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The Goddess Roots of Easter: Where The Eggs & Bunny Came From

easterpost16By Giovanni Bartolomeo, Collective Evolution

The following article was written by a very inspiring friend of mine that I was fortunate enough to recently meet. Her name is Clarity Bartleet and in the last few years she has gone through some incredible transformations. She has been inspired to get in touch with her divine femininity and also connect with many women through various women’s circles to help them reconnect as well.

We were fortunate enough  to sit down and record an Episode of “The Way Within” with her, (www.thewaywithin.me) and discuss the Origins of the Easter Story and much more. You can listen or watch that episode which is linked at the bottom of this article. Continue reading The Goddess Roots of Easter: Where The Eggs & Bunny Came From


Steve Beckow: Happy Easter, Everyone

No one made it clearer, and continues to make it clearer,

how to live life more abundantly than Jesus.

Happy Easter, everyone.

Jesus 321

Jesus was said to have died on Holy Saturday and come back to life on Easter Sunday. However the death of the body, if Jesus died, does not result in the death of the soul. Therefore it can be said that Jesus never died and is with us today, continuing to encourage us to walk the journey of life to its appointed destination.

A part of the Ascension Jesus later experienced will soon be available to us. So the Easter story, associated as it is with Ascension, has a special meaning for this generation who is actually in the process of ascending, as Jesus did, and will not need to die to the physical body to do so. Continue reading Steve Beckow: Happy Easter, Everyone

On Easter, We Need a Conversation as a World | The 2012 Scenario


Written by Steve Beckow

We need to have a conversation as a world.

Do I know how to do such a thing? No. Do I know that a global dialogue needs to begin? Yes. Is the Internet flexible enough to begin such a thing? I’m not sure.

We need to have a discussion that ignores boundaries, citizenship, interests, “national security.” We need to roll back time and eliminate the differences that were created among us by the dark ones’ creation of languages, religions, classes, nations, and everything else that divides us. Continue reading On Easter, We Need a Conversation as a World | The 2012 Scenario