A Fourth-Dimensional Perspective on Source and Jeshua

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Here, I’d like to look at how fourth-dimensional souls see Source and Jeshua, who’s believed to be aligned with Source in a way that most seekers haven’t attained.

Jeshua apparently maintains a closer relationship with Source than most of us, because he lives in alignment with the sacred spiritual laws that eventually deliver one back into Source’s loving arms. As we’ll learn here, a lot of fourth-dimensional souls understand Jeshua’s greater connection with Source, and they don’t worship him.

Jeshua’s only fanatically worshipped in the lower realms, and our perception of him and Source will purify as we continue raising our vibration. We’ll eventually grow to appreciate Jeshua without feeling like we have to worship him, and a lot of seekers – on earth and in the higher realms – dutifully follow his guidance without worshipping or praising him.

We’ll learn how fourth-dimensional souls perceive and understand Source before we hear their perspective on Jeshua, and in our first quote, Mary Bosworth outlines an answer she was given to a question she asked about Source.

“We had asked some question concerning their conception of God, and were told: –

“‘He is not limited to personality, even to the degree that we who are spirit are limited. If it were possible, I might explain a little more fully, but you could not at present understand. So try to be satisfied with the knowledge that God is present to the remotest part of the universe, and that God is a God of love and justice and mercy. Never doubt this.

“‘The more spiritual we become, the nearer we grow to that blessed spiritual presence, and the more nearly we approach, the more our spirits are filled with love, awe and reverence. Be content to serve with the love of God in your heart, and sometime your knowledge will be perfected.’

“And again: –

“‘It would be difficult for you to even realize the absolute existence of the Creator of all things. Material form is not his, nor perhaps spirit form even, as we know it. But His influence is everywhere. Be content until your soul is illumined with further understanding.

“‘We here do not see God as a person, or even as a spirit. That vision belongs to the spiritually advanced and illumined ones of higher spheres.’” (1)

An unnamed spirit teacher tells us that Christ is among the purest expressions of Source’s consciousness.

“’By what name do you speak of this Power?’

“‘No name other than the Most High, the Great First Cause, or Loving Power, or other expression of confidence and loving worship. Christ is the greatest expression of that confidence and love, and we look to him as our teacher and elder brother.’” (2)

A lot of religions have told us about the awesome and all-loving power of the Most High, and Christ possesses this power because of his close relationship with Source. We can all attain this close relationship, and all it takes is the willingness to open up and embark on what’d be a very long journey of personal and spiritual exploration.

Many of us could become ’Christs’ in our own way when we’re in a much higher state of consciousness, but we have a lot of time and effort to go still. Christ definitely seems to be on his own level, as our fourth-dimensional sources have outlined, but there’s no reason we can’t reach this level if we were dedicated and focused enough.

Claude Kelway-Bamber tells us that most people’s perception of Source as a man in the sky is quite distorted in comparison to the truth.

“We on earth with finite minds often visualize or think of God in a finite shape or form, as a man, because to us that is the highest experience of life manifest. You can imagine that is limiting God.” (3)

It’s a very outdated way to perceive the Source of all existence, and it seems silly to assume Source would have to be a human. With all of the different and unique creations we see on earth, it seems pretty assumptive to think that our creator would be a grumpy, judgmental person.

Humans aren’t inherently enlightened or spiritually evolved until we gain a glimmer of awareness and flow from there, so why would we expect our creator to embody our form?

It seems much more fitting that Source exists beyond all of the physical creations we have here in the lower realms, and as our consciousness and perception grow, we’ll see that Source is far, far beyond our ability to fathom his/her form.

Just because science can’t measure Source doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t exist, Claude advises.

“God is not known to science, because science can’t measure or classify Him. But that does not show there is no God. It is the same with many things in the spirit-world.” (4)

The idea that Source is an exalted human who requires sacrifices to stay happy with his creation is misguided, she shares.

“Christ’s followers claimed His death as a sacrifice for sin, for they naturally looked upon God only as the people of their day knew Him – that is, as a tyrannical Jehovah whose altars ran with the blood of sacrificed animals.

