring energy in their now-past life. Continue reading It’s Time to Free Ourselves from the Fear of Death!

Life After Death: Consciousness Survives After Physical Organs Stop Functioning; Study Proves the Mind Does Not Die with the Body

Life after death

By Julie Wilson, Natural News

(NaturalNews) What happens to us after we die remains largely unknown; however, a growing body of research suggests that awareness may continue beyond clinical death, a medical term that no longer carries a black and white definition.

Prior to the 1950s, “clinical death” meant vital organs, such as the lungs, heart and brain, had stopped working. However, due to technological advancements, humans can now be kept alive via mechanical ventilators, leading to a new definition called “brain dead.” People declared brain dead and kept alive by a ventilator have blood circulation and the ability to fight off infections, as well as birth a child. Continue reading Life After Death: Consciousness Survives After Physical Organs Stop Functioning; Study Proves the Mind Does Not Die with the Body

Facing The Death Of A Loved One

Facing The Death Of A Loved One

By Gregg Prescott, M.S.,

In loving memory of my beloved sister Lola, July 12, 1958-December 30, 2011

Some cultures celebrate the death of a loved one instead of mourning for them which makes a lot more sense than the grieving process, but it is easier said than done when it involves the loss of a family member or someone close to you.

As evidenced by many near death experiences, crossing over to the other side is painless and often occurs before the body is officially deceased, which alleviates any fear while promoting a sense of warmth, comfort and love. Continue reading Facing The Death Of A Loved One

Why Do We Fear Death?

Why Do We Fear Death?

By Caroline Nettle, Thanks to

It is said that the only two things in life that are certain are death and taxes and that seems to be the case. Everything in the world around us is constantly changing. We have to let go of traditions, adapt to social, political and financial changes in the world in order to continue to function and fit into the world around us.

All these changes, which seem to be happening both more rapidly and more dramatically today, have led to the possibility of seeing life and death from a new perspective. This perception is not really new; it is more of a remembrance of a natural way to see the circle of life and our role in it. Continue reading Why Do We Fear Death?