More on the Presence of Deceased Friends and Family

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Previously, we examined the idea that a lot of people are guided through their physical deaths by departed friends, family, and other fourth-dimensional helpers, and we’re going to pick that discussion back up here.

We’ve been given a lot of channeled accounts of the experience of death, and plenty has been said about the extent to which we’re able to perceive our friends and family before, during, and after our transition.

I’m sure some people don’t meet with their friends and family directly before their time comes, but the wealth of material we’ve been given about life after death certainly advocates the idea that initiates are greeted by their loved ones who’ve already crossed over – in some cases, before the body even ceases to live.

While the body’s still alive, some people will report seeing their friends and loved ones, as if they were there to help the initiate pass on in an easier and more free-flowing way. Can you imagine how relieving it’d be to find out that death isn’t the end directly before you were about to go?

This is probably the reason for the presence of departed friends and family at the time of death. They want the initiates to know that they aren’t ceasing to live, but readying themselves for a much greater life, and what better way to do so than to actually appear before them, in full etheric form, right before they go?

If I passed on before our collective evolution reached its peak, I’d hope some of my departed friends and family were there to make the transition smoother. Whether they’d be with me at the beginning of the transition or not, I’d eventually be able to perceive them after I made my way to the fourth dimension.

I won’t worry about any of that, though, because like the rest of you, I’m in it for the long haul. I’m ready, willing, and excited to be on this earth for as long as it takes to build a new society, and I think the only time I’ll be in the fourth dimension is when I and we all are passing through it in preparation for our entrance into the fifth.

With that said, there are a lot of souls in the fourth dimension, many of whom made their way there after physically perishing and leaving the third behind. People have departed to the fourth dimension in various interesting ways, and like we learned before, no two transitions are alike.

Everyone experiences death differently, but one common theme that ties every death together is the place we go when our bodies perish. The etheric body lives on and, in fact, takes on a far more expansive life than it lived when it was in a body on earth.

First, we’re going to examine the account of one ‘Horace Treubel’ who witnessed the presence of some of his departed friends shortly before he made his way to the other side. A woman named ‘Flora’ speaks in this account, and she describes Horace’s experiences before passing.

“All day on August 28th Horace [had been] very low-spirited. He had been brought in from the veranda but was now absolutely radiant. ‘Look, look, Flora, quick, quick, he is going!’ ‘What, where, Horace, I do not see anyone.’ ‘Why, just over the rock, Walt appeared, head and shoulders and hat on in a golden glory; brilliant and splendid.

“He reassured me, beckoned to me, and spoke to me. I heard his voice but did not understand all he said: only ‘Come on.’ All the rest of the evening Horace was uplifted and happy. …. (1)

The account continues: “On the night of September 3rd Horace was very low. Then he said: ‘I hear Walt’s voice, he is talking to me.’ I said: ‘What does he say?’ He said: ‘Walt says: “Come on, come on, come on.”‘ After a time he said: ‘Flora, I see them all about me, Bob and Bucke and Walt and the rest.’” (2)

Horace was first able to witness the presence of ‘Walt’, someone he was obviously close with when the man was alive, and not too long after that, he was able to witness the presence of various other departed people from earlier in his life who encouraged him to release his attachment to his physical body and join them on the other side.

Some people might think it’s strange that departed loved ones would encourage us to let go of our body and essentially let it die, but for the most part, I think our loved ones would be concerned with making sure we don’t prolong any physical pain or suffering before we get to the other side.

It isn’t that our loved ones would encourage us to let ourselves die, but they’d probably be very excited to see us and very adamant that we don’t need to prolong the temporary and transitory pain that ultimately brings us to them. If you were on the other side, waiting for someone to join you, would you want them to go through undue pain or misery?

I certainly wouldn’t, and I’d do anything I could to get them to come on over to the realms where pain and fear are things of the past instead of watching them suffer. Especially if they had a prolonged illness, I’d commit myself to being there for them, helping them realize that death isn’t the end, and showing them what awaits.

‘Colonel Cosgrave’ outlines his experience watching Horace pass on, telling us that Horace’s eyes were fixed on a certain point above him before he went.

“On the last night, about 3 a.m., [Horace Treubel] grew perceptibly weaker and his eyes opened, staring towards the further side of the bed, his lips moved, endeavoring to speak; his eyes remained riveted on a point some three feel above the bed. My eyes were at last drawn irresistibly to the same point in the darkness.” (3)

My eyes would be drawn to that point too if I watched someone who was about to pass on stare at it intently. Knowing the things they do, most seekers wouldn’t need to wonder exactly what it is the person is focusing on, but someone with less spiritual knowledge or experience might be a little confused.

