The Borderlands – A Fictional Transition into the Near-Earth Plane

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

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Throughout the discussions we’ve had so far, we learned primarily about what it’s like to pass on from the earth – what it’s like to meet one’s friends and family members, what passing on is like in times of war, etc. – and now, I’d like to move on and examine the fourth dimension itself.

What are the conditions of the place we go when we die? Are there various planes and sub-planes, or is it one dimension where everyone exists together? The sources we’ll hear from here answer this and plenty more questions, and the remainder of the discussions we’ll have will focus on the fourth dimension and what its realms are like.

We have plenty of material to examine about this subject, and I don’t know about any of you, but I’m excited to learn all about the fourth dimension and the things we’re able to do when we leave the earth behind. Humanity’s headed for the fifth dimension, but we’re believed to be passing through the fourth and we might as well learn as much about it as we can.

I always love learning about the higher realms, and the things our sources have told us about the fourth-dimensional realms are interesting and insightful to say the least. Soon enough, we’ll look down on the fourth dimension from the fifth with an immense amount of love and joy, but for now, most of us still don’t know as much about it as we could.

For this installment, we’re going to examine a fictitious account of a person dying and making their way into spirit, with help from a transition guide. A fellow known as the ‘Persian Gentleman’ tells the story of one ‘Mr. Johnson’, who makes his way from the third dimension to the fourth, discovering a wealth of amazing things along the way.

Here’s a quote from Steve Beckow about the passage we’re going to examine.

“In this fictional account, the average man, ‘Mr. Johnson,’ has had a heart attack. He continues to go about his daily rounds, but accompanied by a stranger, his transition guide. No one pays any attention to him. When the transition guide finally convinces him he is dead, he follows the guide to the near earth plane.” (1)

The purpose of this story is to describe what the fourth-dimensional realm we’re going to learn about, referred to as the Borderlands, is like. The Borderlands is the place afterlife initiates first go when they move on from the earth, and the purpose of this realm is to help them understand and cope with their transition.

This is usually the realm where one meets departed friends and family, becomes familiar with their transition guides, and generally gets used to the new life they’re going to live. Mr. Johnson reaches the Borderlands with help from his transition guide, and in our first quote, his fictional death and the resulting transition take place.

“Suddenly, in the corner of the room, a light appears and the room grows dim. The gentleman (his transition guide) beckons to him and says,’ Please follow me into the light, into the next stage of your existence.’ Mr. Johnson feels drawn towards the light, as there is a warmth to it together with a love he has never felt before.

“It is a little like being under anesthetic because he forgets about his wife; he forgets about his daughters and forgets about his office job, and his car, and his house and everything else that seemed so important to him this morning. He follows the man through into the light and the light surrounds him. He cannot see anything for a few minutes – only the light.” (2)

‘Mr. Johnson’ seems to easily forget about everything that would’ve otherwise bound him to the third-dimensional earth, because he’s enamored with the light that’s just appeared before him. I’d be enamored with this light too, and I’m sure it’d be pretty easy to forget about the things that keep us tethered to the earth when we perceive it and the place it takes us to.

Mr. Johnson is then taken to the Borderlands, which, to his surprise, look a lot like the earth he was just on.

“Then, as it subsides, he finds himself in a village that is just like a village on Earth with walls, trees, houses and roads (although there aren’t any cars) and people going about their business. Mr. Johnson says to the man, who is still standing next to him, ‘I thought you said I was dead,’ and the man tells him that he is!

“’Well, this is a strange Heaven’ says Mr. Johnson and the man replies, ‘This is an initiation point; this is somewhere that will seem familiar to you. Come, there is somewhere here where you can live for a little while.’” (3)

The ‘initiation point’ will always seem familiar to the people who visit it, because their guides want them to be as comfortable with their transition as possible. It won’t help anyone to perceive a dazzling and overwhelming higher-dimensional landscape, and they need to be shown the most amazing things spirit has to offer as slowly as possible.

Mr. Johnson is then taken to meet a young lady – a lady he doesn’t initially recognize.

“Mr. Johnson then follows him to a rather pleasant house. He goes in through the door and there, sitting in the living room on a settee, is his mother. He doesn’t realize that it is his mother at first, instead wondering who the young lady is sitting on the settee with dark hair.

