Acceptance and The Angelic Realm

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Staying true to the decision I outlined in a recent article, I’d like to start examining some of what’s been said by the prominent spiritual teachers of our past and present about the path of enlightenment. I’m starting to realize the relevance of enlightenment to our spiritual evolution, and as such, I’d like to present as much material about it as I can.

Expect plenty of future reports about enlightenment, life after death, and various other interesting and important subjects, because the mission of the conscious seeker is to spread as much awareness and enlightenment as possible. If I can do this by writing directly about enlightenment and all of the other relevant spiritual subjects, then I’m happy.

Humanity has a lot to learn about the spiritual nature of our existence, and likewise, the conscious public has a lot to learn about the enlightenment path and the best ways to liberate ourselves from the oppressive shackles of this material reality.

We’ve been given a lot of assistance with finding a higher state of consciousness, and we’re going to examine some of that assistance here, but ultimately, the best guidance will be found within. The spiritual teachers whose material we’ll examine here have done and said a lot to help us find enlightenment, but ultimately, we’re our best teachers.

Seeking the truth within is the greatest way to understand it, and hopefully, the material we’ll examine here will help all of you in your respective quests to unlock and understand the sacred truths of our existence. Feel free to meditatively reflect on this material, because personally, I think it has a lot of offer us.

I think it’s very valuable, but of course, it’s only as valuable as we make it.

First, we’re going to focus on the importance of unconditional acceptance to the enlightenment path. As Lao Tzu tells us, acceptance and embracement of all things is essential if we want to enlighten ourselves.

“Those who wish to embody the Tao should embrace all things.

“To embrace all things means first that one holds no anger or resistance toward any idea or thing, living or dead, formed or formless. Acceptance is the very essence of the Tao.

“To embrace all things means also that one rids oneself of any concept of separation: male and female, self and other, life and death. Division is contrary to the nature of the Tao.” (1)

Learning to accept everyone and everything as an essential aspect of our existence will be one of the most difficult things we do, but ultimately, we’ll find that it was worth it.

The mind and ego maintain control by creating inner resistance, but of course, they have to have our approval to do so. If we employ resistance for any reason, that resistance will be returned to us in the form of a blocked spiritual connection.

To find enlightenment, then, it’s paramount that we release any and all resistance that’d keep us on the lower-vibrational path. However difficult it could be, it’s a necessary aspect of finding a higher state of consciousness.

Lao Tzu also tells us that harmony can be found by seeing through the idea that we’re separate from one another.

“Foregoing antagonism and separation, one enters into the harmonious oneness of all things.” (2)

This is one of the more advanced teachings that, again, could be difficult to act on, but once we release all of our tension and resistance, the world opens up for us like never before.

Resistance can only exist in the mind, and by releasing all of our resistance, we actually move out of the mind and into the heart. By releasing our mental tension and letting the divine fill our perception, we open ourselves to the influence of spirit in the greatest way possible.

Not to mention that humanity would benefit immensely if we all released our tension and started loving one another. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone lived together in peace and harmony, instead of resisting this natural peace and fighting endless wars?

Our society would be much different and more sustainable, and with our efforts, this new way of life will be adopted. We have to release our own tension and resistance before we can help the rest of the planet, and the obvious first step to healing the world is healing ourselves.

Thaddeus Golas tells us that unless we accept and love the condition we’re already in, we won’t rise above it.

“You will not be able to rise above your present vibration level to stay until you love the way you are now.” (3)

It’s important to accept the circumstances we currently exist under if we want to move beyond them, and refusing to accept them will only slow our rate of progress and keep us at the level we’re already on. I’m sure most of us don’t want to remain on this level, and yet, we have to accept where we’re at if we want to move beyond it.

Some seekers don’t quite appreciate the reality around them, and they feel like they’d be much more comfortable in a higher state of consciousness. We’d panic if our vibration rose too high for us to handle, however, so we’ll have to accept the stage we’re at along our growth and, in time, excel from it.

Thaddeus also tells us about the importance of accepting everything around us – whether we dualistically perceive it as ‘lower’ or ‘higher’.

“That is all we need to do: Give full, permissive, loving attention to absolutely anything that we see in our minds, in our bodies, in our environment, in other people.” (4)

Everything we perceive is around us for a reason, and everything can teach us an important lesson if we let it. As easy and preferable as it’d be to avoid things we classify ‘lower’, we’ll hold ourselves and the rest of the planet back from our true perceptual potential if we do.

