Lucas – Reflections – 19 November 2011

In this time of reflections after the 11.11.11 date I thought it is time for some observations by my own. Reflections on the system and the spiritual.

The system is changing fast even if people only feel and see the negative in speeding up controlling measures via still under dark cabal control governments and parliaments as their puppets. The signs of an unstoppable set in motion Domino stones display of their only reality of  power hunger, greed, fear and violence, etc., are falling down piece by piece.  The EU and Euro zone trembles and is falling apart as we speak. Even the US fears all of this as IMF and others can’t or will not help the old system. The new system will following shortly after the fall of the old.  Continue reading Lucas – Reflections – 19 November 2011


Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 18 November 2011

When your focus is on the future can you feel the uplifting energy around you, if not make time for yourself to relax in quiet surroundings and you surely will. There is no need to carry the burden of the world upon your shoulders, just allow it to find its own path to completion, because that is a feature of the times you are in. You should be sufficiently confident about your destiny to believe that you are on the verge of great changes, that will put you on another path leaving the old paradigm behind. Ascension is your future should you desire to take it, and much effort goes into ensuring that all souls are in contact with the truth. Whether it becomes part of your beliefs by replacing false teachings is everyone’s personal choice.  Continue reading Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 18 November 2011

John Smallman – SAUL – As Your Issues Break Into Your Awareness, Be Glad!

John Smallman channeler of SAUL via  original published 16th November 2011.

Humanity’s awakening is a done deal; it is going to happen as divinely intended; there are no other options.  The divine energy field enveloping Planet Earth was enormously strengthened and intensified on 11-11-11 to give you all the power and assistance that you need to enter into and complete your process of awakening.  This process is very demanding, which is why you are receiving so much help from so many loving spiritual beings, and their love for you is way beyond your comprehension while you continue to hold on to and support the illusion with the energy of your fears and doubts.  Your fears and doubts are important issues that you need to address and release by opening your hearts to God’s Love Field in which you have your eternal existence.

When you are not willing to open your hearts fully, only the minimum energy essential for your eternal existence reaches you, because God will never override your individual wills, and so you maintain space within yourselves to harbor doubt, fear, and anger – which enables you to sustain, and seemingly remain in, the strange, unreal reality you have built for yourselves.  When you open your hearts fully – and that is what your guides and angels are helping and persuading you to do – God’s Love will fill and occupy you completely, dissolving anything within you that is incompatible with Love.

You are all in the process of opening your hearts fully to receive the infinite abundance of divine Love that God offers you constantly, by facing up to and addressing your personal unresolved issues.  Those basically are: the fear that you are unworthy of God’s Love; doubts about the existence of God; and fear that if He does exist, He will judge you when you lay down your physical bodies in death, and impose harsh and painful punishments on you for your sins and misdemeanors.  Frequently, you are in denial of those issues because they seem too terrifying to address, and so you focus on the horrors imposed by humans on other humans all over the world, and wonder how God (if there is a God!?) could allow all this suffering to occur.  Maybe you even believe that you belong to a country, society, or religious belief system that is good and honest, and that should intervene wherever necessary to stop and prevent all this man-made suffering.

Whatever form your state of denial or repression has taken up until now, you are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain.  Be glad of this!  It is showing you that your shadow or dark side will no longer allow you to suppress it, but is demanding that you acknowledge and integrate it so that you can become whole.  Everyone has aspects that they think are unacceptable, even evil, but that is only because by denying them and fearing them they have imagined them to be something which they are not.  It may even seem that they drive you to think, speak, and act in evil ways.  They do not.  Your repression of them drives you to watch for them in others, whom you then judge and condemn, giving yourselves a brief respite from your fearfully buried sense of unworthiness.

Once you address your issues by acknowledging them and by accepting their presence within you, you realize that they have absolutely no power over you because they are just ideas and feelings, like everyone else’s, that you can choose whether or not to engage with, and this gives you a great and totally justified sense of freedom.  From that place you can reevaluate areas of your lives with which you are dissatisfied, understand why that is so, and then lovingly forgive yourselves for any mistakes or errors that you think you have made. Once you have done that, your need to judge others falls away and you can lovingly forgive them for the errors for which you have judged and condemned them.

