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How to Start “Thinking” With the Heart

By Johanna Bassols, The Mind Unleashed

For far too long, but particularly in the modern, Western world we have thought of the heart as simply a pumping mechanism responsible for bringing blood to our organs.

The heart’s physical importance not to be underestimated, it supports life, sending the blood of life to the tree-like limbs of our vascular system – but this is an overly simplistic view of what the heart is capable of.

Gregg Braden’s latest research elaborates on the ancient technique of using the heart as an intelligent organ. Continue reading How to Start “Thinking” With the Heart


A Permanent Shift Into the Heart

Credit: Korealizations.wordpress.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We’re on a journey of personal transformation, and some days will be harder than others. There will be times when we feel hurt, lonely and confused at the current state of our world, and there will be other times when we seem to soar through life without a care or concern.

Those are the times when we’re connected with our higher consciousness, and calling on this higher power will allow us to handle difficult circumstances with love and centeredness.

Our outlook on life, and especially the challenges we face, is entirely different when we’re rooted in love. Continue reading A Permanent Shift Into the Heart

Oversoul Teachings: Remaining in a Pure, Loving, Heart-Centered Space

Channeled through Wes Annac, Oversoul Teachings

Dearest awakening starlights, being and feeling love is one of the prime purposes of your existence on the earth.

Yes, we’ve said plenty about your purpose and the reasons you’re on your planet, but chief among these reasons is to hold and anchor the love you have the full ability to radiate out to the rest of creation, drastically raising your collective vibration as a result.

You can be in a constantly loving and joyful space, and when you do, you’ll emit the loving vibration you feel within. By expressing this love to others, you help them find and feel it on a much deeper level and their ability to radiate it will grow immensely.

They’ll then radiate this love to various other people who might not have been able to open up to it were it not for your original efforts, and if every seeker were to start the process of living in love as much and as often as possible, your entire planet would open up in no time.

A lot of changes need made to the manner in which your society has and continues to function, and we can envision the conscious public happily making these changes with recognition of the fact that you’re in charge of the direction your planet goes in. Continue reading Oversoul Teachings: Remaining in a Pure, Loving, Heart-Centered Space

Heart-Centered Communication

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

The reason I write is to help as many of you as possible feel the inspiration I’ve been able to feel from other people’s material. If I can inspire any of you out there to feel even half of the inspiration I’ve been able to, then I’m happy with my service.

The mission of the conscious seeker who wants to be of service entails surrendering the ego self and its desires, and I’m learning lately that life takes on an entirely new flavor from the simplicity of the heart space.

From this place, we can produce flowing and inspired works that are untainted by the ego, and my intention is to be able to produce much as possible so I can look back on this experience with satisfaction and the knowledge that I was able to help. Continue reading Heart-Centered Communication