Konstantinos-A dialogue with Iltheos about the near Future.

Konstantinos: Hello Iltheos. I’m going directly to my first question. What’s your opinion about my two dreams? [ On April 1st, I had a dream in which I was visited by a group of benevolent ETs. The sky outside was getting dark and I and my family, we were waiting for a group to visit us. Then we heard someone knocking at our door and I felt it was them. I opened the door and there, they were standing 4 to 5 creatures. The most of them were humorous, I think they were wearing black & dark blue robes and they were looking like disney and star wars characters. Some were human and some others humanoids. When they were ready to return to their home, they went a short walk with me and then immediately we flew up together, in the sky.

On April 4th   some hour before I wake up, 3 beings of blue light colour (I couldn’t see clearly their characteristics, but they seemed to have long hair and wearing robes, all in light blue colour) visited me and I heard the word D-E-L-E-A-R, which is a greek term and means ‘something which is desired, but often illusory, and is suggested to someone in order to persuade him/her accept it or do something particular’.]

Iltheos: I already know about your dreams. It’s about the connection between you and members of  your Space Family. You have stated with strong will, how much you desire to contact (more in a physical way though) with extradimensional and extraterrestrial beings. This has started happening to  you more openly. This has already started happening to many of you.  Most times you don’t remember, but as there is a reason for everything, same goes for this one too. Some have already started having telepathic communications with some of us and some others still think about it. There is an appropriate time for everything.

K: I agree….though there are times I am/we are impatient.

I: It’s natural. But Love and  the Wisdom it contains, keep each one of us in the right position, in order for our mission to be accomplished.

K: Yes, the mission…you mean the successful outcome regarding the Ascension process.

I: Definetely. Because this fact is not about you and Mother Earth only, but also for the entire Galaxy….the whole Universe.

K: ……great. Uh, well …something more….what do you have to say about this phenomenical contradiction between some sources, regarding the climatic upheavals and the evacuation of the population to ‘safe zones’? What’s going to happen?

I: What do you/all of you wish to happen? What do YOU personally, wish to happen?

K: Whatever is going to happen, I(will) accept it. As in everything, so in this case too, there is a Greatest Purpose which is about our Greatest Good. Even if sometimes this doesn’t seem so. But definetely from my side, I wish for an outcome as smooth as possible.

I: If there is going to be a sufficient number of Lightworkers who wish to focus on a more smooth outcome, then that is what is going to happen. But don’t forget that some climatic upheavals will continue to happen, they happen already, it is part of the Gaia’s Cleansing. Cocreate with us, your friends and family and with Mother Earth and all are going to be fine. Whatever the final outcome will be, if we are in Harmony and focused to our common task of a succesful Ascension, everything and everyone will benefit.

K: So, there isn’t a sure scenario….nothing is for sure….

I: Quite the contrary, EVERYTHING is for sure. Don’t forget, there are many possibilities for a ‘future’ event and you/all of you are called to materialize, through your choice, one of them. The thought and desire that will prevail, will be the one to which we will contribute, in order to materialize it.

K: All are going to be fine.

I: All are going to be fine. To be more specific,  the outcome and the success, regarding Ascension in the end of this year, is for sure. It’s like the basic colours of your palette. You/All of you and we are the basic colours. The tools exist already. The subject which will be materialized on the canvas of your History, exists already in your mind….and in your heart. The thing is HOW you/we will get there.

K: It’s about what we do in the middle…on the path that leads to the assured outcome.

I: Exactly.

K: We all wished for it before we come here…Father/Mother God gave the Order for this….all are going to be fine….I feel it, I wish for it.

I: Create steady, with your Heart.

K: Thank you for this dialogue. I Love you my friend. Goodbye for now.

I: I Love you too my friend…I Love you All and we will meet again….this moment is not far anymore.

K: Great. Goodbye Iltheos.

I: Goodbye Konstantinos.


Salusa-April 4th 2012

You wanted action, you wanted results, and you now have them if you follow certain people who have acquired a reputation for successfully discovering the truth. An enormous set up of hundreds of different personnel, are poised ready to apprehend the criminals who have been behind the most cynical and profitable crimes against you in recent times. The size of this project will ensure that it makes the media sit up and take notice, as it will be impossible to ignore it. That will be the start of more open reporting which shall be truthfully stated, and not dressed up purely for shock affects. At last the breakthrough will have been made, as it has long been overdue. It is important to keep calm and not allow the revelations to create a false impression of what is involved. Time will prove that those involved in bringing the culprits to justice, have acted on behalf of the people and that no ulterior motive is at the root of it.


The cleansing covers many different areas of life, and making way for the interim government is an essential number one requirement if the changes are to flow smoothly. Be assured we have a total understanding of the way you think and work, and it means that we can anticipate how things are going to proceed. Our allies are well rehearsed in their different responsibilities, and we do anticipate that these opening events will be successful. The most difficult challenge is the first one we are meeting, and it will be a real eye opener for everyone. Whatever you know now, will be far from the whole truth of what has been going on. There is hardly any part of your society or business that has not been tainted by the dealings of the dark Ones. Sometimes even honest people have been unwittingly caught up in their activities, but they shall not be a target for us.


Dear Ones, the battle royal has begun but since we are in the ascendancy, we have every reason to anticipate a great victory. You too may take your share of the plaudits as without you and your determination to bring the necessary changes in, we would not be where we are today. The number of Lightworkers is at a new high and paving the way towards Ascension. Levels of consciousness continue to rise, and that is also another sign of how well you have taken to the task of preparing for Ascension. In the little time that remains before the end of the year closes in on you, you will find it to be action filled and much given in the way of guidance.


Already the different countries and their governments have been made to understand that aggression must stop, and that we are authorized to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure there is peace. Hitherto, our intervention on your behalf was curtailed for karmic reasons, but now by Divine decree we are able to enforce the plan for your spiritual evolution. You will find that suddenly progress has leapt forward, and that has taken the dark Ones by surprise who never allowed for such a turn around. We are pressing ahead and know that it is now the turn of the Light to take charge, and commence to set up a society that can express its freedom to create a new peaceful way forward. Naturally, not all laws need to be reviewed but many are illegal or have been framed in false circumstances. Events such a 9/11 resulted in many unfair and unjust changes, directed at alleged terrorists that were not the ones responsible. Similar incidents have also taken place, and each time used to tighten the controls over you.


From this time onwards, you will become more aware of what is happening and kept informed through various sources of information, until we can provide you with a regular and reliable one. We intend to open our own channel, and thus be sure that you are provided with all that is needed to have a wonderful remainder to your year. Do not worry about any small confrontations as they will not escalate to anything more dangerous. So after looking for some signs that things were moving forward, there is an abundance of evidence to show it is. There are still some sources that are set up to give out disinformation, so use your discretion and intuition to determine which of them are reliable.