You are all divine beings.  Love is your natural state, and by addressing your denials and repressions, you free yourselves to return to that state.  So as your issues break into your awareness, be glad!  Because it means that you have chosen to address and release them, and because there are so many spiritual guides assisting you, it will be far easier than you might think.

With so very much love, Saul.

Jennifer Hoffman: After 11-11-11, Now What?

Jennifer Hoffman: After 11-11-11, Now What?

11-11-11 was a special day whose significance extends beyond its unique date. It was special because the entire world shared in the hope, blessings and meaning of this day.

Around the world people shared conversations that focused on enlightenment, possibilities and potential. But the world didn’t end (it wasn’t supposed to) and we continue with our life journey.

Now that 11-11-11 has come and gone, we must focus on carrying the energy’s momentum into the days following it. We do that by practicing integration, staying aligned with our intentions and putting them into practice.

Like any other energetic shift, it’s what we do after it happens that is important. Simply put, the Universe delivers the energetic package, but we have to open it and decide where its contents should go. Continue reading Jennifer Hoffman: After 11-11-11, Now What?

Steve Beckow: Need We Worry About Censorship?

I’ve been asked to comment on the various censorship bills before Congress. Censorship of the Internet is something that none of us would want, to be sure. And vigilance against censorship is very desirable. But at the same time, I’d also like to suggest that we can go about being vigilant without fear.

I think it’s desirable that we act “as if” measures like censorship bills are a threat while knowing that they are not. To do so builds courage and may have the cabal surrender sooner. But we don’t need to take any action out of fear and I don’t think we need worry about the long-term outcome.

Matthew Ward has said, and I think his is a true statement: “During the months ahead, all unjust laws will be stricken and proposed laws with dark intent will not go into effect.” (1)  I think there is no possibility that the Company of Light would allow anything like Internet censorship to take place, except perhaps if doing that for a brief period made a useful point. Continue reading Steve Beckow: Need We Worry About Censorship?

Steve Rother and the Group: Room for your Light ~ New Earth Angels

“Becky and Pat send in Steve Rother’s latest channeling, which is really a most illuminating post-11/11/11 piece. I do recommend it.” –Steve Beckow

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

Steve Rother and the Group, November 15 2011 (by email)

Greetings from Home

Dear ones, this day is very unique for you have created a level of existence that did not exist before. You have opened a door to something very magical. The energy has been building for you to take this step. It has already begun in many ways, yet every day when you open your eyes and greet the new day, it begins again on a different level. Every part of this is starting to open up on a new level. Let us explain to you what is directly ahead, for some of you will experience this in your own lives right away.

“Bright Lights”

You have seen a variety of bright lights on planet Earth, those people that bring the light from Home and shine it through a bubble of biology to help you to more easily see yourself and the light from Home. You have always known that some beings come in with almost too much light to carry. It is as if their eyes attract attention because of their extreme brightness, and they are so creative that everything they touch turns to magic. But sometimes their vibration is so high that it is difficult for them to be comfortable on Earth, a planet with such a low vibration. Many of you have seen these bright lights that we call “Earth Angels.” They come in with many gifts, giving of themselves freely and without hesitation. Sometimes this is done at their personal expense and the toll is often quite heavy.

Yet they leave behind incredible gifts to help the advancement of all of humanity. You have seen them in many of your famous artists, such as in musicians who have died quite young but left their indelible imprints behind. Some Earth Angels have had an extremely difficult time trying to be a human on planet Earth. We tell you this now because it has been limited to a select number on planet Earth that have come in with such incredible bright lights that they cannot hide. Well, dear ones, we are telling you that you are also about to take on that light. What we ask you is this: Is there room in your life right now, if that were to happen to you today? Continue reading Steve Rother and the Group: Room for your Light ~ New Earth Angels

Archangel Gabriel – Weekly Message for Nov 17-24

AA GABRIEL – Weekly Message – November 17

November 17, 2011

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse with you on the quality of Love known as surrender. This quality entails the letting go of egoic justifications about how a situation should be and instead, allowing your higher power to take over the unfolding of this situation in the fullness of time. It requires faith in your higher power and the important quality of trust. By surrendering your need to control the situation you open yourself up to possibilities you may not have considered that are better by far, and will result in the highest and most happiest outcome for you.