“As man evolves he gets nearer spiritual truth, and we know here that this is infinitely greater and more wonderful than anything ever yet told. One realizes the presentation of God usually taught on earth is utterly incorrect.

“He is not a glorified, mortal sitting on a golden throne, not a vengeful nor jealous God – not, in a way, even a ‘personal’ God to be propitiated to grant special gifts to a favored few. He is not finite, but infinite; but, because it is so difficult to realize so vast a fact, we feel on earth we want to locate and limit our idea of God to bring it within our understanding.” (5)

As Claude also tells us, Source is ‘everywhere and in everything’.

“God is everywhere and in everything: in the trees, in the flowers, in the air, and in the sunshine. God is all good, all beauty, all purity. God is not limited, nor existing only in the seven spheres, He is also in the space beyond, for He fills all space.

“The whole Universe is of God; the Planets revolve from the power of God within them, touched and supported by power without. God is creative, from Him all life springs. Elemental man is a manifestation of God-power through form, which in the lower creation is manifest in a different way, though he can deteriorate to less than they.” (6)

If any of us strives to know Source in a greater way than we have so far, the best thing we can do is to look all around us.

Look at the beautiful nature Gaia provides us. Look at the things around us that clearly point to some type of omnipotent spiritual creator, because there are a lot of things on earth that simply can’t be chalked up to physical, creator-less evolution.

There’s so much joy and beauty on this evolving planet, and recognizing this will help us see that our creator’s present in everything.

We could never be separate from Source, and in a sense, we are Source. We’ll discover that we contain our creator’s essence as we continue to evolve, and we’ll eventually be back in Source’s pure and undistorted realms, where nothing that we recognize in this reality will exist.

Things will be far, far different in Source’s realms than they are here on earth or in any higher realm, and as we’ll learn throughout this report, reaching this place requires giving up our identity-based perception.

Nobody Claude knows has yet embraced Source’s infinite realms, she tells us.

“I might tell you, no one we have ever known or heard of has ever stepped off into the Infinite. It will probably be a few million years before we shall want to go into the Infinite; it means the submerging of the personality. All personal desire must be dead; we have to learn to wish to be of and as God.

“That’s where the old idea of sacrifice comes; it’s the giving up of some personal desire. …” (7)

Our perception of sacrifice has been distorted on earth. We’re taught to believe that an angry, vengeful creator requires sacrifices for our sins, but in reality, the only thing we sacrifice is our identity-based perception. Even that won’t happen for a long, long time.

We still have a lot of realms to traverse before we’re back in Source’s, and we still have a lot to learn about ourselves and our infinite existence. We’ll eventually make whatever sacrifices are required to exist wholly and purely with Source, and even then, we won’t make any gruesome sacrifices that’d make us wonder just how benevolent our creator is.

Our creator’s more benevolent than we can imagine – it’s simply our human interpretations that have turned him/her into an apparent vengeful god.

Now, we’re going to turn our focus to how our fourth-dimensional sources perceive Jeshua. I wrote a little bit about this in this report’s introduction, and I reiterated that Jeshua’s among the closest higher-dimensional souls with Source.

We can open up to Jeshua and receive a wealth of helpful advice and guidance (some people, like John Smallman, already have), and if we do, we’ll find a very enthusiastic teacher.

It’s unfortunate that our perception of Christ has been so distorted here on earth, because he has a lot of pure love and wisdom to share with humanity and the best thing we can do for ourselves is to open up to it.

I don’t think Jeshua has any desire to be worshipped, and you aren’t about to see me sitting in a church and praising his name. I’d imagine he wants us to focus that enthusiasm on our spirituality, but there’s nothing wrong with connecting with him and receiving a wealth of helpful advice, guidance and energy.

Claude Kelway-Bamber, who we’ve heard from throughout this report, tells us that fourth-dimensional children seem to perceive and communicate with Christ very easily.

