The Borderlands: Earthly Needs and Wants are Provided


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The Spirit World Chronicles is an ongoing series based on channeled accounts of what the afterlife is like. Some of the material examined in this series dates back to nearly a century ago, and the referenced sources discuss a wide range of topics that have to do with life after death and the conditions of the realms beyond.

Here, I’d like to pick up from our previous discussions about the ‘Borderlands’, which is the initial realm most people who leave this earth depart to, with a discussion about the manner in which everything one could ever need or want is provided.

Even though I haven’t been to the Borderlands and I couldn’t say for sure, I’d imagine one isn’t provided with everything they’d ever want/need to satisfy their egos, but to help them see that they now exist in an infinite realm where they can manifest anything and everything that comes to mind.

I’m sure it initially seems like they’re granted everything they want by a source outside of themselves, but they eventually learn that they’re the ones who manifest their realities – in their new fourth-dimensional home and on the planet they’d just departed from.

We create our reality, individually and collectively, no matter which realm we exist in. We’re the creators of everything we could ever perceive and everything we’ll perceive as we continue to evolve, and it seems like this lesson’s given to the newly departed in the form of their reception of everything they could ever hope to need or want.

The purpose of life – in every realm – is to learn about the spiritual nature of our existence and empower ourselves with the understanding that we created everything around us, and some require the assistance of outer entities or manifestations before they can realize this and take the next step on their journey.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this, as long as they can eventually empower themselves and realize that they truly are the creators of everything they receive and experience.

W.T. Stead tells us that the purpose of providing the recently deceased with familiar earthly pleasures is to help them feel comfortable in their new home before they move on from everything that constitutes the earth and the third dimension.

“It seems that all the senses are provided for here. The chief work on this island is to get rid of unhappiness at parting from earth ties, and therefore, for the time being, the individual is allowed to indulge in most of earth’s pleasures. There are attractions of all kinds to stimulate and generally to tone up strength.

“Whatever the person’s particular interest on earth has been, he can follow it up and indulge in it here also for the present. All mental interests and almost all physical interests can be continued here, for that one reason of coaxing the newcomer to a level mental outlook.” (1)

Anything one can do on earth, short of taking another’s life, can be done in the Borderlands until one gradually grows out of the perceived need to do them, Stead tells us.

“There are houses given over to book study, music, to athleticism of all kinds. Every kind of physical game can be practiced – you can ride on horseback, you can swim in the sea. You can have all and any kind of sport which does not involve the taking of life. In a minor degree that can be had too, but not in reality; that is only a make-believe.

“From this you will understand that particular buildings are given over to their own kind of work.

“The man who has spent his life in games, heart and soul, would be disconsolate without them here … he can have them and enjoy them to the full; but he will find that after a time the desire is not so keen and he will turn to other interests automatically, though gradually, and it may be that he will never entirely abandon his games, but the desire will be less absorbing.” (2)

Certain spiritual practices that help us attain a higher state of consciousness, such as music, are increased in the fourth dimension.

“On the other hand, the man who used his life for, say, music, for instance, will find his desire, his interest and his ability increasing by leaps and bounds because music belongs to this land. He will find that by spending much time in one of the music houses, as he will if his life is music, his knowledge and ability are amazingly increased.

“Then there is the bookworm. He, too, finds intense satisfaction in his new-found facilities. Knowledge is unlimited – works of priceless value, lost upon earth, are in existence here. He is provided for.” (3)

If there’s something spiritually relevant we enjoy on earth, we’ll be able to practice and increase it in the fourth dimension. Music is far more spiritual than most people realize, and apparently, it’s constantly played in the higher realms.

It isn’t played for an earthly purpose such as gaining fame or notoriety – it’s played because the souls who play it recognize that it’s inherently spiritual. As Stead told us, the same can be said for gaining knowledge and striving to perceive spirit.

No matter what we enjoy doing, we’ll enjoy it even more in the fourth dimension. Certain earthly practices will begin to resonate less and less with us, but spiritual practices that are popular on earth will increase until our abilities far surpass their previous level.

According to Stead, even people who were businessmen on earth will find an interest that suits them in the fourth dimension.

“The keen business man on earth whose only interest is in making his business successful will also find scope for his ability. He will come in contact with the house of organization, and he will find himself linked up with work transcending in interest anything that he could have imagined for himself whilst upon earth.” (4)

The gloom and depression that can come with leaving the physical behind is the reason recently departed spirits are allowed to indulge in earthly pleasures, Stead shares. One’s interest in them will gradually fade after indulging in them for a while, to be replaced with an interest in all things spiritual.

“Now all this is done for a reason. Everyone is provided for. On arriving, here there is often much grief; grief that is sometimes incapacitating, and no movement forward can be made until the individual wishes it himself. Progress cannot be forced upon him.

