Message from Wanderer of the Skies – October 7, 2011

October 7, 2011

The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies

October 7, 2011
Greetings from the Federation:

Much is happening on your world these days. You can see the protests occurring all over as you are awakening to the energy of love. There is much going on in your world behind the scenes as well. We have great news to share with you as we keep you forever in our thoughts and send you our love in these trying days leading to Disclosure.

The underground bases, of which we have spoken in the past which harbor those factions of the Illuminati who have created the most resistance to these changes, have indeed been destroyed with no loss of life we have been able to detect. A clear message has been sent to some of the last hold outs to the agreements already in place for the surrender of the Illuminati and their capitulation in your affairs. Other sources have begun to report on these events and the Illuminati needs no confirmation of what has occurred. That message, as we have been able to monitor through the emotions and thoughts of those it affected, has been received quite forcefully. They are now aware there is no alternative and this is their end.

As more and more of the minions of those groups turn away from them in these last hours, the momentum towards a free world gains speed and power. You will see more of this in the coming days as well. Indeed, we have already indicated to you previously that several key media heads have made their deals to open access to the truth and you now see more accurate reporting on what is going on in your world. More importantly, you are now seeing information get to you that would never have been discussed previously.
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Ben Fulford Calls Iraqi Dinars a Scam

Debbie suggests that the reference to `White Hats` is a reference to the White Hats website. That sounds plausible to me.  Thanks, Debbie.

“I have mixed feelings about posting this comment from Ben Fulford but I know a lot of people have invested in dinars and so I post it in the hopes that what Ben says here is accurate. But I can’t vouch for its accuracy. I have no additional information on the Iraqi dinar investment than what Ben says here.

Certainly the allegation that the “White hats,” if that term means the Earth allies, are “run by Bush operatives” cannot be true. But Ben may mean something that I don’t know about by his use of the term “White hats.” Whatever the case, do use discernment. Thanks to Krystael.” –Steve Beckow

From: Fulford Benjamin


Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2011 9:07 PM

Subject: RE: Fulford

Hi Casper,

My sources (MI6) confirm the White hats are run by Bush operatives. Cotrell and Hodges were behind Christopher story and I believe we may be able to reach some sort of deal with them. My source is not allowed to name Mr. T at present (pending approval from an agency source) but I can say he is an ex-marine CIA guy working directly for Bush Senior. He is pushing the Dinar scam. Please tell everybody to stay away from the Dinar. The Bushes bought up all the Dinars at pennies for the dollar after they invaded and destroyed that country (murdering close to 2 million innocent people).

They are pushing it in order to con people out of their money. Mr. T also said he calls the Japanese Emperor twice a week and that the Emperor has never heard of me. That is BS, I have had messages hand delivered to him. The imperial family here is split into two factions, one supporting the old and one the new. There will be a showdown soon to settle things here. Continue reading Ben Fulford Calls Iraqi Dinars a Scam

The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius, the Water Bearer

Hello, and thank you for visiting this site. Most if not all of you who were led to this site, are here because you know within  yourselves that we are reaching a tipping point in humanities history. The current state of this world is very clearly reflecting the need for change from the way we think and operate as a collective, and as individuals.

As many of our societies seem to be met with never-ending economic or otherwise woes, the clear and needed change from what used to be felt as normal and acceptable is giving way to a new template of Living, of behaving and understanding. Many on our world are stuck in a void, where they feel no need to cease continuing the old paradigm as we have known it, and many know and understand nothing more than their average and for many people, materiality-driven, singular existence. Continue reading The Age of Aquarius

Lauren Gorgo- Inception: The final Initiation

Inception: The final initiation

Posted by Lauren on Thursday, October 6, 2011

“We would like to congratulate all those at the forefront of new-humanity… it is because of you that the tides have turned and a new consciousness has washed ashore. We are delighted to share the many new concepts that will further your advancement in human-evolution, and we are particularly enthralled with the idea of joining with you as galactic-overseers. We are part of your extended family from home, and we greet you in kind.” -The Seven Sisters of Pleiades

The Merge

We are finally and s l o w l y stepping into the next level of our galactic-genetic advancement…this most specifically relates to our changing biology (read: PAIN) & light-body expansion (read: even more PAIN), which has everything to do with the merge of spirit and matter that the Seven Sisters referred to in the May update when the Embodiment Phase began. Speaking of which, it feels worth mentioning that I started to communicate with the Seven Sisters in April of 2011, right around the time that I was told that the “leaders of new-humanity would be beginning their physical embodiment”. At the time, I wasn’t sure what that really meant, but now I get that these groovy gals are our “transition guides” to the other side, the way that some of you will be the “physical” transition guides for others.

“This step in your ascension process is the one that you have long awaited…it is the pinnacle of human experience, the fortification of spiritual-material creation.” -Seven Sisters Continue reading Lauren Gorgo- Inception: The final Initiation

Still Here!

Well, thankfully our power is still on so far, but I went ahead and took a bit of a personal day. Like president Obama with the Wall Street Protests, I am ‘cautiously’ optimistic (that we will keep our electricity). I will explain in a future update the reason this may have come about, suffice to say I am infinitely grateful that I can come on here and post still. Much Love all, Wes 🙂

Eric Cantor says Wall Street Protesters are ‘mobs’; Democrats offer support

It seems the elite are using their figureheads to further influence opinion on the Occupy Wall Street protests. Eric Cantor and Michael Bloomberg are now both speaking out against the protesters. Keep in mind that these are two people who will, along with the rest of the elites lose a lot of influence and money when the proteser’s demands for truth are granted. These are the usual moves we would expect to be made, but too many people are too smart to let their opinions be influenced. This article shows some good news however, and it shows how much the protests are generating ‘cautiously’ positive responses. This movement is to grow and transform into a worldwide coming together of humanity as the elites vacate their meaningless positions of power.

