Departed Children Continue to Learn and Grow in Spirit


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Here, I’d like to talk more about the fate of children who pass into spirit early in life. I know this is a difficult subject for a lot of people, but I think it helps to see that in the vast majority of cases, children who pass on early will thrive in the spiritual realms.

Their journey from life to ‘death’ is much more difficult for their parents than it is for them, and they experience a wonderful and joyous life in the fourth dimension that, if their parents could see, they’d be reassured that their child’s safe and enjoying their new lives.

It can be heartbreaking to fathom the idea of one’s child being gone, but hopefully, understanding that the place we go when we die is a very real and uplifting place will take some of the sting out of what’s otherwise a very unfortunate and devastating loss.

I’ll probably continue to write reports about the fate of children who pass into spirit, because I think it’s a very interesting subject that we’d all benefit from learning about.

I’ve always been interested in life after death; in what the realms beyond are like for the people who pass into them, and I’d imagine these realms are even more interesting to children, who are always filled with an unexplainable mysticism.

It’s been said that many children are linked with spirit until they’re about seven years old, at which time their consciousness is anchored more fully onto earth, and the children who tragically pass away before they reach this age might be familiar with their new homes.

I’d also imagine a lot of children try to contact their parents on earth, but one can’t receive messages from the other side if they aren’t opened up to the possibility that it exists. It certainly does, and as we’ll learn here, many children resume their growth and learning on the other side after they pass on.

Again, their passing’s only a dark and tragic event for the people they leave behind, and they’re able to thrive in the children’s sphere as they continue to grow and learn just as they did on earth. Nobody wants their child to leave them too soon, but it always helps to keep in mind that death isn’t the end of life.

Philip Gilbert tells us that some children evolve back into the original form they embodied before they came to earth.

“Some children at once evolve, soon after death, into fully developed spirits if they have lived before.” (1)

The immature astral body grows into maturity in the spirit realms, he tells us.

“If you have not gone through the complete earth cycle to maturity – 21 – you have not a fully matured astral body either – unless you are re-incarnated. The astral body continues to grow.” (2)

As Ethel Mclean tells us, whether or not one’s incarnate in a physical body, the astral body grows as usual.

“The business of staying children is much exaggerated by the spiritualists. You are a child for a while, growing an astral body, if you were a ‘new’ individuality on your first earth-trip and died young.

“If you are re-incarnated and have built an astral body, you soon pass into your real self if you die young, yet, to an extent, once into incarnation, the etheric body has to pass through the whole process of growth, even if the physical vehicle is destroyed.” (3)

Essentially, children continue to learn, grow and evolve in the spirit realms, even though they’re no longer incarnate on earth. Their growth and evolution probably proceed at a slower pace than they did on earth, because evolution’s very rapid on our planet for a lot of different reasons.

Whether or not they’re on this planet, however, children and adults will continue their learning in a higher sphere.

They’ll continue to learn important lessons related to the spiritual nature of their existence and the evolutionary progress they’re intended to make, and I’m sure a lot of children master certain spiritual capabilities they would’ve never been able to master on earth.

Learning certain concepts is probably much easier in the spirit realms than it is here on earth, and if one’s willing and open to doing or learning anything, they’ll eventually do it.

Children tend to be much more willing and enthusiastic than adults when it comes to learning, and something tells me there are masters in the fourth dimension who started their fourth-dimensional travels as children who passed away too soon.

It’s unfortunate, but it helped them master their spirituality. Their mastery probably enables them to help their parents and the rest of their family find a higher state of consciousness, and it’d be interesting to have one’s own child become their spiritual guide or mentor.

Claude Kelway-Bamber affirms that children grow into maturity in the fourth dimension. She also tells us that every child, no matter how neglected on earth, always has someone to care for them.

“You want to know something further about the children who come over? You remember at first you were quite surprised when I described your [deceased] brother John to you, and did not recognize him when I told you he was a grown-up man; you had always thought of him as still remaining a little child.

“He looks only about my age: of course in earth-life he would have been over forty. Here little ones grow up but never become old, for they have no cares and worries nor the pains of a material body to trouble them. Many women here care for these little ones.

“Some have left children on earth they loved; others, the childless, who love children, look after them. Every child, even if unwanted on earth, can find a loving mother here.” (4)

Since most children’s minds and hearts are open, Claude tells us, they can learn a lot in the fourth dimension.

“Many an earth-mother comes over at night when her body sleeps to see her baby, and though with her limited conscious mind she may think of it as an infant always, her spirit-mind knows the facts, as she will recognize when she herself comes here permanently.

“These children grow in soul and mind and body, which is just as strong and more substantial than an earth-body, for it is indestructible. They are all beautiful in varying degrees. They learn very quickly, for their minds are open: they have no consciousness that evil exists, so more readily absorb all they are taught here, and they very soon go on to the higher planes.” (5)

Their receptivity to higher teachings enables children to open up to lessons and insights most people on earth couldn’t touch, and I’m sure one of the biggest and most important things they learn is to travel as deep into the self as possible.