You will ask “what should we do whilst the changes are taking place”, and we suggest as far as possible live your lives as before. However be aware that if as expected there will be a short spell very soon where your lives are disrupted, cover yourself by ensuring you have food and other necessities for just a few days. Whatever happens we along with our allies will make certain that operations are efficiently completed, with as little inconvenience to you as possible. As you would expect, we have everything in hand and that includes your safety. The dark Ones will fight until the last and even now plan atrocities, but since we are aware of them we shall prevent them from happening.


You are entering the final phases of Ascension, and it should not be forgotten that the changes are part of the preparations that have been going on for a very long time. As always it is important that until we can open up a free media, that you do not fall for false reports that will be expected to create fear. Some chaos is inevitable, but at the same time will not be lasting. Know that military activity will not be directed at the people, but in support of them. Our operations are being carried out to propel you as fast as possible towards Ascension. As we often tell you, we of the Galactic Federation are of the Light, and carrying out the orders of the Higher Beings that carve out your destiny.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that matters can now be placed into public view. Information can now be released knowing that it will reach you, and in future there will be a direct line to you. We have nothing to hide but for obvious reasons do not reveal our hand to the dark Ones. Whatever information they are able to pick up, they will be unable to hack our systems as they are technically beyond them. It is in fact quite the opposite, as we have access to their communications and nothing is kept secret or beyond our reach. We are normally a step ahead of them, which is why we are confident of the outcome of our activities. Victory is ours, and we share the joy with you.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Federation

12 Cauac, 13 Mac, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Your world continues her shift to a new reality. The planet has moved nearly 2.0 degrees toward the ecliptic as a result of the increasing energies passing through your Sun from the galactic core. These energies are putting mounting pressure on the planetary grids, which also continue to shift. The same galactic core energies are creating conditions on the other water-worlds, which are moving them closer to the solar system’s sacred shift point. This is when your solar system aligns with the rest of your galaxy, allowing the galaxy to significantly alter its basic spiral shape, and permitting our galaxy’s reality grids to come into rhythmic alignment with the 350,000 or so galaxies that form this sector of physicality. We have been instructed by Heaven to increase our level of participation with the galactic Elohim in seeing that these adjustments proceed as decreed by the Creator and by the sacred Seraphim of AEON. This project coincides with the divine intervention now happening on your world.

This divine intervention is approaching a magical point! Currently, we are watching the final steps wherein your world’s reality is transformed from dark to Light. Heaven’s representatives, working in concert with a number of secret sacred societies and many of your Ascended Masters, are ready to roll out a great abundance. This universal prosperity kick-starts great changes in the way your global financial and political systems operate. It is truly to be a year marked by unprecedented and unique change! The most important aspect for us is, of course, a full disclosure by various major governments of our benevolent presence and of our mission here. We are very ready to proceed with the many activities on our agenda, which conclude with those that return you to your natural state of full consciousness. As we speak, certain prerequisite actions are being carried out by designated contingents of the world’s military and associated police groups. They are implementing the final stages of a mass global arrest process which will change your world forever. These arrests herald new governance and new prosperity for all!

This first extraordinary flurry of changes will lead to a series of ever more exciting events. We are working closely with the Agarthans to set up for you an optimum route to galactic society, beginning with many secret technologies which will be introduced to you by your new governments. These same governments will also deliver you from debt and disburse your new abundance. Then it will be time to face, globally, the very real fact of climate change, and this will necessitate totally changing your approach to your precious living planet. The continuing, massive destruction of your home world has to be stopped. New technologies will be made available immediately to sustain your planet and begin the restitution of millennia-long depredations. Our role as mentor includes adding our technologies to yours, and counseling you on ways to address your most pressing global needs. All this you have heard many times before; now the time has come to actually discuss how to carry it all out.

The Agarthans are very well acquainted with you; in fact, they have secretly lived among you for nearly 13 millennia, and therefore their wisdom is most important to us. The Ascended Masters have the sacred task of redressing the many falsehoods and innuendos woven into your religious philosophies by the dark. The truth needs to be voiced frankly yet in such a way that you can perceive the subtlety used by the Anunnaki to distort your religious works. The Masters can set the record straight, providing a basis for a complete recasting of your ancient histories and your myths about humanity’s origins. Also of prime importance is a massive readjustment in how you relate to the magnificent Being you reside upon. Your fall into limited consciousness veiled many things from you, and the road back to full consciousness can transform these mysteries into concepts that will quickly become part of your everyday knowledge of this world and of physicality itself. All of this begins with disclosure.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This week we have been assisting our many associates to prepare several special projects for immediate activation. We have complied in every way with the sacred decrees of Heaven, and it is now accepted that your reality is fully prepared to shift. This shift will begin with a series of arrests and ‘resignations’ of major figures who serve the dark in government, finance, and international banking. This action leads straight away to two others: the deliveries of your prosperity funds by designated personnel, simultaneous with the transfer of political power in several major world governments to new caretaker governments. These two actions lead to a third: the series of official announcements explaining the new banking and financial system, full debt forgiveness, and the restoration of your sovereign rights.

These activities will signal that disclosure is next and is imminent. Regarding this latter issue, another major consideration is to be taken into account: our dear blessed world requires an urgent end to war as threats now exist that are jeopardizing her health. We have asked our Agarthan and galactic families to join us in restoring Gaia to health, but this activity necessitates a large amount of direct, open intervention on our part. Happily, this visible activity is to be authorized by the new caretaker governments, and so the need for the disclosure announcement has been brought forward on the agenda, from an issue to be handled in the second week of the interim governments taking office to one that is fully addressed along with our first announcements. The skullduggery of the dark can and will no longer be allowed. A new epoch for humanity has arrived!

The gist of this message is to assure you that a great deal of work has been accomplished by our associates to replace the dark governance and to distribute an immense global prosperity program. These are only some of the activities that have been planned in order to move you to full consciousness. The coming preliminaries will irrevocably change your world and provide a point of entrance for the Galactic Federation’s first-contact mission. We and our Agarthan sisters and brothers also intend to introduce ourselves to you at that time. While what is to happen can be shocking to you, it is in reality a beginning that will lead you to the blessed joys of full consciousness. Here, you will assist all of Heaven and us in unfolding the divine plan of physicality. These are indeed exiting times that you are witnessing and living through!