The departed person’s probably seeing their friends, relatives, and guides as they’re beckoned to join them in a much more liberated state of consciousness. It must be great for a spiritually aware person to be with someone who’s gently passing (as long as the passing’s expected beforehand) because they’d certainly know what’s going on.

Colonel Cosgrave continues, telling us that the ‘Walt’ figure who initially amazed Horace actually appeared before both of them.

“Slowly the point at which we were both looking grew gradually brighter, a light haze appeared, spreading until it assumed bodily form and took the likeness of Walt Whitman, standing upright beside the bed, a rough tweed jacket on, an old felt hat upon his head, and his right hand in his pocket, similar to a number of his portraits.

“He was gazing down at [Horace], a kindly reassuring smile upon his face, he nodded twice as though reassuringly, the features quite distinct for at least a full minute, then gradually faded from sight.” (4)

It warms my heart that Horace’s friend was able to be there for him so many times before his passing.

I can only repeat that it must be wonderfully comforting to see old friends and family on the other side before one passes on, and I hope the loving assistance Horace’s ol’ buddy Walt gave him enabled him to enjoy his transition and adjust to the other side easily.

Of course, I’ve never met either of the men and couldn’t say for sure, but I can say that Horace isn’t alone in his experience.

He’s one of many people who were able to witness the presence of departed friends and loved ones before transitioning, and from what I understand, the intention in appearing before someone is to quell their fears and reassure them that death isn’t the end.

Death is a new beginning, but it can be hard not to be scared if you’re on your deathbed, about the face the reaper. This is where departed friends and relatives come in, and personally, I think it’s wonderful that they’re able to be there for initiates in such a direct and reassuring way.

Rev. C. Drayton Thomas tells us about the discarnate voices of his children he heard shortly before passing.

“Then the atmosphere seemed to become light around me and I heard voices, but they were not the voices of the people on earth. They were the voices of my two dear boys, the voices I had not heard for many long years. I did not feel impatient. I knew they were there and that I should not lose them again. I was content to wait until I should be able to speak to them.” (5)

It makes sense that Thomas’ children would be the first to greet him, and I can only imagine how comforting it was to hear his kids again after years and years without them.

Children, adults, and anyone else we were close with in life will be there for us when the time comes, and even though most of us expect to evolve instead of passing on, if the time were to come unexpectedly, we’d be given all of the love and assistance we need.

I think it’s especially heartwarming that a man’s departed children would be there for him on his deathbed. That has to feel better than anything else, and it’s interesting that Thomas wasn’t in a rush to see them. I don’t know if I could maintain his composure in those circumstances!

Thomas continues, telling us that he heard numerous discarnate voices, the closest of which were his children.

“I did not feel that wild joy, that great elation, that I had always expected to feel. I was not in the state for it, but felt heavy, stupid and sleepy, yet at peace and full of confidence and quiet happiness knowing they were round me. Now and again I heard the voices of people actually in the room with me. The nearer voices were those of my boys.” (6)

Even though Thomas heard the voices of people who’d long left him for greener pastures, he wasn’t in any rush to see them because of the physical heaviness he was still under. He was able to be at peace with his life and his death, because he knew that something much better was waiting for him on the other side.

He was leaving his friends and family on earth behind, but he was going to a place where everyone he’d ever lost is alive and well, helping other earthly souls through their experiences. Realizing that everyone who went before you is alive in in blissfully liberated state of consciousness probably all-out replaces any fear of death.

Thomas also tells us about the sudden burst of consciousness and clarity he was able to enjoy before falling back asleep again.

“After a time of unconsciousness I seemed to have become clearer quite suddenly. It was like a burst of sunshine and I looked. I seemed able to move my eyes quite suddenly and in the burst of sight and light I saw my boys, my brothers, and many others round me. I think this was only for a moment or two and then I must have gone to sleep again.” (7)

I didn’t realize that some people will blink in and out of the clearheaded, etheric consciousness we reenter when we die, but it makes sense. Physical death, while benevolent, is probably a very draining process, and I’d imagine most people need a lot of ‘time’ to rest and relax after they go through it.

We’ve heard about the etheric slumber a lot of people experience right after death, and it probably has to do with the hectic circumstances surrounding their life and death, as well as the draining process of leaving the physical body as it perishes.

However difficult or tiresome the process may be, when a soul wakes up from their etheric slumber, the work really begins. The soul-level transformation is really enabled when the initiate wakes up, because then, they can greet their friends and family and adjust to their newer and purer state of consciousness.

