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History, Act, and Issue: A House for the Ego


A blast from the past: c1987

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia


Again, in the calm before the storm of love and abundance, I’m trying to publish as much helpful literature as I can, to aid the newcomers who are expected in large numbers in the not-so-distant future.

The book I’m writing now draws on research from the early 1980s on restorative listening, a specific type of listening designed to help people through an upset.

A distinction made in 1987 caught my eye. I’d entirely forgotten about it, but it has more power now, given all the learning that’s happened between then and now.

The distinction lies in the words “history, act, and issue.” Continue reading History, Act, and Issue: A House for the Ego


The Ascended Masters: We Come to Issue a Message of Celebration

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: Celebration is a subject the Ascended Masters via yours truly have been discussing often, so I felt it appropriate to title this message very similarly to their last one (Now is a Time to Celebrate).

Events on your world are heating up significantly in favor of the agendas we have set forth in neutralizing the dark cabals. We come to you at this time to issue a message of celebration, of victory, for many of you are reaching your own personal victories and strides that are seeing your individual energies work with the energies of the overall collective, to line such energies up in alignment with the many evens to manifest on your world.

Long have we grown away from the need to issue a specific date for the happening of these occurrences, as we have realized that doing so is a bit hollow and can only hurt the collective. There are some who may still lean and rely on dates for the many beginning events to play out on your world and there are as well, many who are at present looking to the mere beginning of a new and better Life as they see the old crumbling around them everywhere they look.

All of you are witnessing at present, the greatest unfolding movement in the history of your world since She entered the lower dimensions by the will of all who entered Her surface, for the will of the lower vibrations is finally reaching its end on your world as so very many of you make your intents and proclamations to align yourselves fully and purely with the energies being given to you from innumerable Loving realms and beings all throughout this wondrous Creation of all of ours. Continue reading The Ascended Masters: We Come to Issue a Message of Celebration

Mariara the Pleiadian on the Cannabis/Hemp Issue

Mariara the Pleiadian (speaking for the Galactic Federation) on the Galactic Federation’s stance on cannabis and hemp

Here is what many of YOU have had to say on this issue 🙂 :

T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U. Mariara and Wes, there are so many uses for Hemp It is a brilliant plant all the way around. Friends, try Goggle searching and see!! Look at the beautiful clothing and paper! Yes paper! Look at the potential for Bio-fuel! What about the oil it produces? You can eat it too. I could go on and on. It is completely sustainable and LOL! It grows like a weed! A beautiful, balanced and life affirming weed! I am so pleased this is coming up for review as I want everyone to know how this gift from Mother Earth will continue giving. We must all be aware of the spiritual potential, medicinal value AND diverse practical usage these specimens of Gaias’ garden, IN TRUTH, present. ♡ Peace ♡ –Autum Continue reading Mariara the Pleiadian on the Cannabis/Hemp Issue