Conversations with Mikos, 7-15-11

Hello friends 🙂 This is another channeled message from our friend Mikos over in Telos. In this message Mikos tells us a little bit about Telos and gives us some information regarding our formal introduction to Agartha and the existence of the Inner Earth. I give this message to all in Love 🙂

Wes: Hello Mikos. I have been sensing throughout the last couple of days that you wish to have another conversation. How are you doing friend?

Mikos: Hello Wesley! I am doing so well, we down here are so excited for what is to shortly take form on your surface world! Many stunning new developments have taken place that assure your planetary first contact and subsequent introduction to our Inner Earth! We have been waiting so long to finally be with you all again, in a way that is more concrete than mental communication. While we love communicating with all who are reaching us, we wish to be face to face with all of you!

Wes: I can feel your excitement Mikos, indeed from many messages lately it seems like something big really is about to ‘pop’.

Mikos: Indeed! We have taken control of your world and population back from the minions of the dark ones; many joint agreements have been reached that spell the final end of their empire and your subsequent release from the strangleholds of that empire! The general mood of all right now is one of extreme hopefulness, not since the Annunaki signed themselves over to the Light in your 90s have we felt such a victory at hand.

Wes: That is wonderful Mikos. Now, I have heard many things about what you all in Agartha have been planning for us here on the surface to follow the joint announcements. I have heard that a formal introduction to the Inner Earth and a tour around was planned for us here on the surface. Would you care to elaborate a little more on that?

Mikos: Absolutely dear friend. I would first like to clear the air by saying, there will be no devastating Earth changes as a result of your ascension that will force you all to come live down here. That has always been disinformation churned out by the dark in a desperate attempt to get you all to fear ascension. There are very many things planned however, that will formally introduce you to our inner realm. As I have said before, this is going to start with announcements and the revelation that your Earth is in fact hollow and there are benevolent and advanced races living in this Inner Realm. We will go on to explain that we are genetically related to you in almost every way; our DNA only differs by about two percent. The idea is to get all on Earth generally comfortable with us and with the truth of an Inner Realm, and once that is accomplished and first contact has ‘landed’ so to speak, we will be able to give formal tours of our humble Agartha. I must say that many of you will recognize many parts of our inner realm, and this will make you all the more comfortable.

Wes: Wow, lot of information Mikos, thank you kindly.
Mikos: Of course dear friend, this is why we are with you! To help! For too long we have watched you all make your ways from squalor to squalor, pointlesss negativity to pointless negativity, as you have all been feeding off of the most prevelent energy of darkness that, unitl now, has kept a stranglehold on your collective consciousness. We, with the immense help of all of you in the sleep realms, have sent this energy away and the result has been a collective upliftment on your surface. We wish all to know that we are with them at all times, and every second we are doing absolutely everything we can to bring these amazing new changes into being. We communicate with you all in such subtle ways as to not be noticed, but simply picked up on.

Wes: I know what you mean Mikos, it is wonderful what you are all doing for us, and I give you my undying gratitude. Would you care to tell me a bit about the city you live in, Telos?

Mikos: Dear one, while my primary residency is here in Telos, I ‘live’ in so many different places at once! Under Mt. Shasta is a beautiful, sparkling and glimmering city of Crystal and Light. Love is always the dominating factor here in Telos, as well as virtually everywhere else in Agartha. As I have said before, we have ascended since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, and this will be more than apparent when you are all visiting our wonderful cities. Many of you have subconscious memories of being in Telos and may other cities here in Agartha. Joy is a constant here, and the beauty and serenity of the harminous nature that provides us our life force simply cannot be equaled on your surface, that is unitl Dear Gaia kicks her ascension into the highest gear, which will begin in November. Be assured that by that time you will have collectively become pretty comfortable with us, your space brothers and sisters and the truth of the Inner Earth.

Wes: Thank you for chatting with me Mikos, I always love hearing about the new fascinating updates, especially from your whimsicle perspective.

Mikos: Thank you Wesley.