A lot of work probably needs done for them to adjust, but once they do, they can help others in their adjustments or offer their service in plenty of other important and helpful ways.

Thomas then tells us about the advice his sons gave him when he initially awoke in the fourth dimension.

“I knew nothing more then and so suppose that it was just before leaving my body that I had that burst of light. I remember waking gradually on this side and hearing my sons say: ‘Be quiet and don’t try to think.’” (8)

His sons probably encouraged him not to think too hard because he’d just completed the draining process of death. I know death’s a benevolent process, but can you imagine how disconcerting it is, especially to someone who doesn’t know it’s the end of life?

I probably wouldn’t want to think too much either – I’d just want to relax and enjoy my new state of consciousness and the perceptual wonders I could experience. Too much mental activity is probably draining in the fourth dimension, even though it’s been called the ‘mental plane’, and emotional/spiritual thought is probably much more prevalent and efficient.

In the realms beyond, feeling replaces thinking. Spirit and emotion (positive or negative depending on each soul) pervade reality instead of the mental activity that seems to dominate the third dimension, and a lot of people who pass on to the fourth dimension are probably encouraged not to think too heavily at first.

One thing’s for sure: the mind would have a hard time wrapping itself around the conditions of the etheric realms.

Now, we’re going to examine the account of Joy Snell, who watched a young woman pass away in the hospital she (Joy) worked at.

I should mention that Joy apparently possessed a greater psychic perspective than most people on earth, and while everyone can access these abilities, she was apparently able to witness a host of psychic phenomena in a way that most people currently can’t.

What Joy says here is intended to support the idea that departed friends and family are with initiates at the time of death, and needless to say, there are plenty of other examples beyond what we’ll read here.

If we tried, and I mean really tried, we could examine all of them, but for now, we’ll stick to Joy’s account(s) and that of the other people we’ll hear from here.

Joy begins: “It was about six months after I began to work in the hospital that it was revealed to me that the dying often really do see those who have come from the realms of spirit life to welcome them on their entrance into another state of existence.

“The first time I received this ocular proof was at the death of L-, a sweet girl of seventeen, who was a personal friend of mine. She was a victim of consumption. She suffered no pain, but the weariness that comes from extreme weakness and debility was heavy upon her and she yearned for rest.” (9)

‘L’ was clearly about to pass on, and weakness had overpowered her, soon to be replaced with the exuberance that comes with waking up in spirit. The initial stages of death are probably very difficult, especially for someone like Joy, who was a friend of L’s.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to watch a close friend perish, but understanding the eternal nature of consciousness could potentially make the whole thing easier. It certainly wouldn’t eliminate the sting, but it’d soften the circumstances a little bit.

Knowing that death isn’t the end has helped me through difficult times, and learning about the deaths of people who were close can be much easier if we keep in mind that they live on in another place. We’re all exactly where we’re meant to be, even if some of us are meant to be in the fourth dimension instead of on the earth.

I’m not saying it isn’t unfortunate, but ultimately, it’s part of the divine plan.

Joy continues, telling us that she eventually grew to perceive two ‘angels’ near L who were close with her when they were alive.

“A short time before she expired I became aware that two spirit forms were standing by the bedside, one on either side of it. I did not see them enter the room; they were standing by the bedside when they first became visible to me, but I could see them distinctly as I could any of the human occupants of the room.

“In my own thoughts I have always called these bright beings from another world, angels*, and as such I shall hereafter speak of them. I recognized their faces as those of two girls who had been the closest friends of the girl who was dying. They had passed away a year before and were then about her own age.” (10)

Whether or not she perceived them, L was in the company of two friends who’d also recently passed away. This is similar to the account of Mike Swain, which we examined last time and which professed that Mike was able to help two teenagers who perished in a car accident shortly after he did.

Departed friends and relatives are very intent on being there for their dying loved ones, and I’d be just as interested in being there if I was in the situation of someone who perished and discovered life after death. Imagine how exciting it’d be to be there for someone who was about to cross over and have the honor of informing them that they’re going to live on.

That’d be one of the greatest missions a discarnate seeker could task themselves with, and it’d probably accelerate their evolution too. They’d probably reach newer strides along their growth by being there for someone who passed away, because they’d gain the compassionate experience that’s essential to reaching a higher state of consciousness.

A lot of fourth-dimensional souls are involved in the evolutionary path, and they’d obviously do anything they could to progress up the ladder of consciousness. It must be an honor to help someone through their deaths, and it raises the consciousness of the person who does it and makes it easier for them to welcome a higher vibration.

