The Nature of Wartime Deaths

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Most of us know by this point that war is something the planetary ‘elite’ make money from and use to sacrifice the poor, and it obviously needs to end if we want to build a new world. The cabal’s influence has to come to an end if we want war to cease, and we have to be the ones to end it.

I could write a lot about the necessity of ending war, and I probably will another time, but that isn’t the purpose of this article.

The purpose of this article is to provide a glimpse into what crossing over is like in times of war, and as usual, we have a wealth of channeled accounts to examine that have addressed this subject. Wars cause people to pass on in large numbers, and as we’ll learn, this can make the initiations of each person who passes pretty difficult.

Our fourth-dimensional family works very hard to help us understand when our transition takes place, and I can only imagine how difficult it is to help fallen and confused soldiers understand that their life is eternal and that they’ve entered the next world.

We’ll learn about the extent to which our family beyond helps everyone who crosses over in war understand and cope with their transition (before helping their fellow fallen brethren), and we’ll get a better glimpse of just how coordinated the actions of fourth-dimensional ‘transition guides’ are.

In our first quote, Phillip Gilbert tells us what it’s like for a lot of soldiers who are in the heat of battle when they pass on.

“In these times*, … there are so many, so many who have been shot over here suddenly, in full earth vigour, hot-blooded, resentful in many cases, or wracked by hideous memories, all their emotions going strong and to be subdued. All these constitute a great mass of the ‘earth-bound’ at present and we work amongst them.” (1)

I’m sure it’s difficult for anyone who passes in such a way to cope with their transition, but they’re given as much assistance as they need. Everyone’s given a wealth of assistance and guidance when they pass on, and this is especially so for people who die in painful or traumatic ways.

In the fourth dimension, they’re able to leave all of that trouble behind and embrace an unprecedented sense of peace, and instead of the misery of the battlefield, soldiers are able to enjoy a greater level of joy and bliss than most people on earth can attain.

Of course, how we experience the fourth dimension depends entirely on how we live our earthly lives, but I think everyone’s eventually able to be at peace and enjoy their higher-dimensional existence.

According to someone from the other side named ‘Joe’, some soldiers who are ripped away in the heat of battle eventually perceive a hospital, with all of their guides and helpers standing/hovering around them.

“Those who are killed quite suddenly … come over with the feelings and thoughts which they had just before. Often it is those who still think they have to go on fighting and have to be calmed; often they think they must have suddenly gone mad because the scene has changed.

“That is not surprising if you can imagine in what a tremendous state of tension, almost like madness, the actual fighting is carried out. Then they often think … they are now in a base hospital.” (2)

After the madness of fighting, the soldiers are able to perceive a peaceful hospital, free of the overbearing stress and tension that gripped them before. It probably takes a while for them to realize that they’ve actually passed on, and if it were me, I’d be relieved I was in a peaceful setting.

I’d be relieved to be anywhere but the battlefield, and I’m sure the soldiers who aren’t too tired are happy to find that they’ve been removed from the chaotic place they were in before.

Joe continues, telling us that some soldiers are happy to hear they’ve passed into a peaceful place, while others are too weary to care one way or the other.

“We have to humour them at first and only gradually explain to them what the hospital means. Sometimes they are profoundly glad, those who have come to the limit of endurance and rejoice to be free from the world of wars.

“Sometimes, with those who have very strong home ties, we have to let them realize as gently and gradually as possible; most are so weary in spirit that they worry very little and are soon ready to settle down to their rest.” (3)

It’s probably difficult for the soldiers with strong ties to the third-dimensional earth to understand and accept when their time has come, and some of them are content to sleep for a very long time before they wake up in spirit and come to terms with their transition.

I can’t imagine how difficult it’d be for a solider to be almost instantaneously taken from a battlefield to a peaceful, etheric hospital, and the whole thing is probably pretty jarring.

A sailor who was in an oil tanker that was hit describes his experience passing on.

“I was in an oil tanker and we were all drowned when she was hit. It was very quick and I did not suffer any pain but tremendous surprise at finding myself possessed of the most wonderful strength and able to heave away all kinds of wreckage.

“I was making my way through the debris when I realised that we were moving through deep water. It was so still that it was just like a dream. I remember feeling it was quite easy to move and there was no difficulty in breathing (if we were breathing), but now I come to think of it, it was a different sort of breath.

