Wes Annac and his Collective Guides: On Reality and Illusion

By: Wes Annac, with channeled information from his spiritual guides.

Let us think for a moment about the fundamental nature in which we are all connected, energetically with every aspect of Creation around us. This basic underlying theme has been the foundation of many religions, and is in fact the foundation of the modern ‘New Age’ type of theory. It is easy to simply say, ‘we are all one’ and perhaps for some it is said but not really understood fully or believed, as a cliché.

However, even if this term and what it implies seem for some to be illusory or the fake mental creation of wishful thinkers alone, when understood from an energetic standpoint it becomes abundantly clear that indeed, we are one with everything and everybody around us. Continue reading Wes Annac and his Collective Guides: On Reality and Illusion


Message from Sara of the Galactic Federation (via Greg Giles) 5 Feb 2011


Only one who searches for his or her own truth will learn just how the planet works inside. Those who seek bigger and greater ways of life are the ones who today seek out the tough answers to today’s questions. Are you a seeker and a truth teller? Are you one of the few who will leave the comforts of your familiar beliefs and head out into the unknown of question and seek new answers to this new way of life? What is in store for those who seek higher planes of wisdom is a treasure so great, so freeing to his or her own being and soul that we tell you to step out of the familiar of your current belief systems and challenge everything you have come to know is your reality. What is it is all about, how it operates, how it began, how it will end, and we tell you again dear ones, it is all up to you. This is the key to your answers, although each of you has your own door to unlock and each of your keys are unique to your paths of travel. There is not but one key and one truth, but millions and billions of keys and truths and it is up to each and every one of you to seek and to find your own way and your own meaning to it all. Continue reading Message from Sara of the Galactic Federation (via Greg Giles) 5 Feb 2011

Walk With Me – Karma’s Helper – 4 Feb 2012

It’s Amazing isn’t it?….that “feeling” that you just can’t put your finger on?…WE ARE ONE…awakening “together”….are “energy systems” are BEing pushed through ever facet of our 3rd Dimensional housing unit, otherwise known as The Human Body…WE are BEing “tested” from BOTH sides……..for WE ARE THE BRIDGE.


by Karma’s Helper


February 4, 2012



It’s Amazing isn’t it?……The inner draw…..that “feeling” that you just can’t put your finger on?…..the tingling sensation atop of your head at times…….the “sparkles” of light here and there that you catch with your peripheral vision…….the high pitched ringing in your ears…….your ever changing sleeping habits……a complete 180 on your diet ( or at least a serious look into )…….the feeling that you’re here, but not really…….almost like your part of an inter-active play of some kind……..you can now see “the characters” for what they are…..as you can now kind of see where and how YOU came to BE……….here……NOW……..looking back at ALL that YOU have been through……all the pain……all the sadness…….mixed together with all the joy and happiness…..or put another way……all that EXPERIENCE.
WE ARE ONE…..awakening “together”…….time is condensing……you can FEEL it……..are “energy systems” are BEing pushed through ever facet of our 3rd Dimensional housing unit, otherwise known as The Human Body………WE are Masters of the 3rd Dimension, we just don’t ALL fully except this at times, as ALL we have come to know ( master ) is the physical……the “where is the proof” statement(s)…….for ” a bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush” right?……but…….wait a minute……..NO statements held in our hand…..nor physical clues led us ALL to “this” very point in time……it was the “unknown, yet ever so familiar ” CALLING that did…….
WE are BEing “tested” from BOTH sides……..for WE ARE THE BRIDGE…..it’s time to focus…..as ONE.
Out with “The Old”…..in with “The New”…….”WE” see you………Everywhere……

Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/walk-with-me-karma-s-helper-february-4-2012#ixzz1lXygYJu9

Lessons to Learn from Another Failed Prediction

So, obviously the excursion to the Neptune Mothership did not or has not yet taken place, and the backlash is already getting fierce. We are seeing the division between those who never believed this was real all along, and those who are still behind these sources as well as behind Steve. I’m sure many people will be wondering what my opinion on this whole thing is (or maybe that is just my ego telling me so) but in any case, I wish to state my perspective on this whole issue.