“The children here all see Christ: they seem to instinctively understand Him and His Mother. Having occupied a mortal body such a short time they easily go back to the things of the Spirit.” (8)

The Children’s Sphere, Phyllis McLean tells us, “is under the direct supervision of the Master Jesus, whose compassionate love the children at all times strive to emulate.” (9)

An unnamed spirit communicator confirms that “the Master Himself, Who so loved the little ones, is constantly present there, too.” (10)

Fourth-dimensional adults don’t really see Christ, Claude shares, but they can constantly feel his presence in an indescribable way.

“We [adults] here do not often ‘see’ Christ, but we can feel and are conscious of Him all the time; but if you ask me how I know I can’t tell you.” (11)

It seems that unless you’re a child in the fourth dimension, the presence of Christ is more felt and less seen. I suppose a certain Christ-like energy permeates the atmosphere – an energy of love, wholeness, nourishment and acceptance.

An energy of unconditional patience and appreciation for the things so many fourth-dimensional souls have done; the knowledge they’ve gained.

Perhaps fourth-dimensional spirits can call on that sacred energy for assistance with any aspect of their life paths, and again, we on earth can feel and call on it as well when we’re having trouble navigating the more difficult aspects of our existence.

There’s a reason so many souls – on earth and in the higher realms – look up to Christ.

He’s a spiritual redeemer; an almighty force who’s come to share his sacred spirituality with everyone who can open up to it, and it goes without saying that on this heavily controlled planet, doing this could cause you to be on the radar of certain forces who don’t want knowledge or enlightenment to spread.

This isn’t a problem in the fourth dimension, however, because no controlling power structures seek to stop the spread of love and awareness, which already permeate everything.

Even though Christ is somewhat unperceivable in the fourth dimension, Judge David P. Hatch has apparently met him.

“I have met the Master from Galilee, and have held communion with him. There was a man – and a god! The world has need of Him now.” (12)

He describes his interesting experience.

“Last night [Christmas Eve], after visiting various places upon the earth, I went to one of the highest Christian heavens. Perhaps I could not have gone so easily at any other time; for my heart was full of love for all men and my mind was full of the Christ idea.

“Often have I seen Him who is called the Saviour of men, and last night I saw Him in all His beauty. He, too, came down to the world for a time.” (13)

He also shares some of his musings about Christ.

“I wonder if I can make you understand? The love of Christ is always present in the world, because there are always hearts that keep it alight.

“If the idea of Christ as a redeemer should ever grow faint in the world, He would probably go back there and relight the flame in human hearts; but whatever the writers of statistics may say, that idea was never more real than at present. It may have been more talked about. …” (14)

More people are discovering the omnipotent spiritual power and wisdom Christ has come to share with us, and as they do, they begin to look to this spiritual figure for love and guidance.

I’m sure they’re happily given this guidance, and personally, it feels great to perceive Jeshua in a new light; a light that’s less distorted than what conventional religion would have us believe.

In my eyes, Christ is a very genuine and loving spiritual teacher who simply wants to light the flame of spiritual awareness in the hearts of everyone who’s been lost in the darkness of the lower vibrations for millennia.

He doesn’t seek to preach to us like some of his followers, but he absolutely seeks to enlighten us. He wants us to see that we’re spiritual beings who are capable of divine miracles we would’ve never expected to achieve, and we don’t even have to open up to him or believe in his presence to receive his assistance.

He offers it unbiased and unconditionally, and the sooner we open up and accept it, the sooner our perception can grow to new heights.

As Judge Hatch tells us, Jeshua represents ‘the paradigm of the spiritual man’.

“Jesus of Nazareth is a reality. As a spiritual body, as Jesus who dwelt in Galilee, He exists in space and time; as the Christ, the paradigm of the spiritual man, He exists in the hearts of all men and women who awaken that idea in themselves. He is a light which is reflected in many pools.

“I wrote the other day about Adepts and Masters. Jesus is a type of the greatest Master. He is revered in all the heavens. He grasped the Law and dared to live it, to exemplify it. And when He said, ‘The Father and I are one,’ He pointed the way by which other men may realise mastership in themselves.” (15)

According to Mary Bosworth, Christ exists on a much higher and less fathomable sphere than the fourth dimension, but he’s still there as a guiding, brotherly presence.