Today, we continued our discussion of what is happening on your world. A new golden age for humanity has dawned. The announcements of disclosure by your new governments will permit us to do a number of things that are vital for setting the stage for our mass landings. We await with joy the chance to formally meet with each one of you. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

*The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild* ~ April 3. 2012

Blossom: Hello there. Me here. I have a question in mind, which I may have asked before. It is to do with all the discrepancies between different channellings and different information that is offered to us. I Know you have said ‘to follow your hearts Truth’ but can you explain why it is that there is such vast differences? Each of the people bringing these messages through seem to be of good intention, and coming from their heart so why is this? It causes great alarm for many. Can you enlighten us on this matter if you would be so kind?

Federation of Light: What we would choose to offer regarding such discrepancies is that some of which is passed on is misinterpreted through force of will. In other words there maybe those who appear to be willing to bring forth Truth and yet those energies that are relaying a message to an Earthly soul have not the best intentions at heart.

Blossom: Yes I can understand this. Many have said this about us! It would be insulting to say this to one who feels that those that they channell are of Light and Truth. To me … we can’t all be right … because so much is different. I really feel this situation needs to be cleared up . Many folk put themselves on the line in Trust to ‘give out’ information they receive … So, how is one to Know that which to follow and which not?

FoL: Again we would say ‘which puts you in a place of fear and which puts you in a place of Love?”. That is all there is to know .

Blossom: So basically you are saying that all that puts you in a place of Love is True and that which makes you fearful is untrue?

FoL: That is what we are saying exactly. When you follow the path of Love there is nothing to fear. We do not come to you with messages of ‘Beware … you are doomed’. To us there would be little sense in doing so. We come … as we have said before to assist you in recognizing who you are and why you are here . We come to help you find YOU.

YOU ARE LOVE and from Love and only Love … no matter what takes place there is absolutely NOTHING to fear . Those that fear … have not yet found the depth of Love that resides within them.

Blossom: I get what you are saying on that count … but it still doesn’t change the fact that channelled messages differ. Surely if they are coming from the source of Love they would all say the same?

FoL: The fact being that what is to come … will come. You will experience it when it does. The messages coming through are doing so to help prepare you.

Blossom: Got to interupt sorry … How can we be sure which scenario to prepare for?

FoL: In ALL scenarios there is no finer preparation for the soul than LOVE and joy AT THIS TIME NOW. That should be the main message. There is only NOW. So many of you are planning for a future that is not NOW. We come to ask you to LIVE IN THE MOMENT OF NOW.

Blossom: And yet YOU also tell us of a time when we shall join together again as a family … in the time ahead … which is not NOW. Which can only have us thinking about the future that you speculate. I am not purposefully being awkward … I just feel these matters need sorting from our Earthy perspective.

FoL: We understand of your plight . We expect there to be questions for we cannot be in control of all that is sent through from others to others.

Blossom: Yet why the differences in the story of what lies ahead?. Is it like the movie ‘sliding doors’ … where a split second can change how things pan out … perhaps in a parallel life? Struth Blossom!!! Why don’t you make it more complicated … !

FoL: No … this is not the case.

Blossom: Then what is?? If you are following a Divine Plan … then what is the TRUTH about what is in store for us within this year?

FoL: We have given you the TRUTH as we see it. We cannot be responsible for how others see it and choose to behave because of it.

Dearest Lady … We appreciate the fact that your task is not an easy one. We appreciate also that we are not of Earth and therefore do not always see things from an ‘earthlings’ perspective. We understand that you are speaking for many and needing questions answered. We understand that many of you are confused. We accept that for all those living in a place of fear within themselves … they are unable to ‘let go’ of EVERYTHING!

Have you thought that although what you see and hear maybe of conflicting views … that it allows you also to THINK FOR YOURSELVES? If you were to blindly follow all that was said … would you run of the edge of a cliff if you were asked? If you were told that in future days a Light Vessel would come and hover over the edge of a cliff and ask you to leap off that cliff and you would be caught in its beam and lifted up … Would you just do it without asking your heart if this was a sensible thing to do? We ask for your answer Blossom.

Blossom: Nope. I wouldn’t … not without a parachute anyway!! But then … what about TRUSTING?

FoL: TRUSTING IN WHOM? Unless you TRUST yourselves … Your inner knowing … how could you expect to Trust an outside source? What would be the point of Trusting US if you didn’t first of all TRUST yourself? This to US would seem of a ridiculous procedure … having everything back to front.

You are asking US for answers to questions that need to be answered by TRUSTING YOURSELF!

Blossom: What if we can’t find the answer or simply … don’t know?

FoL: Then you do not Trust yourself … so why would you TRUST anything you hear or read that comes from another?

Blossom: SO … from your perspective … how would you suggest we further TRUST ourselves?

FoL: By following your heart. It is interesting to us that this seems a little difficult for you. When you FEEL joyous and full of LOVE and you are happy with the way your day is going … would you not agree that you TRUST yourself in your decisions … because look how you are FEELING? This is how you learn to TRUST yourself.

Blossom: What if one is feeling ‘off track’ … that can’t be that we don’t TRUST ourselves?

FoL: Why not?

Blossom: Because we haven’t necessarily misplaced TRUST , we just maybe having a bad day .

FoL: Yet all that is required there is to change attitude … no matter what is transpiring. If you TRUST in the fact that no matter what … an outcome is for your Highest good then you put the TRUST in yourself that ‘to TRUST yourself and your FEELINGS is the requirement of the day. All days.

If you feel uncomfortable about that which another is saying … then why would you TRUST it? HOW can you TRUST it? You are being told by YOU not to trust it … because of how it makes you feel! FEELINGS! FEELINGS ! FEELINGS!

Blossom: Ok … Lets go further. I recently watched a documentary about chemtrails. I have known for quite a while about this . This documentary is of TRUTH for me . I TRUST it … yet it did not make me FEEL good. Do you see what I am trying to say?

FoL: Yes we accept this premise. Yet … was there not a large part of you that was filled with courage that the TRUTH is now being told? Did you not feel stronger in a united front that the souls who have followed their Truth … to make this TRUTH available to many … have done what they did? You have known for a long time about such matters … now you are happy that something is being done. Did it scare you? NO. Because your heart tells you that such an atrocity shall not prevail. It cannot prevail. You Trust your instinct on this. BECAUSE IT IS TRUTH.

Blossom: Yep. Good answer.

FoL: We ask you to KNOW YOURSELVES. That is all you need do. If any one of you were to stop reading and gathering information from those of us that are not residing upon your planet at this time …. Do you think this would make a difference to how you may react when those of us from ‘elsewhere’ communicate in an undeniable fashion for all to witness?

What if your communication systems were to fail today and not be revived? Would you survive? Of course you would! What if in three months time we were to remain in your skies for all to see? Would you run inside and hide? Of course not! You would TRUST that which your heart and FEELINGS are speaking to you of at that given moment of time. You would Trust in that feeling for there would be no networking from others to tell you … or suggest to you how to feel in that moment.