(Permission is given to post anywhere)

-Channeled by Wes-


The Ascended Masters: “Transcendence is the key to escaping the low vibrations”

Hello all 🙂 Ok, wow. This was a very intense experience for me. All day I had felt a mental ‘tug’ coupled with the thought of the Ascended Masters, so I figured I would give channeling them a try. I had no idea what I was in for. Initially I had no real interest in posting the message on the internet as many other Lightworkers including Sheldan Nidle already channel the Ascended Masters regularly. I just wished to scribe a simple short message from some dear souls who were wishing to communicate with me. Now, you may find that the message is rather long, longer than the messages I usually channel at least. This is because, once in the presence of our Ascended Masters, I literally did not want to leave. I did not in any way wish to stop channeling at any point, and I wanted to stay in their presence for ever. It is indescribable the way I felt, but just so wonderful. I hadn’t a care in the world, literally all I could feel was unending Joy and Bliss. I am not exaggerating here, this heavenly experience I have had with our Ascended Masters is so profound and deeply moving, I feel I will never be the same after having experienced it. Without further ado, I give this message to all in Love.

Blessings to all, we are the Ascended Masters! For so long we have watched you all struggle your way through your daily situations on Earth, and we want you to know that all is changing and being reformatted to ensure you never have to suffer needlesly again! Much planning has been put in to place for the final phase of your liberation from darkness.The energies of ascension have activated in so many of you, and so many are beginning to discover themselves in ways they previously never thought possible! We guide to you all that illusion is fading away, yes it is holding on for dear life but at this point it is swiming against the tide only to be inevitably broken away. We know this dear ones as we see all points in time, we have already watched and been apart of the darkness dissipating away and your resulting liberation! Time is such a difficult concept for many of you to handle, and it has mostly been due to how little you were actually taught. Your ‘schools’ only teach hollow information, and force children to memorize with their minds rather than process through their hearts. The ultimate goal behind this is to keep mind busy at all times so it is blocking your flow of attention to your heart. Couple this with being taught either manipulated or down right false information, and you have the dark’s agenda of dumbing down every new generation.

Do you understand how easy the manipulation of a generation is if one is in control of the flow of knowledge being sent to the children? Many are taught throughout their entire lives that mind and rational thinking are the only ways to understand information. Many have been taken away from their heart center as a result. We guide you all to begin reconnecting with your heart center, as it is the single most important aspect of re-igniting your godspark into your divine Flame. When your attention moves from mind to heart, this confusing world around you becomes clear. Illuision begins to erode and fade away as illusion is associated purely with mind and thinking only with mind no longer serves you. Everything you experience you experience because you have created it, and when you begin to grow as does that environment around you. Many of you know exactly what we are talking about, and can consider yourselves an example.

The Light is flooding every single corner of your world and is leaving no stones unturned. This is not just a planetary process, but also a deep personal process that will have you all illuminating those places inside of yourselves that you have kept in darkness for so long. There is no isssue or event that can be simply run away from, in the higher realms all is known at all times. When you begin to grow and see the bigger picture, running away from certain problems no longer becomes an option, as this will stalemate your growth. Your personal spiritual growth is termed on your ability to get past your third dimensional problems, they are not small problems in any way and in fact you are going through the toughest lessons here on Earth. But, as strong as you souls are, we know you can and are getting through these tasks , now so much easier since you have grown so much.

We are constantly monitoring the situaition on Earth and are insuring that things never get out of hand. There were many dark acts that even a few months ago would have been permitted without a second thought. We have assumed control and stopped many of the dark’s heinous activities against you all, we are making displays in your skies regarding the healing of pollutants to prove this. One has to be willing to look for signs from us and signs from thier guides, as once one tunes into these signs they will notice them everywhere. Many wonder of the phenomenon behind synchronocity, we guide to you that this is our way of direct communication with you all. We are restructuring every part of your known reality, and many of you are giving more help to us than you realize. Every time you have the intent to send Love, every time you even feel a positive emotion you are contributing to the Grid of Light and to the new Age. Positivity and Joy are the foundations of this new reality, so know that when you feel these feelings you are actually paving the foundation for your New Age!

As each day goes by your personal and collective Light is getting stronger and stronger. We guide you to be aware of this increase in your abilities, and know that transcendence is the key to your escape from the low vibrations. Transcending your negative emotions is just the threshold of what we speak of. When one is able to transcend every bit of pain, fear, drudgery and weakness that is holding one back, one will become a true divine transcendent being. We guide you to imagine what this would be like, to have literally no limits or boundaries beause YOU dissipated them away from yourself. Think of how amazing it will be to stifle that voice that is always telling you no, and to transcend from it’s influence over you. This is what you are heading toward dear ones.You are to become Ascended Masters just as we have!

