The Borderlands: Meeting Departed Loved Ones

Credit: Kevinalanlamb

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The Spirit World Chronicles is an ongoing series based on channeled accounts of what the afterlife is like. Some of the material examined in this series dates back to nearly a century ago, and the referenced sources discuss a wide range of topics that have to do with life after death and the conditions of the realms beyond.

If you’re reading this, you probably have some idea that death as we perceive it isn’t the end of life. Even though the physical body dies, the spirit encapsulated within it goes on to the next, more advanced stage of consciousness, which is known by a lot of different names.

Like some seekers, I choose to refer to the place we go when our bodies die as the fourth dimension, because it’s the next natural stage in our growth and evolution.

We’re currently incarnate in the third dimension, experiencing life from within the heavy meat suits we’ve taken on that we call ‘bodies’, but when our bodies cease to function, we’ll be back in a more refined state of consciousness and our perceptual freedoms will be much less limited than they are here on earth.

Feel free to believe in life after death or not, but if you don’t, you won’t appreciate this report or the plentiful other reports that have preceded it.

I’ve published all of these reports under the name The Spirit World Chronicles, and I’d like to pick them back up with a discussion about the manner in which departed souls convene with their loved ones in the fourth-dimensional realm known as the ‘Borderlands’.

Those of you who kept up with my previous reports about life after death will know that the Borderlands is the initial fourth-dimensional realm a departed soul goes to, and it’s in this realm that they’re able to realize they’ve physically died and adjust to the conditions of the fourth dimension, which are quite different from the earth’s.

It’s been said that the fourth dimension resembles the third in some ways, but in others, it’s completely different. This can especially be said for the higher fourth-dimensional realms, which we’ll eventually study, but for this report, we’ll stick to the Borderlands, which we still have a lot to learn about.

One of the things we have yet to learn about the Borderlands is that departed spirits communicate with their fellow departed loved ones there, and we’re going to learn about this natural phenomenon here.

Personally, I have a few departed family members who I can envision meeting up and hanging out in the Borderlands and beyond, and if nothing else, the material we’ll examine from our channeled sources in the fourth dimension is comforting to those who’ve wondered if the consciousness of the people they’ve lost is still intact.

It is, but just where an individual goes when their body dies depends on their actions in life; how they chose to live and treat others. Living in love will almost always guarantee a positive experience of the ‘afterlife’, but living for greed and hatred could make the experience more difficult.

This isn’t because there’s some stern judge who appoints us to the place that’s best for us based on those actions when we die – it’s because we create our reality, in the third and fourth dimensions, and we’ll naturally gravitate to whatever qualities we fed on earth, whether they were lighted or considerably darker.

With all of this said, we’ll examine some quotes from our fourth-dimensional sources about the meetings that take place between newly departed spirits and their loved ones who passed away before them.

Mike Swain tells us that his family was there for him when he passed on.

“All our family, even the ones we didn’t know when we were on the earth, were here to welcome us. They made us feel wanted and very much at home!” (1)

Donald Macleod tells us about the rejoicing that took place as someone he knew arrived in the Borderlands.

“All were rejoicing at the return of the wanderer.” (2)

A sailor who passed away tells us that his father was there for him when he entered spirit.

“Dad came to me soon after I realised [I was dead] and we had a great time together. It seems queer to call him Dad, he’s younger than I am now, at least he looks it.” (3)

It’s interesting to think that certain characters we were familiar with in life will change their form to appear younger in spirit, but it makes perfect sense. Why remain old if you can be young again? It might’ve been confusing for the sailor to perceive his father in such a way, but I’m sure it didn’t stop him from recognizing the man.

No matter what age they are, it’d be hard not to recognize our own family!

W.T. Stead, who passed away on the Titanic, describes what it was like to walk around with his father and another friend.

“I found myself in company with two old friends, one of them my father. He came to be with me, to help and generally show me round. It was like nothing else so much as merely arriving in a foreign country and having a chum to go around with. That was the principal sensation.

“The scene from which we had so lately come (the Titanic) was already well relegated to the past. Having accepted the change of death, all the horror of our late experience had gone.” (4)

The grief Stead felt as he physically died was replaced with pure joy and wonder at the realm he was now experiencing, he shares.

“It might have been fifty years ago instead of, perhaps, only last night. Consequently our pleasure in the new land was not marred by grief at being parted from earth friends.

“I will not say that none were unhappy, many were; but that was because they did not understand the nearness of the two worlds; they did not know what was possible, but to those who understood the possibilities, it was in a sense the feeling, ‘Let us enjoy a little of this new land before mailing our news home’; therefore there was little grief on our arrival. (5)

It’d be difficult not to be a little disappointed or depressed given that they’d just left their friends and family on earth, but the interesting new realm they were now in, as well as their realization that death isn’t the end of life, probably helped alleviate some of the emotional pain.

