Leaving the Body Before Death

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

I was going to use this installment to talk about the sometimes sudden and violent nature of death (which isn’t the fault of death itself but the circumstances at the time of it) but instead, I’d like to jump ahead and examine some material about the idea that some people leave their bodies before the moment of death takes place.

We’ve examined the significance of the silver cord’s severance to the death of the body and the release of the spirit, and here, we’re going to take a look at the apparent detachment from the body that can take place before it dies.

Like we’ve learned already, the best way to pass on is to do it gently, gracefully, and with full understanding of the transition before, during, and after it takes place, but in certain cases, an initiate will apparently leave their body ahead of time.

The soul’s release is planned and coordinated, and I can only hypothesize that leaving the body before it dies is in the contract of the souls who do it.

Julia Ames introduces this idea in our first quote.

“Some [whom I have spoken to] say that they left the body before it ceased to breathe.” (1)

Speaking about a recently departed soul, spirit control Quan Tse tells us that the spirit left the body before it died.

“He lost control of the car and went out of his body before the [fatal] accident.” (2)

So far, we have two cases of people whose etheric bodies departed the physical before the silver cord’s severance ‘officially’ took place. I’d imagine the cord is severed in these cases just like it is in normal circumstances, but for some people, it seems to happen sooner.

I’m not sure why, but perhaps we’ll find out as we explore this material.

Mike Swain starts telling us about his unfortunate but interesting experience of death.

“I see a black car coming towards us. As it approaches us, I see this other car coming behind it. I can see this other car clearly, because it is in the middle of the road, trying to pass the black car.

“Nina [Merrington, the medium channeling Mike Swain] paused a moment, and then said: ‘The sun is glaring on the windscreen of the black car, and reflecting back into my eyes. I can see nothing but a bright silver radiance. It is blinding me.’

“All of a sudden, the radiance changes from silver to gold. I am being lifted up in the air, out through the top of the car. I grab little Heather’s hand. She too is being lifted up out of the car.” (3)

So far, it seems as if Mike was able to experience an amazingly peaceful (and colorful) transition, leaving the pain and sorrow in the lower dimensions where they’ve always existed. Even though his death was tragic, he was at least able to have an amazing experience along the way, which we’ll continue learning about below.

Mike continues, telling us that he was actually lifted out of his body before his accident took place. This quote is given from Mike’s point of view as well the person who wrote the book he spoke in.

“‘We have been lifted thirty feet above the Mini. And in one horrifying second, I see the little Mini and this large car collide head-on. There is a noise like the snapping of steel banjo strings. The little Mini bounces right off the highway, right over into the gravel verge. It is finally brought to a halt in a cloud of dust when it hits a giant anthill….’

“Nina stopped, obviously too agitated to continue.

“What impressed her listeners was the fact that [their son] Mike [who is speaking through Nina] had never seen the other vehicle until after the silver light had changed to gold. He and Heather had felt no sense of impact.

“They had suffered no pain. Just a gentle ascent into the air. ‘We feel vaguely sorry that this thing should have happened to them. And we both fully understand that we are, now, so far as mortals are concerned, dead.’” (4)

This is an incredible account, in my opinion.

No pain was suffered, beyond the shock of watching their car get hit from up in the air, and the only trauma was realizing that they were now apart from their friends and family on earth. This is probably the ideal way for anyone who dies in traumatic circumstances to go – without feeling any of the pain or fear they could cause.

Even though it’d be best not to pass away in dark or tragic circumstances, if one was going to do so, it might as well be in a way that either lightens or completely removes all of the pain that’d make their transition harder to understand and come to terms with.

Mike then tells us that eventually, he became aware of the shining faces of departed friends and family.

“‘We are also both aware that a lot of people have begun to gather round us. They are dressed in glorious colors. We recognize familiar faces, the faces of friends who passed beyond the earth before us. We are still hand in hand; now, guided by the one who first lifted us into the air, the two of us sweep towards the skies. We drift above the two round hills known as the Breasts of Sheba.’

“In heartfelt joy, the [parents] listened, transported by the fact that the passing had involved neither fear … nor suffering.” (5)

It must be comforting for any parent with a departed child to know that they didn’t suffer, especially if tragic circumstances are involved in their passing, and I can only imagine the level of ease Mike’s parents were able to feel when they learned this.

I think it’s comforting to know that even a gruesome death can be a much different experience for the soul going through it than their friends and loved ones. Death seems like such a tragic thing because we feel like we’re losing someone forever, but in reality, they live on peacefully. Some of them whose deaths were painful might not have even felt it!

According to Mike, every gruesome death is painless for the soul experiencing it. I should mention that some accounts have mentioned feeling pain that ceased when the soul left the body, but death generally seems to be a painless experience no matter the circumstance.