For me, this whole thing started on either a Monday or Tuesday night, when I got the ‘Invitation from the Intergalactic Council to ‘come aboard the Neptune for ten days as an effort to bring disclosure forward’. Like any discerning Lightworker, I told myself, ‘yeah okay, we will wait and see’. I did not wish to pour all of my energies into this scenario playing out, but at the same time that is exactly what would be needed for it to materialize! But we will get into that in a minute.  Continue reading Lessons to Learn from Another Failed Prediction

Rick-Saturday’s Attempt at Disclosure

This weekend has exemplified the ongoing issue of timing of Disclosure and First Contact. As the information we have received about the Galactics has mostly come through channeling there is always the issue of how are we affecting the transmission. Some assume the transmission is correct and it is the fault of those Lightworkers who believe something should happen but aren’t holding the the Light highly enough. Or that naysayers are the problem. Many hold the Galactics at fault for their reticence to do things the way we think they should. I would like to share a different perspective.

 For years after I was first contacted in 1970 I would push for a landing and pickup. In the deserts and mountains. I so strongly wanted to be with my galactic family again. Each time the inner Voice would say (after my ego quieted down.)

“Trust all things to be in Perfect Timing. This is not just about you. It is not just your wants and fears. Learn to surrender to the Higher Part of you. When you do that the ego quiets down and Joy blossoms.”

 Many many times I have had to relearn the lesson and still do. Surrendering to my Higher Self, to the Greater Good for All. I believe this is the Essence of how the Galactics live in the Higher Dimensions (Fifth and above.) This is Essence of shifting into Ascension. We have come to believe that Surrender is wrong, that it is surrendering to the Elite (of religions, governments, the military) who have always led us into slavery. But surrendering to the Divine is the recognition that there is a part of us, directly connected to the Source of All That Is that sees our place in the Greater Plan (including our own personal  greater plan).

 When we let go and allow our Higher Self to lead and guide us, we come into Peace and into the Flow.This current situation exemplifies what happens when we manifest with the idea that we know best and the Galactics (who can see the dynamics of all the people on this planet and have been watching out for us throughout the Ages) need to be pushed into doing it our way. Saturday energized a lot of people which is great and at the perfect moment it will all happen, but probably not as we envision it “should” happen.

 Just one opinion.

Arcturian group

Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele http://www.onenessofall.com/newest.html 