Many wonder of the term Mastery, and think that it implies some kind of status upgrade. We guide that this is not true, but due to your third dimensional perspective we can understand why you would think this way. As we mentioned above, to achieve true Mastery is to transcend your lower vibrational selves, and be able to remain in center at all times while still being able to feel and enjoy every emotion that comes your way. Every ascended being is in fact an Ascended Master, there is no distinction between ascended beings and in fact our various channelers on Earth are actually speaking with hundreds of beings at once when communication is formed. We know this may be hard for some to fathom, but know that the fifth dimension you are heading to is so vastly different from what you are used to.

We would like to guide that all of you begin real and personal contact with yourselves. This can imply but is not neccesarily required or limited to your personal guides. You have all the answers within you, and many look toward channeled messages as their sole source of information. What resonates for some may not resonate with you, as you are all individual beings experiencing a different aspect of the one Truth. You are all meant to have different perspectives, and it takes tapping in to your own unique perspective that will see you placed on the ascension path. Follow your intuition in all situations dear ones, as intuition is knowledge from the Heart rather than the Mind. The Heart is where all is known, the Heart contains the higher dimensions and so much more. YOUR Heart is your inner universe, and of course we speak not of the physical heart. We speak of your Heart Chakra, the true torsion field of spirit and energy that oversees your transition into the purest form of knowledge, and this knowledge is your intuition.

At long last you all are begninng to remember yourselves, and not a moment too soon! As many of you look towards your galactic brothers and sisters for true liberation, know that this liberation exists within YOURSELVES and can only be brought out by YOURSELVES.

We Love you all so much, we send you our blessings at all times! Know that in your Hearts you will find us and many other ascended beings, angels, masters and whatever else you wish to call us. Step out of your illusory reality into our Love filled, Harmony driven existence!!

 (Permission is given to post anywhere)

-Channeled by Wes-

Galactic Federation of Light 7-13-11

Hello all 🙂 Here is another message from our Pleiadian brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light. They and I give you their words in Love. 🙂

(Note: I channeled this message before I posted my 7-12-11 article on our initiation and not letting your truth waver, our friends also speak of this initiation process. I felt it necessary to elaborate more on what they were saying, and so I posted the aforementioned article. Thank you!)

Personally you are all developing you inner powers more than you realized you would be at this time. Finally things seem to be getting ‘real’ for many of you and we encourage your continued interest in your newfound abilities. As a part of the lessons you are learning on Earth, many of your beliefs will be questioned. Dear ones this is to open up a deeper part of yourself that will learn to be more discerning, and ultimately to have a greater faith in the Light that you are. If you can stay strong in the face of resistance and criticism then you will know that your Light simply can’t be touched. Much Karma is being both played out and dissipated away on your realm, and know that we are doing everything we can to make these changes and processes easier on you all. We have begun contact with many and our words of truth are now flodding your internet and collective consciousness faster than the dark ones can keep up with.

As our truth increases more every day, let this be your reassurance that change is here. Many right now will try to play upon your fears that nothing will happen; much disinformation will be presenting itself that will attempt to rope you in and make you believe that these changes will not be. They will play upon your fears and concerns of how long everything seems to have taken, and try to coerse you into believing that because of this, disclosure will never happen. Many of you feel, ‘why cant they (the dark ones) just leave us alone and let us ascend?’ To the dark ones your ascension and planetary first contact means game over for them, and they are doing everything they can to stall progress. We must be very careful in our dealings with them, as they are quite conniving.

As hard as this may seem for some to believe, you are meant to have your beliefs tested to gain a stronger clarity in yourselves. These ‘tests’ have been initated by your higher selves, so please know that you are never left ‘hanging’. You are never given more than you can handle, and boy can you all handle a lot! Never before have we seen a group of souls as resilient as you all on Earth, your experiences have made you well worthy of your planetary ascension. Live from the Heart and you will notice earthly events beginning to play out in your favor. Regretably, so many dear souls feel beaten down by third dimensional life, and many feel in this time of transition that they are swimming against the tide so to speak. It hurts us to see you all go through this, as life was always intended to be enjoyed. Through your choices both collectively and individually, you have made earthly third dimensional life difficult on yourselves. Indeed it was difficult for us and your Creator to watch you all dip down in such low levels of vibration, as we knew full well what you were signing yourselves up for. Many thought you to be foolhardy, but low and behold you have seen your way through this dense reality and are begining to re-emerge as the divine beings you have always been!!