What more could you ask for?

Joy also tells us that when L grew too weak to physically see, her etheric senses kicked in and she was able to perceive her departed friends.

“Just before they appeared the dying girl exclaimed: ‘It has grown suddenly dark; I cannot see anything.’ But she recognized them immediately. A smile, beautiful to see, lit up her face. She stretched forth her hands and in joyous tones exclaimed: ‘Oh, you have come to take me away! I am glad, for I am very tired.’” (11)

I wonder how many doctors and nurses have experienced the phenomenon of patients talking to people who aren’t ‘really’ there – departed friends and family who’d come from the etheric to help them home. Most doctors probably shake it off, given the dominant Darwinian mindset that death is the end, but after so long, the proof has to be undeniable.

We can only deny the existence of an afterlife for so long before we have to start exploring its possibility, and hopefully, the experiences a lot of doctors have had in witnessing their dying patients communicating with deceased relatives have opened them up to the idea that something exists beyond this reality.

It’d be easy for a lot of doctors to convince themselves their dying patient’s just bonkers, but again, the truth can only be denied for so long before we become aware.

Joy then tells us that L happily reached her hands out to be taken away by her friends.

“As she stretched forth her hands the two angels extended each a hand, one grasping the dying girl’s right hand; the other her left hand. Their faces were illumined by a smile more radiantly beautiful even [than] that of the face of the girl who was so soon to find the rest for which she longed.

“She did not speak again, but for nearly a minute her hands remained outstretched, grasped by the hands of the angels, and she continued to gaze at them with the glad light in her eyes and the smile on her face.” (12)

It’s interesting that the ‘angels’ actually stretched their hands out for Joy to grab. Even though the whole thing was probably more for show (for Joy’s and L’s benefit) L’s friends literally brought her into the fourth dimension by stretching out their etheric hands and encouraging her to take them.

I wonder how many other experiences have been like this – how many other people actually stretched their hands out to grasp the etheric hands of those who passed before them. It has to be a rare experience, but then again, maybe it isn’t as rare as we’d expect.

Maybe spirit’s here for us in a much greater and more direct way than we realize – direct enough that we can actually reach for it when the time comes. It’s certainly worth thinking about, and it again makes me wonder what it’s like for unaware doctors, nurses, etc. who experience these things.

“I saw my patient stretch her hands out with a smile on her face just before she passed, and she was writhing in pain and agony beforehand. Maybe there is something to this whole ‘life after death’ thing…”

Call me a dreamer, but I have a feeling that a lot of doctors, especially ER doctors, have awakened to the reality of life after death. Plenty more will awaken in due time, as long as we keep at our efforts to raise awareness of the spiritual reality of our existence.

Joy outlines the rest of L’s passing, which was sad for her parents but delightful for L herself.

“Her father, mother, and brother, who had been summoned that they might be present when the end came, began to weep bitterly, for they knew that she was leaving them. From my heart there went up a prayer that they might see what I [saw] but they could not.

“The angels seemed to relax their grasp of the girl’s hands, which then fell back on the bed. A sigh came from her lips, such as one might give who resigns himself gladly to a much needed sleep, and in another moment she was what the world calls dead. But that sweet smile with which she had first recognized the angels was still stamped on her features.” (13)

L was carried off into a wave of bliss (or sleep), and she was very fortunate to have her two friends by her side, leading her through her passing in as gentle and graceful of a way as possible. After a life of pain and hardship, passing in such a way must be indescribably wonderful, and I’m happy for L and everyone else who’s able to go in a joyous manner.

I think everyone deserves to depart this physical world in the easiest and most graceful way possible, and it’s unfortunate that so many people slip over in such tragic and violent circumstances. It all comes down to the things we choose to do while we’re here, and if our lives are basically good, our passing will probably be great.

Even people who live bad lives can probably experience an easy passing if they let themselves, but apparently, people who are too absorbed in negativity and destruction tend to have a harder time coping with their physical deaths.

Their difficulty’s only temporary, though, and they eventually come to terms with it and enjoy the wonderful spirit life that awaits, which they get to spend with their departed family and their fourth-dimensional guides.

In a heartening quote, Joy describes what it was like to watch L leave the hospital room with her two ‘angel’ friends.

“The two angels remained by the bedside during the brief space that elapsed before the spirit form took shape above the body in which the physical life had ceased. Then they rose and stood for a few moments one on each side of her, who was now like unto themselves. And three angels went from the room where, a short time before, there had been only two.” (14)

Some people will sleep heavily when they initially pass on, but not L.

