This series is about alleged contact with an extraterrestrial being known as “Ra” (the name of the Egyptian Sun God), which was believed to have telepathically contacted channeler Carla Rueckert in the 1980s.

Use discernment. This series is focused on extraterrestrials and ET contact (among other subjects that are “out there”), and the information we’ll discuss here is channeled so it may not resonate with everyone. Don’t just accept what you read here; question it heavily and draw a conclusion that is the most sensible for you.

In writing this series, I’m not trying to claim Ra is real or the information you’ll find here is undeniable or rock solid. Some people think it is (David Wilcock claims it’s the “spiritual foundation” of all of his work) but others don’t believe in channeling or the idea that extraterrestrials have been actively involved in our history.

Some people think Ra is a negative entity because of the talk of a ‘harvest of souls’ that’s interpreted by some as collective spiritual evolution and others as a conspiracy to syphon our consciousness and keep us from advancing into higher planes of spiritual awareness.

Again, the best thing you can do is draw your own conclusion based on what you find in this series.

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