The changes are in full swing, and know that everything long promised to you is now beginning to manifest. Indeed if one looks to the not so distant past they will see that disclosure, among many other things, have actually been ongoing. Ascension is a process, not a spontaneous event, and know that disclosure and first contact are just small yet important steps in this process. From here on out you will never stop growing, never stop learning and evolving. We ourselves are constantly evolving, as gaining knowledge is never truly finished.You have all learned so much in such a short amount of time, usually the lessons you are currently entrenched in take years and even lifetimes for a soul to absorb. We have said before, dear Gaia’s ascension back to the heavenly realms is so unique, in such a short amount of time your planet has went from near death to re-establishing her beautiful grid of Light, and having nearly all on her surface re-awaken.

We watch as the Love and Light on your planet increases tenfold everyday, and it is such a wonderful sight to behold! Every godspark is being opened up to a new type of Love, caring and understanding. We are so delighted at this, as it means you have all truly made it! Your Light has more than taken over, and the events that will play out in the next few weeks will be more than proof of this. We wish we could communicate with you all in a way that is deeper than words, as words can get a point across but not as effectively as feelings can. We do not communicate through words as a standard method, rather we communicate using intricate patterns and emotions. Many of you can not yet comprehend the level of communication we are on, as you are still stuck on the ancient method of speaking. The human voice was never meant as much to be your standard method of communication, rather it was given to you for you to chant tones and mantras of healing. Mental and telepathic contact is the standard for ascended beings, and words are so minute compared to the intense level of communication you will all soon be on.

That is all for now, we Love you all so much and wish to contact all of you personally. Open yourselves up to our presence, and feel the pure Love we offer at all times.

-Channeled By Wes-

(Permission is given to post anywhere)

We are in a time of initiation; Do not waver from your Truth

Hello to all dear souls 😀 I would like to talk for a moment about the newfound abilites arising in us all. As I have mentioned countless times, with every day that passes more energy is being beamed to us on Earth and many of us are just beginning to rediscover our telepathic roots. This will continue to increase in the days and weeks ahead, and know that we are only to grow more and more. Many are reconnecting with their guides, and with their long lost friends from the stars through their mental channels. As a good friend of mine mentioned (See LauraTyco-Contact with SaLuSa) first contact has already begun for those who are willing to be open to their mental channels and telepathic abilities. All of us here incarnate on Earth actually have galactic roots, and our friends from the stars wish so dearly to contact all of us. There are many who are not yet ready to believe this, not yet ready to believe that first contact is happening in a way other than mass landings. And there are many who may scoff at or be uncomfortable with the idea of telepathy. Friends, it takes seeing past our former third dimensional boundaries that will put us on the path of rediscovering our true abilites. Many know exactly what I’m talking about, as those souls have begun contact with not only their guides, but with such Light-bringing organizations as the Galactic Federation of Light.

These souls who are beginning to have contact are by no means any more special than the souls who are not, they simply have openened themselves and their minds up to the truth of telepathic contact. Now, to any souls out there who are just beginning to discover their abilites, know that you are soon to have your newfound beliefs tested. Some of you already have. This testing comes about in many different ways, and I myself have went through many different stages of this ‘testing’. It seems as if as soon as you become concrete in your beliefs, something or someone will come along and slander these beliefs, and try to make you feel like what you believe is not truth. As hard as it may be to believe, this testing is actually planned by your higher self and is part of an ‘initation’ process to get you to be more concrete in your beliefs. You will know what I am speaking of when this ‘test’ comes your way. The point of this test is, if you can deal with a large amount of slander and disbelief from others as to what you are doing and still live your truth, and not waver away from it as a result of the words or actions of others, you will have advanced to such high levels that you and your truth can’t be touched. It is a difficult test to go through, but when you come out of it you will be so much stronger for the experience.

So to all who are beginning to truly awaken and find contact both with their guides and their friends from the stars, let nothing waver your beliefs that all of this is real. Soon your test will be before you, recognize it for what it is and thank your guides for the initiation experience. Disinformation ‘posters’ on the internet have been stepped up as a result of so many of us awakening to our contact and posting messages from our friends. This is all a part of the testing, so know that regardless of what negativity you may encounter on the internet or anywhere else, it is all part of the process and the Lightwork you are just beginning is both real and wonderful. Thank you all for your time.