“His mother then explains that she needs to adjust the way that she is appearing to him. She closes her eyes and thinks for a moment and suddenly she is just as Mr. Johnson remembers her: that frail old lady who was in a hospital bed for a few months before she passed over.

“He is shocked because this is not some apparition of his mother but his mother in the flesh, just as she was. She gets up and they embrace and there is a tearful reunion.” (4)

In the fourth dimension, we don’t look like we did in our final days on earth. We might temporarily embody our earthly appearance to help people who’d just passed over remember us, but by no means do we have to remain in the form we were in before we passed away.

Mr. Johnson then gets his first taste of instantaneous manifestation.

“Then he sits down and she says, ‘You had better have a cup of tea and a biscuit because you don’t look too well,’ and Mr. Johnson agrees that he would like something to eat.

“Suddenly there appears on his knee a tray with a cup of tea on it and a plate with some biscuits but he doesn’t question how they got there and the tea tastes better than any tea he has ever tasted before and the biscuits are just divine.” (5)

There’s a reason the fourth dimension has been referred to as ‘heaven’.

According to these accounts, the things we can do, feel, and experience there are wonderful, and things manifest much more quickly and easily than they do on earth. We can manifest things in the third dimension, but our manifestations take much longer to come about, whereas they’re instant in the higher realms.

Mr. Johnson’s mother then tells him that he’s arrived at the Borderlands and that she intends to help him understand his transition before he glimpses the next, purer fourth-dimensional realm.

“He asks what his mother is doing here and she says, ‘I have come to make you feel comfortable during this transition period.

“You see, I was a little bit psychic when I was on Earth, if you remember, and sometimes said strange things and people were a little wary of me as a result, but it prepared me for this place so that, when I came across, I didn’t see this village at all but saw the next stage, which you will also see in a little while.

“I knew that you would have a more difficult time because you never believed in an afterlife and only believed there was the Earth and that when you were dead you were dead.” (6)

The more ‘aware’ we are in this life and the more we prepare for the life that waits for us, the easier it’ll be to adjust to things that might’ve been more difficult if we were close-minded. Our fictitious Mr. Johnson didn’t believe in the afterlife or anything else latently spiritual, and this is why he was first taken to the Borderlands.

His mother, however, was slightly aware of spirit and the place we go when our physical bodies die, and for this reason, she was able to greet the purer realms. Even though these people aren’t technically real, what’s being said here is applicable to any real transition.

As Mr. Johnson’s mother tells him, the Borderlands are a place where one’s greatest retirement fantasies become a reality. This is, of course, so people can enjoy the virtually unlimited time they spend in this place.

“So they have constructed or, rather, your mind in conjunction with the people who care for you here – have constructed this image around you of this village.

“It is the type of place you would have liked to have retired to. You often talked about it and here is it. It is real for as long as you wish it to be real and until you feel comfortable with your transition. I will come back and talk to you again but now I would like you to rest for a while.’” (7)

How great would it be to get to spend as much time as you want in your personal heaven, without anyone telling you it’s time to leave and see what the next realm has to offer? I’m sure a lot of people spend years; decades in the comfortable Borderlands before moving on, and it’d be great to have an unlimited amount of time to be and do whatever you want.

After their hectic earthly lives, most people deserve this time!

Mr. Johnson then lays his head down for a deep slumber before waking up to find his transition guide and two other entities in the room with him.

“Suddenly [his mother] disappears and he longs for her to come back but the man, who is still with him, says, ‘She will come back so don’t fret over her going. You cannot lose anyone on this side and you will see her again. You do need a rest so wouldn’t you like to go through to the bedroom?’ and he shows him through to a very pleasant little bedroom with a single bed in it.

“Mr. Johnson does feel very tired. He lies down on the bed and the instant his head touches the pillow he falls asleep.

“When he awakens the man is still there and, standing next to him, is another man in a brightly coloured robe not dressed in an Earth-contemporary fashion at all. There is also another being present who appears to be surrounded by a gold and silver light, but Mr. Johnson has difficulty seeing him. It is as though he is only ‘half there’.