I’m sure children are taught meditation and various other important spiritual concepts in the fourth dimension, and again, they can use those teachings to better the lives of their loved ones on earth – even if their loved ones aren’t aware of their existence in spirit or the things they’re doing for them.

When their family passes into the fourth dimension, which we’ll all eventually do, they’ll have the love and assistance of a guide they would’ve never expected. They might expect to see their child after death, but I’m sure they don’t expect their child to be more spiritually developed than them.

I think most children are, however, and they use their newfound enlightenment to help uplift their family.

Apparently, some departed children will even play with receptive children on earth, Claude shares.

“While on the third sphere they return to earth to play with children there.

“It is part of their education, and enables them to understand, and so later to help others still in the mortal body. As many children in the world are clairvoyant they often see these spirit playfellows, and if they could keep this consciousness it would often be a help to them in later life.

“Unfortunately, many grown-up people who do not understand these facts discourage the idea, and so in time the child loses this consciousness.” (6)

I’m not going to say that every ‘imaginary friend’ a child has is actually a fourth-dimensional child playing with them from the spirit realms, but it’s an interesting idea.

We always hear about spiritually receptive children communicating with departed spirits, recalling past lives and doing/saying a lot of other bold and interesting things, but most people aren’t willing to open up to the idea that they might be doing or experiencing something genuine.

In due time, all of humanity will be aware of spirit and the various phenomena that come with it, and one of the things we’ll learn will be the surprising extent to which our children are open to the spiritual realms and the various influences that exist there.

Most of these influences are as loving and positive as it gets, but there are a few lower forces out there who probably lick their lips at the chance to negatively influence a child.

A lot of children on earth seem to be negatively influenced by thought forms who encourage them to be wicked, but this doesn’t take away from the love and assistance our children can receive from the higher, purer forces who seek to positively influence them; to help them gain an understanding of the spiritual nature of their existence.

A child named Elizabeth B. tells us that some children, after passing on, will quickly reincarnate and grow into maturity in another earthly body.

“They sometimes, if they are very young, slip back again into bodies and grow up and become men and women. A great many don’t.” (7)

This can account for the children who mysteriously talk about past lives or bizarre circumstances surrounding their deaths in past lives.

For those of you who don’t know, a lot of children have stepped up – to their parents and the world – and shared the memories their memories of living other lives and passing on from those lives before entering ‘heaven’ and eventually coming back to earth.

Not every child seems to stay in spirit for long, and some of them are eager to get back to a place that makes a little more sense to them.

Even though most children are more attuned to spirit than the earth, some of them are more comfortable on the earthly plane and they’d rather experience life on earth than in spirit. It’s understandable, and needless to say, every choice is honored in the higher realms.

In our final quote, Judge David P. Hatch tells us about a departed preteen he mentors, who’s fascinated with returning to earth.

“The children are so charming! One young boy is with me often; he calls me Father, and seems to enjoy my society. He would be, I should think, about thirteen years old, and he has been out here some time. He could not tell me just how long, but I will ask him if he remembers the year, the calendar year, in which he came out. …

“He is all interest in regard to certain things I have told him about the earth, – especially aeroplanes, which were not yet very practicable when he came out. He wants to go back and fly in an aeroplane. I tell him that he can fly here without one, but that does not seem to be the same thing to him. He wants to get his fingers on machinery.” (8)

Personally, I think I’d rather fly an airplane in spirit than on earth! But the child’s desire is certainly understandable. Even though this is one of the darkest and most difficult planets to exist on, the earth holds a lot of interest for a lot of spirits who’d love to incarnate here – even once – and see what it’s like.

Some children are apparently so interested in this planet that they choose to come right back, and others, like the boy Judge Hatch mentored, learn certain things about this planet that pique their interest enough to make them want to come here.

We all had different reasons for choosing to come to earth.

Some of us want to gain specific experiences that’ll help us along our evolution; some of us want to experience things that are unrelated to our evolution but can’t be easily experienced anywhere else; and some of us want to serve humanity with a loving and open heart, raising the planetary vibration and helping everyone find a degree of enlightenment.

Despite our various reasons for being here, we’ve all come here to experience and enjoy this planet before eventually moving on to the next, more lighted realm.

As this report displayed, one’s life resumes in the fourth dimension after they pass on. Despite the fact that they’re now in a whole new realm that’s much less spiritually inhibited, they continue to grow and learn lessons in a similar manner to the earth.

Some will come back to earth very quickly for various reasons, whereas others will stay and enjoy the loving company of a guide or mentor who can help them understand the new realm they’re in so they can spiritually thrive.

Like we learned here, some children grow into full-on adults in the fourth dimension, and they use their knowledge and the awareness they’ve gained to help their loved ones on earth find a higher vibration.

Most people don’t realize that our children here on earth have more to teach us than we give them credit for, and I think it’s important that we realize this and accept the teachings our children attempt to impart onto us – even if we don’t know they’re teaching us at times.

We have a lot to learn from our children, and this can especially be said for those whose children have passed into spirit and attempt to influence them or get ahold of them from their new spiritual home. As with anything, the more open and receptive we are, the more we’ll learn – from our children and this wonderful reality around us.


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