In Love 🙂

Help your Divine Light grow by ridding yourself of darkness

Hello dear souls! 😀 We have been going through shift after shift upwards in energy, and collectively we have all taken a major turn for the better. The Love and Light encircling our planet has grown exponentially and we are all now finding the old being fast replaced by the new. As I have stated countless times this is a difficult process for many, what we once knew and were comforatble with is gone and we are left only to contend with our new selves, our GodSelves. Letting go of the old is essential to this process, as the old is departing whether or not we are ready for it to!

There are many things in the physical we can do to increase our spiritual clarity and make this difficult process much easier. Even just getting up in the morning and having a morning meditation, followed by some excersise and a healthy breakfast will make much more of a difference than one would expect it to. By getting our mind and body going and providing ourselves with the right nutrients, we are shaking off the usual drudgery that seems to have increased in us. Even as I am telling this to you all, it is something I am in the process of learning. For me personally, I have found that getting up and engaging in the aforementioned routine instead of getting right on the computer or doing something unproductive, has been making this whole process unfathomably easier.

It is good to try to get a general healthy routine going, but one must be careful not to over-schedule themselves. While a routine is good to have it is important that we all remember to live in the NOW at all times. Personalize your routine by doing something unique every time you go about it. Sing a different mantra everytime you meditate, notice the different euphoric and healing effects a new mantra will have on your mind and body. Anything we do can be made unique as no two things or happenings are ever the exact same. Above all, if you can, try to spend most of your time out in beautiful serene Nature. The trees, grass and air are all ascended souls that feed us their divine energies anytime we are around them. Notice how much better you feel outside than inside. Outside there are no dense distractions such as TV, some of my most memorable meditations have been outside in the presence of the beautful ascended trees and flowers.

There are so many countless things that could be done to make this process easier, and most of them have to do with cutting one’s ties to earthly things that will bring one down. Replace soda or any other unnatural drink with pure, blessed water and you will notice the increased clarity within yourself. Things like soda and junk food were never meant to help us feel better, and were in fact designed to keep us down and keep our bodies weak. Avoid confronation, which can be a bit harder if the confrontation is with a loved one. Remember that you, as an awakening being, hold the power as to the general mood of the room and everybody around you. As you grow, those close to you that are still stuck in the illusion will feed off of your energy patterns. If you get upset, notice how quickly that spreads to those around you. If you live a mood of Peace and Harmony, notice how others around you will feel the same way. This is our collective spiritual power at work.

There will be times when, regardless of the peace you may feel within yourself, those around you will still be ‘down’ and may attempt, unknowingly, to pull you down into those energies with them. Recognize these events for what they are, and above all no matter what happens try to keep your own energy pure and of the Light. While those unawakened are still deep into contending with the dark, remember that you are in a process of growing past this and giving your energy to the dark will not only stall your progress, it will send you right back to those feelings of drudgery and frustration, which really are just feelings that are employed by fear and ego.

That is all I have to say for now, please know that regardless of how tough things may seem, we are all Loved beyond measure. I hope my words resonate with some.

In Love and Light 🙂

Galactic Federation of Light 7-10-11

Hello all 🙂 This is a channeled message from what I’ve come to know as a Pleiadian branch of the Galactic Federation of Light. Our friends from the stars have much to share with us! I give this message in Love 🙂

Collectively you are all entering a period where tolerance and acceptance of all are becoming the dominating energies. We have for so long watched you all immerse yourselves in every kind of darkness availble: jealousy, hate, discomfort of any kind. Know that at this point you don’t have to feel those feelings anymore, at this point you are choosing to let yourself wane into darkness by acceptng these emotions. When we are  with you it will be much easier to teach you these lessons in person, but for now you must all rely on yourselves, on your own spiritual strength. It can absolutely be seen as a good thing as you all need to personally develop your inner powers. We ask that you all be fully conscious of every emotion or reaction you see pouring out of yourselves, and question if feeling that way will lead you out of darkness or back down your own personal path of spiritual destruction. After many lifetimes of training you all have a firm grasp on handling these dark energies, and this is a quality that is making you some of the toughest souls to be found. As we have said before, this experiecne on Earth is quite unique, ascension is a naturally occuring event but never have we helped initiate a planetary ascension at such a fast pace.