“Thus in the scheme of creation the blessed Creator has devised this wonderful means of appealing to the main interest on earth of each one. Everyone comes in touch with the chief longing of earth life, and is given opportunity to indulge in it, and thus progress is assured.” (5)

The fun that comes with doing things one enjoyed on earth enables them not to be so gloomy or upset over their passing, and it seems like giving up every attachment to this physical reality can be very difficult. It helps to be able to perceive their loved ones on earth, but I’m sure the distance between them and their family is still painful.

Thus, indulgence in earthly things helps them feel a little closer to home. It’s akin to if someone who enjoys soccer moves away to a place where nobody plays it. They might feel alone, but they’d be jubilant if they found a way to practice their favored sport in their new home.

If they suddenly found a soccer field with enthusiastic teammates, the pain of being away from their home would be slightly dimmed. So it is with the fourth dimension, and one can spend as much time enjoying their favorite earthly activities as they require before they move on and see what their new home really has to offer.

The change from earthly activities to mental/spiritual ones is gradual, Stead advises, and again, those who were interested in mental/spiritual activities on earth gradually yet directly expand their abilities.

“In all things that are purely and solely of the earth, the interest flags after a little time; a reaction, a gradual process – nothing is dramatic here – and the person passes from this to another interest which on earth would be called a mental one.

“Those whose interests have been in this mind-category will continue and enlarge the scope of their work, and will progress along the same lines – the others change.” (6)

I can only imagine how far the conscious public would go if we were in the fourth dimension. Sure, some of us are still pretty interested in earthly things, but I think we’d feel more at home than we do here on earth.

Some of us don’t feel as comfortable on earth as others, and a lot of seekers justly feel like the earth isn’t their home. It isn’t in a lot of cases, but it is in the sense that we’ve chosen to live here and perform our spiritual work from the blessed space it provides.

Our very incarnation here makes it home in a sense, and personally, I’d miss this place if I were gone. I’m sure I’d enjoy the higher realms, but I don’t think I’d ever forget this heavenly yet oppressed earthly home.

In an insightful quote, Stead tells us that the mind is our primary faculty in the higher realms, which is why discipline and spirituality are so important on earth.

“You are not forced to acquire anything. You are more than ever free agents. That is why on earth it is so essential to control your bodies by your minds, and not the reverse. When you come here your mind is all-powerful, and everything depends, for your own degree of happiness here, upon the kind of mind you bring with you.” (7)

We create our higher-dimensional future with everything we think, feel and do, and it can be difficult to realize that our physical body doesn’t constitute who we are. It certainly won’t follow us into the higher realms – we’ll have only our mental and spiritual faculties, which, of course, will expand enormously.

Those who’ve kept their minds, hearts and bodies out of balance on earth likely have a lot of trouble navigating the fourth dimension, which is one of many reasons they’re given certain earthly pleasures that help them acclimate to their new realm.

The mind and body are important to keep in check in the third dimension, Stead tells us in our final quote, but the mind/heart alone are important in spirit.

“The presence or absence of contentment is entirely due to the earth life you have led, the character formed, opportunities taken and lost, the motive of and for your actions, the help given, the manner of use of help received, your mental outlook and your use and abuse of flesh power.

“To sum all these up, it is the quality of mind control over body versus body over mind. Mind matters and body matters – on earth. Here only the mind matters, it is in your keeping entirely, and is in whatever state you have made it by your life. On your arrival here the degree of your happiness will be determined automatically by the demands of your mind.” (8)

This is one reason discipline’s so important here on earth. If we live in love and discipline our minds – making sure they don’t overtake our emotions or bring us out of alignment with the paths we’ve forged for ourselves – we’ll have a much easier time in the higher realms than those who let their minds spiral out of control on earth.

Discipline and mastery will always be important, and while we aren’t meant to be perfect while we’re on earth, the things we do will naturally and understandably determine the things we experience in the higher realms. If our mind’s been untrained all our lives, we’ll have to deal with the difficult task of training it in spirit.

As long as we continue to live in alignment, our eventual sojourn through the higher realms will be a breeze. We just have to recognize that the mind’s a very powerful instrument and use discipline to keep it trained, and even though it’s easier said than done, it’s not impossible.

It’s very achievable, but we have to have faith in our hearts and the knowledge that our discipline will make our higher-dimensional experiences easier. Those who’ve diligently disciplined their minds on earth might not crave earthly things in the fourth dimension, and thus, they can surpass the Borderlands and see what the next, purer realms have to offer.

In our next segment, we’ll either continue to discuss the Borderlands or we’ll move on to another fourth-dimensional topic or realm. There’s a lot more material about the Borderlands out there, and as always, the more we learn about the higher realms, the easier they’ll be to navigate when our earthly journey’s finished.

Personally, I think talking about various concepts that have to do with spirit and the higher realms is part of my reason for being on this earth, and I’ll continue to faithfully discuss these matters because I think they’re important to our eventual anchoring of a higher state of consciousness.

We have a lot of changes to make to this formerly broken world, and we’ll make them easily when our minds are trained and our spiritual understanding is sharpened.


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