What’s Life after Death Like for Children?

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The Spirit World Chronicles is an ongoing series based on channeled accounts of what the afterlife is like. Some of the material examined in this series dates back to nearly a century ago, and the referenced sources discuss a wide range of topics that have to do with life after death and the conditions of the realms beyond.

At the request of a reader, I’d like to examine what life after death is like for children who pass away too soon. This is obviously a very touchy subject, and nobody would want to go through the loss of their child – no matter how old they are.

Even though this subject can be depressing, it helps to know that children are given just as much help in the spiritual realms as adults. In fact, in most cases, children are more easily able to understand and cope with their transitions because, as we’ll learn, they’re still anchored in spirit during much of their childhood.

Most children are far more attuned to spirit than their parents, and a lot of children are stepping up in this day and age to share their advanced wisdom with the rest of humanity.

The ‘indigo children’ as they’ve been called have a lot of knowledge to share with humanity, and much of it’s related to the spiritual nature of our existence and the interesting and amazing things we have yet to perceive or understand.

Given that children are more easily able to understand spirituality and life after death, most children’s transitions are a lot easier for them than they are for the parents or other adults in their life. This report isn’t necessarily intended to take away the grief of parents who’ve lost their children, but it is intended to take a little bit of the sting out of their loss.

The vast majority of children who pass on too early are thriving in the higher realms, and they wait for their parents on earth to catch up with them.

I’m sure everyone who’s lost a child will be excited to see their faces again when they’re back in the fourth/fifth dimensions, and if we’re open or attuned enough, we might even be able to feel their presence from right here on earth.

As usual, nearly all of the sources we’ll hear from here reside in the fourth dimension, and in our first quote, Philip Gilbert tells us that a ‘very big organization’ is responsible for helping children who pass on.

“There is a very big organization here for tracking down newly-arrived children. It is a favourite form of service, especially among women who come over.” (1)

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson tells us that the ‘ruler’ of the children’s plane tends to act as a parent for them when they initially arrive.

“The ruler of the realm acts, in a general sense, in loco parentis (as a parent) and all the children, indeed, look upon him as a father.” (2)

No child could forget their real parents on earth, but it helps to have an authority figure to look up to when they’re in a new and potentially unsettling place.

The apparent ‘ruler’ of this realm probably gives them as much love, nurturance and attention as they require, and just like they did in school, they likely play with other children and generally enjoy themselves in their new state of consciousness.

A child named ‘Elizabeth B.’ who crossed over tells us that “There is a place here for children and anyone who dies young.” (3)

Phyllis McLean confirms this notion, telling us that “Often-forgotten children in these realms … are being directed and guided into maturity in the Nurseries of Paradise.” (4)

The ‘Nurseries of Paradise’ (or ‘Nursery of Heaven’) is the general name of the realm most children depart to when they leave the earth, Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson informs us.

“This children’s realm has been called the ‘nursery of heaven’ and surely anyone who has been fortunate enough to have seen it will say that a more apposite term could not be found.” (5)

According to Ethel Mclean, “The land of the children has indeed been made for them by the loving thoughts of more advanced spiritual beings.” (6)

Children experience their own little world in the children’s plane, Monsignor shares, and the wonderful things they experience are tailored to fit their spiritual and educational needs.

“The children chiefly dwell in their own special domain, almost a little world of their own, where places of learning, religion and love abound, as well as the beauteous gardens and playing grounds of Paradise…. There are endless methods of teaching, learning, and happiness evolved for the spiritual advancement of the children.

“The young child, whose mind is not yet fully formed, is uncontaminated by earthly contacts and on passing into the spirit world it finds itself in a realm of great beauty, presided over by souls of equal beauty.” (7)

Most children enjoy the realm they depart to, because it’s more natural to them than the distorted earth they were on. The higher realms are easier and more blissful to exist in than the earth, and this is especially true for children who’ve come to earth from a much higher realm and initially expect the earthly experience to be the same as their previous.

An earthly experience definitely isn’t the same as a fourth-dimensional experience, but every child who tragically passes away early in life is at least able to enjoy a harmonious realm that’s tailored to fit their needs and wants.

Their parents couldn’t wish for anything better, and it helps to know that in most cases, their child (or children) is/are enjoying themselves even more than they did on earth.