Remember you Lightworkers are all leading the way and soon very many souls who are just becoming enlightened will look to you for guidance. Some of you have been wishing to get ‘out there’ more and help other souls,  soon your chance is going to come. In these times of tough transition you will find much negative karma coming up from inside yourselves for release. This will usualy come in the form of a negative event or stressful situation, and how you handle your reaction will show how strong your Light is at that current moment. Your levels of Light are always shifting as everything is always changing, and learning to master these events will see you through to ascension very easily.

Very soon a lot of your old memories from when you were fully conscious beings are going to resurface in your thoughts. This is quite a good thing as it means you are returning to your former roots and regaining access to the greatest part of yourself, your godspark. The tide has changed as a result of so many rediscovering the godspark in them, as this spark has fully erupted into the beautiful violet flame to be found in all. Your collective Love and Light has grown so massive that nothing will stop the spiritual events leading to disclosure on your world. We are so proud of you all for what you have undertaken and came out of so succesfully! You always knew you would never lose your Light, and before you undertook this tough challenge of duality it was agreed that you would have many angels looking after you always. You will begin to find real personal contact with your angelic guides, and this will be just as joyus a reunion for you personally as first contact will be for the planet and for us.

Do you all understand how by nature you attract your thoughts to yourselves? It seems  like whatever person or happening you just talked about, you seem to be met with. As you all grow and ascend so more does your ability to regain your mastery grow. You will soon find yourselves suddenly good at things you used to have no interest in, many of these things will be creative and enjoyful. The higher dimensions are such a dream compared to what you experience now, as the Joy and Love of creation is what rules at all times. There is no domination, no negativity of any sort, no hardships or troubling times followed by a short glimpse of good. The higher dimensions are pure ecstasy, and you are all just beginning to get a glimpse of what will become normal for you.

Many wish to know of updates of disclosure and first contact, and for good reason. At this point the most we can say is that all is commensing incredibly well, you will all be amazed at the swiftness of the changes once we get the ball roling into the public’s eye. We do wish to remind you however that disclosure, while important, pales in comparison to the ascension you are currently going through. Finding yourself and your inner universe are the matters of most importance, for it is you rediscovering your inner freedom and sovereignty that will give you the most pleasure. We still advise you to look towards the future, imagine what your lfie is going to be like after first contact, will you be in a position of helping people? Will you have coped with all of the suden new changes to the Earth and to your lifestyle? Go within and ask these questions dear ones as you have the best answsers. Look not to us up here, but look to yourselves to create your heaven on Earth. The time is fast approaching that we will be working together for the betterment of you and the betterment of your planet. Unitl then, we strongly advise you to begin your own journey of sovereingty, as the key to your true hapiness lies not with us, but with you and your divinity.

We send all who reads this our Love, know that we are truly never apart and first contact is already underway on so many levels.

(Permission is given to post anywhere on the grounds that the content is not edited or censored in any way)

-Channeled by Wes-

Remember the Heaven we are returning to!

Hello to all dear souls reading this. 🙂 I would like to discuss the de-materializing reality we are all finding ourselves in. Much of what we have known and been comfortable with are now becoming unsatisfying, and it is a very difficult process. I wish you all to know that out of this turmoil we are experiencing will arise not only our true Inner Sovereignty, but our own divine abilities to bring it to ourselves. Being here on Earth is by far one of the most difficult challenges a soul can go through, much less having everything you were comfortable with dissipate all around you. Keep fast in your spiritual disciplines for it is enacting these in your mind and heart that will bring you the true hapiness you seek. Our bodies are always trying to communicate with us, to nudge us in the right direction and maintain physical and spiritual health. While giving Love and meditation are  good ways to strengthen our cells, third dimensional things like excersise and eating the right foods will have a more positive effect on how you feel than you may realize. Our body is ascending with us, but for now it is still stuck in the loose confines of the end of the third dimension.

As we grow in consciousness, our bodies begin undertaking higher vibrations, and thus lower vibrational anything will have a negative impact upon us. In these times of intense accumulated karmic energy being cleared, it is best to do anything we can to make ourselves feel better and lighter. Honestly the best thing I can tell you all is to keep strong, the Light has appeared at the end of this long dark tunnel and after so long stuck in these heavy dimensions we have entered the final phase of our journey. These times may be draining, but just think, we’re going home! Dig deep inside of yourself and access once more these memories of yourselves in the higher dimensions. These heavenly realms are our true home, and we are returning! Just the mere concept of leaving death, destruction, darkness and any kind of pain or negativity behind is staggering! Many people are disheartened at how ‘long’ everything seems to have taken but remember what we are returning to! I am just as ready as any soul to get on with everything on the main stage, but at the same time knowing that every negative event happening is the last i’ll ever experience gives me much comfort. Hold fast to your vision of the future, envision yourselves living an absolute care-free life. To never have a worry or concern, to live in constant Joy and Harmony at all times, to never have to worry about anything bringing you down. Envision this perfect life as our thoughts have a lot of manifestation power, and know that very soon this will once more be your reality!

