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3 Myths About Spirituality That Prevent Us From Enjoying Life

By Kalee Brown, Collective Evolution

When it comes to spirituality, we’re all on our own journeys, whether you’re interested in the subject or not! However, what many of us forget is that “being spiritual” isn’t a full-time job or a lifestyle, it’s just us. We all have souls within us, are made up of consciousness, and are fundamentally connected to everyone and everything. Spirituality isn’t a choice, it’s inherent and is what makes up the very core of our being.

Nevertheless, spirituality can still be something you’re interested in and choose to research. There’s so much information available it can be difficult to decipher what the truth is, or what your truth is. Whether you’re interested in a specific religion or New Age concepts, many people convince themselves that they have to change in order to become more spiritual. Continue reading 3 Myths About Spirituality That Prevent Us From Enjoying Life


Cedella Marley: Enjoy Life As It Is

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 10.50.42 AMPositive Vibrations, by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

Enjoyment is not a certain, pre-defined set of circumstances. Enjoyment is a choice. The more conditions you put on your enjoyment of life, the less time you’ll spend experiencing enjoyment.

Instead of weighing down your enjoyment with arbitrary conditions, set it free by making it unconditional. Enjoy life, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, just because you can. Enjoy life as it is, and your enjoyment makes it better and better.

One Love….Cedella


The Gift of Life

Credit: Life-is-everything-us.blogspot.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, do we ever stop to remember how good we have it? Do we ever stop to think about how lucky we are to live relatively normal lives in places that, at the surface at least, seem stable enough to support our work to create a new paradigm?

We’re all in a great position to create the inner and outer changes that need made, and we could go about our work with a sense of gratitude for our existence if we could see that, in a sense, everything is exactly the way it’s meant to be. Continue reading The Gift of Life