Rippling Out From the Source

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Previously, we learned that the higher self is a gift from the seventh-density self to the rest of its selves in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensions, and now, we’re going to enter into section two of the ‘Law of One Study Guide’ and learn how all of creation ripples out from the infinite and all-loving Source.

As we’ll learn, everything in existence originates from Source’s center. The further we venture from Source, the deeper we venture into density, and our ascension will take us deeper into the center than we’ve been in a very long time.

The fifth dimension will only be the beginning in terms of our dimensional exploration, and after we spend so much ‘time’ there, we’ll grow into even higher realms and find Source in purer and purer ways with each dimension we grow into.

First, Ra tells us that infinity existed before everything else in creation.

Q: “Can you tell me the first known thing in creation?

“The first known thing in creation is infinity.” (1)

After a while, Source eventually became aware of itself.

Q: “What is the next step?

“Infinity became aware.” (2)

Once this awareness dawned, Source decided to explore itself by creating entire universes and dimensions out of ‘nothingness’.

“As the Creator decides to experience Itself It generates into that plenum (nothingness that has the potential for being) full of the glory and the power of the One Infinite Creator which is manifest to your perceptions as space or outer space.” (3)

After these realms were created, Source sought to separate from itself and enter into distortion.

“Step by step, the Creator becomes that which may know (or experience) Itself, and the portions of the Creator partake less purely in the power of the original word or thought. The creation itself is a form of consciousness which is unified.


Everything emanates from Source, including us, and as our vibration continues to rise, we’ll see that we’re one with everything in existence. We’re all distorted godsparks of our creator, and when we venture deep into our sacred center, we’ll learn this and plenty of other things that’ll open our eyes to the true nature of existence.

Joy and open-mindedness will help us find Source from the lower dimensions, and the more we seek ourselves, the more we’ll find our creator. We’re one and the same with Source, but we separated ourselves because we wanted to experience these lower realms we created.

When Source became aware, it focused its awareness to create the spiritual/physical matter we know as ‘love’.

“Awareness led to the focus of infinity into infinite energy. You have called this by various names, the most common being ‘logos’ or ‘love’.” (5)

According to the study guide, love is also referred to as the ‘second distortion of the Law of One’, because it forms the building blocks of the lower-vibrational realities we created. I refer to our higher selves, guides etc. as well when I say ‘we’, because every realm beyond the purest, most centered realms of Source is considered distorted.

The third dimension is much more distorted than the dimensions we’re growing into, but the higher realms are still comprised of the technically distorted ‘infinite energy’.

The process of focusing Source’s energy on the creation of lower realms is referred to as intelligent infinity.

“The Creator is the focusing of infinity as an aware conscious principle called intelligent infinity.” (6)

Love, while distorted, is an energy of a very high order.

“Love may be seen as the type of energy of an extremely high order which causes intelligent energy to be formed from the potential of intelligent infinity in a particular way. All love emanates from the Oneness.” (7)

The love we’re rediscovering is a less distorted version of the physical matter we’ve been immersed in for millennia, and in the higher realms, we’ll find that we can work with the looser, more refined spiritual matter around us to create to our heart’s content.

This is the purpose of this entire existence – to create and explore. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m ready to move beyond this third-dimensional creation and explore what the higher (yet still distorted) realms have to offer.

From the unitive center, Source tapped into the potential of infinite energy to create the lower dimensions.

“There is unity. This unity is all there is. This unity has a potential and a kinetic. The potential is intelligent infinity, Tapping this potential will yield work [or the kinetic part.] This work [or kinetic part] has been called by us, intelligent energy. [Yet] there is no difference, potential or kinetic, in unity.

“The basic rhythms of intelligent infinity are totally without distortion of any kind. The rhythms are clothed in mystery, for they are being itself. Its unity is undistorted. However, there is a vast potential to be tapped into by focuses of energy, which we call intelligent energy.” (8)

From what’s said here, it seems that Source itself is unity, and from this unity, intelligent infinity’s potential was used to create various lower realms.

Unity (Source) used infinite energy (love/logos) to create the lower realms we now seek to grow away from by focusing our energy back on Source. If we ‘focus’ the infinite energy we naturally carry within on Source, we can perceive it in a clearer way than if we were to continue to be fascinated with materiality.

The rhythm or ‘heartbeat’ of intelligent infinity causes it to ripple out away from Source and then back toward Source.

“Intelligent infinity has a rhythm or flow as of a giant heart, beginning with the central sun as you would conceive of this … the presence of the flow inevitable as a tide of beingness without polarity, without finiteness, the vast and silent all beating outward, outward and inward until all the focuses are complete.

“Then their spiritual nature or mass calls them inward, inward until all is coalesced. This is the rhythm of reality.” (9)

No matter how far we venture out from Source, we’ll always return. No matter how enamored we are with the distorted realms we’ve descended into, the rhythm we possess at our core (because we are infinite energy in a human embodiment) will always lead us back into the sacred center.

We can save a lot of time, however, if we fade into this center as much and as often as we can from right here on earth. If we venture as deep into our centers as possible on a daily basis, we’ll find every bit of energy, clarity and inspiration we seek.

We’ll find that energy seems to flow through us in an unprecedented way, and it’s our right and our destiny to reclaim this energy and use it for a wealth of helpful and creative purposes. It’ll be hard to access if we don’t fade into our sacred center, but our creativity will flow easily if we’re constantly centered and connected with Source.

The first distortion Source embodied was/is the freewill to explore itself however it wanted.

Q: “The 1st distortion of intelligent infinity is free will. Can you give a definition of this distortion?

“In this distortion of the Law of One it is recognized that the Creator will know Itself (or experience Itself). The primal distortion is free will.” (10)

We’re endowed with the freewill to do whatever we want here in the lower dimensions, but make no mistake – we experience the consequences of all of our actions, even it if seems to take longer for some people. If we hurt others, for example, we’ll eventually be hurt in a similar way.

We’re given exactly what we give out, and realizing this will help us clean our karmic slates and keep them clean so we don’t experience any further karmic negativity.

In our final quote, Ra tells us that our freedom of choice is infinite, and the actions that spring from it are eternally connected with it.

Q: “The Creator then grants total freedom of choice in the ways of knowing. Is this correct?

“This is quite correct.

Q: “Then all other distortions spring from this first distortion, is this correct?

“It is both correct and incorrect.

“In your illusion of physical existence all experience springs from the Law of Free will or the Way of Confusion.

“In another sense, which we are learning, the experiences are this distortion.” (11)

Everything we do, on earth and in the higher realms, is tied to our universally honored freewill. No matter what we do or experience, it sprang from this original distortion.

Even love itself sprang from Source’s freewill to create and explore these lower realms, and now, our freewill is leading us back into our center. We can leave this center any time we want, but we’ll eventually see that we cut ourselves off from the purest source of love by doing so.

We’ll pick this discussion back up in our next segment, and personally, I’m excited to see what else Ra has to say about the rippling-out of creation from our infinite Source. We’ve just started section two of the study guide, and there’s plenty more interesting information about our nature as infinite creators and the distortions we currently live under.

We’ll live under most of these distortions for a very long ‘time’ before we transcend them and commune with Source in a much, much purer way than we’re currently able to, but with dedication and a lot of inner work, we’ll venture further into our center than ever before.

In this center, we’ll find a wealth of valuable love that we can put to good use. We can tap into our inner love and use it to empower various spiritually inspired creations that could go on to help others in their quest to know Source, and at the end of the day, we’ll be very glad we contributed to our collective evolution.

Wes Annac – Interested in learning more about our statuses as individual creators.


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