One of the best ways to raise the planetary vibration is to raise our own vibration, and an aspect of doing so is learning to accept and perhaps embrace the ‘lower’ circumstances around us. By practicing unconditional acceptance, we not only raise our own vibration, but that of the rest of the planet. Isn’t that interesting?

Before we move on, I’d like to quickly turn our attention to the apparent spiritual relevance of alcohol. There isn’t a lot of information about its spiritual relevance out there, but the quote we’ll examine stuck out to me and I think it’s worth discussing.

I should point out that I don’t drink, because personally, I see alcohol as something that can inhibit our spiritual development instead of supporting it. Almost anything can be used for a positive purpose, however, and with that in mind, we’ll read this quote from Paramahansa Ramakrishna about the ideal way for a spiritual seeker to consume wine.

“Why should you drink wine as wine? Offer it to Kali, and then take it as Her prasad, as consecrated drink. But see that you don’t become intoxicated; you must not reel and your thoughts must not wander. At first you will feel ordinary excitement, but soon you will experience spiritual exaltation.” (5)

I think this quote’s very interesting, because it displays that even alcohol can have a positive effect on our spiritual development if we use it the right way. I still don’t plan to drink, but those of you who do can perhaps practice Ramakrishna’s recommendation.

Perhaps this is similar to the subject of releasing resistance and learning to accept every aspect of the lower dimensions. Everything’s a facet of the creator, even alcohol, and as strange as it sounds, a lot of things have the potential to help us find a greater state of consciousness.

We just have to know how to use certain things and, in some cases, abstain altogether if we don’t think they’ll be helpful to our growth and development. I’m sure alcohol is both helpful and hurtful to spiritual growth, but like a lot of other things, most people only use it as a crutch that takes the edge off and helps them feel lively in an otherwise dull reality.

Now, we’re going to turn our attention to the angelic realms and the realms that exist beyond it, both of which we’ll eventually grow into.

Most of the material we’ll examine about this subject encourages us to look beyond the angelic realms, because our evolution will deliver us to far purer states of consciousness. Eventually, we’ll be back with Source on a much higher vibration than the angels’, but for now, they guide and help us from their exalted realms.

Even though you probably won’t read it in any of the quotes we’ll examine here, we can actually connect and communicate with angels if we want some extra assistance along our growth. Those of you who are particularly interested in channeling will probably agree.

This material doesn’t talk as much about angels themselves as it does their realms, and its primary focus seems to be to inform us about these realms and encourage us to understand that we’ll eventually evolve beyond them (but, of course, we have to reach them first).

Zarathustra tells us that the enlightened seeker is able to commune with the angels.

“For ever and everlasting [the God-realized one] eternally remains in all glory with the Spiritual Angels.” (6)

We’ll perceive and exist with the angels when we reach the highest level of spiritual enlightenment, but of course, our enlightenment will continue even after we reach this level. Most seekers on earth are focused on reaching the fifth dimension, but it’d be silly to think that our evolution somehow stops from there.

Perhaps the exalted angels who watch and assist us receive guidance and counsel from other ‘angels’ who are even more evolved than them. We’ll eventually connect with all of these evolved beings, and we’ll use that connection to guide others in the lower realms.

I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to be face to face with an angel, and I really don’t have to yet. We have a lot of inner and outer work to do before any of us reach that level, but it’s still neat to consider the idea that one day, we’ll walk and speak with the blessed angels.

An anonymous teacher encourages us not to think about our destination (enlightenment), but to enjoy our journey.

“Fix no limits for your growth. It has no limits, except those you create by your own willing and thinking: therefore think only of growing, and never of being full grown.” (7)

We’re completely unlimited in terms of what we can think, feel, do, and be, and putting conditions on our infinity makes little sense and actually traps us in a lower frame of mind. If we’re too worried about reaching our destination, then the journey to reach it will be much more difficult and unenjoyable.

Most of us came to this planet because we wanted to experience and enjoy the lower vibrations before we moved on, and even though it’ll require work, our evolution’s inevitable. No matter what, we’ll eventually evolve, because our growth never stops.

With that in mind, let’s enjoy this sacred journey as much as we can, because we might not get to do something like this again. To be on the earth at this crucial junction in its history is an amazing feat to say the least, so let’s enjoy this unique and uncanny experience before it’s over.