“Christ is exalted to the heavens above, but he is as the elder brother and the guide of us all on this plane.” (16)

I’ve always had this feeling about Christ too – that he’s a brother or a spiritual mentor we can turn to at any time for love and assistance. Even though he has a greater link with Source than almost anyone throughout creation, he’s one with us and he’s willing to assist us in our journey back home.

Even though Jeshua incarnated on earth with an overflowing well of inner love, Mary Bosworth tells us, the evil that’s common here held its ground and eventually (and temporarily) prevailed.

“The hope for the future lies in the philosophy that Christ brought to earth and which here is our rule of life. Christ was the apostle of love and patience, and he desired to deliver the world from evil through the power of love.

“But evil held sway by reason of its long continuance and growth, and was too strong, as it has many times since been too strong, to be overcome by spiritual power. But the time is coming when the Christ love will prevail, and wisdom and love together shall rule the world.” (17)

If we can follow the basic philosophy of loving one another instead of fighting and bickering, Christ’s purpose for being on this earth will have been attained.

All it takes is for everyone to open up to the necessity to live in love and cease feeding our former ways of division and war, but even though this seems simple, it could be much more difficult to manifest on the world stage.

Most people seem very stuck on their preconceived notions of reality, and if they could just see how much pure love exists beyond our conscious understanding, I’m sure they’d quickly align with this love and cease everything that continues to keep them from perceiving it.

Helping us mend our ways was one of the reasons Jeshua came to earth to help enlighten us, and whether he’s here or not, we can act on his teachings and love one another.

In our final quote, Mary Bosworth tells Charlotte Dresser that Christ isn’t necessarily one with Source – he’s more of an instrument for Source’s expression.

“”We believe in the Christ, in his mission to earth. We look to Him for guidance and inspiration. But we do not worship Him in the same way he is worshipped on earth.

“He wishes his example of peace and loving service to be followed, and it is our joy to follow his example here. But he is not afar off on some throne of glory. He is more like an elder brother, more like a bright and shining example for us to follow.”

Question: “’Do not some place Christ as one with God?’

“Yes, we have many such, and they are confused and disappointed at first. But they finally come into the true appreciation of the purity and loveliness of his life and character, and are contented and happy.”

Question: “’I wonder if Christ would approve of all the Easter worship of him?’

“No, we think not. To follow his example, to make each one’s own life a blessing to others; this is the religion he tried to establish, and which [he] hopes will at last become the religion of the world.” (18)

If we can follow this basic ideal, we’ll have little difficulty bringing ourselves, each other and the planet around us into the light. We’re given a lot of assistance from various facets of the Company of Heaven, but Christ works especially hard to spread the light on earth.

So hard, in fact, that he incarnated here a few different times to spread the simple philosophy of loving and respecting one another.

His most famous life was when he came here as Jesus, and I personally think he might’ve come back as Haile Selassie (former Ethiopian emperor), but I’d imagine he’s taken even more incarnations on earth that might not have been as famous as his life as Jesus.

Jesus is the name most people know him by, and we might be very surprised to discover the various other roles he’s played here on earth.

Again, he’s been famous for some of them and not so famous for others, but he’s always strived to help us see the importance of love, respect and unity. I’m sure he’s also told us a lot about the importance of knowledge – both physical and spiritual – and we can follow all of his teachings without needlessly worshiping him.

Instead of worshipping the messenger, let’s listen to the message.

From what we’ve learned here, it seems like most fourth-dimensional souls have a very clear understanding of Source and Jeshua, and it makes sense that they would.

They’re closer with Source and Jeshua than we are, but they still have a lot of work to do and a lot of dimensions to traverse before they can convene with either one of them purely. They can apparently communicate with Christ, as Judge Hatch mentioned, but I’m sure they won’t purely perceive him until they reach a much higher state of consciousness.

As usual, the more open and receptive we are, the easier it’ll be to open up to Jeshua or any higher-dimensional soul who’s helping us evolve, and in the end, we’ll be very glad we opened up and requested their assistance. Self-empowerment’s always important, but it helps to have a brotherly guide by our side.


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