Greetings dear ones, we come again assure you that all is well and is proceeding according to plan. The world is awakening in greater numbers now. Many are beginning to understand that there is much more to their lives than what they had been taught or were expected to believe. Society is changing because the individuals who make up society are becoming more enlightened. There are those in all countries rebelling against the old ways. They are experiencing an inner knowing of their right to freedom to live in ways that are best for them while respecting that same truth for others as well. Try not to be discouraged for even though you often do not see the changes, they are happening, your news is not clear and you do not hear all that you could. Many who courageously insist upon change in the world have lost their fear, reflecting a new and higher state of awareness now beginning to manifest in the outer. We congratulate you dear ones and tell you to be patient, observant, and centered within truth at all times. Send Light to the Middle East for this area still holds much denseness and old energy. It will be a new time for this area also, but the heaviness is holding change at a slower pace. There are many in these areas that are enlightened, but are unable to speak of it at this time. We salute the courage of those who live from the heart in spite of appearances. There is much chaos within your government. It is going to be changing in many ways. The Light is effecting those who hold to what is old and finished. There will be many surprises before your election, and those who play the game as it has always been played are in for these surprises. It will not be long now before you will begin to see some of what you have been hoping for appear. Again we emphasize that change must come from you, not us. We observe and stand by to help you in your decisions but this world is your world, your choices make up your world, and you have reached a tuning point. Have no fear dear ones, you are doing it. Your awakening is changing the energy of earth. Gaia, who is a living soul and not a piece of dirt, is releasing all that has been imposed upon her over the ages–the negative energy of battlefields, areas of pain and suffering due to mans’ inhumanity to man, areas in which many were made to live and feel less than human, and any locations still holding the resonance of violence and death. Gaia has held these heavy energies for a long time and is now releasing them in order to bring in the higher dimensional energies of ascension. Do not believe that ascension only took place long ago to one man-Jesus. Each will experience their own ascension as they attain higher and higher states of consciousness allowing them to hold the higher frequencies of Light. Ascension is never an event outside yourselves as many of you have been taught, but is your earned shift into a higher state of consciousness bestowed by your Higher Self only when you are ready. The rites and rituals of organized religions will slowly become obsolete. You are ready to understand the true meaning that underlies rites and rituals, but at the same time are now ready to let go of giving power to them through believing that they will make you into what you already are. This awareness means that many tools must be let go of as they have served their purpose and many of you have become dependent upon them. Could Divine Source need a crystal, a candle, a certain way of standing or moving, or an organized group in order to be Itself-Source? Think about these things. You are the manifestation of Source and are being guided by your Higher Selves to understand, incorporate, and make this truth your state of consciousness. This is the entirety of the evolutionary journey–remembering who you are. Tools are helpful at times. Beautiful crystal energy can sooth, candles give a lovely ambiance and sense of peace. All the tools can be helpful especially for the beginner. We do not say to give up those tools that you love, but to give up the belief that you NEED these things in order to be what you already are. Many who have lived their lives through rites and rituals are finding the idea of giving them up very difficult. Some have come to identify themselves with these rites, rituals, and tools, especially religious leaders and even some “new age” light workers. These dear ones have taught these rites and rituals because they have been handed down and taught to them, and they have worked in the past. Because of this, many take pride and confidence in their abilities and beliefs. However, it is a new time dear ones, you are being guided to let go of all that would draw you outside of yourselves, in order that you can enter into a realization of Oneness–that because you are the manifestation of the Divine, all you need is already within you. This is the surrender talked about in mystical literature of all ages. This is the death of the ego, the release of all that is not real about who your are. This does not mean that you will never enjoy those things you love, but you will come to know and enjoy them on a higher level. Know that nothing real can ever be lost, it can only manifest on higher and higher levels because anything real is maintained and sustained by Divine Law. What is real? Love, peace, joy, abundance, harmony, life– all qualities of Source; infinitely manifesting Itself as you.

 We are the Arcturian Group

Greg Giles – The Postponed Trip And The Seven Hundred Pound Gorilla

After plans to have members of our planet’s citizenry embark on a 10 day field trip to the stars as guests of the mother ship Neptune have fallen through, many people have aligned our Earthen organizer Steve Beckow within their sites, either prepared to pull the trigger that he was duped, or that this was all somehow his fault that this trip did not materialize. To blame Steve Beckow in any way, shape or form for the postponement of this trip is akin to holding Moses accountable for the 10 Commandments. There are the naysayers who will point to certain aspects of these communications which to them appear questionable, but even some parts of tablets Moses crated down from the top of Mount Sinai do not appear to make much sense either. Does anyone else feel the parts about not coveting thy neighbors goods or wife sound more to you like a couple of rich guys wanting you to keep your mind off their money and your eyes off their wife? This sounds more like something my Greek neighbor who owns the local diner would say. “Hey, you looka’ my wife, I breaka’ you face!” But I digress, as I so often do.Mr. Beckow deserves no blame at all for the disappointment some feel today. Instead, he deserves all the credit in the world for proposing such a brilliant idea that I have not heard proposed by anyone else to this point. He also presented a very simple and well conceived process that would not only open the door to disclosure, but rush it through and slam the door behind. Is it Steve’s fault that this perfectly simple plan became more complex than the building of the Roman aqueduct? To his credit, this was a groundbreaking and very plausible idea with a massive upside. The only downside would be a few disappointed souls, but there is no tangible downside to this, as even the most disheartened Lightworker will bounce back in no time. After all, we are humans, and we can take everything the universe can dish out. That’s what makes us so uniquely human.
In answer to those who doubt the veracity of Steve’s channeler Linda Dillon, I will tell you, even though I have no cause to at this point, but only because it is the truth, my Star Family within the Ashtar Command has shared with me their thoughts on these proceedings. After I received confirmation that I was successfully added to this trip’s flight list, my Star Family sent me a communication on a day that we do not usually make contact and requested of me all the information I have been able to ascertain about this trip so they may do an investigation of this proposal. I, of course, supplied them with all the details that I knew and I waited for their reply. I received further word from my Star Family during the early morning hours of Saturday, even as it began to appear likely this trip would be at least postponed for now.