In the blink of an eye, all of this will be gone, to be replaced with the brimming and exuberant realms of the fifth dimension. There’s still a lot to enjoy and appreciate here, though, so let’s do just that before we move on.

In a popular quote, Rumi tells us about the evolutionary rung(s) that lay beyond the angelic.

“I died as mineral and became a plant. I died as plant and rose to animal. I died as animal and I was man. …Yet once more I shall die as man, to soar With angels blest; but even from angelhood I must pass on: all except God doth perish. When I have sacrificed my angel soul, I shall become what no mind e’er conceived. Oh, let me not exist! For Non-existence Proclaims in organ tones, ‘To Him we shall return.’” (8)

In my opinion, Rumi’s referring to the idea that when we reach a certain, higher state of consciousness, we give up our perception of ourselves as individual godsparks and merge with Source, completely wiping our perception of our identity clean in the process.

Would you be willing to give up your individual identity to experience the bliss that comes with completely merging with Source? It doesn’t seem like the angels are in this state of consciousness yet, and when we reach their realms, we’ll probably still have our individual identities. We won’t give those up until much later on.

Giving up our identities to merge with Source seems very favorable, based on what Rumi and plenty of other teachers have said about it, but it probably seems crazy to someone on earth. Nevertheless, it’ll be an important and inevitable aspect of our return to full consciousness.

Hilarion through channel Mabel Collins tells us about the blissful state of consciousness that’ll be our reward for our nearly endless toils on the earth.

“When after ages of struggle and many victories the final battle is won, the final secret demanded, then you are prepared for a further path. When the final secret of this great lesson is told, in it is opened the mystery of the new way — a path which leads out of all human experience, and which is utterly beyond human perception or imagination.” (9)

Like I said earlier, a lot of inner and outer work is required before we can reach the blissful states of consciousness we can’t perceive from the earth, but once this lower-vibrational work is complete, we’ll be back in a place where things make a little more sense.

After our toils; our labor; our hard work here on earth, we’ll grow into realms that are blissful and harmonious to say the least. It’s pretty much impossible to describe these realms, because nobody can really perceive them on earth. We can talk, write, and sing about them all we want, but we won’t know anything about what they’re like until we’re back in them.

When we are, we’ll remember a banquet of sacred truths that we also can’t perceive on earth, and all of our effort and labor will have been worth it.

Hilarion continues, encouraging us to spend equal time on each plane of enlightenment.

“At each of these points it is needful to pause long and consider well. At each of these points it is necessary to be sure that the way is chosen for its own sake. The way and the truth come first, then follows the life.” (10)

Hilarion’s referring to the different enlightenment stages when he says ‘the way’, ‘the truth’, and ‘the life’, and he’s essentially encouraging us to make sure we put equal focus on each stage. When we initially become aware, it can be easy to focus only on the higher states of consciousness we want to reenter, but to do so is to dance with illusion.

We have to be relatively focused on the vibration we’re already on instead of filling our heads with visions of what the next reality will be like. The realms beyond the third dimension are unlike anything we yet know or understand, and it’s important that we get to know this realm before we try to speed off into the next.

This reality still has a lot to teach us, and we certainly still have a lot to learn. There are beautiful and heavenly things on this planet that might not even exist on other planets, so I think we should appreciate this reality and the immense opportunities for growth and learning it offers.

Franklin Merrell-Wolf tells us about the endless nature of our evolution.

“Beyond [the sage’s attainment], whatever it may be, there lie further mysteries awaiting his resolution. In other words, We find no conceivable end to evolution.” (11)

Even when we re-reach Source and enjoy the pure bliss that comes with existing in His/Her realms, our evolution won’t be ‘complete’. Most of us will probably choose to take on the lower-dimensional experience again just so we can continue to learn and grow, and we’ll essentially reset our consciousness and start the enlightenment path over.

This compliments the idea that we need to enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the destination. The entire point of this lower and higher-vibrational existence is to learn, grow, and enjoy ourselves in distorted environments and realities, so what good will we do by focusing on one destination?

I’m not trying to advocate lower-dimensionality over higher, but then again, it really doesn’t matter if I do.

We can stay in the lower realms for as long as we want, and when we’re ready, we’ll steadily learn and grow away from them. It won’t happen a moment sooner, and when it does, it’ll be a gradual process that we’ll be meant to enjoy instead of treating like a burden.