“Anyhow I got free and so did some of my friends and we moved away without quite knowing what we were doing. We found a stranger had joined us, his clothes were quite dry and he walked through the water without it seeming to touch him. I noticed this and after a time I said something to him about it.” (4)

They’d clearly already passed on by this point, but they didn’t realize it yet. This man and his friends thought they were escaping to safety, when in reality, they were already safe. Their physical bodies might have perished, but since we’re all etheric consciousness at our core, they were already free of any potential pain their deaths might’ve caused.

I think it’s great that some people are able to leave their bodies without even realizing it, and I’m sure it diminishes the potential fear of death that could’ve otherwise gripped them. The sailor and his friends were probably still pretty terrified, but luckily, they weren’t going to take any more physical damage.

A man who was taken prisoner in Crete tells us about what he experienced when he made his way to the other side.

“I was put on to a stretcher and taken to hospital, but [the Germans in Crete] did nothing for me except to give me a bed to lie on and my wound got septic and very painful. I got delirious, I suppose. …

“Anyway, after ages and ages of suffering I seemed to pass into a timeless sleep, and when I woke up there was no pain and I was out of doors so I thought I had escaped and I wandered about glad to be free, but I couldn’t make sense of it all.

“I seemed unable to walk properly, I couldn’t keep on the ground, and though I didn’t fall it was extremely difficult to move along, and then the whole place would grow misty. I would see places and people one moment and the next I saw something quite different. I thought I was delirious again.” (5)

He probably was delirious, and he probably experienced a bizarre in between state where he was half ‘alive’ and half ‘dead’. Most people are eventually greeted by guides who help them understand and cope with what’s happened, but this man’s experience was painful (because of his untreated wounds) and strange to say the least.

Most people’s transitions are smoother and more orderly, but war seems to cause the most painful and traumatic deaths. It’s obvious that war needs to come to an end, and until it does, the minds, bodies, and spirits of millions of people will continue to be thrown into disarray.

This isn’t the way of the new world we’re building, and I, for one, am ready to see war (and the influence of the ‘elite’ who fund it) completely cease.

The man continues, telling us that he perceived two planes of reality at once: the physical earth and the etheric fourth dimension.

“Now I know that I was seeing two planes at once, and I hadn’t learnt to manage my spirit body, it all worried me a lot and I got quite hopeless. People would come up to help me, and just as we were beginning to understand each other I would see the outline of Crete, and be overcome by the desire to hide away from the Germans.

“It was a sort of torture, and then at last they got through to me and I was able to sleep – the real sleep of death – the putting off of one life and the taking on of another.” (6)

It’d be pretty hard to handle seeing people in spirit and enemy officers on the physical earth at the same time, and I’m sure it can cause some pretty bad psychological damage. This is what war does – it removes our perception of peace and puts us in a nervous, fidgety state of mind.

We’re trained to believe that there’s an enemy around every corner – that we should watch our backs instead of enjoying the peace and freedom we’re intended to enjoy. Personally, I hope every soldier who passes on is eventually able to regain their psychological stability, and I’d imagine they’re given plenty of help in the realms beyond.

A polish pilot named ‘S.Z.’ describes what it was like to fall out of the sky and get up with no seeming injuries.

“Yes. I am shot down and out. I have survived many flights but not this one. I am wounded, I cannot control the aircraft, it was my leg, you feel the pain, I could not move the controls and I fall, I cannot leave the aircraft, I fall quite consciously.

“I get up without any pain, I see my observer and gunner, he is hurt too but not so much. The Germans come to find us, they do not see me, I run and hide, but they do not look for me, my friend they take away. I wander about. I feel well and cannot think how I came to crash the aircraft. My leg is healed.” (7)

I think we can all guess why the German soldiers didn’t look for S.Z., and it’s the same reason his badly injured leg was healed. He immediately crossed over when his plane hit the ground, and he then underwent the process of adjusting to spirit life, which was initially difficult for him.

After a crash like his, it’d be silly to expect S.Z. to just get up and walk around without any pain or injuries, and it only makes sense that he was already in spirit when he noticed the German soldiers, who, again, didn’t look for him.

