The Experiences you have Gathered are Priceless – Archangel Michael through Ron Head

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As we speak today, your world is receiving energies from every direction in this universe.  Most of them are channeled through your sun.  Some are reaching you directly from other stars, galaxies, and many millions of friends whom you call ‘aliens’.

How alien is someone who has only your interests at heart?  We would wish you to one day call them by a more friendly term, say ‘star people’, as the Native Americans do.  All of this energy has the effect, and indeed the intent, of raising the consciousness of Earth.  There is not one being on or within your beautiful planet who is excluded from this intent.  We know this is hard to fit into your conscious minds.  We urge you to find out how easily it fits into your heart mind.  (Notice also how one of these was given to you in the plural, and the other in the singular.  Notice also that your language processor wants you to change the previous ‘who is excluded’ to ‘which is excluded’.  This is a human program.  We have given exactly what we meant to give.) Continue reading The Experiences you have Gathered are Priceless – Archangel Michael through Ron Head


Our Beautiful Creator through Jennifer Farley: A Short Sentiment for 9 April 2012

On transparency; this may be the easiest thing you have ever done but, oftentimes, ends up being the most challenging. Standing in your truth and letting others ‘see’ you for who you are takes a great deal of strength. On the days where you do not feel totally up to the challenge it is OK to remain quiet and peaceful, riding the waves as they come. Always remember, you are loved and appreciated for your courage in being one of the few that step forth first. ~ Creator

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Boo Walker: Healing Earth News

Today marks the beginning of my new “Healing Earth News” segment. My goal is to bring you current events that are making strides to heal the damages we have caused to our beloved Gaia.
Several weeks ago I started receiving downloads from Max. The more information I received, the more I found myself becoming disengaged from humanity. I grew weary of the constant laments for “proof” and the disheartened sighs as yet another message told of things that will happen “soon”.  About that same time I began seeing and communicating with Elementals in my daily jaunts into the forest. They began to tell me of their weariness for humanity and I suspect their state of mind may very well have carried over into mine. Continue reading Boo Walker: Healing Earth News

Archangel Uriel: Deserving


An interesting word – deserving – one that has caused much grief and heartache in your world. It is this thought, this feeling on which success or failure is hinged. You can be the most accomplished person in the world at whatever it is you do, but if you do not think you deserve success, it will elude you. Most of you come into this life as somewhat pure, we say somewhat because for many of you there is a lineage of certain pains and heartaches that you carry within you on a cellular level. But unless and until this is activated it lies dormant within you. Continue reading Archangel Uriel: Deserving

How Occupy Wall Street Plans to Take Down Bank of America

How Occupy Wall Street Plans to Take Down Bank of America

While there’s almost nothing B of A does that is for the people, it sure as hell is paid for by the people. Now activists are pushing to break it up before it breaks down–again.

By Sarah Jaffe, AlterNet

April 8, 2012 |–and_how_you_can_help/

Bank of America: the very name is meant to conjure up comforting, red-white-and-blue fantasies of a bank of the people, by the people, and for the people.

But as Matt Taibbi pointed out in his latest feature for Rolling Stone, while there’s almost nothing the megabank does that is for the people, it sure as hell is paid for by the people.

It got $45 billion just in bailout money, and trillions (with a T) in emergency loans from the Federal Reserve—and not only did it not pay taxes last year, it received a tax refund of $1 billion. And yet it’s still teetering on the edge of collapse. Continue reading How Occupy Wall Street Plans to Take Down Bank of America

Occupy 2.0: The Great Turning

(Picture: During the May 27, 2011 protests in Barcelona, protesters wore flowers and painted their hands white to reinforce their commitment to nonviolence. Photo by Caroline Bach)

Occupy 2.0: The Great Turning

Building a movement to build a new reality

By Michael Nagler

April 5, 2012

The spinning wheel, and the spinning wheel alone, will solve the problem of  the deepening poverty of India.
—Mahatma Gandhi

Anyone who thinks consumption can expand forever on a finite planet is either insane or an economist.
—E.F. Schumacher

After a roaring start, the Occupy movement hit a wall in the form of rough-handling and evictions by the police. Occupiers could have given up on nonviolence—as a small faction will always try to get us to do—or just given up; but instead we have gone back to the drawing board, while continuing to occupy select spaces, this time with advance training. This is exactly the right response. As my former Berkeley colleague Todd Gitlin writes in The Nation, “To take on a warped state of affairs that has been decades in the making will take decades,” and for this purpose the encampment culture is “both necessary and inadequate.” Continue reading Occupy 2.0: The Great Turning

Our Future After Ascension | The 2012 Scenario

Written by Steve Beckow

The Galactic Federation, SaLuSa tells us, “are assisting you to eventually become Galactic Beings, and that will be by rightfully reclaiming your place with us.” (1) The entire Company of Heaven, according to Archangel Michael, “celebrate that Earth is no longer an ‘infant’ in the keeping of the Sirians, Pleiadians and Arcturians. Now, the Earth is a fully mature and independent Star Being, representing the energy of Solaris in the Golden Rose Galaxy.” (2)

Sheldan Nidle explains what “Solaris” consists of. “Earth-Venus-Mars-Pax will form the nucleus of waterworlds within our future Solaris Star Nation…..and what is to be an [honorable] Galactic Federation of Light member star nation.” (3) Continue reading Our Future After Ascension | The 2012 Scenario

**Message from the Galactic Federation of Light** 4/9/12 ~ As channeled through Greg Giles

It is time you ask yourself and find out why today you are lonely. It is time for you to understand and to choose between those things in your life that give you pleasure and the things in your life that cause you displeasure. It is time for many of you to make a new start, and it is time for many of you to leave behind the ways of the old paradigm and begin anew on a path that will deliver you to the highest self you can be. All along your journey you have chosen paths that would either bring you to a higher state or a path that would lead you somewhere else. Your choice at this time is no different, and you are being offered the opportunity to travel a path that will bring you to a higher state or a path that will bring to you more challenges and hardships characteristic of a lower dimensional level. What you choose to do with this opportunity is entirely up to you, and we only wish to bring to the forefront of your consciousness this choice before you today. It is not our right to persuade you in either direction. It is not anyone’s right to influence another in this way. All we will do is describe for you your choices and where each will lead you. That is all we will do, and we will honor the choices that you make.