“My actual passing I have already described to you. Both Heather and I were lifted out of our bodies before the collision. There was no pain, no shock. This process is the same in all and every form of violent death. It appears violent from your end; believe me, it is only from your end; never from ours!” (6)

Like we learned before, death entails a lifting of the pain and fear that could be experienced before it, and once a soul is free from the mortal bonds that would’ve kept them feeling the pain, they nearly forget about it as they enjoy the bliss the fourth dimension has to offer and explore their unfolding perception.

The bliss of the realms beyond probably makes up for any and all pain that could result from the circumstances surrounding death, but again, those who are lifted out of their body before it seem to be the most fortunate because they don’t have to deal with any pain whatsoever.

Can you imagine what it’d be like to be in a human body one minute and feel an indescribable sense of higher-dimensional bliss as you see departed relatives the next?

Mike expands on this idea, telling us about the actual process of assisting a soul who’s about to experience a violent transition with leaving their body beforehand.

“When [the transition guides] are given a case where two cars are about to collide, for example, we lower our vibrations until that soul can actually see us: thus his attention is diverted from the violence about to engulf him. Once we are sure that nothing more can be done to avert his death, we take him by his hands and lift him out of his earthly body.” (7)

In these cases, the initiate’s guides will apparently distract them from the chaotic and potentially fear inducing circumstances that are about to cause their transition. I have a feeling that the karma of each individual is taken into consideration before any decisive action is taken, and sometimes, the moment of death can be used to lighten one’s karma.

Someone who mercilessly killed or tortured others in one life, for example, could lighten their karma by experiencing a particularly painful or chaotic death. I’m not saying this is the brightest or cheeriest topic to get into, and it makes sense that most people are enabled to completely escape the pain that could otherwise engulf them.

In our final quote, Mike tells us about the help he gave a high schooler who transitioned shortly after him.

“Do you recall the young high school boy who was killed in Durban in circumstances similar to mine?

“Dad, we were there; it was us who helped him over. He and I had known each other casually while we were both alive so he was relieved and, believe you me, delighted to see me! He knew that I had already passed over, but it still took him a little while to realize the significance of it, when I showed him the mess made by the two cars after they had collided!” (8)

I wonder how difficult it is to understand that death’s taken place if one starts seeing departed friends around them. You think it’d be obvious, but for some people, the spell of illusion is too strong to accept that death isn’t the end of life and that they’re genuinely experiencing consciousness in another, higher place.

Everyone comes around eventually, and the seekers who brush up on life after death are able to understand and perhaps even enjoy their transition. We’re believed to be evolving through the fourth dimension (where we go when we die) and into the fifth, which means we might not get the chance to pass on again, but just in case, we’re getting an idea of what to expect.

In the next installment, we’ll examine the widespread assistance souls are given when they first reach the realms of Nirvana.

Apparently, living a basically good life will equate to a lot of love and guidance when a soul passes on, but living a life of greed and darkness will intensify those lower circumstances and cut the soul off from their guides until they can find it in themselves to embrace a higher way.

We still have a wealth of material to examine, and I look forward to dozens more reports about the transition into the fourth dimension and everything that has to do with it. The various movements through the ages that have been focused on spirit communication have delivered volumes of mind-opening information about the realms beyond, and I aim to help expand on this information.

For me, the point of writing about this is to get the channeled teachings about the fourth dimension out to a growing audience of seekers who are ready to know all about it, the fifth dimension, and the endless states of consciousness beyond. I strive to help purify our perception of death, and I also want to share the incredible teachings of these channels, some of which are nearly a century old.

People have been actively exploring the realms beyond for longer than most seekers think, and we’re here to expand on the spiritual teachings we’ve been given as we help all of humanity become aware of them. Writing about the fourth dimension seems appropriate to me, given the belief that we’re moving through it with each day that passes.

Wes Annac – Excited to write about spirit until writing becomes an outdated method of expression (then, we can chat telepathically).


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5 thoughts on “Leaving the Body Before Death”

  1. In africa we r told of hardship, segregation from your loved ones if you did no follow the african culture or goat slaughter etc once you are on the other side. How is that possible, why punish a soul for the sins of the flesh?


  2. The most credible cases of people leaving their bodies before death (or more accurately termed, “near-death”) comes from people who experience physical trauma so severe, in most cases it would result in death, but instead results in a near-death experience. A good example of this is the case of Estela Vera from Riverside, California, whose NDE was profiled on the TV program “Unsolved Mysteries”. According to their web page:

    “On March 30, 1991, she was with her son and daughter when they saw an ice cream truck being robbed. Her daughter went to call the police while her son went to try and fight off the robber, who was also fighting the driver. The robber then drove the truck into Estela and she was knocked unconscious and nearly died. When she regained consciousness, she told about a man who was in front of the truck, whom she believed was an angel. She claimed that as the truck was coming toward her she began praying and saw a beautiful smiling man heading in front of it, and that he helped save her life.”

