The Physical Body Enables Growth and Evolution

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The physical body’s necessary for our evolution into higher, more refined planes of consciousness, and we inhabit it so we can live comfortably in our density and learn lessons that are necessary for us to evolve.

As Ra will tell us here, our spirits exist independent of a body, but we can’t really evolve unless we incarnate in a physical (or non-physical) temple. Inhabiting a body is necessary while we learn, grow and progress, and without one, we’d miss out on essential lessons and experiences.

As Ra will also tell us, every density up to the eighth requires a body of some sort, but I’m sure our bodies become less physical and more etheric as we continue to evolve. When we reach a higher density, we lighten our vibration and refine our physical bodies, thus adjusting them to the next realm.

As badly as some seekers want to leave their body behind and explore the higher realms, they’re necessary for our evolution. Without them, we’d be stuck in the same place, wishing we could progress or evolve in some way.

Our evolution’s based on the progress we make from within our bodies, and personally, I’m grateful to be on this earth. Even though it offers a lot of pain, hardship and general negativity, I think we’re blessed to be here and I wouldn’t leave if I were paid to.

I plan to experience the higher realms (what some have called ‘heaven’) from right here on earth, and maybe some of you can agree.

According to Ra, the purpose of the physical body isn’t to speed up our evolution – it’s to enable it.

Question: “Was the physical body a device designed to accelerate the evolution of the mind?

“It is perhaps more accurate to note that the yellow-ray physical vehicle is a necessity without which the mind/body/spirit complex cannot pursue evolution at any pace. The mind/body/spirit complex has an existence independent of any physical vehicle.

“However, in order to evolve, change, learn and manifest the Creator, the physical vehicles appropriate to each density are necessary. Your question implied that physical vehicles accelerated growth. The more accurate description is that they permit growth.” (1)

They also tell us what’s required to grow into fourth density.

“The necessity for graduation to 4th density is an ability to use, welcome and enjoy a certain intensity of the white light of the One Infinite Creator.

“It’s a function of the intensity of the violet ray of the individual.” (2)

They then describe the fourth density to the best of their ability. Note that David Wilcock (and/or Bob Childers) compiled their description into a handy list.

“There are no appropriate words. We can only say what it is not and approximate what it is. Beyond 4th density our ability to describe the density grows more limited until we become without words.

  1. “It uses a type of bipedal body which is much denser in consciousness and more full of life. It does not use your heavy chemical vehicles or body.
  2. “4th density is not of words, unless chosen. One is aware of the thoughts and vibrations of otherselves.
  3. It is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of 3rd density.
  4. “It is a plane striving towards wisdom or light.
  5. “It is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically harmonized by group consensus.
  6. “There is no disharmony within the self or within other peoples. It is not within the limits of possibility to cause disharmony in any way.
  7. “When sickness is present, it is easily healed.” (3)

Some seekers think that since Ra uses the term density instead of dimension, the fourth density is actually the fourth and fifth dimensions.

I used to think we’d have a choice between inhabiting a crystalline body in the fifth dimension and existing as pure energy or consciousness, but remaining in a body is apparently necessary as we traverse each density (again, up until the eighth, where we’ll merge with our creator).

As we’ve learned, the body’s necessary for us to grow – even in the higher densities. Our evolution doesn’t just depend on our willingness to learn the lessons we’re given in the lower and higher realms, but on our inhabitancy of a body as we learn them.

The body grows more refined as we reach lighter planes of consciousness, and the more we open our mind and heart, the higher of a density we’ll eventually reach. Each density comes with its own set of challenges, but if we’re motivated enough to progress, we’ll learn any lessons we face with ease.

Any destructive traits or tendencies that are hidden on earth will be revealed in fourth density, Ra tells us.

“The 4th density is one of revealed information. Selves are not hidden to self or other­selves. The imbalances or distortions which are of a destructive nature show in [more] obvious ways, the body acting as a machine resource for self revelation.

“Illnesses such as cancer are very amenable to self-healing once the mechanism of the destructive influence has been grasped by the individual.” (4)

Compassion’s necessary for a while, Ra tells us, but too much of it can cause an imbalance once we reach higher spheres.

“The 4th density abounds in compassion. This compassion is folly when seen through the eyes of wisdom. It is the salvation of 3rd density but creates a mismatch in the ultimate balance of the entity.” (5)

I think compassion’s important, and it’ll be especially important for those with inner wounds who’ll require compassion from the people around them when those wounds are made apparent. In my eyes, the best thing we can do is express compassion to one another – especially those who have difficulty navigating the lower vibrations.

Compassion will cause imbalance when we reach a density beyond the fourth, but for now, it’s an important aspect of our existence that the world couldn’t live without. I think we’re meant to show compassion to each other, and the sooner we can, the sooner we can come together and change everything about this planet that’s clearly in need of attention.