The children’s plane, Monsignor tells us, is “A township in itself, containing everything that great minds, inspired by the greatest Mind, could possibly provide for the welfare, comfort, and education, and the pleasure and happiness, of its youthful inhabitants. The halls of learning are as fully equipped as are those larger establishments in our own sphere.

“Indeed, in many respects, they are more so since they have all the equipment for the diffusion of knowledge and learning to those who are possessed of neither in the slightest degree and who must therefore start at the very beginning, as they would have done had they remained upon the earth-plane.” (8)

Only children who depart into the spirit world as infants have to ‘start at the very beginning’, Monsignor points out.

“This concerns those children who have passed into the spirit world in their extreme infancy. Children who leave the earth world in their early years will continue their studies from where they left off eliminating from the latter all that are of no further use and adding those that are spiritualistically essential.

“As soon as they reach a suitable age the children can choose their future work and study for it accordingly.” (9)

The options children have are practically infinite when they pass into the fourth dimension, and even though some of them have a certain curriculum to follow early on, they can choose their own educative path once they’ve matured a little.

I have a feeling that children are given far more options in spirit than they are on earth in terms of their education, and it probably helps the children who felt oppressed on earth to really learn, grow and enjoy themselves in their new home.

It doesn’t make the fact that they’ve transitioned any easier, but those who miss their parents the most are probably able to watch them from the spirit realms and feel the comfort and closeness that might’ve been missing otherwise. They’re far less limited than their parents on earth, and their psychic abilities, which influence their ability to see their parents, are as strong as they let them be.

Ethel Mclean describes the wondrous and magical qualities of the children’s plane (or, again, the ‘Nursery of Heaven’).

“The Children’s Plane has a Walt Disney quality that is utterly fascinating, with a wealth of the most beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns that you could possibly imagine. It is a real fairy land, where children, animals, and birds all play happily together.

“This is indeed a spot where ‘the lion and the lamb lie down together.’

“I actually saw a little golden-haired toddler, hugging a wooly lamb in her arms, leaning confidently against a shaggy lion which was resting in the shade of the tree, Phyllis tells me that this particular lion had been someone’s pet on the earth plane, but had been destroyed, as it became dangerous as it grew older.

“The owners were sad at the necessity for taking its life, as they were very fond of it. It is this bond of affection which holds it here.” (10)

Peaceful animals are everywhere in the children’s plane, Ethel shares.

“There are vast numbers of animals of every description, all dear to the hearts of the children and each plays its part in their development and contributes to their happiness and contentment. If the mothers on earth could but glimpse the beauty and perfection of these realms, how comforted they would be.” (11)

It’s great that humans and animals can live in harmony in this sphere, and the same can probably said for the other fourth-dimensional planes.

Only in the lower planes do strife and disharmony run rampant, and in the children’s plane and plenty of others, harmony between the man and animal kingdoms has long replaced the fighting and agitation we’ve come to recognize here on earth.

Only in the lower, distorted realms of any given planet or dimension will this division exist, and if there’s anyone who can be peaceful and loving toward animals, its children.

This is in part why the children’s sphere contains so many peaceful animals, and every conscious being is able to thrive together in the higher realms. Humanity will come together with the animal kingdom in the future, but we still have a lot to learn about the proper way to treat animals before we can experience any sort of harmonious reunion.

I might continue this report another time, because it contains plenty more interesting and enlightening information about the glorious life most children experience after their sojourn on earth is complete.

Like I said at the beginning of this report, its purpose is to take the sting out of the very unfortunate passing of children who are obviously too young to go, and I can only hope it helps to know that they’re still very much alive in another sphere, enjoying themselves and maybe even convening harmoniously with the animals there.

I think the best thing to keep in mind is that departed children are watching and, when necessary, blessing their parents on earth, and they probably know when their loss is being grieved and can send their love accordingly.

I imagine it’d also help to keep in mind that they can constantly be with their parents on earth, and the only time they may choose not to be with their parents is when they’re having too much fun doing another activity in spirit. They certainly aren’t gone forever, and their consciousness is still intact.

Nothing could subtract from the twistedness of losing one’s child, even if it is part of the plan, but keeping in mind that they’re still alive in another place could help with the most difficult aspects of their transition. I can definitely say that in an ideal world, no child would be taken too soon.


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