I hope my words have resonated with some, to rid our world of darkness we must rid ourselves of darkness. Please remember those words the next time you are tempted with negativity.

In Love 🙂

(Permission is given to post anywhere)

Conversations with Mikos 7-9-11

Hello all. 🙂 Today’s discussion with Mikos was rather short, but still quite informative. I look forward visitng Agartha, the people there are so lovely. 🙂 I give you this message in Love

Wes: My good friend Mikos, how are you doing on this fine morning?

Mikos: Hello dear Wes, I am doing quite well. The energy tide has shifted in favor of you Lightworkers and today is another joyus day of lifting the third dimensional veil off of Gaia and all of her surface citizens. How are you dear soul?

Wes: I am well, was rather sick this morning. It had to do with a lot of junk food I ate last night, but I also know the sickness was for the purpose of clearing old energies.

Mikos: Indeed, your body is now vibrating at a higher rate and so lower density foods are going to create a mismatch in your digestive system. Much of what you have experienced is negative karma being released but this process can be made very much easier by eating less and lighter foods.

Wes: Thank you for the advice friend. I know eating lighter has certainly been helping me feel better as of late. Would you care to give us a glimpse as to the work you do daily on the surface from your starships?

Mikos: Certainly my friend. As you are all beginning to discover, humanity as a collective puts out a lot of pollution every day. This hurts mother Earth and her atmostphere so much, so daily we are out on our ships cleansing your atmosphere of pollutants. We can’t do the work for you or stop you from polluting your planet, but we can work to reduce or minimalize the effect you have upon your atmosphere. We also daily watch over impoverished countries and any area affected by natural disaster. Although your media doesn’t report it as much there are many areas that daily have been going through earth changes as part of the cleansing process. You can rest assured that we are in the skies of any affected area working to reduce the negative impact upon all affected.

Wes: The work you are all doing is wonderful, thank you so dearly for helping all of us.

Mikos: My friend, we’ve been through this before. You are us! So many of you on Earth have been so embattled by third density life that you don’t realize that service to other souls really is the purest and most harminous way to live. Already many of you are devoting yoursleves to service to others and Lightwork, this will only increase as you ascend to the heavenly realms.

Wes: I can’t wait to be ascended and fully devoting my time to service to others. Now, many have heard of and seen the cloud-like wave of energy you all have been using to neutralize chemtrails and other pollutants. Would you care to elaborate on exactly what this energy is?

Mikos: Thank you so much for asking, I have been looking forward to discussing this topic with you! As you have seen, our energy has been breaking up the chemtrails sprayed by your last dark cabal. This is not the only thing this ray of energy is capable of, and know that we are using it everywhere. This energy is pure Light, and the healing affects generated by it’s power match and defeat that of any dark pollutants. It is the ultimate healing energy, and when you see this in the sky know that your area is being cleansed. No more are the ways of the dark being tolerated, as your collective consciousness has become too strong for any dark antics to still be happening. They have clung to power mercilously as a means of survival, but nothing they do can hurt anyone anymore. At this point they are like children threatening a tantrum, so know that there is nothing to fear concerning your well being leading up to ascension.

Wes: Thank you for chatting with me Mikos, I look forward to our next communication.

Mikos: Thank you dear Wesley.

(Permission is given to re-post this anywhere on the grounds that the message is not edited or censored in any way.)

Message from SaLuSa for July 8, 2011

-All credit goes to Mike Quinsey for this channeling-

There is much of beauty upon the Earth and some is natural, and some man made as Man is inspired by his visions of a higher expression. In fact you still have subconscious memories of times when you were in the higher dimensions. The changes that we have told you about are also familiar to you, and why you accept them without much hesitation. Initially the aim is to plug the gaps that will appear as the old systems break down. That will be an immense improvement to what you have been experiencing, and ensure you have a comfortable run in to the time of Ascension. The real changes will commence with Ascension and continue for a great deal longer. Whatever your choice regarding your future, you will enjoy the benefits of being within the higher dimensions. We have paved the way for you as you prepare yourself for the personal changes you will experience, and finally you will claim your status as a Galactic Being. The difference to what you are now is monumental, and you will have your full consciousness restored.