This is what you must come to realize … THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU.

It is not about US and who we are and what we stand for .

It is about YOU and WHO YOU ARE … and WHAT YOU STAND FOR.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Let yourselves see who you are. Look around you NOW and notice the changes that are taking place.

You are the strong ones. You are breaking FREE! ALL BY YOURSELVES.

You are waking up to the fact that YOU …. AND ONLY YOU can do this.


You are marching forth and you are a force of LOVE that cannot be defeated!!

You understand this NOW! You ‘GET THIS’ NOW.

You came here to do this … to change your planet into its former glory.

YOU! YOU! YOU! And you are doing it … Look around … You are doing it .

We will happily assist in ways that will benefit greatly by means of advanced technology … yet as is happening … it is YOU that is allowing the position to be opened in order for us to do so.


OUR Trust is within ourselves to Trust in you to do so!

Blossom: We shall. We are! Thanking you as always. From all of us down here … to all of you space bunnies up there … Happy Easter.

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light-April 4th 2012

 Ashtar communicates directly to the minds and into the hearts of all who wish to receive his love and his guidance. Ashtar does not speak through any channels at this time. Ashtar does not have a need or want to share information in this manner. Ashtar hears what is called for to guide those who seek his guidance, and he answers their call in ways that do not necessitate the need for a medium or channel. There are many beings throughout the cosmos that do speak through channels to share their thoughts, their feelings, their teachings, their guidance and their love, but Ashtar does not communicate with any of you at this time in this way. 

 Anyone who claims they are channeling Ashtar at this time is either mistaking Ashtar as the sender of their communications or they are purposely perpetrating a hoax or a con. These individuals who claim to be channeling Ashtar himself may not be channeling any other being at all, and may only be sharing a reflection of their own thoughts. We do not judge anyone for this. We only wish to make it clear to all who wish to understand this; Ashtar, the Supreme Commander of the Ashtar Command, is not speaking directly to you or through any channels at this time. There are individual members of the Ashtar Command who are speaking to you through channels at this time, and some of these communications speak officially for the Ashtar Command as an organization and some of these communications speak only of the personal views and teachings of the individual members of this command that are sending  messages in this way. 
 In the great scheme of all that is transpiring here in your world and what ripple effects spread throughout your universe, it is important to understand the influences of your thinking and your behavior. We do not wish for you, our brothers and sisters, to be misled in any way, shape, or form. We understand that many of you have your different opinions as to who are trustworthy sources of this kind of information and we honor and respect the choices each of you make, and we do not wish to tell you who’s words to follow and who’s not to follow.
 What we wish to do instead is offer you guidance and our wisdom to help you better use your own powers of discernment and intuition to reach understandings of where particular information is deriving from. We feel this way is far greater for your advancement and your growth then merely pointing you in the right direction ourselves. We would rather offer you the tools and share our knowledge of how to use these tools, and then allow you to make these decisions on your own. 
 Today we only say to you that Ashtar himself is not communicating with you at this time in a manner that necessitates a channel because we see a great amount of information coming from certain areas at this time that is impeding the progress that we feel needs to be made. We feel this progress is of such importance that we decided we would step in and clear this matter up to allow you to more clearly and confidently receive the important information and notifications that we are sending you through our channels at this time.
 You now understand better certain avenues of information that is being given to you, and we hope that you take this information and use it wisely to assist you to make better choices as to which voice of guidance you will follow through the days up ahead that will present to you certain challenges. We have decided that we could not sit back and allow voices of false information to lead you into certain situations that would require great effort and intervention on our part to assist you in eradicating yourselves from the consequences of following such false information.
 As we have said many times, we must honor each and every decision that you make, but if there came a time where you asked for our assistance to help you in your time of need we would respond, and so with foresight we are attempting at this time to share with you information that can, if you so choose, allow you to stay clear of certain situations in the days ahead that would require you to ask for our assistance to remove you from these situations that you do not wish to be in. That is why we say to you that although it is important for you all to follow your own intuition and inner voice, we do officially state that Ashtar, the Commander of the Ashtar
 Command, is not speaking to you, offering you guidance, instructions, and predictions of your days ahead. Ashtar is with you in spirit and in love and he is very much a part of our mission here at this time, but he offers his service to you in other very important and wide-ranging ways.
Now that we have this matter cleared up once and for all, we can continue with our messages to you which we feel are imperative for you to understand, as many events are about to unfold and each of you would do well to have a solid comprehension of them.
 These events are many, and each of them carries its own importance for your world. We would like to begin the first stages of our disclosure plans which will necessitate a working relationship with selected individuals who we feel would be qualified and very suitable for this purpose. We will begin contacting those of you who we feel we would like to work with throughout this process, and you will clearly recognize when we begin these communications. You will be instructed on how to proceed and what the next steps will be, and we ask you to keep this information to yourselves at this time as there are matters of safety concerns and a certain level of discretion is called for.
 There is no reason or need to share this information publicly, and we wish you to know that many of your postings throughout online social networks are monitored by those who do not play for our team. There is no reason to fear or be concerned about this as it should be no surprise to you that the Internet is accessible by anyone, and of course, it is just natural that not only those of the light communicate in this manner. You have absolutely nothing to be concerned about in regards to your safety, as we are watching over you and we have and will continue to make every effort to protect your safety and well being throughout our mission and our disclosure project. 
 If you wish to share this information with family or friends privately, we say to you that this is acceptable and that there is no gag order rule issued to you, but we do suggest you not speak of this information through your online social networks even when you are sending a private message, as the security of these websites cannot be absolute and block computer hackers from accessing these communications. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and tell you that in the days ahead there will no longer be a need for this type of security precaution, but that day is not yet at hand and we ask you to assist us in our efforts to protect you by practicing a certain level of discretion. We thank you very much for your cooperation and for your willingness to participate in our disclosure project.
 We see this project reaching millions of your people, and we say to you this will surely be a most exciting time for you and the people of your planet. Those of you who we are selecting to take part in this project will be the ambassadors for your people and will also be ambassadors for our people. This is why our selection process has been a careful one, and we have carefully chosen each of you for this assignment. We have great confidence in each and every one of you, and we look forward to working with you to bring to the people of your planet evidence of our existence and our true nature, and an understanding of our mission in service and in love to the people of your world.
 You may assist this project at this time by preparing yourselves to be able to leave your places of residence with little or no prior notification whatsoever. We will try to give you at least a few minutes’ notice of when we are going to come to rendezvous with you, however, we cannot guarantee this as every precaution must be taken to protect you as well as our crew sent to collect you. Please try to remain prepared to be able to leave your residences at a moment’s notice. This will require different levels of preparation for each of you, and we ask you to think about what it is you will have to do to be able to leave your home without any prior notice to meet with us for an indefinite amount of time.
 We understand that many of you cannot leave your home for days at a time, and we will see to it that you are returned within a suitable time frame. We do have much to discuss with you, and when we can speak more personally we will make known our entire disclosure plan with you and you will learn when you will be called upon to meet with us and how long you will stay. We will not disclose this information with you at this time through our channels or any other way. We will wait until we can speak with you personally. 
 We look forward to meeting with each of you that we have selected for this process, and say to those who have not been selected at this time that there will be many more opportunities for you to take part in this process and also on many other projects that we will be working together on. This disclosure project will merely be the first project we undertake with you, and this will open the door and allow our many other projects to get underway.
 By necessity, there will not be a long waiting period between our disclosure efforts and the projects we will be working on together, so those of you not selected for the initial disclosure project will not have long to wait to meet with us and begin working with us. You can be assured of this, as time is running short and we have much work to accomplish. 
 Please be advised we are at this time contacting many of you who have been selected for this project, and we ask you to keep your eyes and your ears open for our communications. These communications will differ from individual to individual depending on how fast we feel you will recognize our attempts to communicate with you. Please use your powers of intuition and make an effort to recognize our attempts to contact you.
 If you do this, we are confident you will indeed recognize these communications, and we will know that you have understood our message and there will be no need for you to attempt to contact us and inform us that you have received our message. We will know this. You are asked again not to publicly announce that you have received this invitation from us. Again, safety is a priority, and a certain level of discretion is called for. 
 We thank all of you who have been selected for this process, and tell you we look so very forward to meeting with you personally and discussing our plans with you. Many lives will benefit through the success of this project, and we ask you to give this project your sincerest efforts and focus once we begin. Many lives will be changed in very positive ways once we are able to begin working with you, and this disclosure project is the key that will open this door for your world. It will be an honor for us to meet and begin working with you, and we look so forward to the coming together of our people and your people in the spirit of love and universal cooperation. We will achieve such great things together, and will bridge the gap not only between worlds and star systems, but of dimensions.
 This is what we can do when we come together as one and work to achieve a common goal, and we see nothing stopping us from achieving what we set out to do together. So much can be accomplished when people and worlds put aside their differences and cooperate with each other to achieve common goals, and your world will be a testament to how much can be accomplished when we all work together as one. This is our mission here, and many different worlds have contributed to this truly universal project. Your world and your people will soon be welcomed into our Galactic community as you have earned your place of honor at our Galactic Roundtable.
  This is a place where discussions concerning Galactic projects take place, and planning and strategies to build worlds and bridge gaps between them are the topic of discussion. Your planet will have representation at this Galactic table, and you will have the ability to voice your views and visions for this galaxy, which is also your galaxy. 
Much can be learned by everyone at these meetings, and we look so forward to your contributions and your thoughts and vision to build upon our universe. Much planning and design goes in to the construction of our galaxy and our entire universe, and it is here at meetings such as this where policy and projects are conceived.
 Your representatives will learn a great deal about your galaxy and universe and take back home to your people this knowledge which will allow you all to gain a further understanding of your home. We look forward to this day when you are officially welcomed and a seat is pulled out for your representatives. We remember the day we were welcomed at this table and tell you that you may feel honored, for indeed an honor it is, and we congratulate each of you for this achievement to be welcomed into your Galactic community.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light. 
As channeled through Greg Giles