It’d take a master not to be upset at the time of their death, but this passage from Stead goes to show that grief doesn’t have to overtake the recently deceased.

Again, it comes down to how one chooses to live their life on earth, and if they embrace love and selflessness, they’ll have a much easier time adjusting to the fourth dimension and they might even be able to communicate with a receptive medium on earth if they practice.

Communicating with an earthly medium can be just as difficult in the fourth dimension as connecting with a fourth-dimensional soul is on earth, but with love in one’s heart and the willingness to explore their abilities, anything’s possible – especially from the other side of the veil.

A lot of things about Stead’s experience was similar to his experiences on earth, he admits, including he and his father’s clothing.

“My father and I, with my friend also, set out immediately. A curious thing struck me. I was clothed exactly as I had been, and it seemed a little strange to me to think I had brought my clothing with me! …

“My father was also dressed as I had always known him. Everything and everybody appeared to be quite normal – quite as on earth.

“We went out together and had refreshment at once, and, naturally, that was followed by much discussion about our mutual friends on both sides. I was able to give them news and they gave me information about our friends and also about the conditions ruling in this new country.” (6)

Stead also shares two revelations that I personally think are important. One is that everyone we’ve ever loved who passed away will be waiting for us in the fourth dimension, and the other is that animal products aren’t consumed there.

“When the newly arrived have had many friends, relatives, or those whom they have loved on this side, they find them waiting for them. [Dad and I] stayed [in a domed building] some time and had refreshment very similar, it seemed to me, to what I had always known, only there was no flesh food.

“Everything appeared quite normal there, too, and the absence of some things which would on earth have been present was not noticed.

“The curious thing was that the meal did not seem at all a necessity – it was there, and we all partook of it lightly, but it was more from habit than need – I seemed to draw much more strength and energy out of the atmosphere itself. This I attributed to the color and air.” (7)

It goes without saying that eating’s basically unnecessary in the higher realms.

Why eat as a necessity if you no longer have a physical body that requires food for nourishment? As Stead admitted, he and those around him ate the food more out of habit than anything else, and when we’re back in the higher realms, we’ll find that we only eat healthy, uplifting foods for personal enjoyment.

We wouldn’t need to eat an apple or a mango, but we’d do so out of sheer enjoyment and appreciation for their good taste and their uplifting vibration. We obviously won’t need or want to consume animal products of any kind, and those who do want to consume them can create them all day long before they eventually become undesirable.

Nothing’s necessarily forbidden or prohibited in the fourth dimension (such as eating meat), but we’ll naturally resonate with the vibration our desires are on. If we want to eat meat, for example, we might be required to lower our vibration to a state of consciousness where it’s more acceptable or required.

We aren’t prohibited from eating meat, but everything boils down to vibration – no matter what realm we’re in.

Stead shares that the place he had the meal with his father at was a ‘resting home’ for the recently deceased.

“Looked upon as a meal – a lunch out – it was the longest one I have ever known and without question the most interesting. I learnt a great deal in those first few hours with my father. It was all conversational, but it was of great use to me and of vast interest.

“He explained to me that the place we were then in was a temporary rest house, one of many, but the one most used by newly-arrived spirit people. It was nearest to earth conditions and was used because it resembled an earth place in appearance.

“There were other buildings used for the same purpose as well as for other purposes; by that I mean there is more than one of each.” (8)

Again, some fourth-dimensional realms like the Borderlands closely mirror the earth, while others are almost nothing like this world. The fifth dimension, which obviously lays beyond the fourth, is so unlike the third and fourth that it’s basically unperceivable.

It’s on its own level, as are the higher fourth-dimensional realms, but the recently deceased are taken to realms that are comfortable and familiar so they can gradually learn about their new dimensional home and adjust from there.

They’re given all of the assistance they require to adjust, and while it can be difficult for some, it’s probably much easier for others who either believed in life after death on earth or, as I said earlier, made a continuous decision to live selflessly and embody positive, loving qualities.

I’ll continue to faithfully and passionately write more Spirit World Chronicles installments, because I’ve been through a lot of things that affirmed my connection with the other side and my desire to know just what it’s like.

Plenty of my relatives, some distant and some considerably closer, have found a home in these realms and now look upon me and the rest of my family, so I’m excited to learn what their new homes are like and, if possible, how they’re adjusting.

Maybe some of you have similar desires, and the installments we’ll read in the weeks and months ahead will continue to shed light on this fascinating subject. The main purpose of these reports is to display that death isn’t the scary monster it’s been made out to be, and in most cases, the departed are just as alive as they’ve always been.

They’re obviously in a very different place, but most of them are thriving in ways they would’ve never been able to on earth.

People who went through dysfunctional lives on earth could very well thrive in the fourth dimension after a little bit of work and patience on the part of their transition guides, and no matter what, we’ll all eventually thrive in the higher realms.

We’ll eventually be back with all of our departed friends and family, and when we are, the fun can really begin.


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