Kris Won – Commander Sohin – 31 October 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Many of you are wondering (we are well aware) about our physical form, and how and what material are our ships made of. And we are always ready to answer all your questions; for that, among other things, is why we are offering at the present time to keep you informed of our steps, and to answer all of the questions we know all of you have down there.

The ideas flow smoothly and lightly from my mind to the mind of my channel, and this is how it should be. Very soon, all of you will know how to receive our telepathic messages, without the need to spend a lot of energy moving ourselves through the continuum of space-time.

In that way, all of the members of the Galactic Federation communicate together, provided it is not necessary to discuss issues at length among us. And we will also do it like that between us and you, when you become part of the Galactic Federation, once you are prepared to be part of it. Continue reading Kris Won – Commander Sohin – 31 October 2011


Occupy Oakland: Strike Gains Big Labor Support


Occupy Oakland: Strike Gains Big Labor Support

CBS News, November 2, 2011

(AP) OAKLAND, Calif. – A widely anticipated strike Wednesday by anti-Wall Street demonstrators in Oakland is expected to get a big boost from organized labor and established advocacy groups whose grievances range from school closures and waning union benefits to home foreclosures and cuts to libraries and services for the disabled.

The unions representing Oakland’s public school teachers, community college instructors, city government workers and University of California, Berkeley teaching assistants have endorsed the broad-based call to action that is expected to include marches, pickets outside banks and an attempt to shut down the Port of Oakland in the evening.

However, the city’s police union in an open letter Tuesday slammed Mayor Jean Quan for her “flip-flop” stance on the city’s Occupy Wall Street protests, questioning her motives and why the city plans to beef up its police presence at strike-related events while giving other city workers leeway to participate. Continue reading Occupy Oakland: Strike Gains Big Labor Support

Saul: A Most Sumptuous Banquet has been Prepared

This is a very encouraging message from our good friend Saul. The energy flows through one’s being when they read this beautiful message. Thanks to Saul and John Smallman. 🙂

Channeler: John Smallman

November 1, 2011

These are exciting times for humanity, as old attitudes of judgment, mistrust, and conflict are released by large numbers of you, allowing you to reassess your thoughts, words, and actions in the light of the loving attitudes that are replacing them. It truly is wonderful to observe the positive and uplifting changes occurring all over the world – look for them, recognize them, and be uplifted – which are in large part due to the untiring and persistent efforts of all you light-workers.

As the changes continue to flow inexorably across the planet, affecting all governments, all religions, all ethnicities, all institutions, in fact all on Earth at this most significant era in humanity’s evolution, a spirit of light, love, and compassion is intensifying and brightening the entire planetary environment. Continue reading Saul: A Most Sumptuous Banquet has been Prepared

Syria accepts Arab League proposal to end crisis

CAIRO (AP) — The Arab League says Syria has accepted an Arab League proposal to ease the country’s 7-month-old political crisis.

The proposal calls on Syria to withdraw all tanks and armored vehicles from the streets, stop violence against protesters, release all political prisoners and begin a dialogue with the opposition within two weeks.

Syria also agreed to allow journalists, rights groups and Arab League representatives to monitor the situation in Syria.

It remains unclear if the agreement will make a difference on the ground. Syria has continued its bloody crackdown on anti-government protesters despite international condemnation and previous promises of reform.

The U.N. says some 3,000 people have been killed since the revolt began in March.

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 2 November 2011

We can feel the rising expectation of events that are going to change your lives. The “quick fix” that many countries are trying to use to find their way out of trouble, will only be that with no long term solution. In fact they have no answers, which is why when our allies present them with our plan there will be little opposition. We could foresee the collapse which was inevitable, as you could not sustain the reckless ways of running your world affairs. It was of course largely through deliberate intent, to maintain control over you. When we have previously spoken of there being a “right time” for action to be taken, you should now be able to see the sense behind our reasoning. We had to wait until you reached a point of no return, so that it was clear to everyone that a new start was vital. That time has arrived and we are preparing ourselves in readiness to make the initial changes, that will get things moving for the better. Continue reading Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 2 November 2011

Occupy Nashville: Tennessee Officials Agree To Stop Arresting Protesters

Occupy Nashville: Tennessee Officials Agree To Stop Arresting Protesters

By TRAVIS LOLLER, The Associated PressPosted: 11/1/11 01:09 AM ET

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee officials agreed Monday to stop enforcing a new curfew used to dislodge Occupy Nashville protesters from the grounds around the Capitol.