Melchizedek through Marlene Swetlishoff

As you each grapple with the summoning from within you of the desire and knowledge that all must be forgiven, truly forgiven, before completion of all karmic patterns with your karmic partners can take place, you are finding yourselves arriving at a different perspective than ever before. For when you can forgive others and, most of all yourself, for first setting these patterns into motion for the experience it afforded you, then a more gentle way of life can be manifested in and through you. This is the greatest challenge facing so many in these times, the challenge of finding within themselves the ability to truly and completely forgive all. And we say that this work must be done before you can move forward upon your ascension path.

The next step on your journey cannot be taken until this is done, Beloveds, for in order to enter the higher realms of consciousness, One must have achieved purity within their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. One must have squeezed all darkness from their very cells in order that greater Light might enter and fill your Being. One must be able to allow their higher mental body (Christ Self) to manifest in ever greater radiance through them so it requires this transmutation. There is no room for the human ego in this scenario, One must have surrendered the lower will to the Divine Will in order to allow their God/Goddess Self to come forth into manifestation upon the Earthly plane.

The way seems long and tedious but we tell you that you will give thanks and great gratitude that you had persevered through this valley of the shadow, for when you emerge into the new dawn of a new day where duality no longer exists, all will become clear and all the pieces of the puzzle will fit. You will understand the purpose and meaning of all that was required for you to acknowledge, accept and transmute. Know that your way forward is not as far away as you may think and that gains can be made in an instant of understanding. This will occur more often now as your Greater Self initiates the final events to help you move through the completion stages of metamorphosis. You are not left to your own devices for this phase, Dear Ones, for we, your elder brethren are assisting you in this process.

The majority of the Ascended Host who are assisting Humanity have walked many lifetimes upon the planes of duality and know what is required to rise above it. This is why we are here, to assist and to help in this process. Call upon us, and you will be given assistance. You are each so very deserving of assistance, for from our perspective you are already perfect and whole and all that is required is your remembrance and embracement of this fact. It was an experience that you each chose so that you might return back to Source with expanded wisdom and knowledge and this you have done many times in your service to the ascension process on many Worlds. This is your specialty in the galactic realms.

Let the love within you shine in ever greater concentric circles of radiant spheres to encompass the fields of thought that surround the Planet and affect each living, sentient Being. You have the love and the power within you to accomplish this miraculous feat. Keep your focus through each day and follow the promptings of your heart and the requests of your body elemental. All is working in unison to achieve the unfoldment of your part in the Divine Plan.

I AM Melchizedek

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. http://www.therainbowscribe.com

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Hilarion through Marlene Swetlishoff-April 1-8, 2012

Beloved Ones,

As the long winter months are coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere, new beginnings are waiting to unfold. There is a sense of renewal and rejuvenation in the atmosphere and all around new life is poised, ready to come forth in its diverse and glorious majesty. This is the time to plant seeds in preparation for the blossoming of magnificent abundance from the elemental and plant kingdoms. Together, in unity and in harmony, new life is created and nurtured and these new creations of wonder and magic are in their embryonic stages waiting to unfold in Divine timing.

