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What Is Kundalini Energy & How Can You Awaken It?

By Kalee Brown, Collective Evolution

As we come into Spring, a time that represents rebirth and growth after a period of darkness, this is the perfect time to talk about Kundalini energy! Spring relates to transformation and rebirth in nature, so what better time to focus on your personal energy and overall wellness?

As you let go of anything that no longer serves you and welcome more light into your life, you’re likely releasing energy and blockages on your chakras. An excellent way to do this is actually through Kundalini yoga, a branch that focuses on awareness, consciousness, and chakras. However, what exactly is Kundalini energy and how do you awaken it? Continue reading What Is Kundalini Energy & How Can You Awaken It?


Judith Watts: Kundalini Energy in 21st Century Terms

Kundalini 55Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Steve Beckow: Longtime reader Judith Watts looks back on her life as a lightworker.

As the Annual Kundalini Conference in Flesherton, Ontario (ICR – Institute of Consciousness Research) approaches in a few days, I have been sending out information encouraging attendance. Many folks, to be honest, have not heard the word.

Those involved in energy medicine practices such as the BodyTalk System are familiar with the term as it is essential in understanding that ultimate healthcare and healing was always a basic component of the bodymind. You cut your finger, your body goes into action and begins to heal itself.

That kind of ‘magic’ was born in each of us. It is time for it to really show itself now as so many are experiencing physical, emotional and mental changes affecting everyday lives. It is stress-inspired and in my belief this was precisely the sort of “hurry up” mechanism that was needed in order for the Kundalini energy to fully bloom.

The individuals who were noted for their genius, remarkable insights and spiritual advancement through human history were the inspirational roses that suddenly appeared as cultural landmarks far and wide. Something about the mysterious human manifestation of a higher energy source has been discussed, written and wondered about for centuries – as far back as Socrates. Continue reading Judith Watts: Kundalini Energy in 21st Century Terms