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World Transformation: 7 Paradigm-Shifting Humanitarian Solutions

By Paul A. Philips, Wake Up World

World transformation involves replacing old paradigm theories and practices that have held back humanity’s progress since time immemorial. To be an effective replacement, the new paradigm approaches with their innovative theories and practices need first and foremost to offer definitive humanitarian solutions for the co-creation of a world that makes a difference for everyone.

In light of this need for world transformation, here are 7 old-to-new paradigm-shifting humanitarian solutions. Continue reading World Transformation: 7 Paradigm-Shifting Humanitarian Solutions


March Equinox 2017 – Truth, Transition, And Transformation!

By Morag,

Transitions are challenging. Transitions are tricky to navigate. Transitions are necessary. We can feel restless, unfocused, spaced out, low energy, confused and uncertain. Gaia and her people are in transition from the third dimension to higher frequencies. Nature loses her leaves or grows new leaves, we shed old habits and form new ones. This is transition, letting go, changing and growing in a natural, organic way.

The cosmic shifts propelling Gaia and her people to higher frequencies are unrelenting. We are being pushed to wake up and question everything. Continue reading March Equinox 2017 – Truth, Transition, And Transformation!

Something Extraordinary is Happening in the World – and Most People Haven’t Realized

By Gustavo Tanaka, Wake Up World

Most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening…

A few months ago, I freed myself from the standard-procedure society. I broke the chains of fear that kept me locked up into the system. Since then, I see the world from a different perspective: the one that everything is going through change and that most of us are unaware of that.

Why is the world changing? In this post, I’ll point out the eight reasons that lead me to believe it.

1. No one can stand the employment model any longer

People working with big corporations can’t stand their jobs. The lack of purpose knocks on your door as if it came from inside you like a yell of despair. People want out. They want to drop everything and run. Take a look at how many people are willing to risk entrepreneurship, how many people are leaving on sabbaticals, and how many people are suffering with work-related depression, and burnout. We are reaching our limits.

Continue reading Something Extraordinary is Happening in the World – and Most People Haven’t Realized


By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

You are a gift from above with unique talents that make you who you are.

You are a spark of the Godly consciousness responsible for the most beautiful, terrifying, breathtaking things in existence, and you have more power than you think.

Like the rest of humanity, you have a purpose on this planet. You’re on a mission, and the mission is yours to define. For guidance on what you should do, I suggest looking in your heart.

What are you passionate about? How can you make the most powerful impact on the world while doing something you love? Ask yourself this question and you could very well discover your purpose.

Continue reading You

The Middle

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

This is a busy time for all the openhearted rebels out there, as plenty of issues in the world are demanding our attention and action.

Many of them can be traced to the corrupt elite and the institutions they use to reinforce control over the masses. For example: the elite uses the media to create division by inflaming people over unimportant issues they know we’ll take sides on.

The public then bickers and is successfully distracted from important things happening in the world.

By focusing on violence, rioting, and other sensational or emotionally charged issues, the media conditions us to accept ideological extremism. When we hear about the latest corruption scandal, racially charged police shooting, or equal rights issue in the public eye, we instinctively pick a side and defend our views. Continue reading The Middle

A New Kind of Revolution

By Will Stanton, The Mind Unleashed

Take a step back for a minute and look at the state humanity is in.

80% of the world’s population live below the poverty line. Homeless people line the streets everywhere you go. One fifth of the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, has been cut down to make way for industrial farming, and is continuing to be destroyed.

War is rife in the Middle East with over 5 million refugees desperately seeking (or having sought) asylum in other countries. The United States and its allies continue greasing the palms of the oil, coal, and coal seam gas industries, even though the world is crying out for renewable energy solutions to be rolled out globally. Continue reading A New Kind of Revolution

Love: My New Religion

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

“Buddha was not a Buddhist, Jesus was not a Christian, Muhammad was not a Muslim. They were Teachers who taught love.” (Source)

Religion overcomplicates a simple message: live from the heart. Letting love and compassion guide your thoughts, actions, and intentions is the most authentic way to connect with the Source, as rather than forced conformity with a belief system, it brings about a natural evolution of the self.

The idea that devoting yourself to religion will bring spiritual rewards is an incorrect interpretation of the benefits of heart-centered living. We’re taught we’ll receive God’s gifts by changing who we are and conforming to what the church wants, when in truth, we can receive them by making a subtle yet powerful shift into the heart. Continue reading Love: My New Religion

How to Speak Your Truth in Life – and the Cost of Not Doing It

using-our-powerful-authentic-voice-even-when-ite28099s-hard-to-speak-speak-your-mind-even-if-your-voice-shakes-1-330x251By Juliet Tang, Wake Up World

Have you ever felt there is a ball of words stuck in your throat that you have to swallow hard to keep it down? What about those times when you are dying to say “no” but “yes” comes out, and you beat yourself up afterwards? Do you often feel like a doormat, a victim, or someone who has been taken advantage of?

If this sounds like you (even occasionally), you are not alone. Many of us hold onto the belief that it is not socially acceptable for us to speak our truths because we may offend others, get into uncomfortable confrontations or be viewed as a mean person that no one will like. As a result, we are living under an internalized false projection launched at us from society that scripts what we should and shouldn’t be saying and doing, and imprisoning ourselves in a tiny cage of self-directed anger, frustration and powerlessness. Continue reading How to Speak Your Truth in Life – and the Cost of Not Doing It

Dear Family and Friends: It’s Time to Wake Up

By Phillip J. Watt, The Mind Unleashed

I know you’ve struggled to deal with many of the harsh truths of the world, yet there’s also so much brilliance to this reality that I don’t want you to miss out on as well. But to feel that side of the coin, it’s necessary to face how it all works on the systemic and material levels.

It’s no surprise to anyone that greed and vanity has spread like wildfire across our modern minds. So much so that our collective heart has been suffocating under their toxic weight. Yet there’s no need to despair; there are many people who have stepped into the authenticity of their heart and are working towards bringing some sanity, honor and justice to our mad world. Continue reading Dear Family and Friends: It’s Time to Wake Up

Experiments at Burning Man Test the Science of Collective Conscience

By Terence Newton, Waking Times

“The universe looks less like a big machine than a big thought.” ~Dean Radin

To bridge the gap between material science and the science of consciousness and spirit, a paradigm shift must occur, and eventually it will, thanks in large part to the efforts of pioneers who are testing new theories in how the mind shapes the physical world.

On the cutting edge of exploration of the mind-matter connection are individuals like Rupert Sheldrake, who has elaborated on his theory of ‘morphic resonance and morphic fields,‘ some as-of-yet undetectable quality of the ether which allows for instinctual and instructive information to be passed on between generations of insects and animals. Continue reading Experiments at Burning Man Test the Science of Collective Conscience