And so the cycles of the Earth continue in their inexorable march of life, aided here and there by unusual weather patterns that have not appeared for many cycles of time. As the kingdoms of Nature awaken from their dormancy to lift their beings to the Light of the Sun, so too do many people shake themselves off and begin again to plants their seeds of dreams and hopes for a better life for themselves and their families, a way of life that will sustain and nurture all of the finest attributes of each one in their expression of Divinity. By working in tune with the movement of the seasons and acknowledging the invisible helpers who toil with devotion, joy and delight in the manifestation of the life contained within the seeds, the majesty, beauty and wonder of all life renewed fills the air.

It is the time for renewal of intentions and goals that were set perhaps at the beginning of the New Year, to revisit what has been accomplished, where changes need to be made and corrections take place in order to renew the commitment made to one’s aspiring Self as you set out filled with enthusiasm and determination that this year, things would get done, that it would be different, that the World would be different by this turn of the wheel of life upon your World. Yet, all around you, what is reflected back to you is only more of the same old, same old. But wait! There IS something different. There are birds appearing in your neighborhood which have not been seen here before. The eastern bluejays are now a part of the western bluejay family and living in harmony. There are wild geese that are black and white swimming in the river that were not spotted here in this area before.

As you become keen observers of the nature kingdoms, you will have an inner knowing that things are NOT the same, that there is an almost imperceptible change taking place right where you live. It is these events that tell the story of changes taking place upon your World and these hold keys to guide you forward. Watch the birds and the animals, Dear Ones, and go within to decode the meaning. They are adapting to the unusual weather patterns that are occurring across the surface of the Earth and are opening themselves to new environments previously unseen by their species. Nature is adapting to the new energies and following its inner instincts to survive, grow, flourish and perpetuate its kind.

Continue to persevere in your quest for Mastery and open your senses to all that lives in your surroundings. There is more here than previously discerned. Bring with you a sense of magic and wonder and the openness of your hearts. There is so much to see and learn if you but look.
Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. http://www.therainbowscribe.com

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**Pleiadian Renegades…Yet Another Galactic Transmission about the Way Things Are** ~ April 2, 2012

Have we gotten your attention yet? It’s not so easy, you know. You are busy with a lot of other information at the moment. If you would, take your attention away from the messages of impending doom, catastrophic change, and world intertribal tensions and listen, just for a really short time. There is something we’d like to share, and it’s the best thing we can do right now, to put this information in your ears and eyes, and let you let us share. We are just a simple band of intergalactic brothers and sisters, but that’s the path many of you wish to take, so we thought we’d tell you a little bit about our understanding of what’s happening on the planet before the story comes out on the news. It is heading in that direction, but it’s always good to have an inside scoop if you can get one.

Your leaders are cooking up a really juicy plot to take you into the outside world with big fat bellies full of nonsense. You are for the most part aware of this, but things are getting more and more interstellar in scope, if you know what we mean. You have been clamoring for something to be revealed, but the truth is something that cannot be hidden forever and sooner or later reveals itself. The time for its unveiling is getting closer, if the time can be measured for such a reality to be born. It can’t really, but the attempt to pinpoint it is a noble one, and doesn’t have any really dire consequences, apart from personal disappointments for those who count on them to be the truth that they’re looking for. In actuality, the time for disclosure, the time of ascension, all that cannot be targeted without your participation in the whole activity. Ironically, there is little that the individual has to do, other than to take care of what’s coming into view for them. Worrying about the bigger picture is well and good, but the real change will happen when the nit-picky little details of individual perfection are dealt with in a soul-satisfying way. In a nutshell, that means taking a seriously honest look at the person who you are in the world, and comparing it to the person who you want to believe you are in the best of all possible worlds. The truth follows such noble deeds, when it can’t move forward during the heat of a controversy with unresolved origins. Get over the things that the news says you should be concerned about, acknowledge, and work on what you can do in relation to the activity of creating a perfect world and directing the flow of your presence toward its birth. It is enough, and the bigger issues of the day, whatever they become tomorrow, will sort themselves out. Hear the voice within and don’t get distracted by the noise of the next big adventure in the works. Your heart is in the know of what the truth has to show you, and it beams information to you constantly. Bring your attention to it and trust the truth to reveal itself through the internal conduit that feeds the soul of humanity everywhere. It is a survival means for the now.

It isn’t our intention to tell you what to do. It’s up to you to find the high modulation that’s there for your individual ascendance, and come together in conscious streams of finding a strength as one people. It is our intention, rather, to be present, to share perspective with those of you who are entrained to our vibration of frequency through these communications and inner awareness, and to be of service when and where we best are able. Beyond this, spiritual endeavor cannot be taken up by another on the path of another, unless there is agreement and a need. You are powerful and no one needs to order you into any other understanding than that you are, indeed, able to pull this off, to change your world, to become great big powerful high-vibrating beings of new standing on your own terms. We are here to be beside you as family, as friends, and as supporters for the birth of the new reality you are shaping. We are your fans, and we love you beyond words. Be brave, dear souls, and know we breathe blessings to the whole planet.

Drake” on Himself

From Freedom Reigns

It has come to my attention that a lot of people want to know who I am. I will offer a part of the base of what I know without endangering myself or others. The basis of the knowledge I hold is extraordinary in its scope (content and reach) and those whom I am in contact with.

Not being willing to take anyone’s word for it, I went behind the scenes and found who ‘they’ were talking to. This involves most of the ‘news’ web sites many are familiar with, credible or not.

My military service includes nuclear weapons, very high security clearances, and Vietnam. Most of the “incidents” from this time forward, I was involved in at some level, major, minor, and local. I started in the field of information in the late nineties and progressed from that time forward. I use a portion of the old cold war spy network, people in several sensitive positions, and those who agree to pass along info no one else gets. There are several contact avenues that also offer info, military, political and citizen eyes. In all, an extreme information highway.

The validity of what I’ve sent out has been the best at the time, almost all of which was verifiable. And yes, I was called on to prove a lot of it at first. This was not an easy task and caused me to be able to protect and out the info at the same time, I learned how.

Forces in the main stream media took most of what I offered and called it everything but true, and I was a nightmare head case trying to cause problems through the use of my imagination, and the internet…

Those who own the media control its content, most of which is questionable at best…I know, because I was directly involved in a few of those ‘international and local incidents’ that were reported as something else altogether…So I have first hand knowledge of this.

I have been a patriot since taking my oath of service in the 60′s. I had always been raised to be a patriot, but that oath haunted me all the time…until I decided I would start taking action.

The present information I have shared comes from a plan I was privileged to read some years ago. To date it has been in the works well over twenty (20) years. Many old fashioned old timers knew better than the direction our country was headed, even way back then, so they started writing the plan. It deals with offering the basic freedoms our country was founded on, and how to return to that freedom.