    According to my notes about this accident, Estela was sandwiched between an automobile and the ice cream truck when the ice cream truck slammed into her. She was in a coma for a long time and was not expected to live. She mentioned feeling no pain at all from the impact of the ice cream truck because before it hit her, she was out of her body and was in the arms of the angel which suddenly appeared before her. Also, at no time did she refer to this being as “a man”. She always referred to the being as an angel.

    The case of Estela Vera is typical of NDEs involving extreme trauma. But there is another case which is more in line with your article about people leaving their body before irreversible death. In the wonderful book by Robert J. Grant about mystical experiences, NDEs, and the Edgar Cayce readings, entitled “Universe of Worlds,” the author documented the testimony of a woman named Jan Manette who had a very interesting mystical experience during the September 11th terrorist attack.

    Jan was two weeks into her new job as a Pentagon consultant and was late for work on that fateful morning of September 11th. For some strange reason she didn’t hear her alarm clock go off which made her late and in a panic. She was under stress because of her new job and, on top of that, she was now late which made her even more stressed.

    As she was fighting the Washington DC traffic, she became relieved when she finally saw the Pentagon building. But she immediately became afraid when she saw something hovering over the building that also brought her a feeling of dread over her. She saw what looked like a huge, black, oval mass or cloudlike thing on top of the Pentagon building. She knew that it wasn’t a cloud or smoke because of its shape. It was oval, symmetrical and perfectly still and looking at it made her feel awful because, more than anything, it appeared to be evil. Stranger still, above this black oval mass was a brilliant oval white mass which made the whole thing look a little like the Chinese yin-yang symbol. What Jan saw before the plane crashed into the Pentagon was “the most powerful, unexplainable thing I’ve ever seen.”

    Within a minute of seeing this evil black mass over the Pentagon, she saw the plane that was filled with innocent people and being flown by some terrorists heading straight for the Pentagon. She said that it was like seeing something totally incomprehensible. Before the plane crashed, she felt as if everything went into slow motion, literally, as though she was watching a movie in slow motion. The plane was still some distance from the Pentagon when all at once she saw these round sphere-like orbs of light rising up out of the plane. Dozens of them came out of the plane, and then it seemed as if hundreds of them rose out of the roof of the Pentagon. Everything was in slow motion except those round lights. Then they zoomed upward in a sort of spiral motion – all of them together – upward through that awful blackness and then they disappeared into the whiteness.

    In a flash of instantaneous knowing, she was divinely reassured that those orbs of light were the souls of those who were about to die in the terrorist crash. She said she knew that their souls were removed from their bodies before the actual crash into the Pentagon.

    Jan talked with other witnesses to the terrorist attack and no one seems to have seen what she witnessed. Nevertheless, Jan believes there was a spiritual reason for her having this experience. Had she not slept in that morning she would probably be dead. That day was the beginning of her spiritual life. Although she was glad she wasn’t killed, dealing with the profound survivor’s guilt and post-traumatic stress of witnessing the plane crash, sent her into bouts of depression. Yet the thing that brought her peace about it was seeing the souls of the victims leave for heaven before the plane crashed. She believes that despite the fact that God is unable to stop the terrible things that people do to each others, God is present at the darkest times of traumatic situations. She now knows that God takes care of the souls involved behind the scenes.

    Perhaps Jan survived and witnessed what she did so that this message might be told – although we grieve over the loss of our loved ones who died like this, we can be assured that God provides a safe passage for their souls before the horror. Although what she witnessed didn’t take the horror away, it awakened her to a new understanding that, to the soul, death does not exist. She had seen it with her own eyes.

    As a side note, in my opinion, the black oval shape Jan saw the orbs fly through is most likely the tunnel seen during NDEs. Seeing souls as orbs of light during an NDE have also been reported many, many times in NDE literature.


  3. This will be a bit long and drawn out, but there is a point to this. Saturday at approximately 10:30 am California time. I told my boyfriend I had to leave. I came home to find my neighbor to my other neighbor to call 911. My elderly neighbor Mrs. Vee was sitting to the side in her walker. Listless and unrespnive. My neighbor Justin was holding her to keep her from falling out of the chair. She was throwing up. We gently lowered her to the ground. Checked to see if she was breathing. She was but very shallow stopping at times. I started performing CPR she would take a breath than stop for a few seconds. Wasn’t regular so I continued. During the fourth time when she exhaled I saw her spirit leave her body. It was alot like a breath you would take on a cold day. Say if it was 45 degrees outside. But it was 65 degrees and if it was mist or water vapor than it would’ve occurred during the first or second chest compression right ? Anyways I’m sure of what I saw. I continued CPR though I knew at that moment she wasn’t present. We were still trying and waiting for the paramedics to arrive. She was still unconscious and unresponsive when they arrived. I think, at the time I’m writing this her daughter has taken her off of life support. I writing this so will remember and have an account of what happened. She will be missed, she was a nice lady.


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