This girl, who’d apparently been troubled in life, was able to rise majestically and join her two higher-vibrational friends in their etheric travels. In doing so, she probably learned and grew more than she ever did on earth, even though this planet’s believed to be a haven for learning and evolving.

Growth on this planet might be rapid, but it’s far more difficult to spiritually thrive here than it is in the fourth dimension and beyond. Hopefully, L’s a full-on Ascended Master by now and she’s working to help humanity become aware of the amazing things she and plenty of others like her have discovered.

Hopefully, every person who’s troubled on earth is able to have a better life in the fourth dimension, but of course, there are lower fourth-dimensional realms that people create for themselves after living lives of greed, selfishness, and hatred on earth.

Apparently, some higher fourth-dimensional souls will lower their vibration and travel to these realms in an effort to help awaken the people who are lost in them, and I think those people need and deserve the help they’re given.

Every person, on earth and in spirit, who’s stuck in a state of ‘spiritual wickedness’ to quote Bob Marley, deserves divine intervention and the chance to put themselves in a better place. Some people just don’t have it in them to take on this earth experience, and they find the higher fourth-dimensional planes much easier and freer.

I appreciate that people like L who are troubled in life can nearly instantly find redemption when they pass into spirit. It gives me hope for humanity and the broken world around us, because if one person can find redemption when they pass on, then everyone can find redemption if their situation becomes just a little bit easier.

We have the potential, but, of course, we have to be willing to transcend our inner negativity if we want our existence to get any better.

According to Joy, a lot of people who were about to pass on have had experiences similar to L’s.

“I noticed that often, irrespective of the physical conditions or frame of mind of the dying, just before the end came they would seem to recognize some one who was not of those at the bedside and was by the latter unseen.

“I have seen a woman who had been in a comatose state for hours, suddenly open her eyes with a look of glad surprise, stretch forth her hands as though to grasp invisible hands outstretched towards her, and, then, with what seemed like a sigh of relief, expire.” (15)

That’s impressive, and it’s one of those things that more than likely alerts the people who witness it to the reality of life after death. Yes, it’d be easy to write such behavior off as the final, strange episodes of the human brain before it ceases living for good, but a person who’s willing to be open to other possibilities can clearly see what’s going on.

We’d have to be stubborn to deny that something exists beyond this life after witnessing a phenomenon like that.

A lot of doctors are working to spread awareness of life after death, and this has in part to do with the experiences they’ve had with patients who suddenly seemed to perceive departed loved ones or a host of other metaphysical things that are difficult to explain with modern science and medicine.

Something’s clearly out there, and those of you who keep up with my work and that of plenty of others who’ve been writing about this subject know what it is. Others aren’t so fortunate, but this’ll change in time. Awareness is growing far too much for humanity to continue to be in the dark, and I think the existence of the afterlife will become increasingly obvious in the next decade.

We can’t be hidden from the truth for much longer, but we need to be willing to open our minds and hearts to possibilities that were hitherto outside of our physical perception. Not everything can be studied, and in fact, entire universes and realities exist that we’ll never be able to physically perceive or study.

Physicality is the minority in a complex, multilayered existence of spiritual matter, and soon enough, our scientists will be more interested in studying spirit than they’ve ever been.

Joy tells us more about the interesting deathbed phenomena she’s experienced.

“I have seen a man who had been writhing in agony suddenly grow calm, fasten his eyes with an expression of joyful recognition on what to those observing him was only vacancy, and uttering a name in tones of glad greeting, breathe his last breath.” (16)

This man was clearly greeting a departed friend or loved one who’d come to see him off in his final hours of physical life, and it’s interesting how the pain and fear completely dissolve from people who experience this.

The excitement upon discovering the fourth dimension must be wonderful. It has to be incredible to go from worrying about ceasing to exist, to enjoying a much freer and more expanded reality than we ever did on earth, and the presence of friends and relatives from our past probably makes it all the more enjoyable.

Especially for the person who’s convinced themselves death is the end and they’ll never see their departed acquaintances again, actually seeing their faces and realizing that they’re alive and well has to be liberating to say the least.

Not to mention that they’re being readied to exist in spirit when they realize this, and they’ll get to enjoy all of the magnificent things they never thought existed. They certainly do exist, and they wait for all of us to realize it, whether we realize it in life or in spirit.

Joy, who’s clearly very rich in deathbed experience, tells us about another amazing occurrence where a woman who was weak and in pain joyously and excitedly departed with help from her deceased mother.