My research extends into a lot of law, application, and the origin of law itself. The offerings used in the manner in which I stated them to be used, when used correctly, I never lost. This includes local, state, federal, and international applications.

A group of individual people in individual states, has completed the paperwork that sets our nation free.

It is my hope that we all can keep our freedom this time…that is up to We The People.

The extent of the information offered on the recording is, at this time, the limit I use to protect the many who are involved in our efforts. If anyone who reads this believes that freedom can still be available, then I urge all those to play the recording to others of a like mind.

A qualified person does not have to be a rocket scientist. Try finding someone who is so honest it hurts to be around them. A person who knows the meaning of right and wrong according to their conscience…and who listens to it. In order to start to turn things around, it will take as many people as possible to stand up in any way they can. Put together groups all over our country at the local level. Get everyone to know each other and look into using your group to put the right kind of people in office.

**Matthew’s Message, April 1, 2012**

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The effects of the ever-growing light in your world extend way beyond the publicized shake-ups and shake-outs of corrupt ones in national governments and major corporations—this is happening in communities too, from villages to major cities around the globe.

The effects go beyond the hands-on help and donations to people in dire need at international and local levels, and the increasing numbers of voices for peace, preserving animal life and the environment along with scores of other positive measures. Every time a petition is signed for a benevolent cause or to correct an injustice, the energy of the signer’s intention mingles with the energy of thousands, perhaps millions of others who also signed in support of that cause, and it is the same with every single loving thought, every feeling of gratitude, compassion, and desire for a better world.

If you could see this brilliance from our vantage point, you would be astounded. But you cannot see the abundance of light from those myriad sources on the planet or beaming to Earth from far distant worlds. Instead, you see that many still are suffering and saber rattling by war mongers, random acts of violence, crushing economic woes. We see this too, and in our unconditional love for all souls, the continuance of those situations even at this late hour is undeniably sad for us.

However, we do understand this in its higher context: During these waning days of duality, individuals are rushing to complete third density karmic experiences and attain the balance necessary for soul evolvement.

This balance does NOT include military action against Iran or a new field of combat in any other country. It doesn’t include damage to the planet so devastating that ETs will evacuate everyone and when you are returned, you will have to live in Inner Earth because the planet’s surface will be uninhabitable.

ETs will not undertake lifesaving relocations of people from some places on the planet to others prior to massive destruction because such destruction will not occur. Nor will some within our universal family who are posing as benevolent betray your trust and enslave you. There will be no filled detention camps or application of ominous new or proposed laws, and none of the other fearful-sounding possibilities or claims will come to pass either. Those kinds of old or new reports keep popping up and circulated by individuals who feel they are being responsible by alerting others.

Yes, we have given similar assurances in previous messages, so why are we doing it again? Because even in the most dedicated lightworkers, fear streamers arise whenever it is perceived that the physical safety of persons dear to you may be in jeopardy. That perception and the abhorrent situations still plaguing your world arouse feelings of discouragement and anxiety instead of the joyfulness we wish you could consistently feel about the onset of Earth’s Golden Age within only months.

Beloved souls, not for a moment is this faulting you for natural concerns about ones dear to you—quite the opposite! We and other light beings throughout this universe hold you in highest honor. With inner strength you didn’t know you had until it came forth, you have dealt with grief and bounced back from despair; you have overcome hardships with ingenuity and perseverance, and by sharing your resources, you help those who are less fortunate.

After disappointments and setbacks, you haven’t wavered in your determination to carry on; and even though the dark ones’ tenacity has delayed implementing extensive reforms worldwide, your conviction stands firm that promised results are being manifested. In short, you have been demonstrating the finest attributes of humankind along with embracing the reality that you are so much more than “this person” you know. We could describe this, albeit facetiously, as performing a most astonishing feat—you’re keeping one foot on the ground while letting the other foot soar far, far beyond this world.

Now then, after a flurry of activity—the forcible removal of numerous individuals from top level positions in major world banks and the closure of some of the Illuminati’s underground bases—it may seem that progress has come to a standstill. Oh no, dear family, it has not. Follow-up steps to the bankers’ arrest are grinding through your legal systems so this matter is handled legally and ethically; other arrests are imminent; technology aboard spacecrafts is rendering nuclear warheads dysfunctional; and remnants in the Illuminati ranks are running away or running scared.

Let us speak about some incidents during the past few weeks that are receiving significant international attention. While these are seen as tragedies, which indeed they are to the affected families, all the occurrences we shall mention happened for a higher purpose.

The shooting in France of seven Jews, including children, by a young non-Jewish Frenchman has touched hearts around the world, and it is a poignant example of how religious prejudice has caused agony and death to countless souls throughout your history.

In the United States, a black teenager was fatally shot by an older man of a different race. It is not for us to say if racial prejudice was the motivating factor in either the shooter or the police who didn’t arrest him, but the boy’s death has brought the world’s attention to the pervasive harm inherent in “racial profiling.”

That incident also is highlighting the “stand your ground” law, which could substantiate that the killing was legal so the shooter cannot be held accountable. This controversy is coming in tandem with airing the plight of individuals released from prison after proof of their innocence came to light, yet laws are preventing just compensation to them for their years of unjust incarceration. Both of these legal situations are increasing the awareness that unfair and cruel laws anywhere in your world must be struck down.

The shooting rampage by a US soldier resulted in the death of 17 Afghani civilians, and again, children were among them. What underlies the sergeant’s action is by no means an isolated reaction to the psychological effects of war—the stress of causing death and seeing comrades and strangers dying runs deep. Killing when preservation of self or the life of loved ones is not at stake is not the make-up of humankind. It is the opposite—the composition of every soul is love-light.

Killing has to be thoroughly taught, and it has been. Some countries’ citizenry have been conditioned by their leaders to regard war as patriotic, the defense of democracy and freedom, and this orientation has been relentlessly reinforced not only by the media and entertainment venues, but even children’s games. Some segments of the populace are taught from childhood that it is their responsibility to avenge the genocidal massacres of their ancestors, and in some countries, children are forced into soldiering.

Troops have to bypass soul make-up and suppress survival instinct to achieve the mindset that lets them willingly surge onto battlefields where they may die themselves while ending the lives of others. However, the psyche cannot reconcile mental pummeling in preparation for combat with the innate being, and as the troops follow orders to kill “the enemy,” their psyches incur profound damage. A situation as dramatic as the one we cited forces international attention on the immediate and residual effects of warring, effects that have permeated your entire society.

Everyone who was directly affected by all of those happenings we mentioned agreed to participate as they did. This doesn’t mean that prior to birth they all knew exactly what they would encounter and when, but each had chosen to be a “perpetrator” or a “victim” or one within a sorrowing family to fulfill third density karma.