Personal message to Greg from his Star Family

I would like to clarify some things with you about today’s trip. We have communicated with your hosts and we have come to the conclusion that your trip is a very real possibility and not a fabrication. We wish you to know we always look out for your safety, and this trip will be no different. It will not be as you have a chaperon, but we will watch over you and make sure no harm comes to you. We will take all precautions and notify you if we feel you are headed for any danger at all.
We see this trip as a very good means to begin disclosure announcements and we salute your efforts to participate in this potentially historic event. Please be the best representative of your people and our people that you can be. We are sure you already have this clearly in mind. We are very excited at the potential of this endeavor to have vast sweeping effects over your world. You will be meeting beings from many different corners of the universe during your ten days ‘at sea’, and we are excited for you as we know you will enjoy meeting all these unique individuals very much. We know you have not socialized with others in a very long time, and we see this event as a wonderful opportunity for you to get out of the house, as well of course, take part in what could be one of the most important events in the history of your planet.
We see this as a tremendous opportunity to become involved in an even greater way then you have already been with the disclosure process, and we see you making many new friends and important contacts in this regard. Remember to always be on your best behavior, not that we have to remind you of this. There will be many influential members of various commands you may meet and speak with, and we know you’ll do your best to honor your people as an ambassador of both Earth and your home world.
There is a chance you may get to visit your home planet during this trip, and we are so very excited for you at this possibility. The site of all that is familiar to you may begin to open the floodgates of memories of your past. We know you will be quite surprised at what you will rediscover about yourself and your history, and we feel you may begin to remember us, your old friends as well.
We wish you a safe trip Greg. Have a wonderful time and learn as much as you can so you could bring back wonderful stories to share with your brothers and sisters of your world upon your return. Be well, enjoy yourself. We will speak to you again soon, and remember, we are always watching out for you and your safety.
We are your Star Family.
As much often becomes clearer after a good night’s sleep, so to have I just awakened with a new thought on the subject after I had already published an article outlining many possibilities for the reason for the unsuccessful nature of the original plan. I cannot say for sure if this was not my ego mind conceiving this notion, or it was a message from my guides, but in either case, this possibility is worth presenting here as it is as plausible as any other explanation offered thus far.
In the dream state a portrait was painted for me suggesting this entire affair was a creation of our collective consciousness, and that we were creating by, and for, ourselves each proceeding step throughout the entire process and it was our creation that led us to the experience of disappointment. In my dream, I was reminded that the idea of this endeavor was not presented to humanity, but it was humanity who conceived it and offered it into possibility. The universe answered back ‘Yes’, your request is granted. Is this not the way the universe must answer us? Ask and you shall receive. This is a universal law that we all should understand by this point. Steve then asked if we may bring a clearly defined number of individuals to rendezvous with the mother ship. Again this request was granted, as it must. We are now successfully creating together as a collective consciousness each step of the way to the manifestation of our desire. ‘Can we do this on Saturday’ Steve asked again, and again we were answered in the only way the higher realms can answer. Yes, this is possible.
I was shown in my dream that this is the point that our collective consciousness became unfocused and began to break down, scattering our thoughts and our powers of collective manifestation. The parameters originally agreed upon where that a certain number of individuals will be picked up at one time and delivered to the mother ship where they will spend 10 days, no more no less, then be returned to our mother soil. Simple, clear, focused. Even for novices like us we could easily manifest such a reality with this mindset. But it was here that as one collective consciousness ‘I’ began to ask ‘Is this a fraud, is this a hoax, is this a trap set by the cabal? ‘I’, as one collective consciousness then asked if I could not travel back and forth to the ship according to the schedule of everyone else, but instead be picked up later or returned earlier?’ I then asked ‘Since I am not a believer, could I wait here on earth until I see that everyone else went and at that point can I call you and you come back down to earth and pick me up?’ Not understanding that it is our conviction that creates this event, it is not the event that creates our conviction. Then ‘I’ asked questions about bringing our children and our pets, losing focus on the fact that there is limited availability and the purpose of this mission is to bring back evidence and our descriptions to share with the world. On and on my consciousness scattered. ‘Could I bring my 700 pound gorilla and two tons of bananas, as I cannot find a babysitter? And since you know how bananas won’t keep for 10 days, is it possible that we travel back down to earth for fresh bananas? And can we go to the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles because I heard Lindsay Lohan shops there?
I mean no offense to anyone that may have made these requests as I do understand how everyone wished so to participate in this event, and I also wish to make it clear that Steve did nothing but his best to see to it that so many who had done so much for the light be rewarded for their efforts. I wholeheartedly agree with this heartfelt gesture, even if someone needed an early lift home or have to bring along their gorilla. I am also not stating as fact it was our unfocused collective consciousness that curtailed our adventure, I am only suggesting that perhaps we examine closely the words of Archangel Micheal who advised through channel Fran Zapeda ”Whether it happens this Saturday is also dependent on the mindset of everyone…” I ask that we alleviate this possibility of determent if ever we are to attempt such an endeavor again. As my father always said “Sure can’t hurt”.
There is no call to try to point fingers here, as I, as one collective consciousness, can only point a finger at me. I am merely illustrating just where our collective focus began to crumble like a house of cards with a 700 pound gorilla sitting on it. I believe in all experience there is a lesson to be learned, and when the virtue of a lesson is failed to be recognized, history is destined to repeat. Let us not experience this failure to launch again, but by all means let us not fail because we did not again try, but let us not fail because we learned from our mistakes.
http://www.ascensionearth2012.blogspot.com link to original article

