The Silver Cord

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

One of the first things that led me to awaken was a video about life after death. This subject has fascinated me all my life, and before I became aware of spirit, I was scared of death and the prospect of not living on when the body dies.

The idea of infinite nothingness was unsettling to say the least, and now, it feels better than I can express to know that death isn’t the end of life and that brimming states of consciousness exist just beyond our perception, which we’ll return to when the physical body dies.

The material out there about life after death is very interesting, and it’s opened me up to a whole new world of insight about the realms beyond. I’m honored to be able to write about this subject, and I’ve written two articles about it already: Death is the Beginning of Life and Death: A Simple and Unexpected Transition.

I’ve written about this subject so much because it’s close to my heart. It’s liberating to know that consciousness is eternal, and just as I’ve discovered amidst researching this subject, there are a lot of different realms beyond the earth for us to traverse.

People who’ve crossed over have returned through mediums to tell us about the realms beyond, and they haven’t given us fluffy, kiddy explanations – they’ve given detailed explanations of these realms and what they’re like.

The things we’re going to examine go far beyond the stereotypical perception of channeled or medium-delivered material. Like most misunderstood channeled material, they’re very genuine and filled with rich discussion about things society has yet to believe in.

In this series, we’re going to take a journey through the veil and learn about everything the other side has to offer.

We’re going to explore every facet of the life beyond – from what dying is like to what the best and worst etheric realms are like. The information we’ve been given about the afterlife is practically infinite, and it’s available for us to draw on and receive incredible insight from.

I’d like to present this material in an informative and enjoyable format, for myself and all of you, and I’ll be learning most of the things we examine for the first time too. I’m excited to go on this adventure with all of you, and the hope is for us to expand our understanding of what happens to the soul at death and what the spirit realms are like.

Most seekers probably have a general grasp on life after death and the realms beyond, but here, we’re basically going to travel through these realms as we learn new things about them that are intended to refine our understanding of them.

As I examined in my first two reports, death can either be rich and lightening or relatively uneventful, rendering us unable to understand that any change has taken place. Humanity’s views of death have distorted our experience of it, and some people are too rigidly set in their ways to believe that consciousness lives on.

People who know that consciousness is eternal are usually able to accept when they’ve passed on, and as a result, their initial etheric experiences are much more enjoyable. The hope for this and everything I else I’ve written about life after death is to help as many as possible people become aware of it, because their eventual transitions will be much easier if they do.

We’ll begin our journey by learning about the severance of the ‘silver cord’ that holds the etheric body inside the physical temple. For those who don’t know, our etheric bodies are connected to our physical bodies via the silver cord.

As our etheric selves, we navigate physicality from within human bodies that we’re attached to with an etheric cord, which breaks away from the body when it dies. We remain tethered to the body when we fall asleep at night and temporarily leave, but when it dies, the silver cord breaks and frees us from the oppressive weight of physicality.

We’re then able to begin our adventure into the realms beyond the physical earth. Mike Swain starts us out by telling us about the silver cord’s severance.

“When the soul detaches itself from the body, the silver cord is severed completely. This is the beginning and the end of the mechanics of death.” (1)

We’re set free by the silver chord’s detachment from the physical body, and a lot of people have reported the feeling of floating above their bodies after they died. This is probably because the etheric body is free for the first time in a long time and follows a natural instinct to float or hover until one’s consciousness takes over again.

According to Silver Birch, an extension of the silver cord causes its severance at the time of death. Interestingly enough, we’ll learn later that in the dream state, the silver cord is able to be stretched very far.

“Those who have clairvoyance will see that the parting is finally accomplished when the cord connecting the spirit body to the physical one, after being extended as the spirit body gradually moves away, is cut. When that severance takes place, death occurs. There is nothing and nobody in your world who can by any means enable the physical body to live again.” (2)

In essence, the silver cord’s detachment from the body is the final stage of physical death. When this happens, we’re enabled to greet the greater states of consciousness beyond and start our real lives. We’re able to start really living, and our minds and hearts are opened to a much purer reality that we can explore with exuberance.

The silver cord helps us make our etheric travels when we sleep at night, and it also helps us receive greater wisdom while we’re awake. An unnamed spirit teacher through Betty Bethards makes a distinction between our dreamtime state and our after-death state.

“The only difference between the death state and the dream state is that the silver cord, which is much like an umbilical cord connecting the soul with the body, is severed in death. This cord allows the spirit to travel in the various realms and planes beyond the physical at night, and to receive higher teachings.

In the state of so-called death, the energy – your spirit – leaves the body and does not return.” (3)

The silver cord is the physical body’s link to the spiritual, and everything we receive from the other side comes from this link. When the physical body runs its course, the etheric body is freed from it in the form of the silver cord’s detachment, but while we’re here, we receive greater wisdom and insight via this etheric cord.

John Heslop confirms what we’ve learned so far about the unity between the physical and etheric body.

“Now death is merely the severing of the psychic cord which unites the two bodies.” (4)

The silver cord is the etheric body’s connection to the physical, as well as the physical body’s connection to the spiritual. As Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson says below, it enables us to traverse the spirit realms when our bodies sleep at night and experience earthly consciousness during the day.

“The spirit body exactly coincides with the physical body, and during waking hours the two are inseparable. When sleep takes place the spirit body withdraws from the physical body, but the former is attached to the latter by a magnetic cord.