Soul contracts provide for flexibility in circumstances and timing when the same results will be accomplished, and in all those cases, the participants wanted to exemplify to your world the horrors of war or the tragic effects of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the cruelty of unfair laws. Many, many others chose the same kinds of roles in generations long before these recent incidents, but the succession of dark ones in power kept the peoples living and dying in situations born of intimidation and ignorance born of deception.

Only when the collective consciousness reflects the intense desire and determination of a civilization to live in unity and harmony instead of divisiveness and killing can this come about. After darkness entered this universe and the collective consciousness of some civilizations spiraled downward, only through one self-destructive era after another has a third density world been able to shake loose from its dark mooring and embark upon the pathway to peaceful, cooperative living. You all came to help pave that pathway on Earth and usher in a new, different era, the Golden Age.

Now we shall speak of a greatly different kind of significant matter, the comments between US president Obama and Russian president Medvedev that became public knowledge because a microphone was left open. There is no such thing as an accident or a coincidence! The universe operates in perpetual synchronous motion that keeps opening doors of opportunity, and that was one. While political analysts and members of the Republican party are having a field day with this “opened door” in a negative sense, that brief conversation is a glimpse of behind-the-scenes talks by two of the several world leaders who want to steer their respective nations toward international cooperation and nuclear disarmament. When the great majority in a civilization wants peace instead of war and deadly arsenals, the collective consciousness brings the desire to fruition.

On another international front, some of your leaders and members of high universal councils still are discussing how to announce to your world the presence of other civilizations. We know the delay is frustrating to you, and it is as well to our family members on and off-planet who have been waiting for years to work alongside you openly. But they know that every aspect must be carefully planned so they will be warmly greeted rather than feared.

Although the Illuminati’s capability to threaten your safety and that of your space brotherhood has been greatly weakened, public reaction to strangers showing up with astounding technologies remains a sensitive consideration. It is essential that they not be perceived as taking matters into their own hands so the masses will welcome their assistance rather than panic about invaders from outer space, the way aliens are portrayed ad nauseam in films and games. Please remember, you have knowledge and discernment that most others in your world do not.

Even so, we need to address some ideas about what will happen at the end of this year. In previous messages we have said that there will be no pronounced differences between December’s last days and the first days of January 2013; however, some believe that the onset of the Golden Age heralds a sudden shift in mass consciousness and others believe the planet will shift on its axis at that time.

A shift in consciousness has been a gradual process that began seventy-some years ago, when Earth started her ascension course—clarity has come much sooner to some than to others, and many still are slumbering in unawareness. As for the planet, it has been shifting gradually throughout the ascension process to right itself and regain natural orbiting position. During the millennia of being mired in deep third density, Earth had become weakened to the extent that her orbiting pattern was so severely destabilized that without the monumental influx of light from distant sources, the planet would have flown out into space and certain destruction.

Along this line, we shall correct another misconception, that you will spend three days in darkness before the Golden Age begins. That is part of one theory about the photon belt, that Earth would spend three days in darkness, the “null zone” at the belt’s edge. That theory goes on to include Earth’s entering the belt itself and orbiting within it thereafter, and according to another theory, the planet will exit the belt at some later time. Only celestial debris enters the belt after it is rendered lifeless by close proximity to the behemoth belt’s overwhelming force that also prevents the exiting of anything it pulled in. That fate is not Gaia’s plan for her planetary body!

Please don’t expect to see all the marvels of the Golden Age at year’s end. We are not saying that eliminating all pollution and turning deserts into paradises, for instance, could not happen in fleeting seconds. Those could indeed be managed in the blink of an eye IF that belief were in your collective consciousness, but it isn’t, and that is why we have said that changes such as those will come incrementally, yet with a swiftness that will amaze you. However, during your journey with Earth through fourth density to her destination in fifth, your consciousness will continue expanding; you will develop your innate ability to co-create and innovate whatever you strongly desire and can visualize.

So, what is reasonable to expect at the end of this year when Earth leaves behind the last tendrils of third density energy streamers? Everything devised with dark intent—from random violence and corruption to laboratory-designed viruses and satanic worship—will end. By the laws of physics that govern life in this universe, the low vibrations of darkness cannot enter the high vibratory levels of fourth density. Because individuals who persistently refused the light have carbon-based cells that can’t survive in high vibrations, they will die and their dark activities will cease.

There will be no en masse exodus in December. Some in the dark camp have died, and during the remainder of the year, along with the souls who choose not to stay on the planet for other reasons, the rest of the dark ones will be leaving due to the same kinds of lethal conditions that have caused death all along. Some may live long enough to be prosecuted for their criminal acts, and yes, if a person died and clones carried on, the laws will apply to the last clone because continuing the person’s illegal or ungodly ways was the purpose of cloning.

When those times come, we urge you not to despise the persons, but rather their acts against humanity, and then let go of that negative emotion. Hatred, resentment and desire for revenge teem with low vibrations whereas forgiveness is so light-filled that forgivers take leaps in spiritual growth. All light sent forth to persons who became captives of darkness strengthens these weakest in our universal family, and that enables all souls to move closer toward reintegration with God.

So then, although not all the glories of Earth’s Golden Age will be sitting on its doorstep, the differences between this day and then will be stunning. Your world will be at peace. Only honorable, capable, spiritually aware persons will hold positions in governments, banking, corporations, educational institutions, health care, media, food production—all fields that impact life in your world.

Yes, much will remain to be accomplished. After reforms are initiated, the “mopping up,” so to say, will begin in earnest, and so will healing of the peoples and the planet. The high vibrations that will be prevailing—the energy of love-light—will restore peace of heart and mind to those whose lives have been in brutal circumstances. Technologies developed by your scientists but monopolized and misused by the Illuminati will be brought out in the open and, along with technologies introduced by other civilizations, will restore Earth to her original Eden self. Yes, incrementally, but in a period that will seem miraculously short.

Because long-hidden truths will have been revealed, everyone living in the Golden Age will know their inseparable connection with each other and with Nature, with God and all other life throughout this universe. Knowing that self-serving souls who succumbed to darkness started and perpetuated ethnic, religious, racial, ideological, cultural and gender prejudices, everyone will treat all others in the light of higher consciousness and spiritual clarity.

Beloved souls, stay steadfast and patient as the days pass while preparations are apace behind closed doors. When those doors open, and soon they shall, beneficial changes will come so swiftly that no amount of censorship can hide them from public view.

Light beings throughout the universe are singing your praises as you near the goal line of this unprecedented mission that you eagerly undertook and which, in the continuum, you already have accomplished.



Suzanne Ward

Inspiring a Revolution of Love, Compassion, and Wisdom

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