On truth… energies… soul mates and twin flames…

We are at a time when the old untruths and lies that have been told on this planet, and dished up as facts, will simply start falling away. As more and more people are raising their frequencies and vibrations, the lies will have no fertile ground anymore to prosper and grow in and will have to make way for the seeds of truth to grow and grow….

Already there is a growing awareness that we have great Cosmic Links…. I see this on Facebook every day, with messages from the Pleideans, Arcturians, and Ascended Masters are relayed via video clips or photos….. The Message that this planet has never been alone, or an entity all on its own, is now reaching the masses, and those who are opening up to Higher Energies, invariably find that the truth will find them….

When one first opens up to the Higher Frequencies and Vibrations, one goes through a period of intense initiation. As all the old patterns and energies start giving way to the new, it is as if our souls have to go through the proverbial fire of initiation, in order to reach the state of Higher Consciousness…

This can be a great period of upheaval in our lives, and filled with intense pain. Like the surgeon has to use a surgical knife to cut open the festering wound, and then clean out all the puss, so our lives and hearts are literally opened up and all that muck and what no longer serves our Highest Good, removed. We are cleansed inside and out…

I have been through this process in the last few years, and I have had to shed skin after skin… like a snake sheds its skin….

Yet, know this: The rarest and purest diamonds have been formed under severe pressure and the purest gold comes from a rock that has been molten at intense heat…. It is not comfortable to be confronted with your shadow and all those unclaimed parts of yourself… And in order to find balance, we have to start acknowledging the shadow, the dark within ourselves, as much as we have and often do, acknowledge the light or good side of ourselves….

We are not alone in this process… We are given tools and the assistance we need… All we have to do, is ASK. Great Cosmic Masters and Beings are there to assist us, as well as Angels and Archangels. The Unicorns are here in great numbers too, and will always assist individuals whose highest aspirations are to serve the Higher Good….

We are being reconnected at this time to the Ancient Energies and Energy Centres that existed on this planet since it was first birthed. A lot these have not been activated yet, and wait for our ascension and that of this planet before all can reach its highest potential as a powerful energy tool.

To really work with these cosmic energies, it is important to first go within. All the tools, the knowledge that we need, is there, right within us and our connection to our soul group or over-soul and the Divine Source. A lot of our soul mates have incarnated at this time and we will meet up with more and more in the next few months. We will start working as a WHOLE unit… those who are incarnated and those who assist from the Higher Realms.