I call it a magnetic cord for want of a better name. It is a veritable life-line. Its elasticity is enormous since the spirit body can travel either throughout the earth during sleeping hours or throughout the spirit world subject to special conditions and limitations.” (5)

Personally, I wonder what the ‘special conditions and limitations’ are for our spiritual travels. Maybe our connection to the physical body renders us unable to experience certain things when we’re out and about, but of course, this’ll dissolve when we pass on.

However limited we might be in our dreamtime travels, we’ll rediscover the eternal nature of consciousness in an unhindered way when we pass on. Spiritual evolution is constant, and if someone was to pass on before they evolved, they’d continue their work in spirit.

As Benson tells us below, the elasticity of the silver cord enables us to travel broadly when we sleep, even if we’re limited in some ways.

“However vast the distance between the sleeping physical body and the temporarily released spirit body, the magnetic cord can span the distance easily and perfectly and without any diminution of its active agency, which is to sustain life in the earthly body. The life-line will, as its length increases, become exceedingly fine and almost hair-like in appearance.” (6)

I’m sure the silver cord looks beautiful when we expand it to hair-like thinness. A lot of us probably travel pretty far in our sleep realms, and the most aware seekers probably stretch themselves pretty far to go to the places they’re able to.

The fact that we can access the etheric realms in our sleep makes us very fortunate. Even though we don’t remember the vast majority of our experiences, we’re able to reenter these realms temporarily while our physical bodies gain strength for the next day. With lucid dreaming, we can even consciously experience these travels.

Are we not incredibly fortunate?

Benson continues: “Just so long as the magnetic cord is joined to the earthly body, just so long will earthly life remain in the physical body. But the moment that dissolution takes place the life-line is severed, the spirit is free to live in its own element, while the physical body will decay in the manner which is perfectly familiar to you upon earth.” (7)

We’re enabled to return home after our lifeline to earth is broken, but when the silver cord is still attached, we’ll continue to experience physicality. Eventually, we’ll all return to our “own element” and we’ll do so with the brimming love the heart space has to offer.

When the time comes, we’ll return home with the utmost exuberance as long as we keep the eternal nature of consciousness in mind.

Benson then tells us that the process of death isn’t nearly as dreadful as people have made it out to be.

“The death of the physical body, then, is simply the severance of the magnetic cord, and, as far as the physical body is concerned, it is closely akin to ordinary sleep. There does not seem anything very dreadful about this straightforward process if a little thought is given to it.” (8)

It’s easy to fear death and easier to avoid it, but eventually, we’ll all realize it for the simple, benevolent process it really is. There’s nothing about this process we should fear, and those who fear it tend to have the most difficulty accepting when the transition comes.

Death is a gentle process that subtly releases us from the confines of physicality, and if we keep this in mind, we’ll enjoy the life we’re living now with the understanding that our essence will never die. Who we are at the core of our being will always remain intact, and as long as we make the effort, we’ll be able to feel our deeper essence on the earth and in spirit.

Julia Ames tells us that nobody usually feels the silver cord snap when death takes place.

“The snapping of consciousness between the soul and the tenement, if I may so speak of it, is usually not felt by the soul. With some it is different. They feel as if it were the slow breaking, one by one, of the threads which connect the soul with its tenement; but the process is not painful, even when it is protracted.

I have spoken to many on the subject and the majority tell me that their experience agrees with mine. They could not even say that they could remember the exact moment when the body parted company with their soul.” (9)

According to the testimonies we’ve been given, a lot of people don’t feel anything at all when they pass on. Some people feel a lightening of sorts, and everyone eventually feels the greater consciousness that results from death, but the process itself tends to go unrealized by some because of its painlessness.

H.W. Engholm tells us about a particular woman’s peaceful passing.

“‘She fell asleep,’ says one of the messages which describe the passing of such a spirit: ‘she fell asleep, and the cord of life was severed by our watching friends, and then softly they awoke her, and she looked up and smiled very sweetly into the face of one who leaned over her.’” (10)

This person was able to greet her gentle death with the same level of grace she’d been shown by her guides, and even though a lot of people fear death and make their transitions harder as a result, a lot of others are able to face it head-on and calmly greet the other side.

Others probably greet it enthusiastically when they realize their death has taken place. Our guides might be busy with initiates who feared death all their lives, but they’re also able to welcome seekers who are ready and assured of what lies ahead of them.

Wellesley Tudor Pole tells us about his experience watching the death of one ‘Major P.’ take place.

“3.15 p.m. Two figures have appeared and stand one on either side of [Major P.’s] bed against the wall. …

3.55 p.m. The two figures swoop down over the bed and seem to break off the ‘cords’ at points close to the physical body. Immediately I see that the form or double [of Major P.] rises about two feet from its original position, but remains horizontal, and at this same moment Major P.’s heart stops beating.” (11)

This seems to be how a lot of deaths take place, and like every other account we’ve examined, we can notice the mention of the silver cord’s severance when this man passed on. It’s obvious that this severance is a big part of the transition of death, and the silver cord seems very important to our experience of life here on earth.

It’s been said endlessly that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, and the etheric cord we all hold within apparently keeps our spirits anchored on this planet. Numerous discarnate sources have independently confirmed its existence and importance, in life and death, and you’re all encouraged to learn more about it if it interests you.

This is the first out of many installments of the After Death Chronicles, and next time, we’re going to examine the uniqueness of each respective transition and the painless nature of death. We’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg in this first installment, and there’ll be many, many more that’ll further explore the transition of death and the realms beyond.

We have a lot to learn about the realms that exist beyond the earth, and whether we learn about them now or later, our remembrance of them is as inevitable as the ascent back to Source it’ll cause.

Wes Annac – In appreciation for the eternal nature of consciousness and the painlessness of death.


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