Franklin also tells us about the glimpse a particular sage received into the endless, purer states of consciousness beyond the earth.

“A certain Sage…, speaking of unfolded Conscousness above the level of the highest human Adepts, said: ‘We attain glimpses of Consciousness so Transcendent, rising level upon level, that the senses fairly reel before the awe-inspiring Grandeur.’ Here, certainly, is space for evolution far beyond the highest possibility of man as man.” (12)

Once we reach a certain, currently unfathomable state of consciousness, we’ll have transcended our perception of ourselves as humans. We’ll have long stopped seeing ourselves as individual human beings, and instead, we’ll recognize who and what we really are at our core: beings of pure energy.

Our finite perception of ourselves, which worked for us here in the lower realms, will be replaced with the understanding that we all come from the same Source. Even though Source is seen as an external entity who we should give our praises to, in reality, we are Source.

We praise ourselves when we praise Source, because at our core, we’re comprised of the pure energy of our creator. We’re all facets of this omnipotent creator energy; this creator consciousness, and realizing this is one of the first steps to glimpsing the incredible realms the referenced sage was able to glimpse.

Swami Nikhilananda tells us that even angels and other higher-dimensional beings exist under distorted conditions compared to the conditions of Source’s realms.

“Even the gods and angels are under the influence of the gunas*. The gods or superhuman beings show a preponderance of sattva; men, of rajas; and sub-human beings of tamas. Brahman, alone untouched by maya, is beyond the gunas.” (13)

Only Source Him/Herself is beyond the influence of any form of distortion, and as we evolve, we shed the distortions and become increasingly lighter; purer; realer. The distortion isn’t taken away when we reach the fifth dimension, but it’s lightened quite a bit.

The fifth dimension’s still distorted in its own ways, and its distortions help us learn and grow into a clearer state of consciousness. The earth’s distortions are helping us do the same, and eventually, we’ll swap them out for the newer, purer distortions of the fifth dimension.

Now, we’re going to examine some material that suggests humans can become angels when our lower-dimensional work is done. Obviously, whether or not we actually become angels depends on the things we do on earth, but no matter what we do, we’ll eventually reach and surpass the angelic realm.

The things we do in the lower vibrations determine how quickly we can become ‘angels’, and if we live basically good lives and strive to serve Source and humanity, we’ll probably reach the angelic realm faster.

Some people might still have thousands of lower-dimensional experiences to undergo before they’re back with the angels, but eventually, we’ll all be back with them, watching and assisting in the evolutions of various lower-dimensional realms and civilizations.

And, of course, after so long in the angelic realm, we’ll depart it for greener pastures. We’ll eventually leave the angelic realm for an even greater state of consciousness, but perhaps we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves – we still have a lot of work to do before we can even come close to considering ourselves ‘angels’.

Acts 27: 23-4 suggests that Jeshua joined the ranks of angels after leaving the earth. In this verse, Jeshua speaks to Paul in an apparent angelic form. The verse is given from Paul’s perspective.

“For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve,*

“Saying, Fear not, Paul: thou must be brought before Caesar.” (14)

The ‘angel of God’ was Jeshua, who was perhaps able to advance to the angelic rung after his most famous life on earth. Other material we’ll examine suggests that Jeshua was already an angel when he walked the earth, and this’d make sense given that he was believed to possess superhuman abilities that only a higher-dimensional soul could have.

Jeshua obviously isn’t the only soul with the potential to become an angel by lightening His vibration to match the angelic realms – all of us can and probably will do the same when our time comes. Something tells me that most of us have already been angels; archangels; ascended masters; any of the higher-dimensional roles that can be filled.

We were doing something before we came to earth, and it’d make sense that we inhabited various positions and took on various ‘statuses’ in our pre-earth travels. Who knows – maybe some of the angels who’ve come here will return to their positions when they leave!

According to Pseudo-Dionysius, Jeshua was indeed an angel when He was on earth.

“I do not need to remind you … of the fact that because of [Jesus’] generous work for salvation he himself entered the order of revealers and is called the ‘angel of great counsel.’ Indeed, when he announced what he knew of the Father, was it not as an angel?” (15)

It’d make sense that Jeshua was an angel before and after he was on earth, and clearly, only a soul with a strong spiritual perspective and understanding could’ve done the things he did. I don’t believe all of the religious hype about Jeshua, and obviously, a lot of what’s been said about him is distorted to say the least.