Concerning matters of your world at this time we say to you all is proceeding smoothly and all is currently on schedule to bring to your world the many changes that are necessary to bring it to a higher state of existence. This is the path that is being chosen by you as a collective, and it is upon this path that your world will proceed into its future. Whether you personally choose to also travel this path or not is up to you, and there will be several points of destination that you may choose to disembark at. One of these stations is just up ahead for you, and we wait for each of you to make your decision whether you wish to remain traveling on the same tracks or choose a new destination at the next junction.

Allow others to make their own choices whether they wish to proceed along these tracks or not. Please do not unduly influence them, but allow them their right of free will and choice. Not everyone has the same goals in mind as you, and not everyone is here for the same reasons as you. Try to always keep this in mind while discussing these choices with others and you may understand them and their choices a little better. Remember, they may not completely understand your choices either, and you will expect of them to honor and respect your choices as well.

You will always have the opportunity to meet these individuals again when your paths may again cross, and you do not ever have to say goodbye to anyone forever. Many friendships have been made and many hearts have been broken throughout your long journey, and we tell you many more may feel the loss that is felt when two souls have to say goodbye. This is one of the aspects of our journeys, as there are many paths to be chosen and just as many hearts that long for each destination. We say to you follow your heart and follow no one else’s, as it is important for you to bring to yourself the experiences that will deliver you to your highest self for your highest purpose. This is the direction your compass points, and we say to you follow where your compass leads you, for it is here you’ll find the treasures that await just you.

There was a time when the friends and loved ones you cherish today were a point on your compass, and you chose the path that would lead you to them and the experiences you have shared together. There are friends and loved ones waiting for you at a point of your compass today, and they await your choice of whether you wish to follow this path. There are many adventures that have been tailor-made for you and many new friends to enjoy these with who more accurately match your vibration, and you will feel just as at home with them as you do with your friends today.

Do not worry that your new life will be one not of your liking, as the life that awaits you is just what you have desired. There can be no other way, as this is how your journey is created each and every step of the way. Your friends, family, career and adventures will be everything that you have longed for, and you have been creating this future with every thought, with every word, with every dream you have had each and every day of your long journey. You are choosing your own gifts for yourself, there is no one else choosing for you. We are merely gift wrapping your gifts for you, but it is you that has created these gifts and it is you that has chosen these gifts out of all the others that are available. Your gifts will be a perfect fit, the perfect color, and opened at the perfect time, there can be no other way, and we know you will enjoy them as they are just what you have wanted.

Choosing these gifts has been a long, and at times, rather difficult process, and you have gone through great pains and great tests. This is what your incarnations into the physical are all about. This is what all those tests and trials have been for, and we say to you that you have reached the end of this process and you are now about to reap the benefits of all your experiences here. Nothing you have endured, nothing you have loved and nothing you have lost has been in vain, as all of your experiences are the ingredients necessary for the creation of the gifts you are about to receive.

You will see this clearly upon the presentation of all you have worked for, and you will see even the most difficult of experiences here as a blessing, for indeed, each and every moment of your experience has been just that; a blessing. Pack up all your past experiences now as you can take them with you on your journey, and at any time you wish to relive these memories you can unpack, for they will always be a part of you and they will always be a part of what has made you.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Discussion of our Organization

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We happily come before you again at this time to dive into a further explanation of who we are and what we are doing for you and your world at this time. We are an organization, a collective of souls who have established a dimensional evolution and perception that is greater than the majority of dear souls making up the Pleiadian Councils, and we have more of a knowledge and perception of many earthly and otherwise matters, than many souls within the General and High Council of the Pleiades possess.

The establishment of various organizations within the Council of any given race in the Galactic Federation is established in a hierarchical manner, but this is not a hierarchy that is based on judgment or a perceived worthiness on the parts of the souls who are more established in these hierarchies.

This system that guides the various Councils within the Galactic Federation is one based on the dimensional level and growth of each and every soul inhabiting each and every Council and decision-making group. We have many Councils that are comprised of the structures of this hierarchy that we have informed you of, and within our ranks are numerous advanced and ascended souls, some of which their evolutionary levels far surpass what even many of us in this Council have attained. Continue reading The Pleiadian Council of Nine: A Discussion of our Organization

You Truly are the Change Makers Here – Archangel Michael through Ron Head

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We feel, this morning, your need to better understand the emerging changes that are occurring.  Many are asking, “Yes, but when?  When?”

You have relied only upon you’re your five physical senses for so long that you do not perceive the change as strongly as you might.  And you are being given very little to go on other than our messages.  The reports you do see are not coming from sources that are ‘accepted’ by most of society.  This, however, does not mean they are not true.  Several of these sources are reporting information that is largely correct and they are doing their best to be truthful and accurate.  Since they only report what they receive from ‘real’ sources, they are also dealing with a restricted supply of information and must sort out a great deal of misinformation.  That is fine.  Again we tell you we are not a news service.  Our messages are meant to inspire and encourage you.  They are also serving to change the dynamic of your collective consciousness. Continue reading You Truly are the Change Makers Here – Archangel Michael through Ron Head

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