“I recall the death of a woman who was the victim of that most dreadful disease, malignant cancer. Her sufferings were excruciating, and she prayed earnestly that death might speedily come to her and end her agony.

“Suddenly her sufferings appeared to cease; the expression of her face, which a moment before had been distorted by pain, changed to one of radiant joy. Gazing upwards, with a glad light in her eyes, she raised her hands and exclaimed: ‘Oh, mother dear, you have come to take me home. I am so glad!’ And in another moment her physical life had ceased.” (17)

Aren’t these accounts heartwarming? It’s great to know that our family will not only be with us in death, but will be right by our side to help us through the whole thing. This woman, who was suffering with the awful pain cancer causes, regained all of her joy and youthfulness a moment before she physically ceased to live.

The fact that she mentioned her mother as all of this was happening should cue us in on what really took place. This woman’s mother, who’d obviously departed before her, was there for her in her time of greatest need: the moment of death.

When this woman needed her the most, her mother joyously came from the spirit realms to help her through her painful but ultimately relieving transition.

Her pain wasn’t because of death itself, but because of the cancer that ravaged her body and ultimately caused her death, and when the time came, she was cleansed of her woes and readied to be back in the higher spirit realms, where pain doesn’t and can’t exist.

Cancer sufferers especially must be very relieved when they pass into spirit, because their pain’s lifted from them and replaced with joy, bliss, and livelihood.

The same can be said for anyone who dies of a particularly ravaging illness – their pain’s lifted, depending on their karma, and they open up to a whole new realm that offers far greater and more enjoyable experiences than the earth.

The earth only offers so much spiritual liberation (even though heaven exists here as much as it does anywhere else), whereas in the fourth dimension, spiritual liberation is as common as clean air, which, unfortunately, is on the decline here on earth.

Joy also shares her experience witnessing the death of a soldier whose wartime ailment caused him a lot of pain.

“The memory of another death which occurred about the same time comes back to me. It was that of an old soldier who was in the last stages of tuberculosis, brought on by exposure while fighting his country’s battles. He was brave and patient but had frequent paroxysms of pain that were almost unbearable, and he longed for the relief which he knew death alone could bring him.

“One of these spasms had seized upon him, and his features were convulsed with agony as he fought for breath, when suddenly he grew calm. A smile lit up his face, and, looking upwards, he exclaimed, with a ring of joy in his voice, ‘Marion, my daughter!’ Then the end came.” (18)

I can only say so much about all of these unique yet related experiences, and my mouth’s left hanging open every time I read one of these accounts. It’s just so beautiful; so heartfelt, so inspiring that these peoples’ families were able to be there for them in such a close way at such an intimate time.

It really displays the power of love, in my opinion. Love transcends everything, even physical death! Loves keeps us close to our departed friends and loved ones, who guide and watch over us as we go about this difficult lower-dimensional experience.

Love keeps us together when we think we’ve been separated, and in reality, we’ve never been separate and never will be. We aren’t apart from the people we’ve lost – it only seems that way in this heavy reality. We perceive someone as gone from our lives when they depart the land of the ‘living’, but they aren’t really gone.

Our departed friends and family are here for us right now. They’re looking over our shoulders in this very moment. How does it feel to acknowledge that? To realize that the people we think we’ve lost are actually here, watching over us and making this existence a little easier?

I’m not trying to be reassuring or fluffy here. I’m very serious. Isn’t it incredible to realize that in reality, nobody’s ‘lost’ from our lives? The ‘departed’ are as alive as they’ve ever been, and only when we reach death do most of us realize this, much to our excitement.

Maybe it’s supposed to be that way. Maybe some people aren’t meant to discover spirit until they cease to physically live, but again, if it was up to me, everyone would be aware. Everyone would understand that our reality’s nothing like we’ve been programmed to believe, and this is why I feel so passionate about working for the evolution of humanity.

Joy then corrects the understandable notion that the visions of people who see their departed loved ones when they pass on are products of mental fantasy, which I also addressed earlier in this report.

“[These visitations] are not, as some suppose, a phantom creation of their own imagination on which they gaze so gladly just before death occurs, but a ministering spirit – an angel* – and more highly endowed with life and vitality than those who have not yet undergone the change wrought by death.” (19)

We can call our departed acquaintances ‘angels’ if we want, but no matter what we call them, most of them become lighted spirits and focus not only on helping us evolve, but helping us through our eventual transition into the fourth dimension, especially if it’s particularly difficult or painful.