To surrender means foregoing the need to judge how One opened themselves up to this occurrence in their lives and feeling the constant need to check in and see how it is unfolding. By surrendering the need to control, you allow all aspects from all dimensions to bring to fruition that which has been set for you by your Higher Self. Your Higher Self always works for your highest good and highest outcome. By allowing this wise and loving part of yourself to bring forth the next step on your journey, you are in effect saying, “not my will but thine be done in and through me”. Continue reading Archangel Gabriel – Weekly Message for Nov 17-24

The Council of Twelve via Radio Ann: You are Who you Secretly Think you are

Council of Twelve on Radio Ann: You are who you secretly think you are.

Council of Twelve on Radio Ann:

This is the Council of Twelve. We are here to say hello and to charge your battery with an infusion of light and love from the inner planes, where all is in order, where all is love in action.

We are anticipating the events of 2012, which will be unprecedented in human history. We will pause momentarily so that can sink in: unprecedented in human history. Can you grasp the nature of the time in which you live? Can you feel the importance of your life span? Can you begin to grasp the role you play? Can you take yourself seriously as a mover of worlds? We pose these questions to all who read them.

Yes, you are divine in nature. You have read this from many sources over time. Can you internalize the truth of this statement? Any form of mastery that you exhibit in your daily life is your first clue. Are you good at your job? Do you relate well to people? Are you kind and compassionate? This is your divine nature in action.

Your divine self is you minus negativity. Imagine yourself without fear, the root of all negativity. Many of you shed boatloads of fear during the 11/11 transition; the new you is glimmering inside, isn’t it? Have you been reluctant to acknowledge that you have changed? Go on, admit it to yourself. We won’t tell.

You are who you secretly think you are. Live it, be it, think it, breathe it. You are who you secretly think you are: a being of divine origin and a worker of miracles. Shine on, stars. We have much work to do in the coming months. All you need to do is hold the light as you go on about your mundane affairs, which you infuse with love and grace.

This is Mother Mary on behalf of the Council of Twelve. Have a blessed day.

Peggy Black and the ‘Team’ – Heal the Wounded Heart

____ Message from the “team”_________

Heal the Wounded Heart
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here embracing and empowering you as you hold and anchor the new reality. You are pioneers as it were, moving across the landscape of vibrations and frequencies. You are beginning to own that you are truly transformers, bringers of light, energy alchemists.

As you personally as well as collectively stand strong in this knowing and in your service, holding the vision of a reality and a planet of conscious awake and aware humans, it is coming into form. More and more individuals are realizing that they personally make a difference, by the power of their focused intentions, by their dedicated actions which support all life. There have been waves and waves of energy vibrations bathing your planet. This energy, these vibrations and frequencies have been triggering the incredible shift in consciousness you are experiencing; you are witnessing the changes within yourself as well as the results within the collective.

This shift within and this offering of integration is happening between your highest galactic and celestial self and the physical form you dwell in at this time. There is a merger, there is a partnership, and there is an expansion. You are feeling this in the changes in your physical body as well as in your thoughts, dreams and meditations. You are being recalibrated so to speak. You are noticing more synchronicities occurring in your life. Reality is not as solid as it once seemed. Continue reading Peggy Black and the ‘Team’ – Heal the Wounded Heart

Gone Today

Gonna be out today so much may not get posted. Also, some when viewing this site are having a problem with text disappearing on the right of the screen. I don’t know why that seems to be happening, and I do not see it though I am using Safari. Will try to find somebody who knows a little bit about this stuff and see if they can help out.

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