“Mr. Johnson sits up and remembers that the man had said he had died and so asks what he is supposed to do now.” (8)

It’d be silly to expect to have only one guide when we reach the fourth dimension, and plenty of fourth-dimensional souls are interested in our transition and what they can do to assist us.

Some of them will help us understand more about what the fourth dimension is like, while others will simply offer comfort and solace, letting us know that we’ve reached a much more infinite and vibrant state of consciousness than our former.

Mr. Johnson’s guides then take him across the Borderlands’ veil into another, higher fourth-dimensional realm, which he notices is similar to the place he was just at but lighter.

“The being in the coloured robe says, ‘Come with me, please, Mr. Johnson’. He takes him out of his house and down the road to what looks like the village boundary and, through this cloudy, misty boundary, Mr. Johnson can see quite a different scene.

“There are still houses and trees and hills and woodlands, but everything seems more vibrant and the people he can see on that side of the barrier are wearing coloured robes. They are talking and relaxing. Some are sitting on benches, some are reading, but they all seem more detached from the village he appears to be in.” (9)

They’re likely detached from the village because they’ve already raised their vibration enough that they don’t need to be in it anymore. The Borderlands seem reserved for the people who could really use them, and people who’ve moved on from them have no real reason to go back, beyond helping their loved ones when they pass on.

The conditions of the realm Mr. Johnson’s now in are quite different from the Borderlands, despite the things they have in common, as the Persian Gentlemen (this story’s author) tells us.

“This other dimension seems less ‘worldly’; it is far more ethereal and he can see that the sky has coloured streams of lights in it, and also various patches of colour, a little like the Aurora Borealis on Earth but far more subtle and colourful. As he looks at some of the buildings they appear to change.

“Sometimes they appear to be traditional; sometimes they appear to be made out of light, as though he is looking at the inner as well as the outer structure of them.” (10)

The Borderlands closely resemble earth so the people who are there can be comfortable, but the realms beyond them carry more fourth-dimensional qualities. These realms are expanded from the Borderlands, and as we continue raising our vibration, we’ll find that every realm is more beautiful and indescribable than the last.

Apparently, Mr. Johnson still had work to do before he could live in the amazing realm he was taken to.

“The being in the coloured robe turns to him and says, ‘Mr. Johnson, this is the next stage in your journey, but you cannot actually get there yet because you have a lot of pollution around you from the Earth Plane.

“You bought into it so heavily that we have to first convince you that you are still alive and, second, acclimatise you to this land I am showing you, which is the next stage on your journey and somewhere you will live for some time.” (11)

We can’t reach a state of consciousness that our vibration isn’t aligned with, and if we carry too much darkness or distortion within, we’ll have to work to clear it before we can experience the higher, refined planes of existence. Mr. Johnson and plenty of other, actual people have done this work before reaching the higher fourth-dimensional planes, and they’re given all of the ‘time’ they need.

In our final quote, Mr. Johnson is told that when the realization sets in that he’s an infinite spirit, he’ll be better able to align his vibration the higher realm he was taken to.

“What we would like you to do now is to go back to your house and the man who came for you (that is his job, by the way, to come and take people over to the Spirit Worlds) will answer any questions you may have over the next few days (at least they will seem to you like days).

“Then, when you have realised where you are, that you are a spirit and that you cannot die, you can then go through this barrier and we can introduce you to life on the other side of it.” (12)

After the important realization-based work is done, Mr. Johnson and everyone else in his position are able to fully see what the other side has to offer. They’re able to commune with deceased friends and family; find their higher-dimensional passion and work away; build and create things for the sake of others; and achieve plenty more amazing feats.

Even though this was a fictional account, it closely matches most of the other accounts we’ve heard about the transition into the fourth dimension. We still have plenty to learn about the Borderlands, but this story has satisfied my personal hunger to know more about them.

We’ll continue talking about them in future segments, with actual channeled reports about their conditions and the things people learn in them, and when we’re finished with this discussion, we’ll move on and learn what the higher fourth-dimensional realms have to offer.

Given that we’re believed to be passing through the fourth dimension, the things we’re learning here could very well become common knowledge in the immediate future. The more we learn, the more our vibration expands, and I’ll continue to write these reports with appreciation for the nearly endless accounts we’ve been given about the fourth dimension.

Wes Annac – Always excited to learn about the higher realms.


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