Those among us with fear and hatred in their hearts could open up to the love that permeates everything in existence if they could be shown some compassion and understanding, but we’ll have to be careful not to let others take advantage of our compassionate nature.

Apparently, eating food is still necessary in fourth density.

Question: “Is the physical vehicle similar to the one in 3rd density?

“The chemical elements are not the same. However, the appearance is similar.

Question: “Is it necessary to eat food?

“This is correct.” (6)

It’s necessary because we’re meant to interact with the light-filled foods that are consumed in fourth density (which we can also consume here on earth), and it’s also necessary to teach us patience by having us stop our selfless service, which we’ll be passionate about, to eat.

Question: “This means that some kind of social catalyst, like having to work to get food, is active in 4th density. Is this correct?

“This is incorrect. The 4th density being desires to serve and the preparation of foodstuffs is extremely simple due to increased communication between entity and living foodstuff. Therefore, the work needed to acquire food is not a significant catalyst.

“But there is a catalyst involved. It is the necessity for eating the food. Eating food is not considered to be of importance to 4th density entities and therefore it aids in teaching patience.

Question: “How does it teach patience?

“To stop the functioning of service-to-others long enough to ingest food is to invoke patience.” (7)

We’ll be so passionate about helping others in fourth density that we won’t even want to stop to eat, which might seem crazy but actually makes sense.

Some seekers are so passionate about their work right now that they hardly want to stop to eat or do anything else, and I’ve had my times when I didn’t want to stop writing an article or playing music to do something like eat. We have to learn patience in fourth density, even when all we want to do is work, and this is how food helps us learn and grow.

It should also be noted that the food we’ll consume in fourth density is alive and filled with the spirit, and those of us who resonate with the importance of eating healthily can gravitate to food that’s healthy and light-filled here in third density.

It’ll help us integrate a higher vibration, and while I don’t what to preach about what kind of food we should eat, I can affirm that eating light filled-foods over foods that seem to embody the vibration of death can help us feel more centered and lively.

Healthy foods will fill us with their light, which we can use to enhance our creativity, our meditations, and plenty of other things we do to serve others and/or find a higher vibration.

Once we find harmony with each other in fourth density, Ra tells us, we’ll use our experience to help others who are lost.

“The work that is accomplished in positive 4th density is that work whereby the positive social memory complex, having through slow stages, harmoniously integrated itself, goes forth to aid those of less positive orientation which seek their aid.

“Greater and greater intensities of understanding or compassion are attained. This intensity continues until the appropriate intensity of the light may be welcomed. This is 4th density harvest.” (8)

We’re also told how an entire planet can attain ‘social memory’.

Question: “At what stage does a planet achieve social memory?”

When its entire group of entities are of one orientation or seeking. Then the group memory lost to the individuals in the roots of the tree of mind becomes known to the social complex, thus creating a social memory complex.

“When a group of mind/body/spirits becomes able to form a social memory complex, all experiences of each entity is available to the whole of the complex.” (9)

It’s probably clear that we have a long way to go before we can achieve this, but with the inspired efforts of the conscious community, more people will awaken to the necessity to come together and use our unity to bring our planet into the light.

Bringing the world together can be easier than we think, but I think something will have to happen to shake people out of their self-instated and culturally accepted slumber.

I think something significant will need to happen before humanity can awaken to the spiritual truths of our existence and the necessity to come together and save this planet from the destruction we’ve caused, but in all things, our freewill’s important.

No higher-dimensional force wants to violate our sacred freewill, and thus, nothing too big can happen that’d jar people out of their slumbers too quickly or abruptly. The game our guides play is one of subtly awakening us to various concepts we’d benefit from opening up to, but I still think some type of magnificent event will need to happen to awaken people.

Maybe it’ll have to do with exposing the corruption in our governments. Maybe it’ll have to do with extraterrestrials or spirituality. I couldn’t say for sure, but it’s clear that humanity needs to awaken in one way or another so we can harmoniously create the utopian society so many of us are ready to establish.

I think utopia is inevitable (like I’ve said before), but in order to achieve it, we’ll have to let go of the mind-centered division and rigidity that have kept us from loving and respecting one another.

I don’t think our outer differences mean as much as people assume, and in order to change the world, we’ll have to see beyond them. There’s no way around it, and a lot of people are realizing this as they awaken to the importance of unity and strive to awaken those around them to its importance.

We’ll continue to hear from Ra about fourth density in our next report, and I’m sure they’ll continue to surprise us with interesting revelations about it (and our current density). I learn something new every time I write these reports, and hopefully, you all take something valuable from them too.

Ra still has plenty of enlightening information to share with us, and if we’re receptive enough, we can open up to this information within and learn things that might surprise and amaze us.

We have to be open to learn anything significant, and when the mind’s an open and willing conduit for the knowledge of our Christ consciousness, there’s no telling what we’ll be able to do. We’re as infinite as we let ourselves be, so let’s open our minds and hearts and rediscover the infinity that’s always been there, waiting for us to realize it exists.


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