Cedella Marley: Let Go of Your Worries

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Let go of your worries today because in the end, worrying gets you nowhere. When you focus on the negative possibilities, you lose sight of positive opportunities.

Rather than worry, take action with any situation that you feel is bringing you anxiety. You have the ability to make a difference in your life and not allow the challenges to get in the way.

One love…Cedella



March Equinox 2017 – Truth, Transition, And Transformation!

By Morag, In5D.com

Transitions are challenging. Transitions are tricky to navigate. Transitions are necessary. We can feel restless, unfocused, spaced out, low energy, confused and uncertain. Gaia and her people are in transition from the third dimension to higher frequencies. Nature loses her leaves or grows new leaves, we shed old habits and form new ones. This is transition, letting go, changing and growing in a natural, organic way.

The cosmic shifts propelling Gaia and her people to higher frequencies are unrelenting. We are being pushed to wake up and question everything. Continue reading March Equinox 2017 – Truth, Transition, And Transformation!

For The First Time Ever, The Federal Government Is Referring To Marijuana As Medicine

By Justin Gardner, Activist Post

A profound shift in the federal government’s stance on cannabis was marked by subtle changes made this month to one webpage. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the National Institutes of Health, now has a webpage titled Marijuana as Medicine. Prior to March 2017, it was titled Is Marijuana Medicine?

Apparently, they feel the question has been answered. The timing of NIDA’s update is very curious, as there are signs from the Trump administration that a crackdown may be coming on states’ cannabis legalization progress made over the last few years.

The Department of Justice is now headed by rabid prohibitionist Jeff Sessions, who cites falsehoods and Reefer Madness propaganda when discussing cannabis. Only a few days ago, Sessions said cannabis “is slightly less awful” than heroin – a mind-boggling display of ignorance. Trump chose to keep Chuck Rosenberg as head of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), who said medical cannabis is “a joke” and oversaw the department’s decision to keep the plant as a Schedule 1 drug with “no medicinal use.” Continue reading For The First Time Ever, The Federal Government Is Referring To Marijuana As Medicine

Something Extraordinary is Happening in the World – and Most People Haven’t Realized

By Gustavo Tanaka, Wake Up World

Most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening…

A few months ago, I freed myself from the standard-procedure society. I broke the chains of fear that kept me locked up into the system. Since then, I see the world from a different perspective: the one that everything is going through change and that most of us are unaware of that.

Why is the world changing? In this post, I’ll point out the eight reasons that lead me to believe it.

1. No one can stand the employment model any longer

People working with big corporations can’t stand their jobs. The lack of purpose knocks on your door as if it came from inside you like a yell of despair. People want out. They want to drop everything and run. Take a look at how many people are willing to risk entrepreneurship, how many people are leaving on sabbaticals, and how many people are suffering with work-related depression, and burnout. We are reaching our limits.

Continue reading Something Extraordinary is Happening in the World – and Most People Haven’t Realized

German Official Proposes $53 Million Fine for “Fake News”

By Christina Sarich, The Mind Unleashed

Germany is ready to impose Orwellian laws against so called “fake news” via the country’s Justice Minister, Heiko Maas. Mass is proposing fines of up to 50 million euros ($53 million US dollars) for anyone who does not swiftly remove what is deemed hate speech or “fake news.” Continue reading German Official Proposes $53 Million Fine for “Fake News”

To Muslims of America, I Apologize

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

President Trump’s stated intention to close the US off to incoming Muslims spurs me to re-issue an article written in late 2008 to the effect that Muslims did not cause 9/11 and have been used as the (intended) scapegoat ever since.

Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other “terrorist” organizations are alleged to be “New World Order” fronts. The Illuminati cabal actually destroyed the World Trade Center.

Sooner or later we need to stop blaming Muslims for a black op designed to set the wider population against them and distract attention from what’s really happening.

I’d change some of the factual statements made in this article, based on more recent research. But I no longer have time to keep up with the baseline of research in the area. The message remains the same.
Continue reading To Muslims of America, I Apologize

Mind Control in Australia

By David Thrussell, New Dawn, Waking Times

Philosophers and pundits have long discussed the nature of ‘reality’ itself. For convenience and simplicity we might consider two parallel ‘realities’: one a ‘physical reality’ (the limitations of the body, the physical environment, the mechanical activities and necessities of day-to-day survival) and another ‘mental’ or ‘psychic reality’: the lens through which your mind organises, filters and constructs both an internal and external landscape – a worldview (or supposition of ‘how things are’) both tactile and emotional.

It seems reasonable to suggest that while ‘physical reality’ (the acquisition of food, shelter, relationships, physical movement etc.) is doubtlessly of primal immediacy, the role of ‘psychic reality’ cannot be overstated in the human experience. We act (alone or in concert with others) according to our interpretation of events, information and stimuli: we move or react in concordance with a framework subtly (or overtly) instilled (or reinforced) by peers, family, media, social mores and the fabric of ‘history’ (as transmitted to us) – a collection of instincts, prejudices, short-cuts and assumptions navigating the approximation of a world our senses deliver to us each waking moment. Continue reading Mind Control in Australia

You Are Free Through Food And Water

By Paul A. Philips, Thanks to Natural Blaze

One of the many brutal truths about humans is that although it’s something we cannot do without, most of us are quite ignorant when it comes to knowing how our food and water is obtained. Spending very little time with nature, many of us have practically no knowledge of how to achieve food and water self-sufficiency.

We have allowed ourselves to become a mutant race: A major reason for our disconnection from Mother Nature and the resulting inability to be self-sufficient is that we have become overly dependent and taken over by electronics. We have become brainwashed into eking out our narrow everyday existences forever hooked into computers, TVs, cell phones, mp3’s and ‘smart’ (dumb) technologies, threatening our health and wellbeing… Continue reading You Are Free Through Food And Water

Entering the Heart Space: How a Micro Shift Can Make a Macro Difference

week5By Tamara Rant, Conscious Life News

I have the pleasure of seeing Cell Biologist, Bruce Lipton speak at a lecture next month and in celebration of that, I thought I’d write about two of my favorite inter-mingling topics: Living in the Heart Space and the power of belief.

Bruce Lipton is perhaps most well-known for his book entitled, “The Biology of Belief” which astutely tears apart the paradigm that we are victims of our genes and heredity. It is a book that has forever changed my life.

Simply put, when one is living in the Heart Space, you are connected to your mind, body and spirit at all times, and keep the awareness of what each needs at all times at the forefront of your consciousness. You face the world with compassion and love, rather than distance, fear or indifference. You feel grounded, not flighty. You feel secure, loved and confident that you are cared for, not like you must struggle to survive, or compete to get where want to be (at the expense of others). And this simple shift in belief, in mindset can literally make all the difference in the world; it can literally be the defining line between life and death. Continue reading Entering the Heart Space: How a Micro Shift Can Make a Macro Difference

You Are A Microcosm Of The Macrocosm

By Tiara Kumara, In5D.com

There is a popular saying, “As above so below, as within so without”. This adage is said to have its origins from the Greek, Hermes Trismegistus, also known as Thoth in ancient Egypt and acknowledged as a ‘scribe for the Gods’. Hermes was credited with thousands of writings of high standing, reputed to be of immense antiquity.

This principle of correspondence speaks to the mirror-image relationship between all cosmos. It simply says that the greater and the lesser are alike. The universe and Earth are of the same pattern. Nature and man reflect each other. By observing one relation you gain knowledge of the reflected whole. Continue reading You Are A Microcosm Of The Macrocosm


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