Our friends and family work very hard to help us when the time comes, and they’re given the assistance of various guides and higher-dimensional ‘angels’ who direct them to the right methods of service and the right places to be for their family on earth.

At a certain point, fourth-dimensional souls probably don’t require the assistance of guides to help their loved ones on earth, and it all depends on what they’re comfortable doing on their own. An amateur fourth-dimensional soul might request a lot of assistance at first, whereas an experienced soul can probably take the wheel and steer, easily and flowingly.

In another one of Joy’s accounts, we’re told about a dying father’s experience perceiving his young, departed son.

“About an hour before [another friend of Joy’s, who was dying of pneumonia,] died he called [his wife] by name and, pointing upwards, said: ‘Look, L-, there is B-! He is waiting for me. And now he smiles and holds out his hands to me. Can’t you see him?’

“’No, dear, I cannot see him,’ she replied, ‘but I know that he is there because you see him.’

“B- was only a child who had been taken from them a year before, when between five and six years of age. I could plainly see the little angel with curly flaxen hair and blue eyes, garbed in what I call the spirit robe. The face was just that of a winsome child, but etherealized and radiant as no earthly faces ever are.” (20)

Even this man’s child was able to be there for him, and this had to feel great for him. I bet he learned a lot that day!

“Not only is death an illusion, but my departed young one’s back with me! What more could I ask for?”

The realms we depart to are much freer; much more liberated, whereas this physical reality harbors a lot of pain and difficulty that harden our perception of life.

I’m happy for every person who’s able to transcend their hardened personalities upon entering spirit, because people who are rooted in negativity run the highest risk of getting lost in the negative and painful aspects of this existence that most people would love to transcend and never see again.

Joy continues, telling us that the father fell asleep for a while after initially seeing his ‘angel’ child.

“The father had been greatly weakened by the ravages of his disease and the joyful emotion occasioned by seeing his angel child seemed to exhaust what little vitality he had left.

“He closed his eyes and sank into a placid sleep. He remained in that state for about an hour, the angel child meanwhile staying poised above the bed with an expression of glad expectancy on his radiant face. Occasionally he looked lovingly at his mother.” (21)

If only his poor mother, who was losing her husband, could’ve seen that adorable little angel child stationed in the room, glancing at her. I don’t know how old this material is, but if she hasn’t already, the mother will eventually be able to see her husband and child again.

I’d imagine the mother could’ve really used a pick-me-up, and I think it’d be neat if people on earth were sometimes able to glimpse spirit like Joy, even for a moment. It’d obviously be too overwhelming for most people, but I think those who can handle it should get to see their departed loved ones at least once, even if the experience is a little startling.

It would be startling, but as long as they could handle it, I think a lot of people would appreciate the opportunity to know that they have a legion of helpers waiting for them in the afterlife, who they were close with but are forced to miss while they’re still alive.

Even a glimpse would be nice, and apparently, a lot of people do receive glimpses in their dreams or late at night, when they wouldn’t expect to be awake. I’ve talked to someone who told me they saw a departed relative in the wee hours of the morning, and this incident occurred a long time after the relative passed.

The relative assured this person they’d always be around, and I was delighted to hear this story given how much life after death interests me. This person and plenty of others have received a welcome confirmation of something we all know deep within, and I’m sure it helps quell the fear that death could be the end of existence.

According to Joy, the ‘angel’ son took the father’s hand after he left his physical body, and the two prepared for their journey into spirit, a place that was brand new to the father.

“The breathing of the dying man grew fainter and fainter until it ceased altogether.

“Then again I witnessed what had now become a familiar spectacle to me – the formation of the spirit body above the discarded earthly body. When it was complete the angel child clasped the hand of the now angel father, each gazed into the eyes of the other with an expression of the tenderest affection, and with faces aglow with joy and happiness they vanished.

“It was indeed a glorious sight! It made death, which nearly everybody regards as something awesome, enshrouded in dark, impenetrable mystery, appear beautiful and beneficent, indeed as the crowning proof of the infinite mercy and unfathomable love of the Heavenly Father.

“Had it not been for the presence of the weeping widow I could have clapped my hands and have sung for very joy.” (22)

I write a lot about spirit, but I certainly haven’t witnessed the things Joy claims to have.

She’s been able to witness death from both sides – the joyous reunion with departed family and the devastating sadness of the people who are left behind. The duality’s probably difficult to juggle, and I’m thankful that I don’t have an extreme or overbearingly strong psychic ability yet.

I’m excited to have that ability, of course, but seeing departed spirits and ‘angels’ would be difficult to come to terms with.