The Wall Street protesters are finally getting the attention they have been seeking, it seems. Eric Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the House, denounced the Occupy Wall Street protests Friday as “mobs,” and Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, charged demonstrators with “trying to take away the jobs of people working in this city.”

 Cantor, the House majority leader and a Republican from Virginia, told a gathering of conservative activists in Washington that he’s “increasingly concerned” by the “growing mobs” at the protests, which have spread to Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., and other cities after starting several weeks ago on Wall Street.

Democrats are beginning to express support for the demonstrations, and Paul Krugman, the influential liberal columnist,  suggests they could be the start of something big.The protesters have resisted issuing specific demands, but they have expressed anger at growing inequality and at the distorting influence of money–particularly money from the financial industry–on the political system.

Cantor’s expression of alarm was echoed by Bloomberg. “You can’t have it both ways,” the mayor said during a radio appearance. “If you want jobs you have to assist companies and give them confidence to go and hire people.” Continue reading Eric Cantor says Wall Street Protesters are ‘mobs’; Democrats offer support

David Wilcock: Personnel and Materials Mysteriously Removed from More Bases

David Wilcock

Personnel and Materials Mysteriously Removed from More Bases

David Wilcock, 10-6-11, Divine Cosmos

NOTE THURSDAY 10/6:  MASSIVE NEW DEVELOPMENTS: This week, there have  been MASSIVE new developments to this story that have forced another  round of serious consultations with our key insiders. Part II is mostly  finished, but the story is changing faster than we can write it.

I am not permitted to go into specifics, but I can now comfortably say that in addition to the first 8, MANY additional bases have now had all personnel and materials mysteriously removed. It happened within the last week. In this case, the rooms are still  there, but they are now empty — except for some broken pieces of  furniture.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but this is the situation. Apparently no  one has died from any of these incidents. Audio recordings reveal the  sounds of furniture sliding all over the place and people yelling for up  to 24 hours before it stops.

I also had one of my most trusted sources independently confirm that  the Monaco Accords did take place. When I asked why this was never  mentioned before, I was told that until I asked the right questions,  revealing that I already knew the answers, nothing could be said.

I must admit that since the sources who revealed this latest  development to me have demonstrated profound trustworthiness, I was so  overwhelmed about the news of the sheer number of bases that have now  been affected by this campaign that I burst into tears. Continue reading David Wilcock: Personnel and Materials Mysteriously Removed from More Bases

Message from SaLuSa 7-October-2011

If you did not know by now that the final days of the dark Ones are here you will very soon, as some of our activities to curtail their attempts to escape justice are likely to become general knowledge. Be assured that we have total control in these matters, and they will not go anywhere without our approval. It is not that they have to ask us. It is simply that we know their intentions and where they are at anytime, and that way we can make certain that they cannot get up to mischief. As you might guess, when the beast is cornered it lashes out with total disregard for the consequences. There may be minor incidents but our main concern is to stop any action aimed at you.

Each joint project that we are involved in is at a point of being ready to go ahead, and we will make sure that once we get the signal to proceed the whole mechanism will swing into place. Much of the groundwork has been completed by our allies, and we are present to oversee it. There is really so much that goes on in secret, but sometimes the size of the operations is such that it is difficult to conceal everything that happens. That means you discover some details and may have a good idea as to its significance. You have your own reliable sources that are trusted, and will know who you can believe. However, once things get started there will be no mistaking what they are about, as you have waited for so long you do know by now what to expect.

What is encouraging for us is that more people talk about us without feeling embarrassed, as the days when you would be ridiculed for doing so are far and few between. Intelligent discussions are now possible, as so much information is available about us. Indeed, we will hardly need any introduction when the time comes for disclosure. We so look forward to when we can be with you, and it will be a time of great celebration. After all, we will meet many souls who already know us but have forgotten their links with us. Many are from our Galactic Federation families and are in reality Space Beings serving on Earth. Continue reading Message from SaLuSa 7-October-2011

Dreaming of Transformation

A few nights ago I had a vivid dream. I was at home, either upstairs or outside, and I could feel a strong presence of ascended beings. Though I could not see them, I could feel very intensly that they were there with me. The feel of the atmosphere of the dream, the theme if you will seemed to be that immense change was about to be implemented, seemingly out of nowhere. Now, before I go any further I should explain that the area I live in is sort of void of nature; there are parks and beautiful nature around this area but there is no nature within walking distance. It is a bit of an urban area that I live in, and if one wishes to be out in nature it requires a drive which I have no gas for. So I have sort of always wished that there was more accessible nature around here, the area I live in.

Now, back to the dream. All of the members of the house I live in with my girlfriend were with us, though they couldn’t seem to feel the presence of ascended guides that I could. I began to feel as if the guides who’s presence I was feeling were beginning to chat with me. They were telling me something, though I can not quite remember what. Again, the theme of this dream was that massive changes were about to be implemented. As I walked outside, something wonderful began to happen. A transformation of mass proportions occured right before our eyes, and it happened in the blink of an eye. In an instant, the urban area I am used to transformed to a wonderful area of nature. There were fields of grass and beautiful trees everywhere, and though the houses on my street stayed put, all around these houses flourised wonderful and beautiful nature. It was a dream come true for me! Continue reading Dreaming of Transformation


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