I do think, however, that he was an extremely advanced spiritual teacher who came to help inform, uplift, and enlighten humanity about the deeper truths of our existence, of which there are many. I think Jeshua came to share his gifts with the world, but we obviously don’t have to praise or worship him to find enlightenment.

He’s a teacher; an advanced, higher-dimensional guide who, I’d imagine, only wants humanity to understand spirit. I don’t think Jeshua would want us to blindly follow the distorted religions that are operated in his name – I think he’d want us to find the truth within.

The truth can only be found within, of course, and no matter whose teachings we subscribe to, we can’t evolve unless we do the necessary inner work.

Al-Ghazzali tells us about the apparent positive effects abstinence has on our ability to focus on spirit and, eventually, ascend to the angelic kingdom.

“When in the crucible of abstinence [man] is purged from carnal passions he attains to the highest, and in place of being a slave to lust and anger becomes endued with angelic qualities. Attaining that state, he finds his heaven in the contemplation of Eternal Beauty, and no longer in fleshly delights.” (16)

I try to be careful when I talk about abstinence, because I recognize its spiritual benefits but I don’t want to fall into a puritanical mindset. Those of you who are seriously committed to the enlightenment path could perhaps benefit from full-on abstinence, but while we’re on the earth, we’re going to want to gain earthly experience.

Even though the majority of us are ready to leave the lower vibrations behind, I think it’s important that we do and experience things we won’t be able to do in the higher realms. This doesn’t have to apply to other spiritually inclined writers, but I also don’t want to present spirituality in a way that associates it with close-mindedness.

Presenting the admittedly stern and difficult enlightenment path as something that entails completely giving up on certain earthly things might dissuade other potential seekers from taking their first steps, but, of course, we’ll eventually have to be willing to give up the earthly and the finite if we want to explore the greatest depths of spirit.

The best advice I can give is to do what works for you, and if it no longer works, stop doing it. If something feels right in your heart (instead of just sounding right in your mind) feel free to pursue it.

It all comes down to what does and doesn’t work for each seeker. We’re free, spiritual beings, but at a certain point, we’ll have to be willing to embrace spirit over matter.

In our final quote, Beinsa Duono tells us about the realms that exist ‘above’ and ‘below’ ours.

“We think that man is on the highest rung of the evolutionary ladder, but evolution is without end. Just as there are beings that exist below man, there are Beings that exist above man as well. These Beings evolved from the universes of the past.” (17)

Someone who doesn’t know a lot about the higher dimensions might readily call these beings ‘angels’, but there are an infinite amount of higher-dimensional souls believed to be assisting humanity with our ongoing evolution. I’m sure there are plenty of angels who watch and assist us, but beyond them, various entities and collectives exist who, in my opinion, we can communicate with.

We’re far more capable of higher-dimensional communication than we give ourselves credit for, and if we wanted to, we could communicate with the angels and various other beings who’d offer their wisdom and insight in hopes of helping us find enlightenment.

Humanity’s understanding of the existence around us is far too miniscule to really understand what the higher dimensions or the souls who exist in them are like, so for now, we can only hypothesize.

My hypothesis is that the angels are one out of, again, an infinite amount of higher-dimensional groups who are focused on humanity’s spiritual evolution. We can communicate with the angels if we want, and eventually, we might even become angels (or another higher-dimensional classification).

This is the first of plenty of reports about enlightenment that I’d like to present in the weeks and months ahead. Like nearly everything else I write about, we haven’t scratched the surface of what’s available about the enlightenment path, and hopefully, these reports will teach us new and interesting things about enlightenment and our spiritual evolution.

I learn something new every time I write about enlightenment (and anything else), and hopefully, you’ll all grow and learn from these reports too. Their purpose will be to help any of you out there who are also interested in enlightenment but don’t know as much about it as you’d like, and don’t worry – we’ll have plenty more to discuss.

There are entire encyclopedias about enlightenment that we can study and learn from. Like I’ve said plenty of times by this point, the greatest teachings will be found within, but these reports are intended to assist our inner work with material about it and the exalted place it’ll help us access.

Humanity’s just beginning to understand spirit and the amazing things that await our perception, and those of us who are starting to become aware can traverse the enlightenment path with grace if we choose, making it easier for the rest of the world to do the same when their time comes.

Wes Annac – Here to learn and grow from this difficult yet heavenly existence.


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