We know it is difficult in your present situation to comprehend how much more alive you will become. You have been limited in both ability and expression, and not encouraged to develop your latent talents. On the contrary the dark Ones have deliberately held you back, which is why real education has been denied for so long to Third World Countries. Knowledge is power, and you will have seen how Dictators have invariably suppressed or destroyed those who were well educated. In the higher dimensions, the exact opposite applies and knowledge is shared and available to every soul. Clearly knowledge was never meant to be the sole ownership of any one person. Everything that is, ever was and ever will be, is God given for the benefit of every soul. The idea of possessing things purely for the sake of it will also change after Ascension. You can have anything you desire, and that creates a new outlook as you can change things whenever you like. In this case you are the creator and can also dissolve whatever is no longer required, through your power of thought.

As you are beginning to understand, life is going to be totally different to what you are used to now. It will be a joy to be alive and experience what can only be described as a heavenly existence. It will be the feel of everything around you that glows with Light, and gives out an energy that can only be described as exhilarating and uplifting. What you will notice is the purity and cleanliness of everything, and the colors are so bright yet restful to the senses. Your immediate concern is to press on with your own preparations, but how wonderful that with your upliftment there is so much to gain. It should give you the necessary incentive to keep your goal firmly in sight. These opportunities are few and far between, and in the unique circumstances given you it has been made far easier to achieve success.

As a civilization you have been subjected to the most severe tests, and many still find it difficult to shake off the shackles that hold them back. Their vibrations are low and the Light is hard pressed to enlighten them. However, there is always hope, and there is always help as soon as a breakthrough looks possible. The issue cannot be forced, as subjecting them to too much Light before they are ready, would result in a very uncomfortable experience. Although it would be nice if every soul could fully respond to the Light, it has to be borne in mind that there is no deadline involved. Each one has all the time they need, and constantly encouraged to turn to the Light.

When we show up on Earth people will see in us their true potential, as we are you in the future. We are, as you would say, the living proof of what is possible through Ascension. We know that some souls feel that to ascend they have to give up things that give them pleasure on Earth. It is true except that you have so much more to gain, and life becomes one great adventure that is so fulfilling and satisfying. You have to want to ascend for the right reasons, and in so doing have to apply yourself to the necessary disciplines that will get you there. It means dropping any attachments you have to anything that is strictly of the lower vibrations. Living out as best as possible the vision you have of what it is like to be a soul of Light and Love. It is also necessary to curb the emotions and be in control of them, as humans have a tendency to let them run wild. If you can start taking steps to bring such changes into your life, then help will come your way through your Guides. However, you must be prepared to respond to it, and it is necessary to find sufficient time in your life to listen to your inner promptings. These are not to be mistaken for your ego, which may well deter you from going ahead. Ego desires to keep the status quo with the way of life you are used to.

After all that we have said, as long as you have a firm intent to ascend we believe that you will be successful, and a path will open up for you that you can follow. Some of your tuition will occur when you are out of the body while asleep. Normally such experiences are forgotten by the time you awake, but you may feel an inner fulfillment and joy resulting from it. You are purposefully kept from remembering your astral travels, as it could well interfere with your daily life responsibilities. Some do of course and can even relate to that level, and know how much more pleasant it was than being in the earthly dimension. All of such glimpses are helpful, to show you how as you climb the vibrations your experiences become more pleasant.

Except in duality, life is meant to be one continuous great adventure, and you only have to look at our obvious enjoyment and fulfillment. God is our Father/Mother and provides all that we can possibly need, and we want for nothing at all. We have long reached that stage where we act responsibly, and never forget to express our gratitude for all that is provided. We also acknowledge the Oneness that we all live in, and see within all life forms the godliness that exists everywhere. Try to see beyond the outer cover as it can sometimes be misleading, as you will find when you eventually meet some of the non-human Space Beings from other Universes.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the way we look at time, are just the blink of an eye away from taking a major step forward. So hold on as the wait is not much longer, and we are as anxious as anyone to get on with our projects.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.



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