It’d be hard for others not to think the person who experiences these things has somehow gone bonkers. Of course, those of us who are starting to become conscious know that people with genuine psychic gifts aren’t bonkers, but having such a strong psychic perspective has to be difficult here on earth.

This account, like the rest of the ones we read from Joy, is very heartwarming and reassuring that when we lose somebody, we don’t actually lose them.

Given that time’s different in the fourth dimension than it is in the third, it probably doesn’t take very long for someone’s relative to cross over after them. It probably only seems like the blink of an eye before they’re able to greet their loved ones, but on earth, the wait to cross over seems endless (which is probably a good thing).

We live for a long time here on earth, but when we’re back in a higher state of consciousness, our time here will seem miniscule.

We’ll have far more interesting and amazing experiences in the realms beyond than we do on earth, and before we know it, centuries of earth time will have gone by, which we’ll have used to explore our spirituality. By this time, we’ll be much, much further along our growth, and we’ll be able to look back on our lower-dimensional experiences with love and appreciation.

Helen Salter tells us about her initially frightful but eventually relieving death experience.

“My turn to make what some believe is a long journey. But for me it was such a short journey. Oh, it was so incredibly easy and painless. There was only one very brief nightmare, when I wanted to get back into my body in order to return to you. An instant’s bad dream.

“That’s all death was to me. After it, almost immediately, there came the unimaginable moment – a welcoming mother and father. You can’t imagine what a feeling of safety they gave me. Freedom at once from that inert thing, my body – freedom from the fear of the Unknown. …” (23)

After the ‘nightmare’ of wanting to return to her body, Helen was able to greet her departed parents and realize that she never had any real reason to fear death. Her parents, and I’d imagine a few other family members, were there to quell her fears and reassure her that everything was okay; that her fear would soon be replaced with awe-inspiring bliss.

The same can be said for a plethora of other people who fear death before moving on and realizing that in reality, their fears are unjustified. However justifiable they seem on earth, when we’re out of this dense and heavy state of consciousness, livelihood returns and reminds us that consciousness is infinite and that we only ‘die’ in the physical sense.

Helen then tells us about death’s simplicity, comparing it to the complicated event we’ve made it out to be.

“In the past, we, you and I, have wondered what our arrival to this level would be like. But nothing we supposed came up to that beautiful, surprising, homely feeling I had with these two protectors waiting for me. That’s why I have called it the unimaginable moment.

“Death’s exit is so simple and all our lives we have made it intrinsically complicated.” (24)

It’s unfortunate that most of the planet is still unaware of death’s benevolence, and even though it’s seen as a monster that we should fear, it actually releases us from the heavy pain of a physical body and reintroduces us to the liberated, wholesome spirit life that awaits.

When their experiences here are over, most people depart into the joyous realms of the fourth dimension where they’re able to meet up with their friends and family and, eventually, take on an occupation they can use to find the wholeness they’ve always sought.

It all starts with the departure from the physical body, however dark or fearful we’ve made it out to be. Most people probably feel more liberated in spirit than they ever did on earth, and like I said earlier, someone who struggled immensely on earth might find it much easier to work hard at something they enjoy in the fourth dimension.

Liberation from pain is the name of the fourth-dimensional game, and instead of being weighed down by pain, fear, and myriad other earthly qualities, we’re able to enjoy a smooth and free-flowing existence as we open ourselves to the influence of spirit and work for the development and progression of everyone who’s still in a lower state of consciousness.

I don’t know what we’ll examine in our next Spirit World Chronicles installment, but it, like everything else we’ve examined, will be related to death’s benevolence and the conditions of the fourth dimension. We still haven’t even scratched the surface, and we still have a lot to learn about the fourth dimension and the benevolent process that leads us to it.

I’ve seen death up close, and it’s very daunting and scary from a physical perspective. However, from a spiritual perspective, consciousness lives on forever and, as such, we have no real reason to hate, fear, or avoid death.

It’s a natural part of life, and it’s apparently less hazardous than birth (as we learned in a previous report), so I think we should do our best to accept when someone’s time comes and keep in mind that they’re still around – they’re just in a different place.

I look forward to writing plenty more reports on life after death, because we haven’t yet learned most of what’s been said about it – through mediums or from incarnate observers who’ve witnessed it firsthand.

For now, I hope this report has been able to satisfy our collective hunger for knowledge regarding death, the fourth dimension, and every other related subject that’s intended to raise our awareness of the spiritual nature of our existence.

Wes Annac – A seeker with a lot of time and energy on my hands, which I intend to put to good use.


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