TWIN FLAMES, will be reunited… even if they seem to have parted or simply found the challenge of twin flame relationship too hot to handle, for it is a question of bringing two opposing energy fields into perfect harmony and equilibrium…. Yet, in this, the two cannot merge for too long a period, before the one will go to the outer circle as one stays in the inner circle… Then both will move out to the end of the circle before being drawn together again…. This awakens emotions and passion not experienced in any other relationship… The aim here is to find the state of equilibrium within this relationship….despite the challenges…

Twin Flames, will find that equilibrium within the next three years, and then those who volunteered will remember and act upon the opening of energy centres, which only they can do, through their union. When these two merge in sexual union, tremendous energy forces are released, and when done in a certain milieu (which is too potent for me to reveal here) they can literally light up the world’s energy centres and reconnect these to the Ancient Cosmic Ones…. Here Ancient Sexual Rites are involved, which even the most secret societies and those who follow the Isis cults, do not know about… These rites were removed from this planet, because of their potency…. and to not be misused for the wrong purposes (as some tend to do…)

Every single soul is now going to find, that it will start searching more and more for the truth… and the truth will reveal itself…

Truth, pure and true… is never COMFORTABLE….

Think of the time you were untrue, or where pretending… and then someone said something to you that about summed up what you are doing, and how mad you were? You hit out at that person, for seeing the truth… We don’t like looking in the mirror and finding that we are all that we condemn in others and often more…

So is the TRUE history of this planet…. There are quite a few shocks in store for those who cling to the old religions and the old untruths…. The Truth is that this planet has sometimes made Gods of mere mortals like us, and then worshipped them… when in truth they were but Beings from Higher Dimensions etc.

This has nothing to do with the DIVINE SOURCE of GOD/GODDESS, who is PURE ENERGY and thus PURE LOVE LIGHT AND WISDOM….. This is the Source from whom all life and life-forms has sprung and thus is within and part and particle of all of us…. This is unconditional Love and Light and this is the ultimate SOURCE that we ARE part of… This is the CREATIVE FORCE…

Unfortunately during the course of life on this planet, people have often mixed up the two, and given the Divine Source characteristics and put words in His/Her mouth, which are totally removed from the truth of all Being…

The best is to concentrate totally on anchoring in the Highest Frequencies and Vibrations and to do this consciously in meditation, then the rest will follow. I will give a meditative tool for this in my next post.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post and others. I will answer you either by a post or via email.

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MP3s of Today’s Bill Wood Interview by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot… | Kauilapele’s Blog

Posted on February 4, 2012

Here are links to the mp3s of Bill Wood’s interview today. These first ones are the raw recordings, no editing done. I may edit and level volumes later.

[KP Note: much of this at beginning was whistleblower info about Las Vegas police, Hollywood sexual deviances (putting it mildly), etc. General Q&A started at around 1:30-2:00 (somewhere in there, I believe)
For myself, the more interesting parts were after about 1:25, namely:
1:27 – One of his trainers at Area 51 was a 4-foot tall grey
1:49 – Most aliens put on a human suit when they come here
1:55 – Discussion of converging timelines
2:13 – Discusses his role with “timelines work”
2:26 – Q: Where does he see himself in 2025? A: No way to see because life for everyone is going to change so much in the next 6 months
2:33 – Very soon the illusion of a “lack of resources” in the world will be removed (dissolved)
2:39 – He says that by this time next year we won’t be using gas for our cars or electricity for power
2:54 – Final statement by Bill]

Links to the MP3s (Parts 1-6, 30 min., 5 MB; Complete version, 2 hr. 57 min. (177 min.), 30 MB)

Part 1 (0-30 minutes)
Part 2 (30-60 minutes)
Part 3 (60-90 minutes)
Part 4 (90-120 minutes)
Part 5 (120-150 minutes)
Part 6 (150-177 minutes)
Complete interview

[KP Note 2: Sometimes I wonder, “Why am I doing this?” That’s how I felt during most of this recording process. And that may mean that there are points here that I (and perhaps others) needed to be made aware of. (PS if you ever watch one of these, suggest moving the window over so you cannot see the multitude of chat comments (unreal the vitriol in some of them))]

MP3s of Today’s Bill Wood Interview by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot… | Kauilapele’s Blog.


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