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A Breathing Exercise to Take You Higher

By Nick Polizzi, Wake Up World

A few years ago, one of my teachers taught me a powerful breathing exercise that I’d like to share with you today.

Variations of this technique have been used for millennia to induce altered states of consciousness and connect more deeply with the divine. On the surface, it’s hard to fathom how breathing alone can take us to such great heights. I had doubts myself – until I gave it a try. As it turns out, I hadn’t given my lungs enough credit – the experience was cathartic in ways that defy description. Continue reading A Breathing Exercise to Take You Higher


Just Breathe

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

Do you want to know yourself? Sit and breathe. Do you want to know the divine? Sit and breathe.

In an overcomplicated world, this simple advice can change everything. No need to push yourself toward some amazing, grandiose personal change. No need to become unhappy trying to live up to some guru’s expectations. No need to abandon who you are in hopes of becoming something more.

Just breathe deeply and let spirit take care of the rest. Continue reading Just Breathe

Yoga Expert Reveals Life-Changing Health Benefits of Deep Breathing, Including Improved Focus, Peaceful Sleep and Tension Relief

By Isabelle Z, Natural News

(NaturalNews) As we turn to any number of external sources to deal with what ails us both physically and mentally, it is easy to overlook some of the simpler solutions that are literally right under our noses.

One powerful method of healing is something we do all the time, without giving it a second thought. In fact, you are certainly doing it right now: breathing.

As we inhale and exhale, we don’t usually think too much about the process unless something is going wrong. If you happen to have asthma or a stuffy nose, for example, the awareness of your breathing might be heightened, but for the most part, we all just go about our days taking each breath for granted. Continue reading Yoga Expert Reveals Life-Changing Health Benefits of Deep Breathing, Including Improved Focus, Peaceful Sleep and Tension Relief

Franklin Merrell-Wolff on Deep Breathing and Bliss – Part 2/2

Franklin Merrell-Wolff. Credit: numii.net

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Continued from part 1 (read full post here).

Some people are immediately aware of the current, while others remain in the dark.

“I am studying the effect of the Current upon others. Sherifa is immediately responsive to It and recognizes Its presence, at times even before I do. It will grip an audience, but those who have heretofore given recognition to a consciousness of substantially lower quality do not seem to be aware of the Ambrosia. Perhaps it is too subtle.” (1)

Life is empty and joyless without the elixir (or, again, what I call love and bliss).

“Life without the Elixir has become more empty than it was before the Current was first experienced. Mere external affairs utterly fail to hold my interest.

“The conditions of town life seem definitely adverse to holding consciousness within the Current of Bliss. Driving an automobile in traffic is particularly inimical. The reason seems quite clearly to be that under these conditions it is much more difficult to hold the inner concentration unbroken.

“To steer a way through the outer confusion requires objective concentration. I, at least, cannot yet move through these conditions with safety by giving only peripheral attention to them. Perhaps it may be possible to establish the correlation so that it will hold under these adverse conditions, but the demand upon the vital strength is severe.” (2)

Continue reading Franklin Merrell-Wolff on Deep Breathing and Bliss – Part 2/2

Franklin Merrell-Wolff on Deep Breathing and Bliss – Part 1/2

The Teachers Speak (KEEP)

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

This is a part of The Teachers Speak, a series of articles on the Culture of Awareness. Read full post here.

Franklin Merrell-Wolff was a philosopher who, after experiencing a spiritual awakening in 1936, became dedicated to jnana yoga and the theologian Shankara.

He gave detailed accounts of his experiences with a higher consciousness, and he referred to the bliss which frequently surrounded him as ambrosia. I’m interested in his writings because he shared his experiences with no bias and no underlying need to convince the reader.

He simply wanted to document his journey for the sake of helping others, and he probably knew that one day, more people would awaken spiritually and would benefit from reading his experiences. He had plenty of insight to share, and he shared it for everyone who would eventually seek enlightenment. Continue reading Franklin Merrell-Wolff on Deep Breathing and Bliss – Part 1/2

Matthew Anderson Video: Why Deep Breathing Can Change Your Life!


Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

The power of our breath is something so easily overlooked in our society, and yet when we bring conscious awareness and intention to it we discover the extraordinarily transformational and empowering potential it offers us in every moment. However, it is a power that we must consciously CHOOSE to utilize if we are to be the emotionally expressive and infinitely creatively powerful beings we were born to be, and that “YES!” can be communicated to the Universe simply through the art of deep breathing…

Try it today and remind yourself how awesome life really is! 😀