The protesters went to federal court seeking a temporary restraining order against Gov. Bill Haslam, arguing the curfew and arrests of dozens of supporters violated their rights to free speech and freedom of assembly.

State Attorney General’s Office Senior Counsel Bill Marett announced at the beginning of a hearing before Judge Aleta Trauger that the state would not fight efforts to halt the policy.

The judge said she had already decided to grant the restraining order because the curfew was a “clear prior restraint on free speech rights.” Continue reading Occupy Nashville: Tennessee Officials Agree To Stop Arresting Protesters

Arab League Demands Syria End Violence against Citizens

This is good news, and I have a feeling we will be seeing more demands for Peace. The Light cannot be stopped!! 


Arab League Demands Syria End Violence Against Citizens

By the CNN Wire Staff  October 31, 2011

(CNN) — The Arab League has called on Syria’s government to end all violence against its people, remove tanks and military vehicles from the streets of the country and release political prisoners, an official with the Arab organization told CNN Monday.

Arab countries made the proposal to Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem on Sunday in a meeting which the prime minister of Qatar called “clear and frank,” according to the Qatari national news agency.

Syria is due to respond Monday to the Arab League proposals, Qatar’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim said.

The Arab League also proposed a dialogue between Syrian officials and opposition members in Cairo starting on Wednesday.

The proposals include a time frame for compliance, the Arab League official said.

Also on Monday, Syrians aiming to write a new constitution for the strife-torn country will meet for the first time, Syria’s state news agency reported Sunday after a weekend of intense violence. Continue reading Arab League Demands Syria End Violence against Citizens

The Pleiadians through Greg Giles – 11-1-11

Our friend Greg may be ascending on the 11.11.11, so I would soak up these wonderful messages from our Pleiadian friends while we can!! 🙂

Pleiadian Messages 11/1/11

Many of you love all others of your world unconditionally, though there are those who distain others and only care about themselves, therefore making no attempt to contribute to the whole of society as a collective endeavor. Truly realizing full potential is a society who realizes that together they make up the reality they will experience. This is the key. The collective consciousness grid is fueled by the thought forms entered into it by each and every member of the society. This grid acts as a projector, filling your shared theater with the images and sounds of your story. Each individual is responsible for his or her parts in your co-written script. Please be careful when choosing your thoughts, as in a way, you may say that it is irresponsible of you to feed energies into the collective consciousness grid that have a negative effect on others around you. Although all is choice and you have the right to choose any reality you wish to experience, karma also plays a role when you affect someone else’s life in a negative way. This is a delicate dance, and it is the wise soul who has learned to give in order to receive. You are only taking from yourself when you have learned to take in order to receive. There really is no such thing as stealing, as in reality you are only borrowing what you will eventually pay back until your balance is paid in full. The same goes for giving, as everything you give will eventually come back to you. Give, receive, share. The balance sheet will always figure perfectly at the end of your day. Continue reading The Pleiadians through Greg Giles – 11-1-11

Adama Through Dreamwalker: Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls

>Adama, you wanted to chat?

I did Troy, and Selphia sends her blessings as well.

>Thank you, Adama. I send my love and gratitude to both of you!

Thank you, Troy. You on on a new path discovering the stone people, which I wanted to talk to you about. But you have discovered several things already about them, you have been drawn to them, and they enjoy your attention.

Spirits live within the stones, but it is up to you to bring the out to play. Continue reading Adama Through Dreamwalker: Crystal Skulls

The Energy of Holidays (Re-post)

I originally wrote this article back in October, but given what day it is I think it can be appreciated today as well. 

Since we have reached this time of year, many who are finding themselves awakening may ask, “what is the significance of the holidays?” Some may think that many holidays were simply created by the dark in an effort to get us all trapped in a materialistic bubble; having us buy unhealthy candy on most holidays, and expensive toys on others. Many may think that holidays have no place in an awakened one’s experience, but I would like to present my personal opinion on why that isn’t true.

As a child, for me holidays were the most looked-forward to times of the year. I always looked forward to the end of the year as a child, as there are many holidays at this time to look forward to. I am not gonna say I didn’t enjoy eating all of the food and candy and receiving presents, but for me that was not what it was totally about. For me as a child and as an adult, the holidays are about coming together. They are about uniting and enjoying each other, and the wonderful vibes that come from these holidays. Think back to your childhood, and tell me that the holidays were not some of the greatest times you experienced. Of course this may not be true for many, as we are all different and go through different experiences.  Continue reading The Energy of Holidays (Re-post)


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