S.Z then tells us what it was like to witness the beautiful colors of the earthly/etheric realm he was in.

“I wander about. I go to the French peasants and ask for help, but they do not see me and I begin to wonder. I am neither hungry nor thirsty, nor particularly tired. I begin to see things changing. I see colours everywhere; it is sunset or sunrise and it looks as if the colours were reflected in the earth as well as in the sky.

“I lay and watched the colour take form. It was like a cinema when one picture fades out and another takes its place.” (8)

S.Z. was starting to witness some of the etheric phenomena he’d soon grow used to, and he was also given a hint that he’d passed on when the French ‘peasants’ were unable to see or hear him. A lot of people realize that they’ve passed on when they can’t communicate with people on earth, and seeing a guide or departed loved one is probably the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

It’d be pretty hard for someone to deny they’ve died if they can witness interesting, colorful, etheric phenomena, and if what S.Z. had witnessed so far didn’t wake him up, what he was soon to witness would.

S.Z. continues, telling us about the presence of an etheric guide who helped him fall asleep before taking him to the location of his body.

“I was astounded. I do not know where I am. I ask, I pray, I forget that I have no faith in religion. I pray for help and it comes to me. Someone looking very strange, and yet quite like ourselves, comes to me. He tells me not to mind the change, that it is best for all and that I shall be happy in this land.

“I am very confused. I think I am taken prisoner. Then he explains that there are no prisons or prisoners and I feel free again. He took me away and he told me to sleep. He touched my eyes and I sleep at once. When I wake he is still there and I am on Earth again in the occupied territory with Germans all round.

“I have come back to my body. I find it difficult to leave it.” (9)

S.Z. had a reason for being back in the ‘occupied territory’ around his body – his spirit guide took him to this location to help him complete his transition.

I’d want all the help I could get with this difficult phase of the transition, but you aren’t about to see me on the battlefield any time soon. Humanity’s ready for a new paradigm that embraces peace over war, and if the conscious public had a say in it, war would come to an end today.

S.Z. finishes his story, telling us that in the end, all he wanted to do was free himself from his bodily pain and finish the process.

“I see no colours, but my new friend is there too, and he talks to me, but I can’t see him well. They are doing something to my body. I am miserable so my friend tells me to think very hard of some place outside the war so I think very hard of the last time I see family life with you at H —.

“I see you all quite easily, and I wake you and you feel me near and you talk to me. I ask you to let me stay and just sit quietly in your house far from the battle until I can go on, and you say ‘Yes,’ so I stay. Now I begin to feel sleepy again. I am between the worlds. Help me to throw off this one and to go on.

“I want to go on – I want to go on – I think I can, please help me.” (10)

Clearly, S.Z. was ready to see what the world beyond had to offer him, and whatever it was, it wouldn’t feel nearly as painful or confining as the physical world, which his body was dying and suffering in.

It’s great that he was able to project his consciousness to a different location while he was still in the body, and as he did, his fourth-dimensional guides readied his body to release the silver cord and, thus, his spirit, into their realms, freeing him from the pain he was so immersed in before.

If I had a say in it, every soldier who passes on would experience a completely painless death that’s void of any fear or confusion. I’m sure plenty are able to, but others have to deal with ridiculous and potentially traumatic circumstances before they can greet the peace of the fourth dimension.

I’ll probably pick this discussion back up in another Spirit World Chronicles installment, but I’m happy with what we were able to cover so far. I’m obviously not thrilled that this subject has to come up, but it’s an interesting one and I think we’ll benefit from learning a little bit about it.

For me, the point of writing about this is to highlight the idea that even people who die in painful or traumatic ways are able to greet the peace and bliss of the realms beyond, and their pain and trauma don’t have to follow them into those realms.

They can liberate themselves from any pain or fear that would’ve otherwise kept them in a state of poor psychological and spiritual health, and they’re given all of the assistance they need with realizing what’s happened and thriving in the realms beyond, instead of falling into self-instated darkness.

There’s plenty more material out there about this subject, and we’ll examine it all in due time. Eventually, we’ll all be back in a purer state of consciousness, and when we are, we can look back on our experiences with love and appreciation for everything we went through – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Wes Annac – Realizing that our guides are there for us when we pass on, no matter the circumstances.


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